Its all about DESTINY (Episode 16)

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The episode starts with thapki thinking… Why bihaan don’t wanna live!!
A voice – u r the only reason
The face revealed
He was Paan
When bihaan was fighting with goons to escape bauji
Bihaan – bauji u r OK na!!
Let’s go in our car
Bihaan asks driver to drive fast
Bihaan’s phone rings

Bihaan – hlo…who’s there
Paan – bhai I want to talk u something important
Bihaan – no Paan …I’m busy now
Paan – its about that truth.
Bihaan – what!!
Paan – yes bhai…she came to me to ask the truth. I told her what u said to me. But bhai…be careful she was very angry, she could do anything!
Bihaan – that’s her right..!!

**flashback ends**
Thapki was shocked… N looks at Paan.
Thapki – what r u saying Paan!! “That’s her right”!! He said “that’s her right”!! (She cries)

**flashback starts**
Shraddha – u were very confident on ur wife right!! U both was challenging me!! Seriously!! (She laughs)
Bihaan – what r u saying!! I trust my thapki more than anyone…. N listen we don’t need a confirmation certificate about our relationship. U better stay away.
Shraddha – so sad bihaan ji!! So sad!! U love her so much n she…what she did to u!! I feel pity on u!!
Bihaan (angrily) – will u stop ur non sense!!

Shraddha – Oops!! I’m sorry…. But see this before saying anything.
She shows the video of thapki n hers in which they were planning to confess the truth from bihaan.
Bihaan gets shocked… Seeing thapki shaking hands to shraddha against him.
Shraddha – now…will u say something!! I know u will not…. N yes be alert. Thapki is going to…..(she laughs)
She goes

Paan comes to Pandey nivas
Paan – bihaan bhai …I came to see bauji….is he fine now? I catch those goons…I want to…. (He stops seeing bihaan, crying)
Paan – bhai…. What happened?? Why r u crying?? Bhai plzz tell me….
Bihaan – Paan …..(he hugs him n cries)
Paan – yes bhai…..say..n plzz stop crying…
Bihaan – Paan ….why this always happens to me!! Why!! Say paan…don’t I deserve anyone’s love!!
Paan – bhai… Plzz stop talking all these stuff…n tell me what’s the matter
Bihaan tells everything
Paan – what!!!
Bihaan wipes his tears
Bihaan – I’ll go with thapki…I’ll face everything…. But I’ll not tell her truth…bcoz I can’t!!
Paan – bhai …no…this could be unsafe for u!!….
Bihaan – Paan …. If my love is true….I’ll die today itself!!
Paan – bhai!! Plzz u can’t say all this

Paan too cries n hugs bihaan consolingly.
Thapki (who was searching for bihaan) – bihaannn…. Oh u r here!!
Paan hides n sees
Thapki – bihaan… Can we go to dinner?
Bihaan – do u wanna go??
Thapki – yes plzz
Bihaan – OK then…get ready!!
**flashback ends**
Thapki listens all this n was speechless
Paan – bihaan bhai gave his sake to not to stop u in whatever u r doing… I was helpless… But u…
Thapki – no…no…no….(she cries n sits on ground) I’m sorry bihaan….. I’m sorry….
The song “Ranjha” plays
Thapki thinks about all the moments she spent with bihaan
She imagines bihaan saying “Oh chuk chuk gadi… R u thinking of me!! (He pats himself) not bad bihaan pandey!!”, ” Oye Mrs. Goon Pandey ” , “See chuk chuk gadi…..Moon…. N here’s my Moon ….my thapki “, “I’m looking like an hero right!!”, “OK partner!!”, “I’m hungry thapki…..plzz cook for me”, “I trust u thapki”
All these moments were flashing before thapki…
Doctor comes out of the OT
Thapki – doctor… How’s bihaan now??
Doctor – actually… Bullet is out of his body…but he’s critical yet. His blood group is O+ n its very rare….n sorry our stock is also finished…. U have to arrange it fast!!
Thapki – OK doctor.. I…I’ll find it.…plzz save him plzz (she joins her hands n cries)
Doctor – don’t worry…everything will be fine!!
Paan – bhabhi….only vasu aunty can give him blood!! We have to arrange it fast!! Bhabhi…I’m here…u go to vasu aunty.
Thapki agrees n goes to vasu.
Thapki – maa…
Vasu – yes…what now?
Thapki(cries n tells everything)
Vasu – this is bcoz of u!! Only u!!
Thapki looks at her
Vasu – u wanted to know the truth right!!

Thapki looks at her
Vasu – yes…I know everything…. Shraddha told me. How can u do it?
Thapki – OK..u can shout on me later….but now plzz come to save bihaan… He’s critical.
Vasu – why should I??
Thapki – maa…. Don’t be so selfish.
Vasu – btw …..don’t u think ….bihaan is dangerous for both u n me?? Let him die…
Thapki(shouts) – maaaaa!!!!
Vasu – don’t shout!!…why r u shouting?? Why don’t u understand….if bihaan will die…it’ll be beneficial for both of us …..u will be free from his trap… N I…
Thapki – n u??
Vasu – he’ll die with that truth…
Thapki – truth??
Vasu – yes….n the truth for which u did this to him….is …..I told bihaan to marry u
Thapki looks at her shocked

Thapki – what!!!
Vasu – yes…..I was the one who forced him to marry u. N he ….he did it
Thapki(in tears) – u know why he did all this….. Bcoz he loves u!!
Vasu looks at her
Thapki – maa why don’t u understand his love, his concern!!…n today….today he needs u maa… Plzz come with me…plzz
Vasu – u r right!! But only in a condition
Thapki looks at her confused
Vasu – u have to leave this house….u have to give divorce to him.
Thapki – whattt!!
Vasu – yes!! R u ready?? Think fast…. Bihaan is critical.
Thapki(cries) – OK!! I will do anything for my bihaan… I will give him divorce….. But plzz maa plzz come with me….
In hospital
Thapki rushes to doctor
Thapki – doctor.. She’s his mother…she’ll give him blood
Doctor takes vasu to room
Thapki rushes to the hospital’s temple
Thapki – God… Plzz save bihaan.. Plzz … His destiny always cheated him…I want to fill love in his life….I want to give a chance to our relation. Plzz God… (She cries)
She sees doctor coming out of room.
Thapki rushes to him
Thapki – how’s he now??
Doctor – he’s better now!! U can see him
Thapki goes to his room
Thapki(cries) – bihaan…. Wake up… See ur chuk chuk gadi is here…. Open ur eyes bihaan…. See here’s ur partner. Ur Mrs. Goon Pandey ….(she holds bihaan’s hand) n kisses his hand
Thapki – I love u bihaan…. I love u. (She cries n kisses his forehead).
#Precap – bihaan wakes up. Thahaan hug❀
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    Awwwww…. cho chweet epi…
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  2. NaiTan

    Such an awesome episode …. Loved it …😘😘😘 And the same happened in the episodes when Bihaan got angry from Thapki and we get some tashan filled romance … Plz if possible try it in any one of ur coming episodes …. Because ur writing is perfect πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Plz upload soon

  3. Manish ki deewani

    Oh this part is amazing…thapki’s imagination ,crying bihu all this is so heart touching …loved it very much .now u post it regularly .thank u sooooo much



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    • Vinni7



      Ohh kudrat its alright… I actually wait for the comments of u all😊 n thanks dear for liking it..It’ll be uploaded soon❀ I luv u too ❀

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