Hello everyone… sorry… actually I was typed whole episode but it got deleted while posting.. I don’t knew of I can write it just like that… so let’s move on to story…
Pragya opened the letter..
Hello chashmish…

I am leaving to india.. now you have no need to bear me.. you can live peacefully… take care..
With love.
Your friend abhi…
Pragya get shocked.. tears rolled down through her cheeks..
Pr; sia when abhi left..
Sia: it’s 1-1; 30 hour..
Pr: his flight time..
Sia: at 5:00

Actually it’s only 25 minute left for flight to take off.. pragya runs… sia calls pragya.. pragya came out to call taxi.. but she didn’t get.. she runs.. on the way she get one and climbs in it…
Pragya: drive fast.. all this while she is crying..
Pragya is placing her head on window and think something…
Fb shows..
Ab: chashmish I want to ask you something…
Ab:will you end my friendship If you get married with purab…
Ab:if put an ask you to do so..
Pr:what are you talking abhi.. how can you think about him like that..
Ab; I knew he will not.. but tell me..
Pr; no kabhi bi.. kisi wakth.. I will not do so.. I will be hamesha tumaraa sath rahenga..

Ab:I will be always with you..
Fb ends..
Pr:abhi what you did now..
Fb shows.
Ab; chashmish.. I will leave you when I felt that your happiness is with my distance.. if I stay away from you then I will do that..
Fb ends..
Pr; abhi do you think that this will bring happiness to me..
( koya koya rahethahei plays )
Car reached airport…
She rushed out and gets into airport..
Pr; can I talk with Mr. Abhushek mehra going to India on jet airways..
Girl; sorry madam… the flight is already take off….
Pragya cries and comes out… it’s all my fault… pragya sees abhis flight going on her top.. she look at teary eyed.. today I lost most precious friend in my life…
2 days passed..
Within this days pragya didn’t go to office… it’s Look like that.. she is not even sleep these days… always spend time in abhis room by watching videos.. that they spend..
Pragya takes abhis photos..
Pr; abhi it’s all my mistake.. I must tell you all truth which I seen but I thought to found out what’s the play behind this… but…
Fb shows..

Pragya checks abhis computer on the day abhi come as drunkard person.. on that day.. pragya while checking get some video…
Actually it’s the video of prarub ka dance on engagement… as their dance ends.. pragyas eye got wettened.. but.. the scene which she saw after that shocks her.. ( I have told you on their engagement night abhi drinks more because of their dance.. actually he recollect that by watching their video in his cam.. and at that time pragya came all dramas happen) actually abhis camera was on that time.. in that abhigyas conversation… abhi bulbulconversation after that aliya asking bulbul to sleep with her on that night.. as they both leaves.. while leaving… aliya gives a done sign to rishab and he do the same… actually at that time abhi is fully unconscious.. and it is rishab who takes away abhi with him and abhi is unconscious…(I hope you all remember that in previous episode pragya runs out of abhis room ) actually it is because she came to knew the truth as abhi is innocent

Fb ends..
Pr:I must tell you about this… but…
I thought to find the truth… pragya cries… suddenly someone press the bell.. pragya didn’t respond as she don’t want to see…. again press bell and started to knock door… calling chashmish… the word chashmish heard by pragya she runs and opened door…
Sees abhi.. pragya started to smile and cry at the same time.. hugs abhi emotionally.. (dharmiyaan.. dharmiyaan plays )
Ab:chashmish what happened to you..
Pragya broke her hug.. and look at him sternly..
Ab:I think you may thought that I have gone and will not come back.. I knew you will think so.. but chashmish.. how can I go like this.. then where will I get such a fighting chipkali..

Pr:then why do you leave like this… without informing..
Ab:without informing means.. I have
Written letter n.a…. letter.. is that letter..
Ab:actually I gone to solve your problems…
Pr:solve my problems means..
Abhi moves.. pragya get shocked because of the sight in front of her eyes..
Yes.. it’s put an standing before him and that too smile at her..
Pr:purab tum.. and look at abhi.. abhi smiles. Surprise… it’s none other than bulbul..
Pr:bulbul tum.. they both hugs..
Ab:why all are standing outside… come get inside..
Everyone seated in sofa…
Purab is smiling at her.. it’s disturbs pragya.. but she has so many doubts as she doesn’t knew what abhi means.. pragya signs abhi.. but abhi is busy with talking to bulbul.. they both are talking laughing giving hifi.. it’s really irritates pragya so she goes to her room..

Pragya is sitting in bed and thinks..
Pr:what’s all this.. why they both here.. all of the sudden without telling to me.. what’s this… what’s abhi meant by solving my problem.. about which problem he is talking about… is he thinks like this..
Episode ends..
So guys.. what’s all this happening… what is pragyas assumption.. is prathi your thought too same with me… thanks everyone… for lovely comments… sorry I tried to upload at evening.. but as it got deleted from my hand.. I take some more time too…

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  1. Superbbbb yarrrr…..but what’s happening plzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….. don’t separate them & reunite them
    …..but now with love

  2. Super honey dear

  3. Princesskrisha

    Di did abhi convince purab to marry pragya n hes going from her life.if so pls make pragya confess her love to abhi di waiting eagerly whens the next epi di pls update soon na ur just awesome di superbbbbbb di
    By ur lovely choti

  4. Abiya

    As usual always rocking dr waiting for the next episode reunion them soon

  5. Oh my god is abhi gonna unite purab and prags…NOOOOO!!!!!!! Anyway nice yaar.. Pls pls update next soon…..pls….

  6. Awesome dear.. Line by line interesting dear….. Ur rocking dear……

  7. Saranya24

    Wiw tat waa teaply awesome loved it a lot darlu love u??????

  8. Vishvaja

    Di.awesome…I think abhi gonna give divorce for pragya and planning to get pragya married to di, this can’t happen…but even in that case, there are chances for pragya to realize her feelings di…anyways, whatever you write, it will be awesome… I have that belief di…love you a lot di..????

  9. B_Ani

    wow…its just mind blowing…i have no words. i have sth in ma mind…i wl tl if it cms tru…until then bye chechi…see u soon. love u??????????

  10. Prathi

    Finally she came to know that Abhi don’t do anything!

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