Its all about DESTINY (Episode 12)

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The episode starts with thapki asking bihaan about what’s he thinking
Bihaan – listen thapki …I’ll try to open ur hands with mine…..u jz need to cooperate.
Thapki – can u do that?
Bihaan – do u forgot!! I’m also a goon!! BIHAAN BHAI!
Thapki – how can I ! I can never forget how bad u r….a goon!!
Bihaan – Ooo chuk chuk gadi this goon’s skill is going to save us
Thapki – huh…we’ll see that…
Bihaan – u don’t trust me?
Thapki – never

Bihaan – ok then I’m not going to help anyone here…..everyone is free to help themselves
Thapki – I never need u n ur help….n by the way….we are here bcoz of u..
Bihaan – hlo chuk chuk gadi… Stop lying to yourself at least!
Thapki – look what I do!
Thapki rubs her rope with the pole….but nothing happened
Bihaan(taunting) – O my god thapki…..don’t leave me here alone….I’m scared of these goons….
He laughs
Thapki(pretending to ignore her stupidity) – Actually… I …..I was jz trying to see how strong the rope is.
Bihaan – thapki….I’m moti buddhi…. But not so much
He laughs…
Goon interferes from outside the room
Goon – what so funny?? Inside that room?? R u gone mad?? Stop laughing otherwise…
Thapki sees bihaan….. N she too laughs….but slowly…
They both looks each other n laughs in a low tone…
Thapki – ok Mr. Goon Pandey …..tell me my work to escape this place
Bihaan – ok then Mrs. Goon Pandey ..I mean….PARTNER
Thapki – ok!! PARTNER
They looked at each other passing a smile
Paan’s residence
Paan – we have to find bihaan bhai anyhow!!! Do u all understand!!
Paan’s men – yes bhai…we will
Paan – how dare they kidnap bihaan bhai!! I mean r they mad or what!! I’ll not leave them.
Pandey nivas
Bauji – I don’t know how my kids r ….hope they r fine
Dadi – don’t worry beta….they’ll come soon…n how r u vasu?
Vasu – amm….means??
Vasu(mindvoice) – I didn’t liked bihaan….. N today he’s not with us….I..I want to see him
Dadi(mindvoice) – U care for them vasu beta…..yes u never treated him like ur own son dhruv….but yes….u do care for him
Dadi – jz asked….u r not looking well
Shraddha enters…
Shraddha – who’s not looking well dadi?
Vasu gets happy seeing her
Shraddha – is everything alright? I mean I heard bauji talking on phone about 50 lakhs?
Vasu tells her everything expecting she’ll be happy…
Shraddha – o my god maa!! It means….. (She starts crying) maa…I know they don’t like me…but I…I can’t be like them right!! I hope they both r fine!!
Vasu – wow shraddha…u have a golden heart….even u know that they don’t like u….but yet u r!!…..
Shraddha(mindvoice) – care my foot… I hope they never come!
Thapki – bihaan… Is it done?
Bihaan – thapki wait. Don’t be impatient!
Bihaan was trying to open thapki’s rope

Thapki – were u really a goon?
Bihaan – any doubt?
Thapki – from last one hour I’m sitting like a statue…so that u will open it but no!!….
Bihaan – oye madam, I’m a goon not a magician. N for ur kindest info I’m too kidnapped for the first time bcoz of u…n the worst thing is with u!!
Thapki (showing her fingers to bihaan) – u know what! Talking to u is a waste of time
Bihaan – I think the same
Thapki realises….her hands r free now….n gets happy
Thapki – amm….thanks…

Bihaan – I don’t need ur thanks….now free my hands….
Thapki looks around …the goon was sleeping
Thapki – bihaan… Goon is sleeping ….we can escape!
Bihaan(taunting ) – yes for sure!! I do one thing…I should snatch this pole!! Don’t u think so!! Then we’ll run with this pole….n will say to bauji… Bauji I got this long shiny strong pole for u!!
Thapki – oh no no no!!! I’m sorry I forgot….
Bihaan – don’t give looks n open it.
Thapki – how will it??

Bihaan – take ur hairpin off ur hair…
Thapki – bihaan….
Bihaan – shut up n listen what I say….
Thapki – ok…
She does as he says n follows his instructions carefully… She successfully opens the lock n frees bihaan’s hand…
Bihaan – wow thapki!! Not bad!! U did it!!
Thapki – even I can’t believe!! By the way….ur hand might be paining right?
Bihaan – yeah…but its fine…
Thapki – let’s go home…maa must be waiting for us!
Bihaan gets sad n says… – hmm… Bauji n all must be worried for us!! Let’s leave!
#Precap – thapki n bihaan dances together.

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    Vinni amazing episode I luv thahaan nok jok. And new name Mr and Mrs goon I like it.take care Vinni.God bless u .

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