Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 58

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Rakesh told Cutie that he is going to bring Pragya at playground & he asked her to bring Abhi to the playground too.

Pragya felt suspicious of Rakesh’s insistence to come to the playground but she couldn’t deny it.

Pragya “ Rakesh…where is Cutie?”

Rakesh “ Pretty Pragya! We can meet her later…come with me now!”

Pragya “ Okay sweet boy…”

A while later, Abhi came with Cutie by carrying her and Rakesh looking at that laughed.

Pragya “ Why are you laughing?” She asked by looking at Rakesh.

Rakesh “ You see she is still thinking like a baby! She always like someone to carry her!” By saying that he was keep on laughing until Abhi and Cutie came near them.

Pragya glance at Abhi for a while before smiling at Rakesh’s teasing.

Abhi “ Oye! What are u laughing at?” He asked loudly.

Rakesh “ I was laughing at her!” He said by pointing at Cutie who was still carried by Abhi.

Cutie hearing that look shocked.

Abhi “ Why are you laughing at her?”

Rakesh “ She acts like a BABY! She is a baby! She is a carry baby!!” He was keep on chanting these phrases to annoy Cutie.

Cutie hearing that looked at Abhi sadly.

Abhi “ You don’t worry Cutie!” He said by letting her down and frowned at Rakesh.

He chased Rakesh and Rakesh ended up falling on the ground, with bruises on his leg.
Rakesh screamed in pain and Pragya rushed immediately to see him.

She checked on him and she couldn’t stand him crying in pain. Abhi and Cutie also didn’t expected this to happen. They were standing there in shock.

Pragya carried Rakesh and was about to leave when Abhi stopped her.

She gave a deadly stare towards him for holding her hand.

Pragya started to cry seeing Rakesh injured and Abhi “Please stop crying Pragya! He is not….” Pragya blurted “It’s all because of you! Just leave Abhi! He is injured because of you!” Abhi “Pragya..don’t jump into conclusions!” Pragya was not willing to listen to him and headed to take an auto.

Abhi asked Cutie to go back to home and he followed Pragya to the hospital.

Pragya admitting Rakesh looked at Abhi with intense hatred in her eyes.

She wiped her tears and was heading towards the ward when Abhi pulled her away.

Abhi “ Will you listen to me?” Pragya was trying to get away from his grip but she couldn’t and she yelled “ Leave me!”

Abhi “ Pragya! It’s not my fault! He fell down!”

Pragya “ He fell down because u chased him!”

Abhi “ No Pragya! I did chased him but he fell down purposely, before he fall he smiled at me!”

Pragya “ Purposely? What are u saying Abhi? A child is trying to take revenge on u?” She said harshly.

Abhi “ No yaar…I didn’t mean that way! Just listen to me once!”

Pragya “ I loved to listen to u! Or I would say I love you to listen to u! But now I feel all that is wasted!” She said by struggling in his grip with the utmost distraught.

Abhi hearing that loosened his grip and looked at her with deep sadness.

Pragya “ You listen to me now! I know u have been avoiding me and I was also ignoring you but I didn’t expect u to stoop so low to injure him so that I will completely avoid u!”

Abhi “ It’s nothing like that Pragya…”

Pragya “ Listen! Just listen Abhi! I am not finished yet!” She said in a shaky voice.

Abhi looked at her with tears as Pragya continued “ I always listen to u because I love you Abhi! But how can u do like this? Is my love that much not worth it to u? If that is so then why do u have to make me listen to your hopes on love? Why Abhi? Why? I always said this can’t happen but u gave me the hope! But now u used my weakness to hate u!”

Abhi “ No Pragya…I didn’t mean to…”

Pragya “ Enough Abhi! I learnt from you that whatever I loved is short lived, starting from my Bhai to you! Even my Rakesh is like that! Do u know how difficult is for me to see him every time but not as his mother? Do u know how much of dreams I had to take care of him when I was pregnant? I loved those dreams Abhi, but after my delivery when Ma said my baby died, I was devastated! I had no hopes on love…I had no hopes to love anything….if I love a person, they leave me or destiny distances them from me…if I love the hopes that I have, it ends up making me hopeless and helpless…After many years, I heard about your whereabouts Abhi, something in me said this time, he will be not distanced from me….I know it’s wrong to think like that as usually my life ends up in a wrong way! Before I would have dreams about u of having a life with u, I distanced myself and made u close to Naina and Cutie! But u again came into my life! Life seems to be bliss Abhi! Then I told u Rakesh is alive and the way u said u will accept him together with me made me feel this is enough for me in this world! But now I feel I believe u blindly!” She said everything in one go and looked away.

Abhi looked shocked and tried to hold her but she shook her head by breaking down into tears.

Pragya went ahead towards the ward.

Abhi loudly said looking at her back “ You never believe me blindly Pragya!”

She stopped hearing that for a moment and then continued to walk ahead.

Abhi ran behind her and stopped her.

Abhi “ This is all I want from you Pragya..Your emotions really matters to me. Like I said I never made Rakesh fall! How can I make my own child fall Pragya? Yes I know I avoided u and said everything was over. Do u think I said that from my heart? For that to happen will I make my own child fall? Think about it Pragya. Now go and see him, I will inform their parents now…” He said by looking into her eyes.

Pragya with mixed emotions walked passed him and entered the ward.

Cutie “What is this?”
Rakesh “ Bandage!” Cutie “ You got injured?” Rakesh “ No, I like to cover myself from germs!” Cutie looked confused and saw Abhigya smiling at her.
Cutie “Okie… I bring for you this Rakesh…” She said by taking something from her bag.
Rakesh giggled and Pragya signalled him not to laugh. Cutie “ Why are you always laughing at me? I pick all this for you!” She said pathetically.

Rakesh “ For what? To throw at me ah?”
Abhi looking at Pragya thought, I guess he is starting it again. Pragya looked away and smiled inwardly reading Abhi’s thoughts.

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