Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 56

Abhi waked up and realized that she is still inside the room.

Abhi decided to call Cutie. Naina picked up the phone and asked “ Do u want anything Bhai?”

Abhi “ Err…Is Cutie awake?”

Naina “ Yes she just had her breakfast. It’s holiday but she still wake up early to have breakfast. Now she is saying she want to sleep again!”

Abhi “No! She can’t sleep! Pass the phone to her now!”

Naina “ Okay…wait Bhai…”

Abhi was waiting and heard Naina calling Cutie in a loud voice and scolding her for eating Osakas secretly.

Naina “ See Bhai when I am talking to u, then this Cutie is eating Osakas!!! She will only listen to u! Ask her to control Bhai!”

She said that and passed the phone to Cutie who looked very timid.

Naina was angrily looking at Cutie seeing that Cutie ran to her room and closed the door.

Cutie “ Friend! Ma always scold me!!! I am going away!”

Abhi “ Where u want to go?”

Cutie started to think by looking up.

Abhi “ Are u thinking? Can I help u?”

Cutie “ Okie!”

Abhi “ Come to my house now! We will have fun! Even di is here!”

Cutie “ Hurray! Di and Friend become friends!” She screamed.

Abhi “ Sssh…we are still enemies…u helped her to come here right? She came and is sleeping in my room. She made me sleep outside…Your di is so bad…” He said sadly.

Cutie hearing that got panicked.

Cutie “ Di will never do like that…”
Abhi “ You come and see yourself…Don’t tell Ma, just say that u want to see Friend!”

Cutie “ Okie! I don’t want to talk with Ma now!”

Abhi smiled and asked her to come faster.

Cutie came out of the room and Naina was tidying up the dining table.

Cutie passed a piece of paper to Naina.

Naina took the paper with surprise and read it.

In the paper,

I am not talking to you today! I am going to Friend’s house! Bye!

From Angry Cutie (AC)

Naina reading it laughed and looked at Cutie who was sniffing in anger.

Naina “ So your name is AC now?” Cutie nodded her head in response.

Cutie turned away and Naina “ Then go na…what are u waiting for?”

Cutie looked at the door. Naina “Oh…it’s locked ah?” Naina went to the door and unlocked it with the keys.

Cutie frowned as Naina opened the door.

Naina “ Wait…I will leave u at his house..”
Cutie “ I am not small girl! I am big girl!” She said that sternly and ran up the stairs to Abhi’s house.

Naina “ Cutie! Careful!” She warned her but Cutie never listened.

Naina shook her head and made a call “ Bhai…she is running to your house…can u please ask her not to run like this…”

Abhi “ Ok..I saw her already…I will tell her…”

Naina “ Nowadays I can’t control her myself Bhai…she is getting so naughty…” She said worriedly.

Abhi “ Don’t worry…I am here na…Kids are like that, you just rest for a while and carry on with your work…” He said as he signalled Cutie to come in.

Naina “ Ok Bhai…Bye..”

The call ended and Naina felt something suspicious.

Abhi “ Cutie! She is in that room…” He said with a fake anger.

Cutie “ Come friend! We will see di!”

Abhi went with Cutie and when he opened the door he was shocked to see only her saree on the bed.

Cutie “ Di lost!!!” She said in a tensed tone.

Abhi, What is this? Her saree is here then where is she and what is she wearing?

Pragya from bathroom “ Are u there?”

Abhi “ Haan but what are u wearing?” He asked in a alarmed tone.

Pragya “ Is Cutie there?”

Abhi “ Yes but answer my question!”

Pragya “ Cutie! How are u?”

Abhi was wondering why she is ignoring him.
Cutie “ I am here di! Friend said u never let him sleep in room!”

Pragya “ Really? He said like that…yes i never let him sleep as I….” She said and was waiting for Abhi to understand her words.

Abhi “ Stop it Pragya! What are u trying to say in front of Cutie?”

Cutie “ Di! You tell me! Did u scold him?”

Pragya “ Why would I scold him Cutie? He only scolds me every time…Ask him!” She replied with a fake sadness.

Abhi, She is making another drama now…

Cutie looked at Abhi and didn’t know how to help them.

Pragya “ You know Cutie…even now…I am so scared to see him…that’s why I am hiding in the bathroom…”

Cutie was worried thinking of Pragya’s plight.
Cutie “ Friend! Why u keep on scold di? Why u become angry bird?”

Abhi gasped and looked away.

Cutie “ Friend! Go and talk to di…I will wait here…”

Abhi “ What? Inside the bathroom? No! I can’t Cutie!”

Cutie “ If u tell like this then I will call Ma!”

Abhi “ No! You can’t call her!”

Cutie “ Then go friend! Say to di u are good person….You say u won’t scold her too!” She pleaded to him.

Abhi, What have I stuck in now? If I never go in then Cutie will tell Naina! That can’t happen! If I go in then Pragya will do something to me!

Pragya “ Cutie…Never mind I just stay here..It’s so cold here Cutie…” She said by shivering.

Cutie again pleaded Abhi and Abhi looked helpless.

Abhi “ Fine! I will go in and tell her that I won’t scold her!” He said that by picking up Pragya’s saree and Cutie smiled hearing that.

Abhi “ Open the door!” He demanded and Pragya “ You can open it yourself! It’s not locked!” She said by smirking.

Abhi opened the door by closing his eyes and entered the bathroom.

Abhi “ First wear this…” He said by forwarding his hand with the saree.

Pragya in a swift movement locked the bathroom door and Abhi realizing that asked “ Why did u lock it?”

Pragya “ First open your eyes Abhi..”
Abhi “ No! Never!” He said firmly.

Pragya “ Oh…then I won’t take the saree…”

Abhi “ Pragya! Don’t be stubborn! What if Cutie hears us?”

Pragya pulled him further inside and said “ Now she won’t be able to hear us unless u speak loudly…”

Abhi “ Pragya! Take this saree and wear it first!”

Pragya “ If u want me to wear the saree then I need to take off what i am wearing!”

Abhi “ What? You are already wearing something?” He asked as he opened his eyes and saw her wearing his shirt and pants.

Pragya seductively “ Shall I take off or u help me take it off?”

Abhi “ Pragya! Just stop all this and come out now!”

Pragya “ Why Abhi? I am asking something and u are not giving it? I thought u always give what your loved ones asked for na…then why are u not entertaining me?” She asked as she hugged him.

Abhi pushing her away “ Because u are not my LOVED ONE! Did u get it?”

Pragya “ Oh…now times have changed like that…”

Abhi “ Yes! So come out and tell Cutie that I didn’t scold u and u were not scared of me too!”

Pragya “ Why should I listen to u?”

Abhi “ Because Cutie will be upset if she thinks I am scolding u…”

Pragya “ Well, u want me to listen to u for your loved one but my loved one is saying I am not his loved one!”

Abhi “ Pragya…I have said it clearly that everything is over and now we just need to maintain a friendly relation for Cutie and Rakesh….”

Pragya “ Friendly relation?” Abhi nodded his head which irked Pragya.

Pragya suddenly kissed his cheek and asked “ Tell me whenever I kiss you, that u don’t have any feelings!”

Abhi was taken aback. Pragya slapped him to make him back to senses when Abhi “ Ouch! What is this? You kissed me and slapped me too!”

Pragya “ Ya then what do u expect? Whenever I kiss u, you will froze in the moment and start to lose yourself! Why can’t u see that this is what u want from me idiot! You want this moments but for some reasons u are denying it!”

Abhi looked away and Pragya “ You know what? I think I am fed up of this…I am going away and don’t ever try to find for me from today onwards!” Abhi “ What are u saying?” He asked not being able to understand her.

Pragya “ Leave from here! I need to change!” Abhi was still standing cluelessly when Pragya “ Cutie! Your friend is not going out as he wants to scold me again!”

Cutie “ Friend! You come out! Why are u like this?” She complained.

Abhi came out of the bathroom with a confused look and saw Cutie sniffing in anger. She held his hand and pulled him out of the room.

Pragya got dressed up in her saree and came out of the room with an enraged look.

Abhi saw her and she looked at Cutie.

Pragya “ Cutie! I am leaving! Tell your Friend that he is the most idiotic and dumb person in the world!”

Abhi hearing that looked puzzled. He was about to say something when Pragya “ Cutie and also say to your Friend that for him to understand something he needs time! No Cutie he needs thousand times of slappings!”

She said that furiously making Abhi silent.

Cutie “ Di…sorry…”

Pragya “ Why are u saying sorry Cutie?”

Cutie “ Friend scold u na…” She said sadly.

Pragya “ It’s okay…I am leaving..” She said by giving a fiery look at Abhi.

Abhi “ At least eat something and leave…” He said in a low tone.

Pragya smiled sarcastically and said “ I had left a letter inside the room…Read that if u feel like…” She said and left the house.

Abhi, Huh? I just said she is not my loved one…but she knows it’s a lie too….then she kissed me and told so many things but what is she trying to say?

He thought that as he looked towards the door that she slammed before leaving.

Cutie looking at all this thought that Di is really very angry.

Cutie, I need to inform this to Rakesh! Only he can help me!

Few hours later,

Abhi received a call from Ranveer.

Ranveer “ Is Pragya with u?”

Abhi “ No…She left from my house…”

Ranveer “ Are u sure? I know she came to your house last night but until now she never reach here…We even tried calling her but there is no response at all…”

Abhi “ Let me try calling her…” Ranveer “ Ok…do tell me if she answered your call!”

Abhi tried calling but he also faced the same situation.

Abhi called Ranveer “ I know why she is missing Ranveer…just give me an hour, I will make her to be back!”

Ranveer “ You know where she is?”

Abhi “ I think I know..” Ranveer “ What? You think? Why not we file a police complaint?”

Abhi “ No…I am on my way to where she is…if she is not there then we will decide about police complaint!” He said in a serious tone.

Ranveer was somewhat convinced and hoped that Pragya would be fine.

Pragya does a wave like motion with her hands which is admired by Abhi from a distance and seeing that Purab “ Abhi…if u admire her like this then why are u avoiding her?”

Abhi let a deep sigh and was about to leave when Purab “ Tell me…I won’t tell her the reason…” He said convincingly.

Abhi “ It’s a simple reason…I LOVE HER…” He said by smiling and having tears.

In another situation,
Pragya gestured to Abhi that he should go away! He never understood that and came towards her.

Pragya shrieked “ I asked u to go away! Why did u come close to me?” Abhi “ I didn’t understand na…that’s why I came to ask what are u trying to say!!!” Pragya hit her face with the file she was holding making Abhi clueless.

Pragya, Why god? Why? Why did I fall in love with a Buddhu like him?

Thank you everyone for reading ?? and the precap is quite long which means there could be part 1 and part 2 for next update. I think so haha. Thank u once again for the support towards the two shots too??.

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