Sorry for this delay.. actually I rewrite this one 2 times.. I am not at all satisfied with this too.. but I am doing it… actually this episode is going to clear a loophole which I made in previous one.. but no one noticed it.. may be its my Luck.. so that this turn in the story will be a suspense to you all.. k lets move to story..

The episode starts with abhigya standing in balcony…

Ab; chashmish… I want to go out.. and will be back after sometimes.. and no need to prepare anything I will bring food from outside..
Pr; no need abhi.. I will make it myself..
Ab; no.. no.. I am telling you.. you must obey me.. as I am obeying you..
Pr; k baba..
After sometimes..
Abhi came to his room sees pragya sitting on dressing table.. and filling her hair line..
Abhi came near to her.. pragya turns and look at him..

They both share an eyelock..
Ab; chashmish.. what all this?
Pr; this means.. I have shifted to this room.. purbul is in my room..
Ab; not that.. I am asking you about this this kumkum and mangalsutra..
Pr; because I am married…
Ab; is I am looking joker to you..
Pr; no.. why do you feel so..
Ab; chashmish.. stop all this explain what’s going on..
Pr; the meaning of this is to show that I am married.. and my husband is you…
Ab; but we have decided na.. we will hide all this.
Pr; but this is needed now.. and we both will tell this to everyone.. including in our office..
Ab; for what?
Pr; for solve our problems..
Ab; our problem??
Pr; yes.. if people in our office came to knew about our marriage then your problem will be solved..
Ab; my problem?
Pr; yes.. the problem which make you to drink without thinking about yourself
Ab; on that day it’s just..
Pr; abhi.. no need to hide anything.. as on that day itself you told me everything.. I don’t knew whom confess love to you.. and don’t want to knew that person too.. I knew you need to give an answer and I knew you don’t knew what to say.. this will solve that problem.. and I want to make you understand that I am married to you..
Ab; understanding me? Huh? What you mean by that..
Pr; abhi.. I knew you are very kind hearted man.. but I want to tell you that you have no right to take a decision about my life… you can’t join me and purab again..
Abhi started to laugh loud

Pragya look at confusion.
Ab; chashmish. I knew purabs presence disturbs you.. you seriously thought that I am going to join you with purab..
Pr; then..
Ab; hey chipkali… for that I need bulbuls permission as she is his wife….
Pr; then what you mean by solve your problem…
Ab; I thought bulbuls problem will be yours..
Pr; bulbuls problem

Ab; yes.. actually I go to India unexpectedly because of that… you knew that purab is doing business. Actually their company do a new projects… but because of some problems.. purab can’t satisfy the condition of agreements… and the company which signed with them file case against purab.. they got him arrested.. I go to make him release from jail..
Pr; what? How all this happen..? Why bulbul didn’t inform me.. actually rishab is his partner right.. but how purab got trapped..
Ab; actually all ownership and responsibility of that project is in the hands of purab and rishab was out of station at that time.. I bring purbul here.. as because of this incident purab is totally broken.. upset.. maa.. dadi and me thought that if I bring him here.. as his mood also change..
Pr; abhi….. I want to tell something important to you.. by hearing this.. and what I came to knew I think.. rishab is not a person what we think..
Ab; what are you telling chashmish.. pr; abhi… that day.. what all happens.. what all misunderstandings happen between us is due to rishab..
Ab; what???

Pragya shows video to abhi which is recorded in his camera..
Abhi was totally shocked..
Pr; abhi.. I think there is some hidden play taking around us.. rishab and aliya… are not the person we met… I think that project.. was a trap done by rishab.. abhi get anger..
Abhi started to pack his things..
Pr; Abhi..abhi… what are you doing..
Ab; I am going back to India..
Pr; are you mad abhi..
Ab; haa.. I am mad.. because of him my purab get arrested.. all this happens..
Pr; abhi.. we don’t knew if it’s all true.. may be its my imagination..but if that it true.. then I am sure that soon they both will reach here.. let’s wait till that.. and no need to tell this bulbul..
Abhi is not telling anything..
Pr; abhi… please obey me… please just for me..
Abhi shook his head..
Suddenly bulbul came.
Bul; so… what’s going on here.. di I am feeling hungry can we have dinner..
Pr; haa.. bulbul.. we are coming.. abhi have brought food from outside.. you just arrange table..
Bul; k di she goes..
Pr; abhi come let’s have food..
Both leaves..

After dinner both couples goes to their room..
Pragya is arranging bed.. abhi came into room and locks door.. pragya turns and look at him..
Abhi takes bedsheet and pillow..
Pr; abhi you can sleep here.. I will adjust on the couch..
Ab; you are guest to my room.. so my responsibility to take care of you.. so you sleep here.. and I will adjust there.. so goodnight fuggi..
Pragya look at him….
Ab; sorry good night chashmish..
Pr; abhi.. I knew that you have given a new name to me as fuggi.. you can call me by that name..
Ab; how you knew that.. ( in shock )
Pr;; abhi… if I want to knew all truth about you.. then it’s simple.. make you drink.. then you will blabber out everything in your heart.. abhi smiles..
Ab; don’t talk as you are so innocent.. you ‘re not bad in it…do you remember the party in which you got drunken…abhi starts to laugh… on that day.. wow.. what you said you need moon right.. do you remember what you do to get that.. you climb on sofa and start to catch moon… at last you start crying.. oh god… do you knew how tough to control you that day..
Abhigya laughs..
Ab; so goodnight fuggi…
Pr; goodnight abhi..
Both falls in sleep.

Episode ends…

Thanks to all support and love.. thanks to my silent readers too… thanks yeshwanth for your comment… I am happy to knew that you like my ff.thanks mukund too.. as I really miss your comments.. I knew you are busy.. these days… I miss so many ffs…
Roli aka shona… or shobana dear.. if you are reading… really miss you and your ff a lot..
Balasonika dear.. where are you gone…
Naina dear.. you are missing..
Aditi sis…. missing contract marriage a lot…
Elsa sis my junior abhi… where are you dear… missing your journey of souls alot..
Trisha dear.. please upload your ff.. I am missing it a lot.. I knew you are busy.. please upload a short one yaar.. my sweet suha… ( suhani sis) missing your ff too.. ani sis waiting for your new story…

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