Its all about DESTINY (Episode 18)


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The episode starts
In morning
Dadi comes to bihaan n sees bihaan sleeping n thapki too sleeping holding bihaan’s hand
Dadi smiles
She comes to thapki
N strokes on thapki’s head
Thapki wakes up
She sees dadi n gets up
Thapki – dadi…when u came….I was just..
Dadi – its OK thapki ….u r too tired….n see bihaan…. How peacefully he’s sleeping!!
Bhabhi enters the room
Preeti – ohh thapki look at ur dress go n change it.
Suman – sshhh….badki talk slowly, see bihaan devarji is sleeping
Dadi – oye changu mangu…be silent n go to home…bihaan will be discharged today. Go n do preparations for his welcome
Chutki badki agrees n leaves
Dadi – thapki beta…u too go n change ur dress n bring bihaan’s clothes too.
Thapki – OK dadi
She goes.
In Pandey nivas
Thapki wears a pink saree
She wears earrings
She wears kajal
She wears lipstick
She does her hair
She’s ready now…she looks at bihaan’s pic
Thapki – see bihaan… How ur chuk chuk gadi is looking? Now u will return this room….but our relationship is different now!! I love u. U don’t remember our love our fights…but I’ll not lose hope (she smiles)
She takes bihaan’s T-shirt n hugs it .
In hospital
Doctor – he’s better. But u have to be very careful!! He should not know that he had a memory loss. N yes….that incident is scaring him…the memories will flash in front of him….his behavior will change suddenly… But u have to be carefully….
Bauji – yes doctor we’ll take care.
Doctor goes
Thapki – don’t worry bauji…I’ll take care of him
Bauji – stay blessed thapki bitiya
Thapki goes to bihaan
Thapki – Sir u have to change….we’ll go home
Bihaan – we??
Dadi – yes….she’s going with us. She’s ur nurse
Bihaan – but dadi I don’t want anyone …I’m fine now.
Dadi – she’ll come with us…n this is my order
Dadi leaves
Thapki – sir….ur clothes
Bihaan – stop irritating me n leave
Thapki – excuse me!! U have to follow what I’m saying… Otherwise
Bihaan – otherwise?
Thapki(pretends to shout) – Dadi…
Bihaan – sshhh….OK OK ….give me the clothes
Thapki smiles n leaves
Dadi – is he ready now thapki beta?
Thapki – yes dadi he’s just….
Bauji – thapki bitiya…I did all the hospital formalities. See whether he’s ready or not
Thapki – OK bauji.
She enters the room when she saw bihaan in trouble with his shirt
Thapki looks at him
She comes near him
He sees her
Bihaan -what now?
Thapki doesn’t says anything n makes him wear shirt.
Bihaan looks at her
The song “Agar tum sath ho” plays in BG
Pandey nivas
Vasu – preeti suman be fast they must be arriving
Preeti – yes badi sasu maa…its done
Suman – badi sasu maa ….they arrived… there car is on gate
Thapki keeps his hand on her shoulder while he walks
Vasu does aarti of bihaan n looks at thapki while thapki smiles seeing vasu
Vasu(mindvoice) – I’ll make u leave this house
Thapki(mindvoice) – I’ll never leave u bihaan
The song “mangalam bhagwan vishnu” plays when thapki enters the house holding bihaan’s hand
Shraddha irked
Thahaan room
Thapki makes bihaan sit on bed
She opens his slippers,
Bihaan – oye mahan aatma…no need to do all this
Thapki helps him keeping his leg on bed n she covers him with blanket
Bihaan – r u deaf?
Thapki looks at him
Thapki – how r u feeling now?
Bihaan – hmm…better
Thapki – take rest.
Bihaan was continuously looking at door
Thapki sees this
Thapki – r u looking for anyone??
Bihaan – ummm…actually my maa….will come to see me
Thapki(mindvoice) – ohh so maa didn’t yet came to see him!!
Thapki – I should bring soup for u.
She goes n turns to see bihaan, who was curiously looking at door.
Bauji – thapki bitiya…why r u here? Bihaan is alone in room?
Thapki – yes bauji…actually I came to bring soup for bihaan.
Bauji – OK u go..I’ll go to bihaan
Thapki comes to kitchen
Vasu – preeti bahu pack lunch for dhruv
Thapki makes soup n sees vasu
Thapki – maa… Bauji was calling u
Vasu – ohk…where is he?
Thapki – he’s with bihaan
Vasu – OK
Thapki – maa listen…
Vasu – now what?
Thapki – maa…can u plzz take this soup to bihaan… Actually dadi was calling me.
Vasu takes the soup staring at her
Thahaan room
Bihaan – bauji !
Bauji – how r u now my son!!
Vasu – bihaan… This soup is for u
Bihaan looks her happily.
Bihaan – maa….
Vasu looks at him n keeps the soup on table n stands
Vasu – how r u now?
Bihaan hugs her
Vasu looks shocked n then sees bihaan
Vasu – u r fine na?(she pats his head slowly)
Bauji – he’s fine after seeing u!!
Thapki , who was standing out the room. Gets tears n smiles happily
Dadi – thapki beta!! Why r u standing here?
Thapki – dadi..see there
Dadi too smiles
Bauji – if ur mother son love is over then we should leave…he’ll rest now
Vasu – bihaan… Now finish this soup.
Bauji – yes bihaan… Finish it n take rest
They leaves
Thapki hides n no one notices him
Thapki enters the room
Bihaan – u know vani….I love my mom so much
Thapki – I know she’s ur God!!
Bihaan looks at her confused
Thapki – maa told me!!
Bihaan – maa told u!!(happily)
Thapki – yes
Bihaan – she loves me very much…she never shows anyone
Thapki sees him
Thapki feeds him soup n bihaan talks about his maa.
N finishes his soup
#Precap – not yet decided
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