Its all about DESTINY (Episode 10)

Thanku thanku thanku so much guys for this much support!!
It’s the 10th episode….n I’m glad u r liking it!
The episode starts at
Shraddha’s house
Bauji – we should not trouble u all….plzz call the mechanic ….we’ll leave
Shraddha’s dad – it’s nothing like that…but its ok if u want to leave …..I’ll arrange a mechanic
Bauji – thank u…

Pandey nivas
Goon 3 – from where should we start!!
Goon 2 – I think we must start from the most grand room!
Goon 1 was looking scared n was holding the stick
Goon 2 – what happened?? Why r u scared
Goon 1 – I think we should leave this house…..ghosts r roaming here n there…
Goon 3 – idiot!! Concentrate on for what u r here….
Goon 1 & 2 silently follows instructions of goon 3.
They all go to vasu’s room

Thapki wakes up slowly… N recalls whatever happened…
She sees bihaan lying his head on hers
She keeps his head properly on her shoulder
Thapki(mindvoice) – it means….robbers r in the house!!! What should I do now!! Should I call to anyone!! But….my phone is in kitchen!! What should I do now….
She sees bihaan …. N shakes him….
Thapki(in a slow voice) – bihaan… bihaan wake up….
(She checks his pocket n finds phone….)
Thapki – I should call someone!!
She hears some sound of footsteps
N acts as she’s fainted…
Goon 2 – yes….everything is alright…. But we’ve to be faster….they can wake up at any time….
He goes
Thapki opens her eyes
Thapki – they r roaming here….what will they do if they know I’m awake!! But I can’t let this happen too….

Shraddha’s house
Bauji – ok then ….we’re leaving… Bihaan n thapki must be waiting for us!
Shraddha’s dad – ok bye tc…n call them so that they would be relieved!
Bauji calls bihaan
Bihaan phone rings….
Thapki widens her eyes….. As she’s helpless this time….n again acts to be fainted.
Goon 2 picks up the call but didn’t answers
Bauji – hlo…bihaan beta…don’t worry we r arriving soon
Goon cuts the call
Bauji feels something’s fishy!
Goon 2 – guys faster….their family is arriving!!
Goon 1 – but this lock is not opening!!
Goon 3 – but we can’t go like this to our boss…he will yell at us…we should do something fast!

Bihaan wakes up slowly…. n murmurs…
Bihaan – chuk chuk gadi…where r u….
Thapki gets tensed n keeps her hand on his mouth…
Thapki – Sshhhh…!! Bihaan… Don’t be loud….
Bihaan sees her n gestures with his eyes – what happened?
Thapki – Robbers r in the house…. We should do something…. But gud thing is everyone is returning from shraddha’s house…
Bihaan – r u mad…b for bihaan pandey is with u….n u r scared of these goons!!
Thapki – it isn’t the time of showing bravery!! We have to handle things with our mind…
Goon 1 – I have an idea….we should kidnap these two!!
Goon 2 – yes!! We should do this!!
Goon 3 – n then we can get any amount of money!!
They goes to thahaan
Thapki – bihaan listen they r coming to check us….u must act as fainted!!
Bihaan – but thapki….
Thapki – can’t u listen my advice for once!!
Goons comes there
Thahaan were acting like fainted
Goon 3 realises….they r in their conscious
Goon 3 makes gestures to other goons to be ready as they r awake.
Goon 3 – we should cut their fingers!!
Bihaan listens it n screams
Bihaan – heyyyy….excuse me…u can’t cut our fingers…..u r not…..(n he stopped
Thapki(mindvoice) – this stupid man!!! Troubles everyone!! Don’t know what will they do now!!
Goon 2 – wake up madam…..we know everything
Thapki n bihaan looks at each other
They holds each other’s hand…..
Bihaan – u can’t do anything to us…..(he was about to punch the goon)
Thapki (who was still holding his hand) ….pulls him n runs
Goons 1 – Oh no!!! These people r just headache!!
Goon 2 – but we have to find them n catch them!
Thapki n bihaan were hiding
Bihaan – r u mad or what?? Let me fight with them….I’ll not leave them
Thapki – bihaan….. Ur hand is injured… N they may have knife gun or anything!! We must be alert!
Bihaan looks her
Thapki – n family is about to come….
Bihaan – what’ll they do?? They can too get harmed….no I can’t take the risk!!
Thapki – sit down u spider man!! Use mind at least this time…
Bihaan – u know what…..talking to u is waste of time
Thapki – u know what!! I think the same…better stay quite now….
Bihaan – excuse me….u r…..(he stops seeing goons)
Goons again manages to faint them.
Goon 3 – now we should leave….otherwise anyone would come…..
They takes thahaan to their vehicle
They makes them sit at backseat.
Goon 1 – they usually fight with each other…but see they r looking like made for each other.
Goon 2 – oye mr luv guru…. -_-
Goon 3 – come on faster
They all sits….
Pandey family arrives n dhruv sees the vehicle leaving from the gate of Pandey nivas…
Everyone sits in the hall
Kiran – the food is made in the kitchen…..I guess thapki bhabhi made it….
Dadi – but the house was locked!!
Vasu – maa…actually we left thapki n bihaan by mistake….. Bihaan had called me…. But we were busy with dhruv’s rituals
Dadi – ok call them….where r they…..
Kiran rings bihaan’s phone…it rings in the house…
Sanjay – they r no where in the house…
Ashwin – I checked too…
Bauji – what!! Then where r they…..we’ve to find them…..
Everyone panics about thapki n bihaan .
Goons boss – what is this!!
Goons explains him everything…..
Boss – nice!! We can demand a good amount for the sake of these two…. Tie them now
Goons ties them on a single pole, placing them to sit together… N their hands r tied with the pole….
Pandey nivas
The phone rings
Bauji picks the phone
Boss – do u want ur son n Bahu alive or not??
Bauji – who r u?? N where r they??
Boss – relax relax ….they’re fine…..bring Rs.50 lakhs n take them with u…..but yes….don’t involve police in this matter…..otherwise……u will never be able to see them
Bauji – yes yes I’ll give u money by tomorrow…
Boss – tomorrow at 5’o clock ….evening behind the mata rani temple…..
Bauji – yes yes…..but plzz can I talk to my children… Plzz
Boss – they r in deep sleep…n I’m not in mood to disturb them
Bauji – plzz don’t do anything to them….I’ll give u what u want……
Bauji tells this to everyone….. N everyone is worried for thahaan.
Thapki gets conscious n sees bihaan’s hand was bleeding because of the cut….n they tied it so roughly…
Thapki (shouts worriedly) – bihaan….
Goons – shut up u idiot….
Thapki – r u all blind!! Can’t u see his hand is hurted n is bleeding…
Bihaan gets conscious….
Boss – oye Romeo Juliette…. Stop this drama
Bihaan – how we came here…..ahh…my hands….
Thapki – r u fine bihaan??
Boss – u will be relieved if u will cooperate with us till tomorrow evening 5.
Bihaan and thapki looks at the boss n then at each other.
#Precap – Goon asks thahaan to choose whose hand will be opened for having food?? Thahaan argues each other.
Thanku so much guys…
Thanx for reading
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N stay tuned❤

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