Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 57 part 2

After the day at theme park and after a few days, Abhigya are sitting lonely in their respective rooms and their POVs starts:

Pragya’s POV

Buddhu! He is also a Buddhu like me! Obviously a Buddhu like me fall in love with a Buddhu like him!

I gestured to him to go away as I had to pass the file to someone who he shouldn’t know. Haan he came towards me and I shrieked “ I asked u to go away! Why did u come close to me?” He said “ I didn’t understand na…that’s why I came to ask what are u trying to say!!!”
I hit my face with the file I was holding making him clueless.

I ended up thinking, Why god? Why? Why did I fall in love with a Buddhu like him?

He got annoyed of my reaction and walked away.

All started from that papers from my so called father. How would I know that Ma’s would have signed off my custody to him? And if I don’t want to be under his custody then, the man I am married or going to marry should do something that is ordered by my father. Like a challenge! What is all this? Would anyone do like this? Why Ma did like this to me? What if the challenge he gives is harsh to Abhi? How can I risk Abhi’s life for my life? That would not be fair to him!

Abhi’s POV

I know whatever she is doing is to distance me from what she feels that I shouldn’t do. But then why do I feel she still wants me? Is she having hopes that she can convince her father? I am not sure what kind of trouble is this as it doesn’t even make sense to me! Who would do like this?

Pragya’s POV

I don’t know Abhi, as much I feel this papers are ridiculous, I also feel this have some purpose behind this! What’s the purpose, I don’t know! I need to ask him about it Abhi, until then I have to ignore you!

Abhi’s POV

It’s not about your ignorance that bothers me Pragya, it’s the distance is what is bothering me the most. Sometimes I feel it’s not destiny distancing us but distances distancing us. Like the distances between us now, You are at Ranveer’s house and I am at my house. We barely meet each other. The last time I met you is few days ago when you annoyed me. Even that is for few minutes! What if we are used to this Pragya? What if I really avoid you and then there is a distance between us which destroys our love? I can’t even imagine that Pragya but I don’t know how to tell my feelings to you too. I am scared Pragya, I don’t want to bother you but my thoughts about you is bothering me. I really can’t find a solution to this problem of mine.

Abhi looked at a notepad in front of him and Pragya was also looking at a notepad in front of her.

Abhi, Shall I write a letter and post it to her? At least, I would feel better by pouring my feelings to her through a letter.

Pragya, I shall write a letter and post it to him! If I pour my feelings to him through a letter, then I would feel better.

Both started to write a letter to each other and started the line with Sorry…..

As this was happening, Cutie and Rakesh meet up with Naina to discuss about Abhigya’s issue.

Cutie sat beside Rakesh and both looked at Naina.

Naina “What’s the matter? Why both of you are so silent?”

Cutie raised her hand to speak and Naina gestured her to go ahead.

Cutie “Mumma! We saw Friend and di still as enemies! We are sad about it!”
Rakesh nodded his head for that.

Naina “It’s their decision to be enemies but with you all they are friendly right?”

Cutie “Yes but Ma why are they like this?” She asked sadly.

Naina “I don’t know…It’s their choice Cutie…if they feel being this way is right, then we shouldn’t bother them…”

Rakesh “What kind of sister are you??” He asked by frowning.

Naina “Pardon! What did you say Rakesh?”

Cutie got shocked of Rakesh’s question.

Rakesh “How can you not make your Bhai happy! If I have a brother I would make him happy by having no enemies!! I will be not like you!!!” He said by adjusting his chasma.

Naina “Excuse me Mr big boy! I know about my Bhai very well, if he is doing something it always have a reason!” She retorted.

Rakesh made a poker face which irritated Naina.

Naina “You two just be in your limits! Do what you all need to do for this age!” She said that and went to her room and slammed the door.

Cutie didn’t know what to say and looked at Rakesh who was folding his arms in anger.

Cutie “Rakesh, why you speak like that?” Rakesh “I don’t like your Ma, she is not like Pretty Pragya…” Cutie “Oh Rakesh! Tell sorry to Ma, just now u were rude!”

Rakesh “No way! I am going, I will make Pretty Pragya and Angry bird friends again! Just watch out!” He said and stomped out of house.

Cutie, Why everyone is angry now? Who should I support now?

She thought with a confused expression.

Pragya crying seeing Rakesh injured and Abhi “Please stop crying Pragya! He is not….” Pragya blurted “It’s all because of you! Just leave Abhi! He is injured because of you!” Abhi “Pragya..don’t jump into conclusions!” Pragya was not willing to listen to him.

Thank you all for reading!

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