Hello everyone.. so all are waiting for abhigyas reunion.. but it will not happen faster as it need sometime.. it’s step by step process.. varsha dear… you said right pragya is not doing good with abhi…. prathi as you said.. their fights can make them together.. as all of think that it’s the path of their love… but I am going to do something.. let’s check is it work or not… so let’s move to story…
It was a Sunday… actually both of them have leave on this day… pragya is sitting in living room watching tv.. abhi comes out of his room.. pragya just look at him. And watched tv… abhi goes out.. scene shifted to pragyas angry face… she threw pillow from sofa…

Pr:how can he do like this? What is he thinking now… why did he behave like this.. it was always him who find reason to talk with me and fight with me… but these 2 weeks.. it’s become 2 weeks we haven’t talk.. no.. it’s been 2 weeks he even don’t look at me… whenever he is free.. he goes out with sira & john.. or with that pamps… now there is a new character new that aiswarya… not aiswarya his aisu… oh… aisu.. she is really pretending too close with him…I don’t knew even if he is having food made by me….

I don’t knew anything about him nowadays… he is trying to avoid me.. what he is thinking of himself… he clearly knew about me na.. I will be like this… actually her thoughts is all about abhi….. as time files…. pragya look at clock.. he is not came yet… pragya slept in sitting position.. her sleep got disturbed by hearing some sound.. she rubs her eyes with hands.. sees abhi coming… he is not like ordinary… because he can’t walk or stand well.. because he is completely drunken.. as while walking he goes to fall pragya goes to help him..
Ab:no… don’t touch me…. I knew…. I can look I am standing na… abhi stands without support but he falls down… when pragya tries to help him again..
Abhi who is lying on floor.. no.. no… I can… you… you… no it’s not you.. you are not my chashmish.. you are not…

Pragya make him stand and help him to sit on sofa..
Pragya too sits on opposite side…
Abhi : fuggi…. no chashmish… you knew one thing… I am too happy today… too happy… abhi is a happy man… you knew the reason… no you can’t… I will tell you… abhi is happy man because abhi didn’t get his love… but there is someone to love abhi… pragya look at abhi… ya… you… knew someone truly said to me… that she loves me.. she… laughing loud… she want to be with me… she madly loves me… ha… ha… I am so lucky na… the one whom I loves hate me.. but someone who is no one to me loves me… yes… abhi is lucky… lucky man… abhi tried to get up.. pragya help him.. no.. no.. I can..
Pragya didn’t she make abhi to lie on his bed… it was first time pragya entering to his room..
Ab : fuggi…. you knew you are fuggi…. fuggi.. fuggi… abhis fuggi… but abhis fuggi hate abhi…my purab too hate him.. abhi takes a photo of abhirab.. look at my purab.. look at him.. I am really bad na… I lose most precious things in this world… my purab who loves me more than any one… you.. my chashmish.. who always fight with me.. talks with me.. ya abhi is a looser.. I broke all your trust.. I cheat my purab… I take advantage of your friendship… abhi is a looser.. pragya started to cry. As she sees tears in abhis eyes too..
Pr: abhi.. you just sleep now… pragya turns to move.. abhi holds her hand.. pragya turn his face and look at abhi..
Ab; chashmish… you tell na.. why she told me that she want to live with me.. she don’t knew na… how bad I am.. but my fuggi knew how much I am bad… you knew.. you knew..
Abhi sleeps…

Ho tujh mein aise kho gayi main
Ho gayi hoon nayi
Saari duniya lag rahi hai
Badli badli si
Ho gayi poori lagoon phir
Kyun adhoori si
Ho gayi poori lagoon phir
Kyun adhoori si
O rabba ki karaan
Yeh betaabiyaan
Mera raanjhna mera humnava

Mere mathe ka kumkum hai
Bhagya woh mera
Ho mere mathe ka kumkum hai
Bhagya woh mera
Saath pheron mein bandha hai
Yeh hai woh rishta
O rabba ki karaan
Yeh beimaaniyaan
Woh mera jahaan
Meri khushi..

Ho rabba ki karaan
Huyi dhadkan jawaan
Ye becheniyaan bataaye koi
Ho… plays… pragya cries.. it was this time pragya noticed everything… the room is full of her pics purabs.. group photos… in table there is a book is lying.. pragya took it and turn all pages on every page’s.. abhi lies her name more than 20 Times… there are so many books like this.. suddenly pragya noticed abhis computer which is in on state.. she checks.. it actually abhi is seeing their video at their times at college.. pragya too look at it and cry… she check each video and recollect all moments…. pragya suddenly cries and goes out…
Next morning… abhi is still sleeping.. pragya keep his coffee and lime tea on tables and goes to office…
Time goes.. but abhi didn’t came to office.. pragya don’t knew what’s the reason..
Arjun; pamps.. is abhi on leave..
Aiswarya look at pamp..

Pa; abhi informed as he is on leave today.. pragya look at confused..
Pragya thought.. may be he is in hangover.. after job she returned home… but it’s been locked..
Pr: – where did he goes… it was that time sia come towards her and gives a key with letter..
Sia:abhi told give it you as you came back she goes…
Episode ends..

So guys what you think of abhis letter what was written in it.. who confess love to abhi.. is anyone come between abhigya… what’s your view..

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  1. Oh my god so sad for abhi yaar…is he gone to India or some other place…whose the third person.. But yaravathu nadula vandha than prags realise panuvanga apadinu nenaikiren…. But main point is abhi????????

  2. Saranya24

    Wow the twist s awesome i cabt wait fr nxt part nw lovely darlu love u loads?????

  3. Vishvaja

    Omg….awesome di….I think the person will be someone else.. I mean, the intro of that person is not given yet…this is what my feelings is…and surely only if someone comes between them, pragya won’t realize her feelings towards abhi… about that letter, May be he went for outing if he had not got to

    1. Vishvaja

      Continuation: if he had not got to know about last night…I know you will give an unexpected twist for us di…love you

  4. Sandy

    Suppperrrrrrr gooddddd ????

  5. Princesskrisha

    Akka abhipragyave pirichithadinga en abhi letter enna irukkum pls sikkirama upload pannunga

  6. Sethidisha002

    plz open the suspence soon

  7. Aishwarya12

    Wow it’s really amazing… what a twist.. waiting for next epi

  8. Wow interesting and awesome dear….

  9. u made me crazy dear honey………

    wait next part as u always rock it……………love u lot

  10. AarthiNayanaSTL

    arey what’s this new twist…. sis ur are always surprising me….so restless to know what is abhi upto…really an intresting and suspnse filled episode….go on…and keep rocking like this…

  11. Asmithaa

    omg di!! waiting for the next one.

  12. Prathi

    What!? What!? He just wrote a letter!! I think I know what will happen next! Let me check

  13. Awesome chechi

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