Destiny!! Episode 1



Its morning…… Riya wakes up and prepares breakfast and goes to wake up the girls..
Riya: wake up girls today is Sunday and we have to go shopping..
Anu: hmmm riya wats dis… u r waking us so early…
Baby: ( wakes up stretches and tells smiles..  ) Good morng Di…
Riya and Anu hug Baby and dey all rush towards d bathroom and a cute nok-jokh takes place….
The 3 get ready and come out….
The scene shifts to the guyz place; all the three are sound asleep..
Kaka: Arrey Veer baba wake up na…
Veer: kya kaka aap bhi na subah subah uta diya
Karan: arrey veer y r u shouting at him…??
Suddenly they hear pop music.. both k and veer rush out towards the room…n see mike dancing.. they run towards him n hug him..
In the girls place…. The girls are havng brkfst.

Here in the guys place kaka serves them brkfst n d guys relish it n k kisses d kaka n thnks him for taking care of them..
The girls get into the car and leave…. The girls parents call them
All 3 : good morng mama n papa….
Parents: good morng my precious gems..
The girls smile and tell their parents about their admission and their plan for the day.. both mama n papa wish dem good luck..
The guys also leave the house…
K: mike where are we goin??
Mike: arrey wait karo yaar! It’s a surprise..
Veer: use kya puch raha hai?? I ll tell u We are goin to get accessories for the college tmrrw..
Mike: uff veer!! Y did u tell him..
K: Omg!! Shopping?? Mike kyu shopping
Mike n Veer: Not shopping jus goin to get some deo, backpack, shoes, music player …..
K: Wat is dis called if it is not shopping??
Mike: we have reached…
They get out of the car and the security tells them to take the car to basement..
So Veer decides to park it..He takes it to the basement parks it and comes out and he crashes with Anu…
Veer: am extremely sorry I didn’t notice…
Anaita: its ohk..

Anu gets a call from ria and she leaves…Veer just keeps on staring at her until a cars honks from behind..And he walks off too smiling and remembering Anu..
K and Mike notice him lost and enquire veer…
K: arrey bhai kya hua yaar? Tu kaha koya hua hai?
Veer: kuch nahi yaar.. ( and smirks)
Mike: phir kuch toh baat hai…
They force and tease him and finally veer tells them
Veer: tik hai bhai I ll tell u guyz.. In the parking I saw a girl she was looking so pretty( as he’s speaking he’s lost)
Mike and K look at each other and wink and laugh and tease veer…

Precap: Mike walks into the in school of dance late and the introduction session has already started…..

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  1. its a amazing ff but plzzz i want more scenes between veer n anaita… i read these ffs n even watch mastangi only for them

    1. Akansha

      thnx annuu….
      s i ll c to it that ther will be more scenes btw veer n anaita

  2. Sree_deeksha

    Awsome one akansha…. really cute!!!

    1. Akansha

      thnx deeksha

  3. Awesome

    1. Akansha

      thnk u crazy girl

  4. Awesome pls update soon and regularly

    1. Akansha

      thnx lara.. ll c it to it that i update it regularly

  5. Mayurii

    Hey !! AWESOME dear !!
    Keep up !! I love it 🙂

    1. Akansha

      thnx mayuri

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