Hello everyone… I knew all are really curious and want to see abhigya together.. ya it’s step by step.. process that’s why this delay…
Ab; I have some works.. so I will be back soon..
Bul; abhi are you going outside.. I too accompanying with you.. I just want to see all places..
Pr; bulbul we can go together..
Bul; no.. I want to go with abhi..
Ab; k… come let’s leave..

The trio comes out.. sees purab…
Bul; purab… I am going with abhi…
They leaves…
Pragya closed door.. and turns sees purab… but she ignore him and goes to her room.. after sometime purab came to her room..
Pr:purab.. look I am not interested to talk with you..
Pu:ya.. I knew you hates me a lot…I came here to tell you that.. I am not here to disturb you.. I too don’t wish to came here.. but it’s my situation make me to be here..
Pr:your presence will not disturbs me… because now you are nothing for me… I have no feelings for you.. pragya goes out..
Purab sits there..
Pu; pragya… sorry sorry for everything what I did to you…
Time files.. abhibul returns.. bulbul come to see purab
Bul; purab…
Pu: haa bulbul..
Bul :don’t you knew how nice this place is.. it was during this time bulbul noticed purabs upset..
Bul:purab what happened to you… if di tell you something..
Pu: bulbul it’s really bad for pragya to see me.. and to be with me..
Suddenly abhi tells..

Ab:who told you that..
Bul:abhi… purab goes but abhi hold his hand…
Pu:abhi leave my hand.. I am not interested to talk with you.. be in your limits.. abhi smiles… you knew I just came here for maas sake..
Ab; wow… what an acting.. purab.. you done your role well..
Pu:I didn’t get that..
Ab:actually it was me who don’t knew all this.. bulbul you too manage well.. I knew you can…
Bul; abhi what are you telling…
Ab; bulbul.. please stop this acting in front of me.. purab.. you can tell me all this.. why are bearing all this pain… why are you trying to fall in front of my and pragyas eyes…

Purab didn’t utter a word.. starts to cry…
Abhi too sits near him.. and placed his hand on purabs shoulder…
Purab looks at him.. and hugs abhi…
(re jaisa yaar kahan
where can there be a friend like you
kahan aisa yaarana
where is there a friendshio
like this
yaad karegi duniyathe
world will remember
tera mera afsana
our story
meri zindagi sawaari
you made my life

mujhko gale lagake
by accepting my friendship
baitha diya falak pe
made me sit in the sky
mujhe khaat se oothake
picking me from the bed
meri zindagi sawaari
you made my life
mujhko gale lagake
by accepting my friendshipbaitha diya falak pe
made me sit in the sky
mujhe khaat se oothake
picking me from the bed
yaara teri yaari ko
my friend, your friendship
maine to khuda manai
agree is the godyaad karegi duniyathe
world will remember
tera mera afsana
our story
mere dil ki yeh dua haii
pray from my heart
kabhi door tu na jaaye
that you never part from

metere bina ho jenato
live without you
woh din kabhi na aayethat
day should never come.. plays..
Pu; I am sorry abhi.. sorry for hurting you..
Ab; purab… don’t be sorry with me..
Bul:but abhi how you came to knew all this..
Ab:because I believe in my purab.. I knew he can’t behave like this… I knew he can’t be anger on me.. but when I see him like this.. I am totally got upset.. but still I have belief… then I make it sure when you said your plan bulbul
Fb shows
Abhi and purab is sitting in their room.
Pu:abhi why are you sitting like this?
Ab: then what will I do purab .. I knew I am wrong.. I did mistake but for that I have ask sorry na.. but this dadi na… she is not paying any attention..
Pu; abhi.. you knew dadi well na..

Ab; but.. what to do purab.. how much I will say sorry..
Pu; abhi I have an idea.. dadi is ignoring you na.. you too just do that.. then dadi will feel bad and come back to talk with you..
Fb ends..
Ab; purab.. I knew you have said bulbul to tell me this and do this plan.. from that day onwards I came to knew all truth.. whenever I call her I knew you are sitting beside her.. as I have always seen your shadows.. when I came to station.. when I see you there.. your eye’s express me how much you miss me.. when you hugs me at that moment.. I sense my purab.. my friend.. my soul.. I came to knew my friend is back as same..
Purab hugs him.. ( yeh dosthi plays )

Bul; sorry abhi.. as purab told to act like that I have no options that’s why..
Ab; it’s k purab.. but why did so..
Bul; it’s only for you abhi… as to make you marry with di.. make to hate purab in dis heart.. make her to feel for you.. accept your love..
Abhi look at purab..
Ab; purab… how can I return this much love to you.. why you love this much…. why are bearing always all pain for me.. why are you killing me purab with your love.. I don’t knew if I have a brother.. is he care or love me like this.. stands every time with me.. protect me…

Bul; oh uff… please stop this emotional sentimental scenes yaar.. you are too much dramebaaz than film.. all laughs..
Ab; bulbul.. I will see after sometime.. you must have bear my torture and punishment..
Bul; your presence is too much torture.. then what all this..
Ab: bulbul.. I will..
Suddenly purab get upset..
Ab; purab.. what happened to you..
Pu; abhi.. I am just thinking about going to India back..
Ab; what…
Pu; ya.. abhi it will be tough to pragya..
Ab; no purab.. I will talk with her and tell all truth..
Pu; no abhi…
Ab; why?

Pu; then what I did till now… is for you and will be got wasted..
Ab; what?
Pu; abhi.. if she has hate for me.. then only she will loves you.. then only your love got success. Then only what I did will get success.. otherwise the pain of staying away from you… and making you in pain will be get wasted..
Ab; purab..
Pu; please can you do this for me..
Ab; purab..

Pu; then promise me you won’t tell this to pragya..
Ab; promise..
Pu; then this will be a secret with 3.. abhi goes out of room.. and sees pragya standing on balcony..
Ab: chashmish what are you thinking now..

Pr; abhi can you do one thing for me..
Ab; I can do anything for you..
Pr; then can you act as my husband..
Ab; -what..
Pr; yes abhi.. I want to prove purab.. that his words will not affect me… I want to prove that I am not a cheap girl.. as he thinks..
Ab; what you mean?
Pr; abhi.. just act in front of him.. abhi.. I will come to stay in your room from today onwards…
Ab; chashmish.. is this all needed..

Pr; abhi I thought you will do all this to me.. but if you don’t.. then..
Ab; k I agreed… screen freezes on pragyas happy face..
Episode ends..

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