Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 66

After a week,

Cutie was walking happily to the playground. She asked Naina to join her but she kept saying some reason that she had no mood.

Cutie, Mumma is saying no mood everytime I call her to playground. She is getting very naughty!

She thought as she sat on the swing and saw other children with their parents playing happily. She imagined Purab and Naina pushing the swing for her.

Rakesh screamed “ Cutie!!!!” Cutie came back to senses and looked confused.

Rakesh “ Day dreaming Cutie! This is not your personal swing! Behind u there is others waiting to play too!” Cutie looked behind and saw others kids standing in a queue.

Cutie “ Sorry…” she said and got down from the swing. Cutie walked with Rakesh to the bench there.

Rakesh “ What did u dream today?” Cutie “ I never dream! I saw Purab and Mumma pushing me in swinging!” She said cheerfully still looking at the swing.

Both sat on the bench and Rakesh “ But why I never see them! I only see u alone!”

Cutie “ I also don’t know Rakesh! I call every time but she say she don’t want to come!” Rakesh “ She is ok with u to come alone?” Cutie “ No! She says u go only if Rakesh comes to playground!” Rakesh “ Oh…that’s why u call me every time when I am playing video games!”

Cutie “ Sorry…” Rakesh “ It’s okay as Ma and Papa always like to come down with me! There u see they are talking over there!” He pointed to his parents and waved at them. They also waved their hands at him.

Cutie “ So good…” Rakesh “ Don’t worry…but u know I think Pretty Pragya don’t like Angry bird again!” Cutie in shock “ Again!” Rakesh “ Yes it’s again!” Cutie “ I no need to swing anymore!” She said looking at the swing which looked empty now.

Rakesh “ Why?” Cutie “ After hearing the news I feel I am like swinging fast again!” Rakesh “ Why your friend and di is always like this?” Cutie “ I don’t know! How u know this?” Rakesh said to Cutie that he went to supermarket with Ma then he saw Pragya buying things. She said she don’t know who is Angry bird at all! Cutie “ Rakesh! Do we need to buy clothes again?” Rakesh “ For what?” Cutie explained that we need to spy again and as Rakesh got fatter in this holidays. That makes him for the need to buy clothes again.

Rakesh hearing that chase Cutie and both were running madly until Rakesh’s parents stopped them.

Cutie “ Aunty! He always chase me!” She complained about Rakesh.

Rakesh “ Don’t act Cutie! U said I am getting fatter! Mumma she is talking too much na?” Geeta “ She is right dear…who ask u to eat so much of potato chips! Look at your tummy! It’s like a new world out there!” Rakesh looked at his tummy and the rest were laughing at him. Ram “ Do u know why we come down son? We want u to play and exercise! But here also u always sit on the bench and talk to Cutie! I should thank Cutie that she made u run today!”

Cutie smiled proudly and Rakesh stared at the trio who were teasing him. He walked back to the bench unable to stand them.

Cutie “ Oh no! He is angry!” Geeta “ Yes we tease him a lot na…” Cutie “ Don’t worry Aunty I will talk to him…” Geeta “You have to as he is most angry on u…” Cutie never said anything and ran back to where Rakesh was.

Cutie was trying to pacify him in her way and eventually succeeded after saying something.

Rakesh “ Ok! Now we need to plan!” Cutie “ Shall we ask Aunty to join us?”
Rakesh “ Mumma will help if I listen to her!” Cutie “Oh…”

Rakesh signalled her Geeta to come near them and she also came near them.

Geeta “ What’s the problem now?” Rakesh and Cutie exclaimed “ Big problem!” Geeta “Oh really?” Both nodded their heads in response and Rakesh explained the situation.

Geeta “ So u two want them to be united?” Cutie “ Yes Aunty!” Geeta “ I will tell this to him…” Cutie “ Who?” Geeta “ Rakesh’s father!” Cutie “ Okok!”
Rakesh “ I will tell Papa!” Geeta “ No Rakesh…I will tell him, listen to me ok?” Rakesh with slight disappointment “ Ok Mumma…” Geeta “ Now it’s time to get back to home…Come cutie I will leave u at your house…” Cutie smiled and followed Geeta as Rakesh ran towards his dad.

Geeta carrying Cutie “ You are also heavy!” Cutie “ No I am not! I am chubby!” Geeta “ Oh like chubby Cutie ah?” Cutie “ Yes!” She said with a wide smile.

Geeta taking the lift and finally reaching near Cutie’s house let her down.

Geeta “ Don’t worry too much about them and they will be together as I have seen them before! They look lovely together…” Cutie with curiosity “ Aunty! When did u see them?” Geeta “In hospital when they helped to admit Rakesh…” Cutie “ Oh…” Geeta went near to her house and pressed the doorbell.

Naina hearing the sound, opened the door and smiled at Geeta and Cutie.

Naina “ Thanks Geeta, I shouldn’t have bother u…” Geeta “ It’s alright, we are like friends right as our children are friends!” Naina with a smile “Yes…did she behave properly? Did she bother u all?” Geeta “ Naina…she is like him, both talk a lot as if they are old people!” Cutie hearing that got angry and run inside the house to her room.

Naina screamed “ Cutie!!! How many times I asked u not to run like that??” Geeta chuckling “ She got angry like him!” Naina shaking her head “ She is becoming so angry nowadays!” Geeta “ Tell me about it! I have two at home who always get angry!” Naina “ Like father like son ah?” Geeta “ Yes Naina…” Naina “ Ok I go and check on her before she sleeps in anger! She haven’t eat well in the afternoon!” Geeta “ Oh dear…better go and see her!”

Then it was Naina trying to pacify Cutie.

Meanwhile, Abhi was feeling lost. He knew everything was his fault. That’s why he was after her and was persistent in making her understand that he is always there for her. But now everything is lost.

Abhi, I deserve this for messing up her life. But I can’t accept that she deserve this!

He remembered the very first day he met her performing at the stage and the events that led to it.


Abhi was contemplating doing what Ranveer asked him to do. He asked to get the photographs of a girl performing on the college farewell day. Ranveer had just shown the picture of her but never revealed any details of her name.

Ranveer “Abhi! If u never take her photographs then I will never spare that Arjun!” Abhi “Ranveer! How can I take pictures like that? She is a girl like my sister! Isn’t this injustice to her?” Ranveer “Oh you are talking about injustice when u are working under a businessman who is actually a don! Your sister doesn’t know this right? If not she will not accept the money u are spending for her marriage….” Abhi “Even if I am working under him, I still do have my restrictions…” Ranveer “What restrictions? Don’t bluff Abhi…Just do as I say so that your sister’s marriage happens smoothly!” He hung up the call making Abhi helpless.

Abhi had no choice and went to the college where Pragya was studying and attended the farewell performances as a photographer.

After taking a lots of photographs, it was party time where she saw her going to the backstage room to get changed. He had bribed one of the students there to make Pragya unconscious by making her have a spiked drink.

Pragya having it became unconscious and Abhi sneaked into the room. He adjusted her dressing and hair in a way that she looks messed up (In the wrong way, I don’t know how to explain further). He started taking pictures in his camera with a lot of uneasiness in his mind and heart.

Abhi “I am so sorry….” He said by adjusting her attire back and covering her with a dupatta that was present there.

Flashback ends

Abhi, I won’t say I had fallen in love with her beauty or grace that I had seen in her dance performance but I had fallen in love with her innocence that I had seen when she was unconscious. I know from that moment guilt had engulfed me, I knew what I had done would have adverse effects in her life. I wanted to destroy those pictures once Purvi’s wedding had happened but before that Ranveer by hook and crook got those copies and I was left helpless. It made me feel worse when she with her innocent antics was behind me at Purvi’s wedding. She even tried to seduce me, but how can I be seduced when my thoughts were all on the mistake I did. It was not a mistake. It was the terrible blunder that I have ever done! I am so sorry Pragya…I need to talk to her one last time….I want her to forgive me…Whether she accepts me or not, it doesn’t matter as she is in safe hands now.

Pragya looking through the sky from the balcony could only feel sadness in her soul.

Pragya, Why did u do like that Abhi? Don’t u know I loved you even before u loved me? Why didn’t you tell this earlier? How can I forgive you when u made me lose my respect and dignity? It’s not that easy Abhi to forgive you….

Abhi had a sudden call from Ranveer saying that he is coming down to his house.

Abhi reluctantly opened the door as Ranveer pressed the doorbell. Ranveer came with her and smiled at Abhi. Abhi went inside his room leaving the main door opened.

They followed him into the room and Abhi “Why are u two here now?” Ranveer “We are here to tell just forget her!” Abhi looked away and remained silent.

“Ranveer is right…you shouldn’t think about her anymore…” She said.

Abhi stared at her and was about to walk away when she grasp Abhi’s hand and said “What have u seen in her? Pragya is just a second hand product!” Abhi slaps her hardly and she looks at Ranveer.

Rannveer “How can u get so emotional now Abhi?” She was rubbing her cheek with her hand and signals to Ranveer something. Abhi shouts “Leave me alone!”
Hearing his loud voice, Cutie and Rakesh who were in the doorstep run in opposite directions.

Cutie and Rakesh came into Abhi’s house as the main door was open but they were now in fear to come out.

Cutie was hiding under the table in the kitchen and Rakesh was hiding inside the storeroom.

That’s when Ranveer and she came inside the kitchen.

“We need Pragya and for that he needs to leave her!” She said sternly.

Ranveer “I know that! But how to make him understand this!” He said by hitting the table where Cutie was hiding.

Cutie got nervous of the sound and shivered.

“ You very well know how much I struggled for this moment! How can we distance them when they are still in the same city! I thought he would leave but he is adamant in making sure that Pragya forgives him!” She said with frustration.

Ranveer “ Why not Pragya leaves then? Without his knowledge?” He said with a smirk.

“ Oh yes! Why we never thought of this earlier? Now she won’t come here for sure and before he visits her, we can convince Pragya’s father that she should leave the city for a change…” She said with a triumphant smile.

Ranveer “ I will make the arrangements for that! By when do u need her?” He asked.

“As soon as possible! I want her as only she knows everything about him!” She said by holding the edge of the table.

Ranveer “I know that yaar…you don’t get stressed for this! Let me make coffee for you!”

Cutie hearing all this was clueless.

Cutie, They need di? For what?
She was thinking that as both of them left the kitchen after drinking coffee.

Rakesh still hiding in the toilet was so scared and didn’t know whether he can go out.

Rakesh, Why the angry bird shout like that? I am so scared! Can I go out now? Why this Cutie never run with me?

After a while, Cutie knocked the door of toilet and Rakesh replied “ Nobody is here!” Cutie “ It’s me!” Rakesh “ Me means?” Cutie “ Cutie!” Rakesh immediately opened the door and hugged Cutie.

Rakesh “ Why u go there? I got so scared!” Cutie “ You are so scary cat!”
Rakesh moved away and shook his head as no.

Cutie said“ Friend is sleeping and they left already!”

Rakesh “ Sorry…u know I always get scared of loud sounds!” Cutie “ Me too..” Rakesh “ Let’s go and wake up your friend & ask him!” Cutie “No Rakesh! I heard something from them!” Rakesh “ Them?” Cutie “Secret….let’s form a gang!” Rakesh “ Gang?” Cutie “ Yes!!” Rakesh thought for a while and said “ Then I am the Gang leader!” Cutie “ Yes u are but come now!” She said and pushed him out of the house.

Cutie “Yo Yo!” Rakesh “Yeah!” Cutie “Target moving to location number 1” Naina “Which location is that?” Purab “Ssssshh! Observe them properly!” Geeta shrieked “Rakesh! Your dad had fallen asleep!” Rakesh “OMG!”

It was seen she bringing Pragya in a car as Ranveer is with Abhi in his house.

Najia, Hi! Ya after a long time for this. I hope it got explained. Sowji sis- Climax will be a simple ending (maybe unexpected) with all the main three characters involved. It’s coming soon. I am telling the truth Saranya sis, this is ff is not at all nice. I personally feel that way and sorry if it bothers u. I think a lot of u would agree that this ff is totally intolerable too. Abhigya, sorry sis but very soon it will be the unite of Abhigya. Afiaa, let’s see what happens, there won’t be too much of pain to Pragya. Thanks to Reshu, Lopez, Asmithaa, Cutie for all your valuable comments too. And sorry guys lately or actually for quite sometime I was unable to reply regularly as I am feeling very tired nowadays ( mainly due to health issues and overwork) Even I am reading others ffs very slowly or unable to read them.

Finally, the next episode will be a long one which will end this ff.

Thank u for all the support so far. After ending this I will be trying my best to end the shots story too as I know lately my writings aka scribblings have been making me tired. Its very well reflected too as it’s boring. But still thank u so much for all the support so far.

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  1. Next one is the last one. It’s a sad news to me. But it’s totally fine. I know your situation and can understand it too. Thank you so much for presenting your different kinds of scribblings here. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every update of this ff. As usual I love it too. Whatever you write will be a bookmark for me to get back to them, read them all over again. So yeah after the last part which is gonna be really longgg aa you said. I would gradually start reading this all over again. Haha. Craziness apart. Love the dedicated way of yours to update each and every day. I will happily read the last part tom, as I am very eager to know what is gonna happen. I would BADLY miss this Cutie. And please do take care.

  2. Asmithaa

    Awesome dii!!!

  3. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its Reallyyyy Interestingggggg! Im sooooooooo curious to read the next one! Everything Needs An End……So its okay……But Will Miss Cutieee & Rakesh so Badly………& Your Scribblings! I dont have words to explain about that…….One thing is sure that,Your Scribblings Always Made Me Smile??????????????????????? & Plz do Take care of Yourself Too Boss…………

  4. Nice and I didn’t even think that abhi will do this and later only new about that ranveer and her’s plan and so sad for Abhigya.

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    Ohh akka y u think like tis nthng like tat its awesome loved it waiting to see the fun of thr gang love u?????

  6. its Reallyyyy amazing……so sad dat it end in nxt epi but its ok, i will miss it because dis ff is one of my favourite ff dat i love soo far in TU. ur really great writter Maya thank u so much….love u.

  7. It s nt at all boring. it is actually a suspense story. So how cn we get bored, haan? If u finish ths story, then u hav to start a new one. Dnt take it as order. But a humble request. N ur another ffs also very good yaar. U r an amazing writer nt at all a scribbler. Ur way of narrating story s fantabulous. And am gonna miss ths ff badly
    today shot was good. Watevr d reasn watevr abhi did was nt at all correct. Waitng fr next shot yaar.

  8. Sowji

    Looking forward to read your climax part…still I have a some doubt…if I read climax part..then i can get my solution…I think so…today is nice…whatever abi did…that is wrongful only…now he feel guilty…but pragya can’t forgive him so easily…now I can understand their pain…

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