Its all about DESTINY (Episode 13)


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The episode starts with thapki n bihaan jumping out the window
Thapki – hushhh!! Finally! We r free now
Bihaan – yeah!!
Goon (shouting) – hey everyone…. Catch them….how did they escaped!! U idiots
Thapki bihaan looks at each other…n says together – Oh my god let’s run
Goon – stop u idiots….I’ll not leave u (he runs after her)
Thahaan runs far
Thapki – bihaan…wait I’m tired now
Bihaan – thapki let us run otherwise the goons will again catch us
Thapki – I can’t bihaan….
Bihaan looks worried… As thapki was puffing.
Bihaan – chuk chuk gadi this is not ur station
Thapki was looking week
Bihaan takes thapki in his arms
Thapki – bihaan
Bihaan suddenly puts his palm on thapki’s lips n gestures her to remain silent
Thapki gestures him back “what?”
Bihaan hides behind a tree carrying thapki in his arms…
Goons come there n checks but didn’t find them
Bihaan n thapki takes a breathe of relief..
Bihaan – r u OK now?
Thapki – yes better
Bihaan – I don’t know where we r
Thapki – yes even I don’t
Bihaan – listen I guess we have to walk further to find help
Thapki – yes u r right
Bihaan – let’s go
Thapki was unable to walk
Bihaan sees her
Bihaan – u r not looking well
Thapki – no bihaan…. I’m OK
Bihaan – u r such a stubborn
Bihaan again takes thapki in his arms
Thapki – what r u doing
Bihaan – thapki….shut up n listen to me
Thapki stares him n bihaan walks taking thapki in his arms
The song jab tak plays ….
They reach to a village
Thapki – bihaan u must be tired now!
Bihaan – see thapki we reached a village….
Thapki – I think some celebration is going on in this village
Bihaan – yeah I think so…
The villagers come to them
Bihaan – actually…. We were kidnapped. N goons r following us
Villager – no worries…. We’ll drop u to ur home
Thapki – thank u …we can’t forget what u did for us today
Villager – Today is the sangeet function of our daughter…. So do u like to attend it?
Thapki – of course….we would love to…
A man from the crowd – but there dresses!!
A villager – its all right u can take dresses from us
They give thapki a lehenga n kurta pajama to bihaan
Thapki – thank u so much for this
A lady – now u both get ready come fast….the function is about to start
A man(to bihaan in a slow tone ) – bhai….there is full preparation of enjoyment!!
Thapki was looking very beautiful in the lehenga n was looking happy too..
Bihaan was looking so dashing!!
Bihaan (murmurs to thapki ) – I must say….this lehenga is made for u!
Thapki – thank u thanku …
Bihaan – errr.(he caughs intentionally) n what abt me?
Thapki – ammm…. U r looking just fine!
Bihaan – just fine!!….not fair partner!
Thapki n bihaan smiles
Some girls come n takes thapki away from bihaan
The song drama queen plays
Thapki dances with the girls…
Bihaan looks her n men takes him to drink
Bihaan drinks thapki looks at him angrily
She comes to bihaan
Thapki – so u wanna drink?
Bihaan – so?
Thapki – fine enjoy ur drink
The girls again comes to thapki
A girl – Di let him drink…..we’ve something special for girls
They drags thapki to bhaang corner
Thapki drinks it….
Bihaan looks her with his widen eyes
The song plays “Allah maaf kare”
A man – tauba tauba tere pyar me
lut gya iqraar me…..
Thapki n bihaan looks at the stage
Thapki runs to stage n bihaan follows her
Bihaan – tujhse mohabbat ho gyi Allah maaf kare!!
tauba kayamat ho gyi Allah maaf kare!!
Thapki – Ohh…tujhse mohabbat ho gyi Allah maaf kare!!
tauba kayamat ho gyi Allah maaf kare!!
The villagers join them n dances..
Bihaan – dekha tujhe to saanse ruk gyi
sajde me ye aankhe jhuk gyi
Teri ibadat ho gyi Allah maaf kare
(He sings staring at thapki lovingly)
Thapki – oh…tujhse mohabbat ho gyi Allah maaf kare!!
Bihaan – Ho…Ladte ladte aankhein lad gyi
Dil ki baatein age badh gyi
Thodi shararat ho gyi
Allah maaf kare!
Thapki – meri to sudh budh kho gyi
Allah maaf kare!!
Bihaan – mana zamana ye deta hai tana ye itna awara hu mai
jo bhi hu jaisa hu aisa ya waisa hu ab to tumhara hu mai!!
Thapki – ho…ate jate Dekhu tujhko
jane hua hai ye kya mujhko
sabse bagawat ho gyi Allah maaf kare!!
sari sharafat ho gyi Allah maaf kare…. E..e..e..
Tujhse mohabbat ho gyi Allah maaf kare!!
Bihaan – tujhse mohabbat ho gyi Allah maaf kare
Tauba kayamat ho gyi Allah maaf kare!!
Everyone was enjoying the function… But it seemed not more than thapki n bihaan….. They were looking very happy they were laughing…. Singing song…n was indirectly proposing each other.
When they were fully tired
The villagers took them to a room
Thapki n bihaan enters the room laughing n talking silly
#Precap -Thapki n bihaan r drunk n talks a lot silly. Meanwhile someone knocks the door …..bihaan opens the door.
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N I’m sorry to all non – Hindi readers as the song is in Hindi….
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  1. It was awesome ….❤ Perfect song for this perfect scenario. … Loved the way u wrote it ??? . Hope ur taking care of ur urself .. ? … Take care and upload whenever possible ?

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    Superb vinni… i loved it..

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  3. Nice episode

  4. Manish ki deewani

    Hello Vinni how r u now dear…. take care …. episode its superb …… And whenever u got time update next part.plz tell me the movie name of this song .

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    2. Vinni7

      N btw this song is from DESI BOYZ

  5. very awsome …..keep writting… was very suitable …..

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  6. Superb episode,plz try to update soon and long
    Plz plz plz di
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    LU LU Lu zo much
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