Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 65

Quick recap: Pragya is telling what happened in between Purab and Bulbul to Naina.

Naina “Enough Pragya….I didn’t expect he could have undergone this much of trauma…even Bulbul had experienced so much of trauma that was not even known to him until now…” Pragya “I am telling you all this as you look like Bulbul and she purposely made you have your face as she wants Purab to have a second chance of love through you….I understand all this now only…” Naina “I understand but when are you going to tell about whatever you know about Bhai?” Pragya “Naina…please I am waiting when he will tell that to me…He shouldn’t have hide so many things, I feel I am being fooled!” Naina “No Pragya…Bhai never wants to fool anyone and that too especially u, he can’t even dream that of!” Pragya looked away.

Naina “I can talk to him…I mean tell him indirectly about this…” Pragya “No Naina….He have to tell me that is right as what he is doing is absolutely wrong!”

Naina tried to persuade Pragya but she was not willing to listen to her. Pragya “You are getting late Naina, and by today he himself will confess what he had done! After that everything will be smooth…..”

Naina left from there being unable to convince Pragya, she just hoped everything will get smooth.

Naina reaching her place saw Purab and Cutie playing in the playground. She smiled seeing them together but her eyes turned moist looking at Purab.

Purab just then looked at her and gestured what happened?

Cutie seeing Naina screamed “Ma!!!!” She ran towards her and hugged her.
Cutie “Where did you went Ma? I was so scared that you got lost!” Naina “Sorry Cutie! I had something important and that’s why I asked him to take care of u!”

Cutie looked away and Naina kneeled to her height and asked “ Still angry with me?”

Cutie “ Haan! U are getting naughty!”
Naina “ Naughty?” She asked with surprise.

Purab who was already standing beside them said “ Ya she is right, u are getting naughty nowadays!”

Naina “ Huh? You are also joining with her ah?” Cutie “ Yes he is my bodyguard and he will support me!”

Naina “Bodyguard? When did this happen?”

Purab “I also don’t know when did this happen!”

Cutie “ Just say yes!” She said looking up at Purab. Purab “ Yes!”

Cutie “ You see he is my bodyguard he says yes when I ask to say!”

Naina chuckled and carried Cutie “You are getting naughty nowadays!”

Cutie “ Mumma! Purab is also naughty!”
Naina “ Oye! U call him by name?”

Cutie chuckled and winked at her.

Naina beat her backside making Cutie scream loudly.

Purab “ She is right! I am naughty like her too!”

Naina shook her head and smiled at their antics.

Naina “ Let’s go! Thank you for taking care of her…” She said looking at Purab.
Cutie “ You no need to thank your love!”

Naina and Purab both turned shy of her words.

Cutie “ Move!! I want chocolate milk!!!”

Naina “ Cutie! I will see u at home… Nowadays u are talking like a old lady!”
She said by walking as Purab walked beside them by chuckling.

Cutie got annoyed of hearing her as old lady and leaned on Naina’s shoulder.

Purab “ You face is not nice when u are like this! Come on Cutie! Smile please!”

Cutie smiled lightly and Naina “ You don’t pamper her too much, she is always like this…her anger is only for few seconds…” Cutie hearing that asked “ Purab! I want Peach!” Naina “ Huh? Peach fruit?”

Purab “ Why suddenly that fruit?” Cutie “ Rakesh eat that at home! I want to taste that again!”

Naina “ Let him rest for a while then I will buy for you!” Purab “ It’s alright, let me get it for you…You bring her to house first!”

Naina looked as if he doesn’t need to do this. Purab smiled and asked her to take the lift and go to home.

Naina saw him until the doors of the lift the closed.

Purab thought, Peach fruit…reminds me of her….

Bulbul “Oye Peach Purab!” Purab “Peach Purab?” Bulbul “Haan I love the fruit Peach…so…” Purab “So you love to associate me with the fruit Peach!” Bulbul nodded her head with a wide smile and threw the Peach fruit towards him. Purab catching it “How to eat this?” Bulbul “With your mouth!” She said and chuckled. Purab “Ya I also know that but how can I eat myself?” Bulbul coming close to him “So u like my name to u?” Purab hugging her “Yes Bamboo Bulbul!” Bulbul gasped hearing the name and argued with him to change her name.

That’s when he received a call and Purab attending the call rushed out. Bulbul murmured “ Even now he never informs me of where he is going to!”

Purab, I am sorry Bulbul…I should have spent more time with u….If not I wouldn’t have lost you…

He thought that and walked towards his car.

In the man’s house,
Pragya went to Abhi’s room as he was searching frantically for something.

Pragya “ Looking for something?” Abhi “ Yes…but maybe I missed it at my home…”

Pragya, I know what you’re looking for Abhi.

Abhi looked at her and asked “ Why are u looking like that?” Pragya “ Like how?” Abhi “ Like as if suspecting me?”
Pragya “ Why should I?” Abhi “ You don’t have to but it’s just my feeling looking at your eyes…” Pragya looked away and said “ He called you for your next round of challenge….”

Abhi “ Oh…so u were looking suspicious of whether I could finish his next round ah?” Pragya smiled faintly and said “Let’s go….” Abhi followed her but he felt somewhat difference in her behaviour.

The man looked at them coming down the stairs and asked “ Why do u all always have to come down together?”

Abhi “ We are meant to be together so we come together? Am I right Pragya?”
Pragya smirked hearing that and walked ahead. Hearing that the man irked of Abhi’s words.

Man looking at Abhi and Pragya “ So the next is a simple round!” Pragya “ Before that I need to ask him something in front of u…..” Abhi looked at her with a puzzled look.

Pragya “ Tell me the truth Abhi…you know him even before my marriage right?” Abhi looked away with mixed feelings. Pragya “Don’t look away Abhi! Forget about this rounds of challenge and all! All I want to know why did u do like that?” Abhi “ What did I do?” Pragya “ You took photos on his command right?” Man hearing that looked shocked.
Abhi “ What are u blabbering Pragya?” Pragya “ That is what u have written on your diary!” Man “ Tell the truth now as she is asking….” Abhi gave a deadly stare towards him when Pragya asked “ Why is there a need to stare at him Abhi? He is your Boss right?” Abhi “ Pragya! He was my Boss! But not now…” Pragya “ All this while u had been hiding this from me na…” She said with a lot of hurt in her heart.

Abhi “ No Pragya…I didn’t mean to..” He said by touching her shoulder but Pragya moved away. Pragya “ Enough Abhi! Either u tell me everything if not leave from here!”

Abhi with a sigh “ Alright….I will tell whatever you need to know…” Pragya “ When did u meet me first?” Abhi “ At your college….” Pragya looked away in angst. Abhi “ But it’s not like u are thinking….” Pragya “ What else u are hiding Abhi? I have told everything about myself but u are hiding so many things…” She said by unable to control her tears.

Abhi “ Pragya! Yes I met u at your college when u were performing on stage but didn’t know you were Arjun’s sister if not I wouldn’t have taken those photos!” Pragya “ How could u do like that Abhi? Because of u I had no choice of getting married and ended up marrying Ranveer! You did all that on Ranveer’s insistence, although my father warned u not to do like that!”

Abhi “ Sorry Pragya…but I was pushed to that kind of situation…” Pragya “ I know u value your sister’s life but for that destroying another girl’s life is unacceptable…” Abhi “ Pragya….I feel guilty for that mistake of mine! I was selfish for my sister…but before I could destroy the photos that u were in a unconscious in messed up state, Ranveer got hold of them and had blackmailed Arjun….” Pragya “ Is this all u had been hiding?”

Abhi “ No! I met u at Ahmedabad again, to save you when Ranveer was trying to leave u at brothel…I wanted to apologise to u too but before that I…”

Pragya “ How did u know he wanted to leave me there?”

Abhi “ He told me before reaching there and fortunately I saw you escaping from there and looking helpless in the street. You were very brutally beaten until u can’t identify me…” Pragya sounding sarcastic “ Oh ya that’s why u kissed me in the name of apology right? What did u say, Mane maaf karo right?”
Abhi “ No Pragya…try to understand I have always tried to rectify my mistake that I did unknowingly….”

Pragya “ Unknowingly?” She said with full of rage in her eyes.

Abhi “ I am sorry…but I have always loved you!” Pragya “ I also love you Abhi, but I never imagined that u would have stooped so low to secure your sister’s life…” Abhi “ Pragya…I agree with whatever u say but please don’t leave me for what I had done…” Pragya sighed and looked at the man “ You once showed me the photos saying that it was taken by him…I didn’t believe you, do u know why? Because that much I trusted him as he is not a man would do things like that….but I was fooled by him!”

Man “ Pragya…even I was fooled by him when he was working for Ranveer instead of me!” Abhi “ Sir! I was loyal to u! The photos that i took was out of pressure! It had nothing to do with my loyalty towards u!” Man never replied anything as he was also frustrated of him.

Abhi “ Pragya…this is what i have been hiding! Please believe me….” Pragya remained silent when he tried to hug her but she pushed him away.

Abhi “ Why are u like this?” Pragya “ I don’t know what to say…” Abhi kneeling in front of her “ Is this enough? Please forgive me….I know I had stooped low before but now I can only get down to this position for you to forgive me!”

Pragya “Enough is not the word to be used Abhi…” Abhi “Then?” Pragya smirked in disbelief and move towards the direction where man was. Abhi looking confused “Why are you going towards him?” Pragya standing beside the man “This is enough for me…” He looks on in disbelief and man said proudly “Now u know what is enough for her…”   

Abhi “ You mean u want to stay here forever?” Pragya looking down “ Yes Abhi…you can leave…He is my father and who are u to me? Nobody Abhi…” Abhi “ Nobody?”

Pragya “ Ask him to leave from here…” She said by hugging the man with tears.

Abhi “ Pragya…this is not you wanted…you want a life with me…you want me as your life…how can u leave all that easily?” Pragya still sobbing was tried to calm down by the man.

Man “ Just leave Abhi….I know this is what would happen eventually and that’s why I made both of u here…” Abhi “ No! Pragya, look at me and tell!”

Pragya turned back and said “ I don’t want you Abhi….All the while, I was in a state of confusion of why my life was messed up when I didn’t do anything wrong but when I realize that u are the main reason for my life being messed up, I couldn’t accept it…It’s not about accepting u now Abhi…It’s about accepting myself to accept u!”

Abhi in shaky voice “ Pragya…this is the worst punishment that I could ever get!”

Pragya looking hopeless “ This is not punishment…this is the destination of both of our lives….We are never meant to be destined together…”

Abhi in tears “ Please don’t say like that Pragya….”

Pragya unable to see him ran up the stairs and Abhi tried to follow her when man stopped him.

Man “ Abhi! I hope you understand that she needs to be alone now…”

Abhi “ She needs support now…”

Man “ I will be her support from now onwards but for that u have to leave…”

Abhi looking at the direction she went “ I am leaving from here but surely not leaving from her….”

Cutie in shock “ Again!” Rakesh “ Yes it’s again!” Cutie “ I no need to swing anymore!” Rakesh “ Why?” Cutie “ After hearing the news I feel I am like swinging fast again!” Rakesh “ Why angry bird and di is always like this?” Cutie “ I don’t know! How u know this?” Rakesh said to Cutie that he went to supermarket with Ma then he saw Pragya buying things. She said she don’t know who is Angry bird at all! Cutie “ Rakesh! Do we need to buy clothes again?” Rakesh “ For what?” Cutie explained making Rakesh to run after Cutie in anger.

In another situation,
She grasp Abhi’s hand asked “What have u seen in her? Pragya is just a second hand product!” Abhi slaps her hardly and she looks at Ranveer.
Rannveer “How can u get so emotional now Abhi?” She was rubbing her cheek with her hand and signals to Ranveer something. Abhi shouts “Leave me alone!”
Hearing his loud voice, Cutie and Rakesh who were in the doorstep run in opposite directions.

Do u all remember this ff? If so then sorry for the delay, brain was not working for this. Right now it’s working a bit. Thanks for reading and sorry for the delay again. For clarification purposes, Abhi was used by Ranveer to defame Pragya which made Pragya now to distance herself from Abhi. Why Ranveer used Abhi? The reason is he wnated to take revenge on Arjun for making Bulbul being married to Purab (I have mentioned about the revenge part in one of epsioes earlier) Hope it clarifies if there is any confusions.. Sorry for bothering u all with this ff. Sorry if what I told bothers u all too.

Thank u everyone for reading!

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