Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 55 part 2

Pragya was still in a state of shock and Ma sat beside her and said “ You don’t worry Pragya! All of us are with u…As u said we are your family and we will always be with u for whatever decision u make….”

Pragya leaned her head on Ma’s shoulder and started to cry.

Ma “ Pragya…this is nothing…” She consoled her as she patted Pragya’s head.

Pragya “ That means I need to leave all of you…” She said with dejection.

Ranveer “ No Pragya…we can solve this…”

Pragya moving away from Ma looked at Ranveer with disbelief.

Pragya “ How? How can we?” She asked hopelessly.

Ranveer “ We can think of something…You know there is always a way…”

Pragya interrupted “ No! Enough….every time always someone think for me…starting from my Bhai then to everyone who is related to me now….Enough of this…”

“ Why are u saying like that Pragya? We care for u so we think for u!” She replied.

Pragya shook her head by trying to control her tears and at the same time with a smile on her face.

Ma “ Pragya! Don’t jump into decisions now!”

Pragya “ Ma…I never decide anything…I think I have lost the right to have my own decisions…It’s always my destiny is coming up with decisions….”

Ranveer “ Pragya…please I will try to convince Abhi too…”

Pragya “ I myself couldn’t convince him…then how will u?” She said by wiping her tears with the back of her hands.

The trio looked at her and didn’t know how to convince her.

Pragya “ Ma…don’t worry…give me some time…I will leave from here once I am ready!”

Ma “ You don’t have to! Ranveer and Purab can help u!”

Pragya “ No Ma…that’s not right…this is my personal issue and I will solve it…All I want to ask is whether Abhi knows this as well?”

Ranveer “ Yes he does, even before me…” He said in a low tone.

Pragya “ I thought so…he always hides huge matters like small things…” She said with a faint smile.

Pragya picked the file on the floor and looked at them.

Pragya “ Ma…I hope u won’t forget me once I leave from here…” Ma hearing that got emotional and hugged Pragya with tears making the rest emotional as well.

Ma breaking the hug “ You are also my daughter…how can I forget u?”

Pragya smiled widely with tears as Ma kissed her forehead.

Pragya “ But please nobody should let Abhi know that I am aware of this matter…Promise me…” She said

Ranveer “ Why? I mean if he knows that u are aware of this then he will be kind of relieved too!”

Pragya “ No…please…I will handle this myself…” She pleaded.

“ If you are insisting means then surely there is some planning running in your mind!” She said.

Pragya “ Yes…but for that I need Abhi to be not aware of this…so please don’t tell him that I know….”

Ranveer “ Fine…”

Pragya stood up and said “ One thing I realize now is all those who are related to me, hide huge matters from me…Arjun bhai hide the secret about my Ma….Abhi hide his secret about himself….now even u all hide about this….but thanks to u all for not hiding it so long…” She said dryly.

Ranveer “ It’s not like u think Pragya…All of us hide matters not to hurt u…”

Pragya letting a deep sigh said “ Hiding also hurts…”

Pragya “ Well, leave all this aside…I will deal this and talk to that man personally….”

Ranveer “ Pragya…maybe this was a mistake…Someone could have forged your signature…”

Pragya “ Or maybe someone made me sign this unknowingly…”

Ranveer “ Exactly! So just wait until we find that culprit!”

Pragya “ No…I want to talk to him and this is not about cheating me or whatsoever! It’s about knowing why he is so desperate to separate me from Abhi!!!”

Ma “ Ok…u will know that but before that come with us and have dinner…” She said to divert the topic.

Pragya smiled sensing how Ma trying to calm her down.

Pragya “ Yes Ma…but before that let me get changed…”

Ma “ Ok…and u! Sudden surprise! Go and help her! Can’t u see she is hurt?”

“ Sudden surprise?? I have a name! Why nobody calls me by that?” She asked with a childish stubbornness making others to chuckle.

Ma “ Go!” She said sternly looking at her.

“ Teek hai! Pragya hold my hand…I will usher u…” She said with a grin.

Pragya shook her head and holded her hand for support.

“ How did u got hurt Pragya?” She asked.

Ma “ You can ask all that later…make sure she is fine in the room!” She said sternly.

Pragya “ Ma…why are u talking like that? She is such a sweet girl…”

Ma looking away trying to hide her smile said “ Haan I know…have to be stern to some people who suddenly pop out in the house…”

Ranveer saw Ma was trying to tease her and he looked at her by winking.

“ Oh Pragya…he winked at me! I feel like melting in him…” She said by whispering to Pragya.

Pragya “ Shall we go? If not I won’t have my dinner!”

“ Okok! Let’s go!” She said and at times she looked back to see Ranveer.

Ma looking at that signalled her to look at Pragya and not him.

Ma, This girl is so crazy! Not even caring that she is ogling my son in front of me!! But she is a sweet girl like Pragya said.

In the room,

“ Pragya! Are u ready?” She asked.

Pragya “ Haan! Wait I am coming out!”

“ It’s just changing yourself to a comfortable wear and for that u taking so long!” She complained.

Pragya came out of the closet with a some clothes.

Pragya “ Faster tell me which one of this is nice!”

“ Are u going to wear saree now? Omg! I am already hungry! I can’t wait until u wear saree!” She moaned again.

Pragya “ Oh god! No yaar…I am confused on what to wear…”

“ Confused? What do u mean?” She asked.

Pragya “ Listen…this Abhi needs some treatment from me…for that I need to wear good saree…”

“ Treatment? Oh…like that type ah?” She asked teasingly.

Pragya blushingly nodded her head and she looking at the sarees was not satisfied.

Pragya “ All are not nice?” She asked sadly.

“ Arrey don’t be sad for this…actually tell me about your treatment…I am very curious about that!” She asked anxiously.

Pragya sat beside her and with shyness explained to her.

Hearing to Pragya, her mind was blown away.

“ Omg! Omg! Can u like pinch me!” She screeched.

Pragya covered her mouth “ Don’t shout like this! What will I tell if anyone heard u?”

She shook her head and took Pragya’s hand from her mouth.

“ I thought you were very innocent but no u are very manipulative!” She said with excitement.

Pragya smiled proudly and looked away.

“ Ok…Let me choose a different saree for u…It’s my gift for u… About your treatment, I hope Poor Abhi don’t get shocked…” She said.

Pragya “ It’s not a shock treatment but it’s just my treatment to make him mine! Only mine!”

“ Itna possessiveness… Great going Pragya!” She said as she patted Pragya’s cheek making Pragya blush.

Pragya “ Let’s go! Ma and Ranveer will be waiting for us…”

Then all the four of them had dinner and from that their day was called off.

As for Pragya, her mind was running with a range of things that made her not to sleep.

Pragya, It’s not easy to convince you Abhi but u are my convincing factor in all ways.

The next day,

She and Pragya went for shopping and she selected the best saree for Pragya.

Pragya “ This is so expensive!”

“ Come on! U need to look rich in front of him!” She said firmly.

Pragya “ But he likes simple stuff…”

“ I know but if he sees u in this then he will get shocked and who knows he even might get that ideas…” She said by giggling.

Pragya “ That ideas?” She asked with confusion.

She coming closer to whispered into her ears and Pragya said loudly “ Chee!! Stop it!”

Saying that Pragya was about to walk away when she stopped her by holding her hand.

Pragya cheeks turned crimson red in shyness and was keep on asking her to leave as other shoppers are seeing them.

Finally, she left her hand and said “ See there! Abhi!”

Pragya “ Abhi?” She with eagerness look around for Abhi.

She started to chuckle at Pragya’s eagerness.

Pragya realized that she made her fool!

Pragya “ You! I am going to kill u!”

“ Really? Let’s see…” She teased her.

Pragya walked away but turned back eyeing on the saree that she was holding onto.

“ I am buying this and u are wearing it! That’s final!” She said loudly so that Pragya could hear.

Pragya smiled widely hearing it.

She was getting nervous for Pragya as time passed.

Pragya “ Why are u so nervous?” She asked by dressing up in the green color saree.

“ I don’t know…I feel scared..” She said.

Pragya “ Are u like doing role reversal?”

“ No yaar…some kind of feeling…I also don’t know why I feel this way…” She replied in a worried tone.

Pragya applying her eyeliner smiled and after a while took a handbag along with her.

“ I am saying something but u are silent all the way!” She complained.

Pragya “ I got to go before he arrives at home…if anything goes wrong, then my first call will be to u…” She assured.

“ Thanks and take care…” She said.

Pragya closed the door and took car to Abhi’s apartment.

After getting, Abhi’s keys from her secret agent Cutie, Pragya stayed inside his room.

Soon, Abhi too arrived at his house.

He lazily closed the door and went to his room when he saw someone in the dark.

Abhi “ Who is that??”

Pragya remained silent and smiled inwardly.

He switched on the lights and saw someone covered with a veil.

Abhi “ Pragya! What is this? And what are u doing at this time? It’s 9 pm yaar!”

Pragya still sat there and moved a inch from the place.

Abhi, Did she like froze?

He walked towards her when she pulled his hand and made him lie on the bed.

Abhi “ What are u doing?” He asked sternly.

Pragya “ Wo…who are u?” She asked with her eyes wide opened.

Abhi “ Who am I? I am Abhi!” He said finding hard to believe that she forgot him.

Pragya quickly moved away from him and grabbed her veil.

Abhi looked clueless as she was walking away out of the room.

Abhi followed her when she stopped.

Pragya “ I was looking for my Raj…”

Abhi “ Raj? Who is that now?”

Pragya “ They said he is here…I mean he comes here every night…” She said facing her away in a pleasant tone.

Abhi “ Pragya! I am the only one who come to my home!”

Pragya “ I don’t know who are u…He called me here…”

Abhi shrieked “ What? He called u here? That too at this time!!! You gotta be kidding me!”

Pragya adjusting her veil said “ Are u the Raj?”

Abhi was losing his patience and said “ I am not Raj! I am Abhi! Abhishek Prem Mehra!”

Pragya “ Acha…”

Abhi “ Don’t be playing now…just go back to home…”

Pragya turned back and kneeled in front of him.

Abhi “ What are u doing??” He asked in shock.

Pragya “Every kingdom have a king (Raj) who is caring, responsible…most importantly charming and ravishing. Yes the people respect him as god, as their own family member, like their father, son or even brother, but women have some different feelings. They feel they should be his consort, his queen if not at least as his mistress. So May I have the pleasure to take this Raj Abhishek Prem Mehra of Prem (Love) Kingdom to consider me as his mistress?”

Abhi “ Pragya! When did u join drama classes?” He asked with a smirk.

Pragya “ You won’t accept me as your mistress?”

Abhi “ What? Mistress? What the hell are u speaking?”

Pragya “ Then what? U don’t accept me as your wife at least mistress should be fine na” She said still in a kneeling down position.
Abhi was about to move away when she held his legs firmly.

Abhi “ Pragya…stop all this…take off your hands…” He said firmly.

Pragya started to cry and he felt her tears wetting his feet.

Abhi making her stand “ What is this Pragya?”

Pragya hugged him and cried heavily.

Abhi patting her back “ You are such a dramebaaz…”

Pragya hugged him even more tightly and was not willing to let him off.

Abhi “ Let me go Pragya…” He pleaded.

Pragya “ No…now or never…” She said.

Abhi “ What do u mean?” He asked being not be able to understand.

Pragya “ Just the two of us…” She said by running her hands through his hair.

Abhi “ Just the two of us?” He asked.

Pragya “ Do everything tonight!” She said that and crashed her lips onto his with outermost desire.

It was so long that Abhi and Pragya became breathless and looked at each other in shock.

Pragya “ Let’s do it…” She said shying away.

Abhi was stunned of this avatar of hers. He was standing there like a statue unable to think of anything.

Pragya “ Let’s make our unexpected moments to be the most expected moments…” She said seductively by touching his neck.

Abhi “ Pragya…” He said softly.

Pragya “ Just once…please…” She said by kissing his lips again.

Abhi pushed her away and came back to his senses that this shouldn’t happen.

Pragya “ I love you Abhi…I can’t control my desires of u…” She said innocently.

Abhi “ Damn! You are just making to lose my senses but I won’t!”

Pragya “ Well if that is so then I find someone else for this…” She said firmly and was walking towards the door when he pulled her towards him.

Abhi “ You are so mad…” He said by nuzzling her neck making Pragya losing her senses.

Pragya “ Only mad for u…” She said looking into his eyes with admiration.

Abhi “ But u know what? This is not going to happen!” He said by holding her hands with force and tied her hands with the veil she was wearing.

Pragya “ Abhi! This is not fair! Untie me!!!” She yelled.

Abhi “ Sssh…” He demanded.

Pragya “ What is this? How do we do that if I am tied up?”

Abhi chuckling “ Who said we are going to do what u think? Definitely no! And u are just going to be tied up like this in the room!” He said that and in a swift movement he pushed her inside the room and locked her up.

She was keep on asking to open the door telling some excuses but Abhi ignored all of them.

She knew her efforts are wasted and she drifted to sleep.

Abhi, This Pragya is making me difficult to resist her. Oh that kiss! Never in my life I had such a passionate kiss before…Even now I want that again…

He said to himself that but warned himself for thinking like that as he knew he needs to maintain a distance with Pragya.

Pragya goes missing and only Abhi knows why she is missing!

Thanks for the concern for my health friends, feeling quite better, still recovering in process. Never expected that I will get ill on April fool. My health fooled me that’s what I can say….
So sorry friends unable to read lots of ffs as I am resting. Hope u all understand.

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