Its all about DESTINY (Episode 17)


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The starts with thapki holding bihaan’s hand
Thapki – wake up bihaan…. We’ll start our new life…..where I’ll be urs n u will be mine. We’ll stay happy …..
Thapki sleeps holding his hand.
Bihaan(murmurs) – no….no…. Don’t kill me…..
Thapki hears this n wakes up
Thapki – bihaan… R u fine!! Bihaan…. (She shouts) doctor…
Doctor comes n checks bihaan….n gives him injection… Which took bihaan to a deep sleep
Thapki – what happened to him doctor?? Why’s he behaving like this!!
Doctor – the memory of that incident must be flashing in front of him!!…he’s scared… But is fine now….he’ll wake up after sometime
Doctor goes
After sometime

Bihaan wakes up…..
He finds thapki sleeping holding his hand.
He stares at her…thinking something….
He moves his hand slowly…. With intention to not to disturb thapki
He stands slowly… But not properly
He was about to fall when someone holds her
She was thapki …..
He looks at her …n she too….
They have an eyelock
The song “Tu hi mera” plays
Thapki gets tears… N hugs bihaan… Without hurting him
Thapki – how r u now bihaan?? I… I was so worried.
Bihaan looks at her confused
They were in a deep hug
Bihaan – I’m fine now….but…
Thapki – no if no but….why did u stood! Doctor advised u a complete rest
Thapki makes him sit on bed
He looks at her…
Bihaan – who r u?
Thapki – bihaan… I know u r angry on me but don’t say like this!!
Bihaan – I….don’t know u…I’m I’m sorry…. Can u plz call my family?
Thapki – stop kidding, bihaan
Bihaan – u stop kidding!! I’m not saying anything… It doesn’t mean u will do anything!!
Thapki looks confused…..
Thapki(in mind) – he’s angry on me…. That’s why he’s talking like this!! I should call maa n other family members… He’ll feel good!!

Everyone comes to meet bihaan…
Dadi cries seeing him
Dadi – my son…how r u now?
Bihaan – don’t worry dadi… I’m b for brave b for bihaan pandey
Dadi – I know my son..(she kisses bihaan’s forehead)
Preeti – our awesome thapki saved today our awesome bihaan devarji!!
Bihaan looks at her
Bihaan – who is thapki??
Everyone looks at him shocked
Doctor – we’ll he needs some rest…u all should leave this room
Dadi – don’t u know who’s thapki !!!! Stop kidding! Enough bihaan!!
Bauji – we should leave from here…he needs some rest.
Everyone comes out
Thapki was in shock n was confused
Doctor comes out the room
Thapki – doctor… Why’s he behaving like this??
Doctor – actually… He has memory loss.
Everyone gets shocked… N tears…
Doctor – that is why he’s not recognising thapki…
Thapki – what!!!
Doctor – n u all have to be careful….. U have to be patient !! He’ll be fine… It’ll take some time. But yes, his condition is sensitive. U should not hurt his mind!
Thapki – I’ll do anything…
Dadi – thapki beta… Destiny always played with u… It’s hard time for u…
Thapki hugs dadi n dadi consoles her.
Thapki – I’ll do dadi…I will
Thapki was going to bihaan’s room, when someone called her…
Thapki – maa
Vasu – do u remember ur agreement??
Thapki plays an audio in which vasu n thapki were talking about divorce
Vasu gets shocked
Thapki – maa..I’m sorry …but I did it for bihaan… I’ll leave him only the day when he himself will say to leave him.
Thapki gets inside the room
Thapki sees him sleeping
The song “Kaun tujhe” starts
Her tears came out
“Tu ata hai seene me…jab jab saanse bharti hu
tere dil ki galiyo se…mai Har roz guzarti hu”
She hurriedly wiped her tears when she saw bihaan moving his fingers
Bihaan opens his eyes
Bihaan – u??
Thapki – sir… Actually… I’m ur nurse….n I bought this soup for u
Bihaan – keep it here I’ll take it after sometime
Thapki – no biha (she stops) I mean no sir u have to take it itself !!
Bihaan – but….
Thapki comes to him n makes him sit properly
Bihaan – r u mad! I’m saying… I don’t want it (thapki feeds him a sip of soup)
Thapki – sorry Sir….its my duty…
She feeds him…. He stares at her
“Mai tujhse hi chup chup kar…teri aankhein padhti hu
Kaun tujhe yu pyar karega…jaise mai karti hu”
She was leaving from the room when her dupatta sticks in bihaan’s bracelet…
Thapki looks at him n comes near him to free her dupattaa
“Tu Jo mujhe aa mila…sapne huye sarfire
Kehne ko baaki hai kya…kehna tha Jo keh chuke”
Bihaan – what is ur name?
Thapki – my name is tha(she stops) ….I mean Vani
Bihaan – what r these blood stains on u??
Thapki(tensed) – ummm…actually… A patient was critical so I nursed him in these clothes…so…
Bihaan – why u hugged me….(awkwardly)
Thapki(widens her eyes awkwardly) – I’m sorry… I..I…
Dadi enters to the room
Dadi – how r u feeling now my son?
Bihaan – much better dadi….I’m hating this hospital… I want to go home
Dadi – don’t worry… U will be discharged tomorrow.
Bihaan (gives a sigh of relief ) – thanks dadi…otherwise…
Dadi – OK OK ….but its time to sleep now…
Bihaan lies on bed n dadi rubs his hairs slowly, he sleeps
Thapki sees this from far
Dadi comes to her
Dadi – thapki beta…don’t worry… He’ll be fine one day….
Thapki(cries) – dadi…u r much worried than me…. Don’t worry…
She hugs dadi
Dadi – u have a golden heart thapki…. This marriage is fake….but still u r always there for him…be like this… He need u the most this time…be with him always !!
Dadi goes
Thapki comes to bihaan n sits near him..
Thapki – this is my punishment…. I’m sorry again bihaan… I’m always the reason to hurt u….n see destiny is giving me punishment..…I deserve it
She cries.
Destiny made thapki a stammering girl.
Destiny made bihaan an adopted son
Destiny made them meet
Destiny forced them to live together
But now….
Destiny is giving pain to both n thapki…
Let’s see what their DESTINY had decided for them
“It’s all about DESTINY”
#Precap – bihaan is discharged n comes home with thapki “mangalam bhagawan Vishnu” plays.
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    Mind blowing part oh ny god di u r superb
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