Hello everyone.. I read all your comments don’t worry your doubts will clear soon… let’s move on to story..
Pr:abhi… do you thought that… I will agree for whatever discussion you take… do you brought purab for me… then abhi you are wrong… the day he tells bad about me… the day he said that he never loves me… on that day itself our relation end… no one can fix again a broken heart…
It was this time bulbul came to her room.. but pragya is lots in her thoughts..
Bul: di… di.. she shookes pragya…
Pr; bulbul tum..
Bul: haa.. di where are you lost..
Bul:is our presence disturbs you… actually I thought it will make you happy.. but from your face.. I don’t feel so..
Pr; nothing like that. I am just..
Bul; di.. what happened to you.. why are looking like this.. did you cry a lot today…
Pr; crying… no.. bulbul I think you have got mad..
Bul:di… don’t try to hide anything from me.. I knew very well about you… you miss abhi right…
Pragya didn’t answer anything..
Bul; di I am asking you.. you really miss abhi right.. when abhi leaves to India you thought he will never return right..
Pragya didn’t utter anything..
Di.. from your heartbeat I can understand everything… when you opened door and hugs abhi.. at that time itself I understood it…
Pr; haa… I thought that I lost my best friend… I thought he will never come back.. I thought I won’t get chance to regret for my mistake.. I can’t get chance to tell sorry to him…
Bul:di what are you talking.. which means di you doesn’t hate abhi now… which means you consider him as old abhi… your kadoos..
As pragya going to answer abhi came..
Ab; so two sisters is there any secret discussions going on… is I came at wrong time..
Bul; no secret.. you came at right time as discussion about.. pragya signal bulbul to don’t tell him..
Abhi sees that..
Ab; chashmish.. why are you stopping her.. bulbul tell me what are you going to tell.. discussion about..
Bul; vo… vo..
Ab; don’t act too much tell me..
At that time purab calls bulbul..
Bul:purab is calling me…
Abhi holds bulbuls hand..
Ab; tell me and then go..
Bul; abhi…. haa purab I am coming.. she escapes..
Pragya smiles..
Ab; why are you smiling chashmish.. I will find from her itself… abhi leaves.. but pragya stops him.
Pr; abhi…
Abhi turns..
Pr; abhi I want to talk with you..
Ab; with me… oh that’s a pleasant surprise.. the one who ignores me want to talk with me..
Pr; it’s not me it’s you who ignore me these days and goes without telling to me..
Ab; what.. me.. I have written a letter na…
Pr; letter is that letter…
Ab; don’t you feel so..
Pr; no.
Ab; already in these days you don’t feel anything..
Pr; what you ask.. I don’t feeling anything right… you are true… in these days I have no feelings.. but the day you left to India.. making me alone.. on that day.. I came to knew I am wrong.. I have Did a great mistake to you.. I make you in pain.. in sad… I hurt you a lot… abhi sorry sorry for everything… pragya is crying all this while… abhi came close to her.. wipes her tears..
Pr: abhi I did a great mistake to you.. I knew you can’t do all that.. you will not cheat me… but at that moment I am totally confused I don’t knew to believe whom which is truth or false… abhi.. I am really sorry.. I am…
Abhi place his fingers on her lips..
Ab; don’t say sorry to me.. it’s me who must say so… I make you in pain.. in tears… it was so urgent to left for India.. that’s why I go like this.. and lam not sure how much time I will take… but I don’t knew it will hurt you..
Pr; you not only do that.. you even don’t speak or fight with Me these days.. always avoid me.. not only here at office too..
Ab; chashmish.. as I thought… if I am a disturbance or problem to your life.. I must leave…
Pragya place her fingers on abhis lips..
Pr: don’t say so… don’t think about leaving me.. even if you thought that it’s for my happiness.. abhi when you are around me I don’t knew how important are you to Me… but when I thought I lose you.. when you ignore me on these days I came to knew the value of you and our friendship.. abhi.. will you accept me as your old chashmish.. as your fighting friend..
Abhi get happy and hugs her.. pragya too.. hugs him back..
( darmiyan plays )
Ab; you are always my friend and will be forever..
Pragya smiles..
Ab; thanks to bulbul..
Pr; why are you thanking bulbul..
Ab; oops.. actually it’s bulbuls idea.. that if I ignore you like this… you will become my old chashmish..
Pr; what.. so you are doing all this purposefully..
Ab; has..
Pr; what… abhi how can you think like that..
They both started their fight..
It was that time again bulbul came..
Bul; you both starts your fight.
Abhi signs bulbul to go..
Bul; what are you telling abhi why are you signing me… tell me..
Pr; bulbul tum… na.. he drama ka master plan..
Bul; drama which drama..
Pr; bulbul look don’t act in front of me.. I knew everything..
Bul; so abhi.. you tell her everything..
Pr; why are you asking him.. it’s me who ask you na..
Bul : haa di it’s me..
Pt; bulbul..
Bul; don’t try to scold me.. it’s for your good itself.. actually what you are doing these days to abhi is so bad.. I want to solve your problems so it’s me tell him to. Do so.. look now your problem is solved na..
Pr; no it can’t be solve like this..
Ab: chashmish..
Pr;; haa..
Bul; but di this is not right na..
Pr; bulbul you don’t interfere between me and abhi.. whatsoever problem between us.. we knew how to solve..
Bul: aacha… you are changing plate right.. till now you and abhi are opposite side.. now you both in one side and I am on opposite..
Pr; haa.. hey na abhi..
Ab; yes..
Bul: abhi tum bi… her side.. acha.. now I am out..
Abhi placed his hands on bulbuls shoulder..
Ab; no one is out.. here.. so smile..
Bulbul stare at abhi… smile na baba…
All smiles.
Episode ends..

So guys what you think now? What is actually real intention of abhi… by bringing purbul here…. what will happen to abhis love story Now..

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