Destiny distancing us…(KKB) Episode 55 part 1

Still at the party venue…
Pragya, Cutie and Rakesh sitting on a couch and talking to each other.
Rakesh “ Pretty Pragya! Can I ask u something?” Pragya “ Oh sure Sweet boy!” She said with a wide smile.
Rakesh “ We missed you badly…why did u forgot us after going to big house?” He asked sadly.
Pragya giving a side hug to Rakesh “ I also missed you but what to do…” Cutie “ What to do?” Pragya was keep on looking at the direction where Abhi was standing alone and drinking some juice while checking his phone.
Cutie and Rakesh caught Pragya looking at Abhi.
Cutie “ Is it because of friend u never see us?”
Rakesh “ It should be that angry bird!!!” He said that with a angry look by adjusting his chasma.
Pragya “ Not really…” She said softly by still looking at Abhi.
Cutie “ Then why u never meet us di?? Friend say he and u become ENEMIES!!”
Pragya was taken aback and looked at Cutie.
Pragya “ He said like that?”

Cutie “ Yes di…then he walked away sadly…he even cried a bit…”
Pragya “ We are not enemies….he said we cannot be friends anymore…”
Rakesh “ You mean boyfriend and girlfriend?” He interrupted.
Pragya “ You all know what does that mean?”
Rakesh and Cutie nodded their heads up and down many times.
Pragya “ Okok enough! Err…yes..he meant that way…”
Rakesh “ But why Pretty Pragya? Last time he beat me when I say I love u to u!!!”
Pragya “ That is last time and now times changed….” She said thinking about whatever happened so far.
Cutie “ Di! Do you still want to friend him?”
Pragya nodded her head looking at Abhi.
Rakesh “ Pretty Pragya! You don’t worry we will help u!”
Pragya “ How?” She asked doubtfully.
Rakesh asked Cutie and Pragya to come closer to him and he explained his plan.
By now, Abhi took a glance at them and thought, Surely this three is planning something against me! But before that I should leave!

Abhi quickly looked for Naina and after speaking to her, he was walking out of the house and reached the carpark to get on his bike.
Cutie ran behind him in the nick of time.
Cutie “ Friend! Help! Help! Friend!”
Abhi “ Cutie? Why are u shouting like this?”
Cutie “ Friend! Di! Help!” She said by breathing heavily.
Abhi “ Cutie! Don’t lie to me! I saw the three of u all planning something…” He said sternly.
Cutie “ Haan friend but di…”
Abhi “ What happened to her?” He asked in a panicking tone.
Cutie “ Di fell down….She hurt her leg..”
Abhi “ What? How is it possible?” He asked with confusion.
Cutie ask him to carry her and come with him.
Abhi went back inside the house and indeed Pragya was really hurt her leg. She had a sprain and everyone was surrounding her.

Naina “ Why did u have to run? Are u a runner?” She said that by attending to Pragya’s leg.
Pragya was flinching her eyes in pain and Abhi went near her.
Abhi, This is what happens when u all plan against me.
Pragya, Even now he is not asking me how am I feeling! He is only staring at me!
Pragya “ Leave it Naina…I can manage!” By saying that she was about to stand up and Abhi saw her being not steady.
He immediately held her by the waist firmly and made her hand onto be around his shoulder.
One of the elderly guests looking at Pragya “ Your husband might be angry with u for some reasons, but is unable to see u from falling!”
Abhigya looked at each other and in a second he carried her in his arms.
Purab “ Abhi! I can bring her home…In car…”
Abhi “ Pass me your car keys…I will drop her at home..” He said sternly and Purab not wanting to make any fuss passed him the keys.
Cutie “ Friend! We will also come!”
Abhi “ No Cutie…Party still going on na..I will call u when we reach safely at home…”
Cutie and Rakesh agreed and hoped Pragya would be fine.

In the car,
Silence prevailed for a long time when Pragya “ So now we are ENEMIES that u don’t even care to ask how is my pain?” She asked disappointedly.
Abhi remained silent and continued driving.
Pragya got irritated with his silence and she was trying to open the car’s door.
Abhi stopping the car “ Are u MAD?”
Pragya “ Yes I feel like getting MAD with your silence!”
Abhi “ Listen Pragya…I have already told u that everything is over…”
Pragya “ Oh Ok! Then I will leave from here!” She said that by trying to open the door.
Abhi holding her hand “ Pragya! I do care for you as Cutie’s favourite di! That’s why I carried u and supported u!” He said trying to convince her.
Pragya “ Only as Cutie’s di?” She asked yearningly.
Abhi let of her hands “ Pragya…You very well know that we are individuals bound with relations that mean the world to us…To me it’s Naina and Cutie…and for u is Arjun and his family which is Naina and Cutie…now it’s also about Ran…”
Pragya “ Stop there…” She said dryly.
Abhi looked at her and she said “ For u it’s Naina and Cutie are the relations that means world to u…but how can u decide what are the relations that means world to me? Did I ever told u before?” She asked fiercely.
Abhi “ No but…by the way u are…”
Pragya “ You are the relation that is my world!” She said firmly making him speechless.
Pragya “ Abhi…you have always been looking after lots of relations…but I am the only one who can look after u like my world…Even if u deny it…I don’t care…” She said that by looking straight.
Pragya “ Start driving Abhi…I know u will still be strong in your decisions….”
Abhi started driving and her words that he means world to her was keep on repeating in his mind.

Finally they reached Ranveer’s house.
Pragya “ Thanks for the drive and care…” She said that by getting out from the car.
Abhi was about to help her when she “ Abhi..have u forgotten? This is your Friend’s house..U can’t carry me like the way in the party…” She said bitterly.
Abhi “ Pragya…please don’t be so harsh towards me…We can be friends like before…”
Pragya “ Like before? Like seriously? We never really had the friendship that others shared…It was more of courtship…”
Abhi “ Why are u being so stubborn? Like I said all that was a mistake!” He said by trying to hide his tears.
Pragya “ Mistake? Abhi actually u are coming up with new terms to support your stand! I am not stubborn! It’s u who are stubborn! Actually u know what? U made me stubborn in a way after giving so much of hopes and desires!” She told blatantly.
Abhi looked away and got inside the car not being able to argue with her and that too outside Ranveer’s house.
Pragya walked slowly back to the house.
Abhi, Why are u like this Pragya? How can I make u understand that the way I am towards you now is the most difficult phase in my life…to tell the truth it’s like hurting my heart whenever I try to ignore u….But this is needed Pragya, for u to be safe and peaceful not only from Ranveer but others too….
As Abhi was thinking that while driving back to his home, Pragya had a shock when she entered the house.
She “ Pragya! Finally I made it!” She screamed out of happiness.
Pragya “ You mean he agreed?”

She looked at Pragya proudly and signalled her to see at a direction.
Pragya’s jaw dropped to see Ranveer and Ma coming out with plates of foods in their hands.
Ranveer “ You are here! U two are such a dramebaaz that made me a fool to be in love…That’s ok.. But Pragya..I need to tell u something important about my change and Abhi’s change too…”
Pragya “ Ok…” Ranveer “ Do u mind Ma and she knowing that?”
Pragya with a smile “ They are my family too…you can tell it in front of them…”
Ranveer “ That’s your nature to think of everyone as family…but that’s your problem now..”
Pragya with a confused face “ What do u mean?”
Ranveer “ Abhi and I have to let you off for your family…”
Pragya still couldn’t understand and Ranveer took a file on the tea table and passed it to her.
Pragya reading the documents was shell shocked and dropped the file onto the ground while she felt like fainting when the trio there helped her to sit on the sofa.
To be continued….

No precap- same as last update.

Won’t be able to update soon for the second part as I am very sick, I am having dysentery for the past few days. Very bad stomach ache too?. Anyways Part 2 will be there tmrw.
Thanks for reading ??

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