Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 57 part 1

Abhi knocked the door heavily and Naina opened the door in shock.

Naina “Bhai! Why did u knock like this?” She asked cluelessly as she moved aside for him to come in.

Abhi “Where is she?”

Naina “Who?”

Abhi impatiently “She! Who else?”

Naina “Who are u asking for Bhai? I have lots of works to do…” She said by walking away.

That’s when Abhi heard the screamings from Cutie’s room.

He was about to walk towards there when Naina “Bhai…Cutie is watching tv! How can u go there now?”

Abhi “Just Watching tv right? Then why is there so much of loud noises?” He asked by not believing her.

Naina “Wo..The tv volume would be loud na…” She tried to manage the situation.

Abhi never listened to her and continued walking towards the room. When he opened the door, he saw Pragya and Cutie by running around the room.

Abhi looked at Naina and gave a deadly stare. Naina “Sorry…”She said by looking down.

Pragya and Cutie stopped running and turned backwards in fear.

Abhi “What is all this Pragya? Over there Ranveer, Ma and everyone is worried about your whereabouts but u are playing over here with Cutie!”

Pragya softly “Only they are worried?” Abhi “I am also worried idiot! That’s why I am here!”

Pragya turned back and asked eagerly “Really?”

Abhi “Yes! Just come with me now!” He said by pulling her away from there leaving Cutie sad as she haven’t played finish with Pragya.

Abhi called Ranveer and informed he is coming with Pragya.

Abhi “What are u waiting for? Get on the bike!” He said by sitting on the bike.

Pragya “I am sorry…I didn’t mean to…”

Abhi “Just sit!” He said in an authoritative tone.

Pragya made a sad pout and sat on the bike hugging him tightly.

Abhi huffed “You have started again!”

Pragya “What have I started? It’s you who have started to be angry towards me!” She said by scrunching her nose.

Abhi realized there is no point in arguing with her and started to drive the bike.

Pragya being tired lied her head on his back which made Abhi affected as usual.

Abhi stopping the bike suddenly made Pragya awake and she asked “We reached?”

Abhi “Yes!” He said blatantly.

Pragya slowly took her hands off and got up from the bike.

Abhi “Go in! And take this!” He said not looking at her and threw the letter that she had gave him.

Pragya “Why are you like this?” She asked.

He without telling anything left from there in his bike leaving Pragya frustrated.

Pragya, What else I can do to change this man? Nothing will change unless he himself changes.

Pragya went inside the house and Ma worriedly enquired her what was wrong and why she never informed them about her whereabouts.

After convincing her that she just went to have her breakfast and her phone’s battery level was low, she went to her room.

Pragya sat hopelessly on the bed when she entered the room.

“Your treatment never worked?” She asked by sitting next to her.

Pragya nodded her head and buried her face on the pillow she was holding onto.

“What happened?” She asked.
Pragya explained everything and felt miserable of her plans failing.

“Why are u so desperate? You should have slowed down a bit..” She said.

Pragya “How yaar? You know I still have another issue to deal with! But this Abhi is not even responding to whatever I do! Sometimes I feel does he really love me??” She blurted out with tears.

“Oh you are such a Drama Queen! You crying for this! No wonder he is not responding!” She replied.

Pragya innocently asked “You mean I wasn’t natural when I tried seducing him or trying to make him angry?”

“Of course! If not he would have responded to your treatment!” She said.

Pragya “What should I do now? I really don’t know yaar…I thought if he gets angry at least he would scold me more, with that I can cry a lot and gain his pity!”

“Always about crying! How dramatic is that?” She said in a teasing tone.

Pragya looked away and was remembering Abhi.

“I tell you something….what if you also avoid him?” She said.

Pragya screeched “What? Avoid him?”

“Yes u did that before right? Ok not avoiding but ignoring him…You try to be normal like the friendly relation he wants for the sake of Cutie and Rakesh. But….” She said with a mischievous look.

Pragya “But what?”

She explained her plan to Pragya and Pragya in excitement hugged her.

Pragya breaking the hug “Will this work out? You know I don’t have much time…” She said with an apprehensive look.

“Well, we have to try this! Other than this there is no other choice too. As you know he needs you as much as you need him!” She said.

Pragya sighed and walked towards the balcony seeing the garden, where once Abhi & her in had their conversation in the night.

“I know it’s not easy Pragya…” She said by standing behind her.

Pragya “Love is also not easy….”

“It’s not difficult either…” She said by placing her hand on Pragya’s shoulder.

Pragya “I understand whatever he is doing is thinking about me but it’s difficult to make him understand that I am only thinking about him!” She said by shedding tears.

“Pragya…if you want I can talk to him…” She said.

Pragya “No…I will deal with him myself…I want him to know that he is in my every single thoughts!” She said adamantly by walking back into the room and then to the closet.

“Both are stubborn in their own beliefs! Why are they like this?” She sighed.

A few days later,

Pragya answered a call.

Pragya “Cutie! You called me so early in the morning! What’s the matter?”

Cutie “Di! I whatsapp you an address! Can u come there at 12 pm? Pretty Please!” She said very pleadingly.

Pragya “ I have…” Cutie hearing that started to whine and Pragya “Okok! I am coming!”

Cutie “Yeah! Rakesh will also be there! He wants to meet you!”

Pragya had tears hearing Rakesh’s name & remained silent.

Cutie screamed “Di!!!” Pragya came back to senses and said “Haan Cutie…”

Cutie “Please be there as we need adults to go in there!”

Pragya “What kind of place is that?”

Cutie ended the call and Pragya “This girl is so naughty, let me check the place that she wants to meet at!”

Pragya smiled seeing the details of the place and shook her head of their need to enjoy themselves.

Pragya reached the place & was surprised to see Cutie and Rakesh with Abhi and Purab too.

Pragya “You two are also here?”

Cutie & Rakesh looked at each other sheepishly and smiled widely.

Abhi “So that mean all this was these two naughties work?”

Purab “If not who else? The most funny part is we all easily believed them!”

Pragya chuckled but was not looking at Abhi all this while. Abhi also noticed this.

Pragya “Come! Let’s go in!”

The trio together with Cutie & Rakesh went in. Cutie was so much excited that she hugged Rakesh. Rakesh felt awkward and said “ Cutie! This is public place!” Cutie “Sorry! Let’s go!” Both ran towards their favourite character of Chota Bheem.

Pragya “ Slowly na…Why do u all have to run like this?” She shrieked.

Purab “ Pragya! This is a theme park & obviously they will run everywhere!”

Pragya “ Naina escaped and the two of us are trapped to take care of them!”

Abhi hearing that looked surprised.

Abhi, Two of us? Then I am not included?

He thought that as he saw Pragya & Purab walking in front to catch up with the two kids.
Pragya finally made them sit near a ice cream shop where both were enjoying their ice-creams by smiling merrily.

Abhi was looking at this from a distance as he went to purchase tickets for fun ride.

He stood at a distance as Purab was behind him. He began to admire Pragya.

Pragya does a wave like motion with her hands which is admired by Abhi from a distance and seeing that Purab “ Abhi…if u admire her like this then why are you avoiding her?”

Abhi let a deep sigh and was about to leave when Purab “ Tell me…I won’t tell her the reason…” He said convincingly.

Abhi “ It’s a simple reason…I LOVE HER…” He said by smiling and having tears.

Purab “ Abhi….All of us know that u love her so much! Then why are u doing like this?”

Abhi wiping his tears “ Everything can’t be told Purab, certain things need to be felt…” He said by looking at Pragya who was laughing at Rakesh who had ice-cream moustache.

Abhi “ She is still a child at heart, I wish her to be like that forever….”

Purab “ Let’s go! I know you are very difficult to be understood!” He said as both started to walk towards Pragya & the kids.

Pragya who was sitting opposite to kids, suddenly felt her heart beating faster. She with her eyes closed placed her right hand on her chest as if trying to control the pain. Looking at that, Rakesh “ Pretty Pragya! Are u ok?”

Pragya “ Nothing…I am ok!” She said and smiled at him. Cutie “ No pushy pushy right?” She asked worriedly as Abhi & Purab were near them.

Abhi “ There they go with their code words!!”

Pragya frowned hearing that but never bothered to respond to him.

Purab smiled and handed over the tickets to Pragya.

Pragya “ Why don’t he goes with them?” She asked looking at Purab.

Purab “ Why? Are u scared to go on the rides?”

Pragya “ No Purab…I am feeling a bit tired..” She said looking tiredly.

Abhi “ She is right! She had been running after them. She looks exhausted too. I would go with them! Purab you buy something for her to eat!”

Pragya still never looked at him.

Abhi, Seems that she is ignoring me. This bothers me more than I avoiding her…

Soon, he accompanied the kids to the fun rides leaving Pragya & Purab together.

As this was happening, Ranveer called her.

“ Why did u called me?” She asked.

Ranveer “ I didn’t expect all of us to believe so easily!” He said in a cunning tone.

“ Yes me too…all are emotional fools!” She said with an evil look.

Ranveer “ Just continue in the way you are and I will give you the commands for what to be done next!” He said that and left the room.

Same from last update.
To be continued…..

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