Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 59

Before going to the story, Srisha u had asked which episode is it from for the montage used for my one shot, I am not sure which episode it is, let me check and get back to u. I just took it from google but i know it should be the episodes from feb or march. I have replied to everyone for the last update. Once again thank u all for reading.

Pragya was sitting beside Rakesh who was now sleeping.

Pragya, I can’t understand him! He is the one who used to avoid me but now he is telling something differently.

As she was thinking that, Abhi came in with Rakesh’s parents.

His Mum was very worried and Pragya moved way for her to sit beside Rakesh.

Pragya saw that she was very concerned about Rakesh and was keep on caressing his hair. His dad, Ram asked “ That means he had a fall in the playground?”
Abhi “ Yes…He tripped and had a fall…”

Ram “He had been playing the playground for many times, but something like this never happened before.”

Pragya interrupted “ He is fine, only his left hand got injured…” Hearing that, Rakesh’s mum panicked and saw the bandage on his hand. She started to cry looking at her husband.

Ram “ Geeta it’s not a severe injury! But I have a doubt, who are u two? I can’t understand why he is so much attached to both of u! He is always talking about Angry bird and his friend!”

Abhi “ He calls me angry bird and my friend is Pragya.”

Ram in shock “ Pragya?” Pragya nodded her head and said she is Pragya.

Pragya “ Why sir? Did he told anything about me?”

Ram “ Will you please come out with me for a while? I need to ask you something”

Pragya coming out of the ward “ Anything important?”

Ram “ He never mention your name to me before, he always said he is going to meet his pretty friend, you are Mrs Pragya right?”

Pragya “ I used to be but now…” She paused for a moment and he “ Your marital status is of no interest to me! Are u like planning to take away our Rakesh from us? Is that why u have become very attached to him?”

Pragya “ No sir…only recently I got to know that he is my child…before that it was a very friendly relation…”

Ram “Now it’s a motherly relation? Is that what u are trying to say?” He asked sternly.

Pragya “ No sir…I can explain…I mean I do understand that you two have brought up him so far…I am indebted for that as a mother….but I don’t know, or u can consider as I won’t claim for the rights of him being my son….”

Ram “ How can I believe you? What if u ask for his custody?”

Pragya “ No sir…I like to be his Pretty Pragya forever…He is my sweet boy, this relation between us is enough. I know in what circumstance my mother in law gave away the child to you…Even I had the feeling to be his mother rest of my life, but after seeing your wife who is crying so much and the amount of care she is showing towards him, I feel the right thing is we must not bring up this topic forever. From my side, I won’t ask for Rakesh….that I will promise you…”

Abhi just then came and already heard their conversation interrupted.

Abhi “I am not sure she is right or not but just allow her to be his Pretty Pragya as he also likes that. Obviously, you may have the insecure feeling of losing him to his mother, but as far as I know about Pragya is that her words are pure…It’s from her heart and not her mind….Trust her sir, she won’t interfere in Rakesh’s life as his mother….”

Pragya hearing that looked at Abhi and was loss for words.

Ram took a deep breath and said “ I hope so…we don’t have the strength to be away from him…Geeta doesn’t know about all this too…For us his likes and dislikes are ours, that’s why we never scold him for anything until now. Yes we have been strict at times but he is a smart boy and he knows for what we are strict for….do u know why I am talking about his smartness now?” He asked by looking at Pragya.

Pragya shook her head negatively.

Ram “ He will understand if I tell him the truth…”

Pragya “ No sir, I don’t want to hurt Geeta’s feelings….”

He looked surprised and said “ I am surprised that you care about my wife’s feelings.”
Abhi “Like I said her words are pure from her heart….” He said looking at Pragya.

Pragya “Sir, as a mother I can understand how much it hurts losing your child and I don’t want Geeta to face that kind of situation…..”

Dad “That means I am indebted to you now for what u are doing! Thank you so much Pragya!”

Abhi “Pragya! You go to the ward and check on them if they need any help…”

Pragya simply nodded her head and went towards the ward, turning back to look at him once.

Pragya saw Rakesh awake and talking to Geeta. Geeta “Where is he?” She asked by looking out for her husband. She informed that Abhi and him are talking with each other.

Rakesh in a excited tone “Mumma this is Pretty Pragya! I told u before!”

Geeta smiled at him and said “Haan beta, you have told this 10th time!” Pragya “He is such a sweet boy…” Rakesh smiled widely hearing that and that’s when Abhi came in with Ram.

Both were laughing as they came in and Pragya wondered what was the matter that they laugh about.

Rakesh screamed “Daddy!!!” Ram “Ssssh! Silence!” Rakesh silenced himself and Ram “How are you feeling now?” Rakesh “Better Daddy but my hand is very heavy now!”

Ram “It’s because of the bandage boy!” Rakesh looked at his bandage and was trying to remove it. Geeta “Rakesh, it’s for you to recover fast…” Rakesh “OK!” He said in a dragging tone.

Ram “You two can leave, we can take care of him from now onwards….”

Rakesh “No! I want them to stay!!!” Geeta “Don’t be stubborn Rakesh, they would be tired by now na….”

Rakesh “No please!!!” He pleaded and Pragya “It’s okay Geeta, I don’t mind staying here for a while, why don’t you all buy his favorite food for him?” Geeta looked at Ram for his response.

Ram “Geeta, I think you know about his hunger, why not we bring home cooked food?”

Geeta “But can we leave him?” She asked worriedly.

Ram “He would be totally fine with his big friends! Isn’t it Rakesh?”

Rakesh “Yes yes! Daddy is telling it right! Mumma you come back quickly from home with my favourite meals!”

Geeta “Okay fine, I don’t understand why father and son are so stubborn?” She said that by standing up and looked at Pragya.

Pragya “You don’t worry Geeta, I will take care of him…” Geeta “It’s not about that Pragya, I want to stay with him for a while…” She said by looking at Rakesh.

Rakesh gestured Geeta to come near him and she came near him. Rakesh “Bent down a bit Mumma!” She also did that and Rakesh kissed her cheek and said “My dear Good Geeta, go and get my favourite food! Please!!” Hearing that others smiled and Geeta was somewhat convinced and left the ward with Ram.

Abhi frowned at Rakesh when Pragya sat beside him.

Rakesh whispered to Pragya something and she chuckled hearing that.

Abhi “What did he say?”

Pragya “Nothing..”

Abhi “For nothing u are laughing silently?” He said by sitting on the chair there.

Pragya remained silent after a while and there was silence prevailing more by looking at each other.

Rakesh break the silence by saying “Cutie is not here?” Abhigya came out of their trance.

Abhi “She is at home Rakesh!” Rakesh “Oh…she knows I am in hospital but never come and see her friend!!!” He said by folding his arms.

Abhi smirked and went out of the ward suddenly.

Both Pragya and Rakesh pondered why he went out suddenly.

“Surprise!!!!” Cutie screeched as she came in making Pragya and Rakesh looked at each other in shock.

Pragya “How did she come here?” Abhi smiled and asked Cutie to explain.

Pragya “What? What if Naina knows this?” Abhi “She knows, after u left with Rakesh, Cutie followed me. I tried to convince her to go back home but she was insistent in seeing her best friend!”
Rakesh “Cutie! Then how did u have this bag?” Cutie “I bought it at the shop outside hospital! Friend give me money!”

Cutie noticed Rakesh’s bandage and asked him “What is this?”
Rakesh “ Bandage!” Cutie “ You got injured?” Rakesh “ No, I like to cover myself from germs!” Cutie looked confused and saw Abhigya smiling at her.
Cutie “Okie… I bring for you this Rakesh…” She said by taking something from her bag.
Rakesh giggled and Pragya signalled him not to laugh. Cutie “ Why are you always laughing at me? I pick all this for you!” She said pathetically.

Rakesh “ For what? To throw at me ah?”
Abhi looking at Pragya thought, I guess he is starting it again. Pragya looked away and smiled inwardly reading Abhi’s thoughts.

Cutie “This are wishing pebbles Rakesh! I wish for you to get well soon!” She said by handing over a pebble to him on his hand.

Rakesh trying to control his laughter look at it and said “Thank you!”

Cutie smiled “Don’t worry whenever I wish it will happen! Like I wished for Daddy recently and I am getting one soon!”

Abhigya hearing that looked at each other in disbelief.

Abhi “What are u saying Cutie? U are getting a Daddy?”

Cutie “You don’t know friend? Ma is in love!” She said by smiling widely.

Pragya “What are u telling? She never tell us anything!!!” She asked in a panicking tone.

Cutie “Ma tell me first and she asked me permission too!” She said proudly looking at them.

Abhigya still could not absorb this shock.

Cutie “Do u know who is going to be my Daddy?” Rakesh interrupted “I think I know! It’s him right?” He asked.

Cutie “Sssshhh! Let them guess Rakesh!!” She said and looked at Abhigya.

Abhigya at the same time “Who is he???”

Cutie “No I won’t tell! You two must guess!!!”

Abhi, I am happy that she wants her new life with a new life partner but who is he?

Pragya, I hope everything in her life turns out well. Surely her choice would be good whoever the person is.


Abhi twirls Pragya and then holds her by waist and looks deeply into her eyes. Both gets lost in each other’s presence when she says “This is not at all necessary for u to do…” Abhi “You are my necessity for that I am ready to do anything even if it’s unnecessary!”

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