Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 67 & 68 Final episodes!!

Warning: A super long update! Sorry for that!

Naina at Rakesh’s house looked at Ram, Geeta and Purab all looking serious.

Naina “Can anyone tell me why did they bring me here? And Why are u all looking so serious?” Cutie and Rakesh “We will tell!!” Purab “Cutie….” Cutie “Purab! I heard that!” Naina stared at Cutie as she called Purab by his name and Cutie in response hide behind Rakesh.

Naina was about to stand and leave when Purab “Naina…it’s about Abhi and Pragya….”
Naina “About them? But why are we talking this in front of Rakesh’s parents?”

Ram “We owe them for helping us…I mean helping Rakesh in a way….” He said by looking at Geeta as she smiled in response.

Naina “I don’t understand one thing, what is the matter?” Purab explained Ranveer’s visit to Abhi’s house and how Cutie heard their conversation.

Naina in shock “Why they need Pragya?” Purab “That’s the thing we are not sure of…but we feel it’s something serious…” Naina “You said she was telling Pragya knows everything about him right?” Cutie and Rakesh raised their hands as a sign to have permission to talk.

Naina looking at them, “You two are kids na, go inside the room and play…” Geeta “No Naina, do u think they will keep quiet now? They are the one who found this…”

Naina in a low tone “Fine…” Ram “Naina, Purab had told us whatever happened so far but I know it’s inappropriate for us to involve in your family matter but I don’t think Abhi and Pragya can live without each other….They really look made for each other…”

Naina smiled faintly and said “Everyone around them knows that and even they know it but every time something happens that creates distances between them…”

Purab “Now it’s not the time to think about what create distances between them! Think why she needs Pragya! Naina, you know Pragya well as she was living near you for some years…” Naina was thinking while Ram was making a call and excused himself from there and went inside the room.

Naina was keep on trying to recollect the time she was with Pragya but nothing came to her mind.

Ram coming out of the room said “It’s confirmed!” All looked at him with a questionable face. Ram “Ranveer had booked a flight to France….It’s under his name, her name and of course Pragya’s name too….” Naina “How do u know?” Ram “After Cutie telling that she wants Pragya to leave the city, I checked with Ranveer’s assistant. Coincidentally, he is my friend too so through him I got to know this…” Naina with a disturbed look “But why? He had signed the divorce papers but still they want her!”

Geeta “There should be a strong reason behind this, if not why they want Pragya?”
Cutie and Rakesh hearing this “Pragya di going to France? Will she bring us too?”
Ram “You two are thinking about going to France when we are thinking of why they are doing this!!!” He said in a loud voice making them scared.

Both ran towards Geeta and hugged her in nervousness.

Cutie “Did we ask anything wrong? We want to go France like Pragya na….” She asked looking at Geeta tenderly.

Geeta smiled and said “No my Chubby Cutie…Both of u come with me, let them talk first as we go inside the room and discuss something…” She bring them away as Ram, Purab and Naina were in deep thoughts.

Naina “When is the flight?” Ram “Tomorrow night at 9 pm….” Naina looked worried of thinking about Abhi. She knew he wouldn’t be able to bear Pragya leaving him.

Purab “Shall we ask them directly of why they need Pragya?” Ram “How Purab? They would have told you if it was for a good purpose, they wouldn’t have to talk about this lonely in the kitchen right?” Naina “Yes….I couldn’t believe Ranveer still hasn’t changed….” Purab “No Ranveer did changed….” Naina “You are supporting him as he is your Bhai but only because of him my Bhai had to undergo so much of worries and troubles…” Purab “People do change right? Like that Ranveer would have changed too…it’s she who is maybe the reason for this problem now!” He said by supporting Ranveer.

Ram “Wait! This is not the time for both of u to argue!” Naina remained silent as Purab looked away. Ram “We don’t know who is the reason behind this, it can be Ranveer or she but that doesn’t matters now as our aim is to unite Abhi and Pragya.”

Naina “Arjun!!” Purab “Arjun?” Naina “Haan Arjun…She said she needs Pragya as she knows everything about him right? Why not the him is referring to Arjun?” Ram “But he is no more….” Naina letting a deep sigh “Yes but there are many times where Pragya told me after his demise that Bhai is always with us….” Purab “That are words of support to u…” Naina “Yes but she used to say Bhai always hides things from others, mostly for the reason not to affect others.” Purab “I still don’t get it! How does it relate to she wanting Pragya now!” Naina “I guess she is thinking that Pragya knows something about Arjun that she wants but in reality, Pragya doesn’t know about it.”

Ram “But what did Arjun hide that is so important to her?” Naina “That I am not sure…but he was always like that….He always hides everything from his closed ones mainly the things that could worry others….” Ram “It means she herself have to admit what she wants to know from Pragya, then we can solve this problem!”

Purab “How are we going to make her admit?” Geeta coming out from the room with the children “Admit?” Ram “Geeta! We just cracked it, I will tell you later about this…”
Geeta gave a pout hearing that and asked the children to sit down with her on the dining room.

Naina “Purab…can u help me?” Purab “Do u have to ask? I am always ready for it!” Naina “We don’t have much time so we must make Pragya to get suspicious towards Ranveer and her…especially towards her…Right now she is blindly believing her as she had helped Ranveer to change…” Purab agreed and the trio planned as Geeta and the children were listening to their plan quietly.

Geeta whispered “Don’t worry, we will be in action faster than them!” Cutie and Rakesh nodded their head as Rakesh said “Mumma, I just wish they give me the Gang leader position….” Geeta hearing that ruffled his hair and said “Gang leader ah? Which gang leader looks so cute with glasses?” Rakesh cheerfully “Me!! I am special Mumma!” Cutie “He is special as he have a special friend like me!” She said with a proud look.

Naina “Ok done! This is the plan and we shall split our works!”

Purab bid bye to Naina and Cutie and left to his house.

Geeta looked Naina being worried and she came beside her. Geeta “I understand how you feel but all will be well as we are only thinking good for them na….” Naina “I hope so….” She said by leaning on Geeta’s shoulder for a while as Ram “ I will go to Abhi’s house now…” Naina “Let me come with you too…” Geeta “Are you sure?” Naina wiping her tears “I have to see Bhai…” She said and joined with Ram. Both headed to Abhi’s house.

Both knocked the door but he was not opening it and they even called his phone but it was not reachable.

Naina “Why is he not responding?” She asked in a worried tone. Ram “Is he not at house?” Naina “No he should be here as for a week he had not been out of house.”
Ram “Let me check with the security whether he was out or not.” Naina nodded her head as she kept on tried calling his number.

Ram “He had gone out with a man. I guess it should be Ranveer….” Naina “Ranveer? I am scared now…” Ram “Naina we shall check with Purab whether did he reach there and ask him whether Abhi is there!”

Naina “I don’t think Bhai would be there….” Ram called Purab.

Purab “Ranveer and her are both are here. They are normal and there is no sign of them leaving the country!” He whispered.

Ram “Ok. Is Abhi there?” Purab “No! He is not there?” Ram “No…anyways just text us from now onwards…just to be safe…” Purab “Sure!”

By ending the call, Ram looked at Naina who looked stressed and Ram “Naina! Abhi will be fine!” Naina “I hope so….”

A while later,

Naina received a call from an unknown number and she was shell shocked by dropping the phone. Ram “What happened?” She remained silent and Ram picking up the phone enquired. Ram “ Let’s go Naina, we can’t waste time!”

Both reached the hospital and entered the ward where Abhi was admitted.

Naina “What is this Bhai?” She asked by crying profusely looking at the bandage on his head. Abhi “Hey it’s such a small injury but u know this hospital made it big for hospital bills!” Naina “How did u got injured?” Abhi “I was coming back from Ranveer’s house in my bike…I never realized that the brake was not working!” Naina “Lie!!!” Abhi “It’s the truth!” He said trying to convince her. Naina “No Bhai…you had went with Ranveer then how did u came back from there on a bike! He would have brought u in his car!” Abhi looked away and Naina “ Bhai…tell me what happened…” Abhi “Yes I went with him and he admitted me here…” Naina “How did u get injured?” Abhi “I had a fall in their house…” Naina “Bhai, please tell clearly!” Abhi “I was about to take the stairs down after seeing Ma, then suddenly I felt someone pushed me. But couldn’t see who as I passed out after rolling over the stairs.”

Naina looked at Ram in disbelief and Ram “Where is Ranveer now?” Abhi “He went back to home after saying that he would inform that I am here to Naina…” Ram “All this are planned to be coincidental…” Naina “Bhai! They are using the distance between Pragya and u!” Abhi looking confused asked “What do u mean?” Naina “Do u trust me Bhai?” Abhi “Ofcourse I do!” Naina “Then please don’t let Pragya go away from you…I know what u had done was a mistake but if u miss her now it will be the most miserable mistake Bhai….” Abhi “Naina…I never want to leave her but if she wants to leave, I can’t stop her….” Naina “No! You are stopping her!” Abhi trying to sit straight “Why are u overreacting?” Ram “It’s because she wants Pragya!” Abhi “Huh?” Ram explained everything. Abhi hearing that couldn’t believe it.

Naina “Now u know Bhai! So you must stop her!” Abhi “How can I? She won’t listen to me anymore…” Naina “Why not Bhai? There is still love between both of u….” Abhi sighed and said “I am not sure…” Naina “You are having doubts?” Abhi nodded his head. Naina asked Ram to pass his phone and she made a call to Pragya’s number. Naina passed the phone to Abhi asking him not to tell anything.

Pragya attended the call. Pragya “Hello!!” Abhi remained silent and gulped back his tears. Pragya “Abhi?” Abhi was about to say something when Naina snatched the phone away and ended the call. Naina “She said your name right?” Abhi nodded his head. Naina “She still loves u Bhai! It’s just that she can’t accept the mistake u did to her. Even I can’t accept it as a girl but leave all this aside. Think of whether would she be able to forget the moments that u respect her and never let her down in front of us? All that is out of the love towards her na…Even she would have cherished that, especially the times that whenever she was in a dilemma of leaving u but u were there for her saying loving her is the most wanted thing in your life.” Abhi remembered those moments and how their love blossomed.

Naina “It is not only love that was between the both of u but it was the support for each other that was with both of u…..How can u leave your support that easily? And how can she live without her support which is u?” Abhi let a deep sigh and closed his eyes for a moment. Ram signalled to Naina whether Abhi had changed his mind?

Naina smiled positively. Abhi “Alright! I won’t let her go away from me but….” Naina in doubt “But?” Abhi “If she never forgives me then I won’t force her to stay with me…”

Naina “Love will make her forget and forgive your mistake!” Abhi in a low tone “I hope so…” Ram “Ok now we need to contact Purab, let me text him and get the update of what is happening there.”

Ram texted Purab and in response he replied saying both are frequently entering the room separately. He assumed it should be packing the luggage.

Abhi “Can I tell you all something?” Naina “Haan Bhai….” Abhi “If they planned to leave the country a day ago, is it that easy to make Pragya agree to this?” Naina “I was also thinking about this but she is now with her father na so….” Abhi “Oh…” Ram checked his phone and said “I have a message! I think it’s Pragya!”

Abhi and Naina at the same time “What did she say?” Ram read the message “Bye Abhi…I am leaving and leaving your thoughts here…” Abhi “So she agreed to leave!” Naina “Bhai! Please! Our aim now is to stop her leaving from here!” Abhi “No…stop her leaving from me….” Naina smiled as at last Abhi was coming on their track.

Meanwhile at Ranveer’s room, “Thank god! She agreed once that man had told her!” She said by taking one last glance at the luggage and bags.

Ranveer “Ya and let’s hope everything goes smooth!” He said by hugging her from back as she jerked.

“Arrey is this the time to romance?” She asked.

Ranveer “No but still romance is at anywhere and anytime….” He said by hugging her tightly.

Soon they came out frrom the room and looked as normal as usual.

Purab saw them walking down the stairs and they smiled at him.

Both parted ways where Ranveer went out of the house and she went to look out for Ma.

Purab looked around before calling Ram. Ram “Why u called me Purab?” Purab “It’s fine both are busy in their own works…” Ram “Ok observe them and update us when they leave!”

Abhi hearing that “Shall we go and see Pragya?” Naina “How can u Bhai? Pragya’s father won’t allow to meet u!” Abhi “We can try….” Ram “Abhi! If we go there it might alert them and it’s kind of risk….” Abhi “Then what’s the plan?” Naina described their plan to Abhi and he smiled saying “Never expect my choti will plan like this….” Naina lightly chuckled and said “You take rest first Bhai….Let me talk to the doctor first…”

Both left him in the ward and went to talk to the doctor. After consulting the doctor, they headed back to the ward and saw Abhi sleeping.

Naina “I am relieved it was not a heavy injury.” Ram “I didn’t expect they would plan in this way.” Naina “Ranveer would do anything and now he have someone who is like him too!”
Ram “Let him rest well now, take care of him and I have to inform all this to Geeta and the children.” Naina “No! If they know they will get more worried. I know the kids are closely attached to him. Just say he is busy in some work…” Ram smiled and agreed to it. He left from there.

At Rakesh’s house, Geeta was having an hard time answering to Rakesh and Cutie’s non-stop questions and was relieved to see Ram back at home.

Geeta “Finally u are back! Do u know how many times I called u and u never bothered to call back or text me! I know you were busy but…” Ram “Geeta! Please get me a coffee, I am having a bad headache now….” Geeta looked annoyed as he was acknowledging and asking for coffee instead. She went to the kitchen to get coffee as he collapsed on the sofa.

Cutie and Rakesh came in front of him and bombarded him with a lot of questions until he yelled “Geeta!!!!” Hearing his loud voice both ran towards the kitchen in fear.

Geeta “Why do u all torture him with questions too?” Cutie looking pitifully “We just asked him…” She counting her fingers said “10 questions!” Rakesh “Yes just 10!” Geeta shook her head and smiled. Geeta “Give him some time and he will tell us what had happened and answers to the questions.” They nodded their heads and looked at each other.

After having the coffee, Ram looked at the trio who were eagerly expecting for him to talk.

Ram “All as per our plan but I will be coming with Abhi and you all can come with Purab.” Geeta “I will come with you…” Ram “Purab is a nice guy and u no need to be scared of him…”

Geeta “I am not scared….it’s just that….” She said looking uneasy. Ram “Fine! You come with me and Purab will bring the children with him!” Geeta smiled as the children laughed at her for being scared to come with Purab.

Ram “Hey you two don’t laugh at her! She only likes to come with me!” He said and winked at her making Geeta to blush badly.

As all this was happening, Pragya with heavy heart was packing her bags slowly and remembered about Abhi and moments they spent together. Each moment was different and distinct.

Pragya, As always like I said destiny distances us, now it’s really going to happen Abhi. After this, I don’t know when I will meet you again.

She cried bitterly thinking of Abhi and was feeling devastated of not seeing Abhi before leaving.

Pragya looking at her phone with his wallpaper “ Now I realize the importance of what u had bestowed upon me. It is the importance of loving you. Even though u made a mistake but loving you was always important to me in any kind of situation. Do u know why Abhi? Because without u I don’t feel any importance to me. Only with u I feel the importance. Did u ever feel that importance?”

She asked that and cried thinking of leaving him again. Abhi in hospital could feel Pragya being distressed and he only could say “I am coming for you Pragya…”

The next day in the evening,

Ram gave instructions to the trio at his home and he was in touch with Naina and Purab too.

Rakesh “I am very scared Cutie…” Cutie whispered back “Nothing to be scared. There is Ma and Purab! They will help us too!”

All the four of them were in a car observing and waiting to see Pragya leave from the house.

They saw she bringing Pragya in the car and Cutie placing the phone in speaker “Yo Yo!” Rakesh “Yeah!” Cutie “Target moving to location number 1” Naina “Which location is that?” Purab “Ssssshh! Observe them properly!” Geeta shrieked “Rakesh! Your dad had fallen asleep!” Rakesh “OMG!” Naina “He slept then how will he pick up Abhi?” Geeta “Ram usually sleeps early, I totally forgot to inform u all about this!” Naina “But now the time is only 7 pm!” Geeta “He sleeps at this time only….I will try to wake him up!” Purab “Damn why this plan is so messed up now!” Naina “No! Wait! Let me call Bhai!” Naina with anxiousness called Abhi and he very calmly said “I am at Ranveer’s house.” Naina “Huh? Why are u there?” Abhi “To take blessings from Ma….” He said by smiling at Ma who was beside him. Naina in disbelief “Oh god! Over here we are stressed about Ram falling asleep and not picking u from hospital but u went there!” Abhi “Chill yaar….still there is time na…” Naina found it unreasonable and asked Purab to drive the car.

Abhi “Meet you all there! And Naina I can handle myself, so please don’t worry too much….”

Naina “Bhai! Why are u like this?” Abhi gets reminded of Pragya and smiled widely.

Naina “Are u there?” Abhi in a teasing tone“I am always here and there!” Naina “Better come fast but don’t drive too fast!” Abhi “Relax! I coming in taxi!” Naina let a sigh of relief and ended the call asking him to take care.

The fantastic foursome reached the airport and were waiting for Abhi to arrive.

Abhi reached the airport and was walked to the car where they were waiting for him.

Abhi “So they are coming with me?” Naina “Yes! Emotional blackmail is the only thing that can stop her now!” Abhi “Let’s go! Faster!” He said hurriedly by opening the door of the car for Cutie and Rakesh to come and the trio rushed into the airport.

Cutie “Wait! Wait! My bag is shaking!!” Abhi “Cutie! Let it shake! That is not important now!” Rakesh disagreed to it by stop walking. Cutie also stopped walking as Abhi looked at them in disbelief. Cutie “Bag cannot shake, later it will be become shakie baggie which is not good!” Rakesh “That’s a good point!” Abhi “Excuse me, you two are worried about this bakwass bag now! Never mind I will go by myself!” He said and went further in leaving the kids in disappointment. Rakesh “Cutie, we will walk slowly so that your bag never shake….” Cutie nodded her head and both walked in the direction where Abhi was running.

Cutie “Where is Friend?” Rakesh “I think we missed him…” He said in a shaky tone.
Cutie “Oh no! Over here is so crowded too…who to ask where friend went?” Rakesh “Why this airport is so big? My legs are paining too…” Cutie looked around and asked Rakesh to jump and see for Abhi. Rakesh “I think I saw him! He is there!!!”

They ran towards where Abhi was and he was hugging Pragya before the check-in counter. All the other passengers were looking at them and Cutie and Rakesh seeing that find it scary.

Abhi “Pragya! I need you!!” Pragya protesting in his hug “Abhi…It’s too late….I need to go…” Abhi “No Pragya! If u leave now then it will be late! How can u leave all your loved ones and just go away?” Pragya “I don’t have anyone here! Leave me!!!”

She looking at all this was getting impatient and called Ranveer through his phone but he was not reachable.

“He said he will be coming but now he switched off his phone!!!” She thought and was looking angrily at Abhi and Pragya.

Pragya “Abhi! Look around…lots of people are staring at us!” Abhi “Then don’t leave me!” He said by hugging her even more tightly.

Pragya “Oh god!” She said by looking at the side and saw Cutie and Rakesh looking timid of the crowd gathered around them.

Pragya shrieked “They are here too!” Abhi “Who?” Pragya “Cutie and Rakesh!” Abhi break the hug and looked at the direction where Pragya was seeing and he smiled.

Pragya went towards them and kneeled down “Sorry…” Cutie and Rakesh hugged her out of happiness as it had been a long time they had seen her.

Cutie “Don’t leave us….We want you and Friend together!” Rakesh “Yes Pretty Pragya! We want you to be friendly di….” Pragya “Why you two are crying?” Cutie “We don’t know…We miss u a lot!!!” Rakesh “Yes…if u going France, can u bring us too…” Pragya “Oh god! How can I forget both of u and leave!” Cutie and Rakesh smiled hearing that and hugged her again. Abhi smiled at the trio’s bonding. He then smirked at her who gasped in shock at the turn of events.

“Abhi! Pragya have to come with me now!” She said firmly by coming near him.

Abhi whispered “I know why are u after her. She doesn’t know anything what u want to know. By the way do u know where is Ranveer now?”

“He should be coming here soon!” She said confidently.

Abhi “He won’t come as I have settled issues with him. If I am not wrong his mobile phone is switched off right?” He asked by raising his eyebrows.

She was taken aback and was lost for words.

Abhi “I tell u a suggestion. You got the ticket to France right? Just leave from here and I guess u can have a holiday over there!” He said mocking her.

“I HATE YOU!” She screamed and stomped towards the check-in counter.

Pragya only heard her screaming and turned back as she was shocked by her loud voice. Pragya together with the children “What happened to her?” Abhi “Nothing much, she is upset that u never joined her….” Pragya “Oh…” Abhi “Let’s go!” Pragya “Where?” Abhi smiled and held her hands firmly as Cutie asked “Can someone carry me?” Rakesh “Same here! My legs are paining….” Both said very sympathetically and were expecting Abhi and Pragya to carry them but to their shock Abhi and Pragya ran away.

Cutie “They are very naughty!” Rakesh “Yes they are…they never care that we are kids! How can they run like this?” Cutie saw Abhi and Pragya from a distance gesturing to run towards them. Cutie “I am not running!” Rakesh “Me too!” Both walked slowly like a tortoise by sightseeing the airport while Abhi and Pragya were lost in each other by keep on smiling.

Cutie and Rakesh finally reached where Abhi and Pragya were and yelled “ Love birds!!” Abhi and Pragya were out from their trance. Cutie “CARRY US NOW!” Abhi and Pragya looked at each other and nodded their heads with a wide smile.

Abhi carried Rakesh as Pragya carried Cutie and headed to leave the airport.

Cutie and Rakesh found that it was a bad idea for asking them to carry as they walked slowly compared to them. They stopped at places to look at each other while Cutie and Rakesh had to remind them to walk faster.

Cutie “Let us down! We know the way to leave!” Abhi and Pragya immediately let them down and continued to look at each other. Cutie “Let’s go Rakesh! They are only like this….” Cutie adjusted her bag and Rakesh adjusted his chasma walked fast and reached the car where Purab and Naina were.

Cutie stared looking Purab and Naina who were also looking at each other in silence.

Rakesh “I think your whole family is like this!!!” Cutie screamed making Purab and Naina to be back to senses.

Cutie and Rakesh informed what happened and they laughed hearing that.

“This is how it happened! Destiny was keep on distancing them but they never distanced themselves from them!” A teenage girl said cheerfully looking at the tribal people in the light of camp fire.
One of them asked “But who is the she?”
“I don’t know and she is of no importance too so I never bothered to ask about her!” She replied.
“Cutie!!!” Someone screamed her name and the teenage girl looked back to see Rakesh. Rakesh was now looking tall and he had no big tummy like before.
Rakesh “Cutie! How long are u going to be awake?” Cutie “Oye! I was telling them Friend and di’s life!” Rakesh “Oh…but you shouldn’t be awake so late!” He said with the concern for her health. Cutie smiled at her friend’s concern and said she will sleep soon. Rakesh “Remember tomorrow we need to leave early in the morning!” He reminded her before going inside his tent.
The next day both were travelling in a car when Cutie was looking the sky through the window and admired the beauty of blue sky that made her feel the bliss in her life.
Rakesh “Again day dreaming ah?” Cutie “No Rakesh….today I feel the sky looks more serene than usual…” Rakesh “Maybe it’s because we are going to see Friend and di…”

Cutie “It could be…I don’t understand why they shifted their house without informing us. All along they were living near us and I really missed them after going to US for higher studies….” Rakesh “It’s because of that angry bird, he had sudden interest in wildlife photography and bring Pretty Pragya to some village!”
Cutie “Don’t blame Friend!” Rakesh “You always support him!” He said by scrunching his nose and Cutie simply smiled at him.
After a few hours of travel, they reached the place and asked around for Friend and di.
To their disappointment, they heard from the people there that Abhi and Pragya left the village a few months ago.

Cutie “What is this Rakesh? After a lot of efforts, I thought we will see them but…” She said looking sadly and sitting on the rock.
Rakesh “Don’t lose hope na…they would always remember us, and we will never forget them too…that is more important right?” Cutie looked at him and smiled faintly.
She took her phone and called to inform Naina and Purab that they still didn’t manage to see Abhi and Pragya.
Naina and Purab were also upset hearing that but never said anything that could upset Cutie further. Rakesh “Enough of all this! Remember u have to find a rental room to stay in Delhi!” Cutie “Oh shit! I totally forgot about it!” Rakesh “Haan I know you would forget so I already asked my friend to arrange it! It’s popular apartment in Delhi!” Cutie hugged him and thanked. Cutie “More than like a friend you are taking care of me as my brother!” Rakesh smiled and thought, I am your cousin brother. You are feeling bad for not being able to see them and I am feeling even more bad for not being able to see my Pretty Pragya Ma…
Ram informed Rakesh recently that Pragya was his real mother but Rakesh never shared this with Cutie. He want to share this only after seeing Pragya.

Both with disappointment left from there and Cutie reached Delhi as for Rakesh at Mumbai.
Cutie reached the apartment and saw how messy is the room. Cutie “How can he find this kind of house for me? This is so messy! He purposely did this to torture me! How am I going to clean all this!!!” She called Rakesh “Oye! Did I ask u to find a house for me? Do u even know how messy this whole place is? I think it will take ages for me to clean up!!!” Rakesh “Show me!” Cutie sent the picture of the house and Rakesh “They said it will be cleaned up yaar…Anyways u have to workout na…so just clean up and think it as your workout!” Cutie “I hate you!!!” Rakesh “Carry on the work! Bye!!!” He hung up the call making Cutie annoyed.
She was sweeping the floor when someone pressed the doorbell. Cutie “Now who is this? Can’t they let me sweep in some peace?” She murmured as she opened the door.

She saw a cute little boy and he was keep on looking behind as if looking for someone.
Cutie “Hey Fatso! What’s up and who are u looking for?” Boy “You called me fatso?”
Cutie “Ya, you look like that na…” Boy “Bhai also calls me Fatso!” Cutie “Bhai? Excuse me I am not Bhai just because I am in track pants and t-shirt!” Boy “No…My Bhai stayed here! Is he inside?” Cutie “No…I guess you are at wrong place boy…” She said in a softer tone. Boy got upset and started to cry thinking of his Bhai.

Cutie “Oh god! He is crying! Now what should I do?” Cutie “Chocolates!” She went inside and quickly grabbed some chocolates from her bag. Cutie kneeling down “Here you go! Chocolates for the chocolate boy!” Boy was keep on weeping and calmed down as the chocolates tempted him. Cutie hugging him “Tell me about your Bhai…” Boy “He was here only and I went for holidays with my Papa and now after coming back he is missing….” He said unable to stop his tears. Cutie “Oh boy! I think I know him! He could have gone for holidays like u!” Boy “Really? How do u know?” Cutie “He could have missed u so he would have gone to find for u…” Boy exclaimed “Yes! He likes me a lot!!!” Cutie smiled at his excitement and the boy asked “Are u his friend?” Cutie “Yes!” Boy “He never told about u…” Cutie “Not that close friend like u…” Boy “Oh I see…” He was trying to open the wrapper of chocolates and he couldn’t. Cutie “Let me help u…” She helped him and feed him the chocolates.

Boy “Thank you…This is my first time a girl is feeding me…” He said with shyness. Cutie chucking “Why? Your mother never feed u?” Boy looked down and said “My mother passed away…” Cutie carrying the boy “Oh dear…don’t worry, she will get upset if she see your small face!” Boy “Bhai also say like that when I get sad about Mummy…” Cutie “Your Bhai is a nice person…” Boy “Like you! But can u let me down…I feel shy…” Cutie could only giggle of the boy’s shyness.
Boy “What’s your name?” Cutie “Call me Cutie!” Boy “Is this your nickname?” Cutie “Smart boy! Yes it is!” Boy “Your real name?” Cutie “Pragya!” Boy shrieked “Oh no!”
Cutie “Why? Is my name that bad?” Boy “No…Bhai have told this name before…” Cutie “What? Your Bhai have said this name before??” Boy “Yes he said once Pragya will come here and u can play with her!” Cutie pondered for a while and asked the boy what’s his Bhai’s name when he said “I don’t know but he also said u will find for him!”

Cutie hearing that got shocked and asked the boy get back to his house safely. She locked the door and called Rakesh immediately. She informed all this to him. Rakesh “Are u like day dreaming or what?” Cutie “Why should I? Do u think I am so much into their life until I imagine myself in their place ah?” Rakesh “Why not? There are movies showing people like that!” Cutie “You never believe me right? Wait a second!” She went out of the house and looked for the boy. Cutie, He wouldn’t have gone so far.

She finally saw the boy in the playground and asked him to speak to her friend in the phone.
After Rakesh talking to the boy was taken aback. Cutie “Now what do u tell Rakesh? Am I imagining?” Rakesh “History is repeating!” Cutie in shock “What do u mean?” Rakesh “You are Pragya na…then your Abhi is out there for you!” Cutie dropped the phone in shock and looked at the boy who was happily smiling at her.
A man was seeing smiling at a distance at her reaction and signalled to the boy to hug her. Cutie was hugging the boy and then carried him looking lost.

Destiny play its games in different dimensions and that is why it is repeating again in Cutie’s life but in a different dimension that have distances and differences which will not be repeated like before.


Thank u all for reading and as always I am overwhelmed and feeling humbled of each and every comment. Almost a day was used for this update. I am sorry if it’s not up to the mark. I will try my best to reply everyone. Overall I have mixed feelings for this ff. Thank u for the liking towards this ff. I just wanted to try something new when I started this ff. I personally like children and sometimes I do behave like a kid with my family eventhough I am have passed my teenage years and all. It’s fun to be childish and good to be matured at the same time. But sometimes my childishness do annoy my family members as it comes out at wrong times. And that was the inspiration for me to have Cutie and Rakesh and their antics in this ff. I hope u all enjoyed that and will miss all those who commented. Thank u silent readers too. Thank u again…I am actually lost for words to tell anything further.

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