Its all about DESTINY (Episode 11)


I’m so so sorry guys….
Actually I met with an accident….. So was unable to update the episodes
U all must be angry on me ?
But…. I’m really sorry….
The episode starts with thapki shouting at goons
Thapki – can’t u see his hand is bleeding
Goon 3 – by the way I have a offer for u
Thapki bihaan looks at goon
Bihaan – offer!!
Goon 3 – Yes….u must be hungry right!!
Bihaan – yes yes
Thapki(mindvoice) – bhukkad!!
Goon – great then!! U can have food…
Goon 1 brings a plate of food
Bihaan looks at food n gets glad
Goon 3 – but yes…I have a condition
Thapki – now what!!
Goon 3 – only one’s hand will be opened n other’s hand will be locked by the iron chain
Thahaan looked at each other n then to the goon, shocked.
Thapki – ok…open my hands then
Bihaan looks at her
Bihaan – how mean!! Can’t u see my hand is bleeding!! I need to open my hands.
Thapki – bihaan… Do as I’m saying
Bihaan – r u mad!! I’m bleeding stupid.
Thapki – I know but I’m hungry
Bihaan – whattt! But I…
Goon interferes…
Goon(irritated) – r u both done!! I had taken my decision.
Bihaan was looking eagerly to goon as if he was sure that the goon will take his name
Goon – it’s u madam….ladies first at last!! ?
Thapki gets glad n bihaan looks at her
Thapki – thanku so much….
Goons leave the room locking bihaan by iron chain n locking the room from outside.
Bihaan – how mean…. U must be happy now
Thapki silently checks weather goons r gone or not
Bihaan was continuously asking irritating questions to her
Thapki then tears her saree n covers his wounds to stop bleeding
Bihaan looks at her… Lovingly….
Thapki was looking so concerned
Thapki – is it paining yet?
Bihaan was speechless
Bihaan – u….u….did it for me?….I mean…..
Thapki – no….for us…I mean I thought that….
Bihaan – that you’ll tie my wounds….
Thapki looks at him…
They both look in each other’s eyes…
(Darmiyaan song plays)
Thapki – ok now I’m hungry…
Bihaan – but I’m hungry too…
Thapki feeds him
They both again have an intense eyelock
(Darmiyaan song plays again)
Pandey nivas
Everyone is worried about thahaan
Paan comes to meet bihaan
Paan – bauji where is bihaan bhai? He didn’t called me n is not receiving my call
Bauji – Bihaan n thapki bitiya is kidnapped
(He tells everything)
Paan – I’ll find them…
He goes
Thapki was feeding bihaan
Bihaan saw something
Bihaan – thapki…look there
Thapki looks there
Thahaan looks at each other – window!!
Thapki – we can escape from here…
Bihaan – of course but how will I!!
Thapki – wait I should do something
Bihaan – thapki listen …..break this with that box
Thapki – stupid… That’ll make sound n ur wound will be hurted
Bihaan – Sshhh…someone is coming
Goon enters enters to room
Goon – madam…r u done?
Thapki nods
Goon – ok now u both will be tied as u were before
Thapki gets tensed
Goon ties both on the pole
Bihaan – this is unfair …..u have to tie me with the rope instead of this iron chain…
Goon – listen u Mr. u r not at any five star hotel… u r demanding ….
Bihaan(murmurs laughingly) – who idiot goes to five star hotel to tie himself !! I wonder u!!
Goon shouts n slaps bihaan hard n his lips bleeds
Goon – u better be in ur limit!
Bihaan – I think u don’t know me…
Goon – shut up …otherwise u both will be killed by me.
Goon goes
Bihaan smiles…
Thapki – can’t u shut up….idiot….every time u r trying to become a hero….I don’t understand why!!
Bihaan – we have to escape from here…. We have to
Thapki looks at him
#Precap – thapki n bihaan dances together….
I’m so sorry for short episode ….but I hope u understand….
N I really hope u like it….
Plzz do comment guys
Thanks for reading ❤

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  1. Sulbi

    Nice one dear…

  2. Nice episode

  3. Hello Vinni di,we r not angry on u . We r missing u and ur ff. Episode was very good and specially Bukkad wala part plz take care and try to update soon. Get well soon di ok bye LU

  4. It’s superb vinni. But u said that u met wid an accident? How r U now? Take care of ur health 1st!

  5. Manish ki deewani

    Mice part.Vinni don’t say sorry dear we can understand how r u now .get well soon .take care

  6. Accident ????? Are u all right ? No prob for the short update … Whatever u updated was awesome … Just awesome …. Take Care ?? …

  7. Nice r u?
    Are you OK.

  8. Alia919

    wow… nice update dear…keep it up
    sorry for late comment

  9. very nice….keep it up…hope u wil get well soon ….

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