Its all about DESTINY (Episode 15)


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The episode starts when thapki takes bihaan to hospital.
The doctors took bihaan to room for his bandages
Thapki thinks she should check bauji
She goes to dadi
Thapki – dadi ma …how’s bauji now?
Dadi – he’s better thapki… Doctor will keep him for today night…he’ll be better till morning
Thapki – that’s nice…..where is maa?
Dadi – she’s outside
Thapki goes to vasu
Vasu was talking to someone on phone
Vasu – yes yes he’s fine …injuries were not serious… Thank God
Thapki – u thanked god….but what about ur son?
Vasu turns n looks at her

Thapki – yes ur son saved bauji’s life
Vasu – it was his duty
Thapki – yes it was…..n its the duty of every son to save his father n his family. But bihaan is more than ur son…. He sees u like a god.
Vasu – he should! After all we gave him life…
Thapki – u gave him life….but is he happy in that life?

Vasu – what do u mean
Thapki – he’s innocent maa… I’m just saying it wasn’t his fault that he’s adopted. But everyone curses him for that!
Vasu – so?? Is it my fault that he’s adopted.
Thapki – no maa….its not anyone’s fault…. God made u meet bihaan!! N bihaan got u as his God!! Then why everything is unfair for bihaan? I’m not blaming u or anyone. I’m just saying give at least one chance to him.

Vasu – thapki….
Thapki – maa…I know I’m no one to this house, to this family…. But maa I’m here as bihaan ‘s wife for 3 months! N ur bahu for 3 months .
Vasu – u r not my bahu! As Bihaan is not my son. N that is why I….(she stops)
Thapki – what maa?? Say plzz ! Let everything come out today.
Thapki – I know!! N I can’t expect anything else from u. Paan told me all truth when *flashback shows*
Thapki – where r we? Why did u kidnapped us!!
Paan – relax bhabhi u both r safe.
Thapki – where is bihaan?
Paan – he’s in that room.
Thapki – paan, wait! Tell me the truth
Paan(tensed) – truth!!
Thapki – of my marriage.
Paan – bhabhi…I can’t
Thapki – u have to Paan. Plzz plzz tell me I beg u plzz understand my situation… Plzz (she cries)
Paan – bhabhi no…plzz.The truth is…..bihaan bhai married u bcoz he never wanted dhruv to marry u….bcoz u stammer! ……bhabhi I just want to say that ….u always misunderstood bhai..he’s innocent bhabhi. He needs someone who understands him…he has many people to give pain to him. But he never achieved any person who would understand him…who can support him.

Thapki – so u will not tell me the truth?
Paan – it is truth bhabhi!
Thapki – after spoiling my life….u want I….I need to help that cheater !! How selfish paan!! U know what…I had really a strong feeling that bihaan is innocent… Bihaan can’t do this…but u …u cleared my all doubts today….!! Now see what I’ll do with him!! He’ll never forget that lesson !!
**flashback ends**
Vasu(mindvoice) –….thank god she don’t know anything…
Vasu – why r u saying all this to me?
Thapki – maa…I’m with u
Vasu gets shocked

Thapki – yes maa I’m with u…I want to take revenge from bihaan. He spoiled my life. He is a big cheater
Vasu – thapki I’m not taking any kind of revenge from anyone. I just want bihaan to stay away from my family
Vasu goes
Shraddha comes to thapki
Shraddha – u want to take revenge from bihaan? But he’s ur husband right? U was giving lectures to me that day…n today….
Thapki – he’s my husband… N I want to teach him a lesson in my own way. U r not required to interfere between us.
Thapki was going when shraddha called her from back
Shraddha – I have an offer. Bihaan will definitely learn a lesson!
Thapki – u know what shraddha… I’m not cheap like u…I know u can do anything for urself!!
Shraddha – Ohh thapki…. Do u know…u r very innocent. At least listen my plan!!
Thapki – say
Shraddha – u take bihaan to a restaurant. I’ll send some goons…
Thapki interrupts – listen shraddha….I’ll not harm bihaan physically… So plz..keep ur idea with u
Shraddha – can u listen to me first?
Thapki – say…n complete fast.
Shraddha – the goons will act to tease u…. Bihaan will come to save u… N goons will ask bihaan about the truth n he’ll tell the whole truth
Thapki – but…
Shraddha – what? U have an opportunity… Don’t u want to confirm it bihaan?
Thapki – I think u r right. Bihaan will not tell the truth if I’ll ask him. But when he’ll be under pressure he’ll tell truth, definitely!!
Thapki n shraddha join hands
Thapki – this is the first n last time I’m ur partner. But why r u helping me?
Shraddha – thapki….u r such a nice girl. How can I..
Thapki interrupts – O plzz…I know u well!!

Thapki goes
Shraddha (mindvoice) – thapki I’m doing this to take my part of revenge with that illiterate bihaan! See what will I do!!
Another day
Thapki – now see bihaan pandey!! What’ll I do to u!!
Bihaan comes to room
Thapki – bihaan…. I was thinking we should go out for dinner!! What u think?
Bihaan – do u wanna go??
Thapki – yes plz
Bihaan – OK get ready then!!
After some minutes
Bihaan – oye chuk chuk gadi… Come fast …passengers must be waiting ?Thapki – very funny!?
Thapki (mindvoice) – ur innocence always cheats me…but not today bihaan… Today everything will be clear..!!
They reached the restaurant
They get seated there
Bihaan asks thapki to order food
Thapki orders food n some goons comes to the table next to thahaan
They looks at thapki
Goon A – someone look at this item!!
Goon B – oh my god!! So hot..
Thapki gets uncomfortable but is in hope to know the truth
Bihaan – excuse me!! How dare u! She’s my wife

Goon – so what…give us for sometime…
Bihaan gets up in anger
Bihaan – so u will not listen to me!! Thapki u stay away. I’ll see them.
Bihaan beats the goons , they were about 10 – 12 in numbers.
Bihaan was fighting like a hero.
Bihaan’s BG plays….
Thapki(mindvoice) – why they started fighting!! These idiots!!
Shraddha sees from far – from where did these original goon came!! Now how to inform thapki!
Shraddha calls thapki but thapki’s mobile was on table n she didn’
t noticed it.
Suddenly one goon came to thapki n was going to hold her hand but bihaan came to rescue her….
He punched the goon hard
Thapki sees bihaan
Thapki (mindvoice) – is he acting? But why!!
Bihaan was losing his energy
Thapki – what’s all this!! Why r goons not doing what they r appointed for!! I don’t want any fight. I just want an answer.
She rushes to her mobile
Thapki – shraddha called me!! But why!!
Thapki calls shraddha
Thapki – what ur idiot men r doing!! I know this is ur plan. Better stop all this otherwise….
Shraddha – listen u…I called u that time for telling this only……they r not my goons. They r the real goons. I don’t know how they came their!!
Thapki was shocked!!

She heard the sound of breaking glass
She looked at bihaan, a goon broke the glass on bihaan’s head.
He was bleeding, badly.
Thapki sees him, in shock
The goon pointed gun towards thapki
Thapki was worried…
She looked at the goon n then at the gun
The goon shoots
Thapki closes her eyes in fear
But she wasn’t feeling anything
She opened her eyes n saw bihaan came between her n the bullet
Thapki(shouts cryingly) – BIHAAANNNN!!!
Bihaan fells down
Police arrives there n catches all the goons
They saw bihaan lying half unconscious
Police – madam…we’ll take him to hospital in our jeep. Ambulance can’t reach here on time.
Thapki, who was still in shock…. Thinking “how did he helped her always how she planned all this….n today….he saved her…. Being selfless…. Why??”….. She came to her senses when police asked her to come hospital.
The song “Ranjhana” plays with an heartbeat effect in BG
In the jeep
Bihaan’s head was on thapki’s lap
Thapki – bihaan… Wake up plzz bihaan…. Bihaan… Don’t close ur eyes. (She cries) bihaan….. I’m sorry….
Bihaan – thapki

Thapki wipes her tears…hurriedly
Thapki – yes bihaan… Say… I’m listening..
Bihaan – I…I…wanted to say something…. Before I die
Thapki – no bihaan (she cries) plzz
Bihaan – I…I….luv u….
Thapki looks at him
Thapki – bihaan…
Bihaan – thapki… I just wanted to say this before I die
Thapki – bihaan…. Don’t say like this…even I luv u bihaan… Yes bihaan… I luv u….
Bihaan (smiles in pain) – I know thapki… U r the one who loves me…my MOON. my PARTNER.
He fills her maang with his blood
Thapki looks on
Thapki – I luv u bihaan (she cries n touches bihaan’s forehead with hers)
Bihaan – I luv u thapki (he faints)
Thapki(cries) – bihaan… Wake up
They reach to the hospital
Doctor takes bihaan to OT
Thapki was just thinking about bihaan…
“How they danced
How they always used to fight
How he always used to call her chuk chuk gadi”
Thapki then thinks
“How he married her
How his mother always gives him pain
How she did planning against him
How he saved her life”
Thapki was in guilt…
Doctor comes out of the OT
Thapki – doctor… How’s he now??
Doctor – we r trying our best….but he’s not responding … The bullet is near his heart. He’s not trying from his side….it seems like he don’t want to live….but yes we r trying… Don’t worry
He leaves.
Thapki(mindvoice) – he don’t want to live!!! Why!!! (She cries)
A voice – yes n the reason is u
Thapki looks there
Thapki – u!!
#Precap – thapki comes to know about “why bihaan don’t want to live”. She cries n was in great guilt…. Thahaan hug
Thanks for reading guys
N btw I’m sorry for so “serious” episode. ?
But these happiness n seriousness r d different phases of everyone’s life…n so I wanted to show in my ff…
Hope u like it.?
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