Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Teaser


Abhi “ Aankhen Kholo Pragya!!” Pragya was closing her eyes firmly not having the courage to see him and tears were rolling down her cheeks continously.

Abhi “ This is nothing Pragya, It’s only painful when you are not seeing me…” He pleaded as blood was dripping from his forehead.

Pragya “ Abhi! Enough! Just go away! You don’t have to bear all this…” She said and kneeled down in front of him.

Abhi sitting in front of her “ Pragya, just look at me once…please na….I can’t bear when you are not looking at me…” He said by cupping her face.

Pragya feeling the injured palm of his on her face was crying even more profusely.

Pragya taking his hands looked at his brutally beaten face.

Pragya “ Why do you have endure all this pain?”

Abhi in a choking voice “ Finally you opened your eyes! Do you know how painful is for me to not see your eyes?”

Pragya taking his hands kissed them and was keep on sobbing.

Abhi “ Pragya…” He said by hugging her.

Abhi “ I promise you, I will bear all this till the end…” Pragya looked up at him “ Just leave all this Abhi! Let’s go from here! You want me right? Let’s leave this place and we can go far away from everyone…”

Abhi “ How can we Pragya? Are you scared? You know as long you are with me, I am not scared about anything….”

Pragya “ Why are you like this? No! Let’s leave!” She said in a shaky voice.

Abhi “Think like this, whatever I am facing now is preparations to face Pragula day and night in the future!” He said and chuckled at his own joke.

Pragya smiled faintly but was still in tears.

Abhi “ Pragya…this is nothing as you are my everything…”

Pragya “ Even at this moment you are telling filmy dialogues!” She said by leaning on his shoulder.

Abhi closed his eyes in pain and sighed. Pragya “ Is it painful?” Abhi “ No…did I say so?” He asked by looking at her.

Pragya moving away “Always covering up the truth, your face shows how much pain you are facing!”

Abhi “ Is it showing? Punch my face that is showing something that you don’t like!” He said innocently.

Pragya getting emotional of his antics just hugged him and whispered in his ears “ I love you…” Abhi “ You love me and you whisper that in my ears? Tell that loud and clear!” He asked adamantly.

Pragya “ I wish to tell the whole world loudly that I love you too…”

Abhi “ Then what is stopping this madam?”

Pragya “ Sir is weak now and once he is fit and fine, I will tell the whole world loudly!”

Abhi looking at the time softly said “ Go now Pragya…” Pragya “ Let me stay here for a while…” She said by helping him to lie on the bed.

This was seen by Purab and Naina who were in tears of thinking how much more they have to endure just because they don’t want anyone to create any distances between them.


I think, okay it’s totally my thinking, so pls don’t take me wrong, so what I think is the past few updates are not that satisfying to me. That made me to think of something & thinking to work on that thoughts for the upcoming updates. So this teaser is based on that thoughts and I will update seeing all your response towards this. I will be only able to update for this ff next week as right now I am stuck in writing for this, that’s why u all can see the slow updates of this ff. Give me some time and I will be back next week for this. One more thing, this weekend I will be also out of town, so will not be able to update too. Hope u all can understand and sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank u all for reading too!?

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