Its all about DESTINY (Episode 14)


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The episode starts with thapki n bihaan going to the room
Thapki – u know bihaan…. U r very bad ?
Bihaan – what!! Why?? ?
Thapki – u were proposing me?…but indirectly…. ?
Bihaan – u were too doing the same!?
Thapki – u r such a moti buddhhi ?
Bihaan – now what! ?
Thapki – don’t u know how to propose a girl! ?
Bihaan – no….will u teach me ?
Thapki – yes of course?..but to whom will u propose??
Bihaan – ammm… A friend …..a girlfriend?
Thapki – u have a girlfriend… (She gives an angry look)?
Bihaan – yes a very beautiful one….?
Thapki(jealous) – really!! Tell me more about her
Bihaan – why r u so interested to know about her!!
Thapki – its nothing like that…. Jzz wanted to know…. Its OK if u don’t want to tell
Bihaan – no….actually.. I want to shout to the whole world that YES , I HAVE A PRINCESS, A VERY BEAUTIFUL ONE!! SIMILAR TO THE MOON…
Thapki looks at him
Thapki – MOON!!
Someone knocks the door
Thapki(irked) – who’s there
Bihaan – let me see
Bihaan opens the door….
Bihaan(shocked) – u!!!!
N he faints….
Thapki – who’s there bihaan?
She sees bihaan fainting on someone’s shoulder. She too faints…
The face revealed, it was Paan.
Paan – Bihaan bhai …..wake up…I think he’s drunk
He goes to thapki
Paan – thapki bhabhi…wake up. Is she drunk too!! Oh my god!
Thapki wakes up
Thapki(scared) – where r we….n why u kidnapped us ?
Paan’s men calls Paan
Paan – bhabhi relax u both r safe now! U r with us
Thapki – thanx Paan …thank u very much! U saved us..where is bihaan? I want to see him.
Paan looks at her weirdly
Thapki – I mean….he’s fine right!? I just asked ….
Paan( interrupts) – bhabhi relax… He’s fine but still if u wanna see him…. So there he is.
Thapki goes to the room
Bihaan wakes up
Thapki (thinks he must be scared) – relax bihaan… We’re with Paan…. We’re safe now!! Don’t worry
Bihaan – ? I know!
Thapki – ? ohh!
Paan enters the room…
Paan – r u both fine? They didn’t tortured u right?
Bihaan – no…not at all
Thapki looks at him…n then at his injured hands.
Paan – then what about ur hand bhai? I’m ur childhood frnd …not ur m….(he was about to say maa. But stopped seeing thapki)
Bihaan looked at paan with his angry warning n somehow pity eyes
Thapki looks all this but remains silent n ignores as she thought… No need to over think thapki…he might was saying something else!
Bihaan – btw did u informed to bauji?
Paan – Oh no!!!! I forgot!!! How can I do such a mistake!!
Thapki – no worries… We’ll go home n surprise everyone…. They’ll be glad!
Bihaan – Paan u r very careless…OK thapki let’s go
Bihaan takes Paan’s bike n thahaan leaves
On bike
Thapki – bihaan, faster all must be worried for us!!
Bihaan – oh so chuk chuk gadi wants to fly today!! OK so see this (he takes the accelerator on high)
Pandey nivas
Everyone is sitting n roaming in the hall, worried
Thapki bihaan enters the gate
Thapki(murmurs) – I told u..everyone must be worried n waiting for us!
Bihaan (murmurs) – u were right thapki
They smiled seeing each other.
Thapki – Maa
They all look at thahaan, shocked
Thapki goes to vasu n dadi n touches their feet
Bihaan – maa…see we r back!! We escaped from there
Thapki – yes dadi…its bcoz of ur blessings
Dadi – only u two came?
Thapki n bihaan looks at dadi
Vasu comes to bihaan n slaps him hard
Thapki looks on totally shocked
Vasu – how selfish u r Bihaan!!
Bihaan – what I did maa…
Priti – bihaan devarji, actually bauji has gone to give the money to the kidnappers. N he didn’t came yet.
Bihaan was shocked
Vasu – how selfish u could be!!
Dadi – vasu beta, everyone knows how bihaan cares for ballu
Vasu – no maa… He just shows his concern to the outer world. N don’t forget he’s yet an adopted boy. For whom we felt pity one day….do u remember that bihaan?
Bihaan was all shattered n runs to save his bauji
Everyone leaves
Thapki cries seeing all this
Thapki – maa…that was not his fault. Actually…
Vasu – u just shut up. U r not of this house…so better stay away from our family matter
Thapki(smiles in tears) – at least u r including bihaan in ur family
Vasu looks at her
Bihaan comes behind mata rani temple (where goons called bauji with money)
Bauji was sitting on his knees surrounded with goons holding guns
Bauji – leave me n give my daughter n my son back to me
Goon 3 – first give us money
Bauji – first give me my children
Goon 3 – so u will not listen to me!
Bauji – no
Bihaan comes there n shouts
Bihaan – how dare u !
Everyone looks at him
Bauji – bihaan… U r fine!
Bihaan – yes bauji we escaped yesterday…
Goon 3 – catch them
Bihaan beats every goon like a hero
N saves bauji
A goon beats bihaan on his head from back
Bihaan becomes week
Bauji rushes to bihaan
Bauji – bihaan… R u ok?
Goon 3 – u can be free from here….. Just give me my money
Bauji(worried) – yes sure. I’ll give u
Bauji was about to give money
But bihaan holds his hands
Bihaan – no… That’s ur money bauji
Bauji – now I’ll slap u bihaan…. U r my son n my money family property everything is urs….
Bihaan – no bauji
Goon thinks that he’s not going to get money
He drags bauji n beats him
Bihaan (shouts) – how dare u….
He runs towards goon n beats him hard
Another goon snatches the money bag from bauji
N all goon runs
Bihaan (shouts) – how u dare touch my bauji…. He’s my god….
Bauji – bihaan relax its ok.…
Bihaan hugs bauji
Bihaan – u r very injured bauji …come we’ll go home
Bauji – u r injured too bihaan…. Come everyone must be worried for us
Bihaan cries n hugs bauji
Pandey nivas
Bihaan – maa….
Everyone sees bauji n bihaan n gets happy
Vasu rushes to bauji
Vasu – u r so injured…. Let’s go to hospital
Bauji – no I’m ok…
Vasu – no u r not…. First we’ll go to hospital
Bauji agrees n everyone takes him to hospital
Bihaan was standing n looking from far
Thapki sees him n goes to him
Thapki – bihaan… Ur head is bleeding come let’s go to hospital
She holds his hands n starts moving but bihaan doesn’t moves…..she looks at him, his tears were non stopping….
Thapki – bihaan…. Listen maa told all this bcoz she was worried for bauji
first come to hospital…. Come ….everyone must be waiting for us in the car.
She drags bihaan outside…..but everyone leaves in car without even looking back at thahaan
Thapki n bihaan sees this
Thapki (wiping her tears) – bihaan… It’s ok we’ll go in taxi. U r much bleeding…. How r u feeling? Is it paining?? Don’t worry we’ll go to doctor
Bihaan was just weeping…. N thapki was continuously trying him to speak his heart out….but bihaan was all silent
Thapki sits in the taxi n bihaan too
Bihaan lies his head on thapki’s shoulder , unknowingly. N was crying
Thapki moves her hand on his head to console him
She too cries but hides it from bihaan.
The song “hona hai kya” plays
Na mai janu..Na tu Jane
Kis ghadi me…Hona hai kya….
Zindagi ke is jue me…pana kya hai
Khona hai kya…
(Bihaan thinks about how vasu slapped him n shouted on him saying he’s selfish…. How she always gave priority to dhruv. How she forced him to marry thapki ) N he cries hard. Thapki consoles him
Thapki – bihaan… Don’t cry….(she too cries)
#Precap – Thapki comes to know the reality of her marriage. Thapki wants assurance from bihaan… Bihaan denies …..
Thanku so much guys
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N I know precap is pretty confusing?
But I hope it’ll not disappoint u…?
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