Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 33

Cutie “Oh no! I dropped my Osaka!” Abhi came to the kitchen and saw Cutie trying to take the dropped gulab jamun on the floor.

Abhi “ Statue!” Cutie freezed hearing that.

Pragya too came out and knew Cutie would be in the kitchen.

Pragya “ Oh my god! Is this what u say she was studying?” Abhi “ Statue!” Pragya “ Are u kidding? She is in statute position as she is a child but why do I have to?” Cutie hearing that stopped being in her statue position. Abhi ignored Pragya and went to Cutie.

Abhi “ Don’t worry Cutie….I will buy for u more Osakas!” Pragya “Arrey she have already eaten almost a bowl of it! And u still want to have her more! Then what will happen to her health?” Abhi still ignored her and said “ Pragya! Clean this mess up if not give my unexpected moment now!” Pragya hearing that looked shocked.

Abhi made Cutie washed her mouth and hands before leaving the kitchen and all the while Pragya was in statute position of being shocked.

Abhi “ Pragya! Do as I said!” Pragya came back to senses and quickly cleaned up the floor as Abhi and Cutie left the kitchen.

Pragya, Oh god! I am scared now that what if he cross his limit in front of Cutie!! Please save me from him!

Abhi smiled as he went with Cutie to the living room and looking at that Cutie was confused.

Cutie “Friend! Why are u smiling?” Abhi “ Nothing!” Cutie “Friend! I am very scared…” Abhi with concern “Why Cutie?” Cutie “ Don’t know friend…AK 47 is keep on saying exams will be difficult! I never study properly….and I am so scared friend! Di is also giving me so many sums to do!! I am scared friend!” Hearing that he remembered how Purvi used to be scared of exams and studies too.

Abhi “ Like mother like daughter…Don’t worry! I will teach u!” Cutie “ Ma told that u are my uncle na! Can u help me?” Abhi “ That’s why I said I will teach u Cutie!” Cutie “No friend!” She said that and looked down in sadness.

Abhi “ U still have time Cutie…u can learn to score well! Even if u can’t it’s alright, u still can try harder next time!” Cutie said “ Hmm…” Abhi tickled her and cheered her up. Cutie chuckled and then Abhi taught her in a fun way.

Cutie, But my problem is different! Nobody understand that! When I see the question itself I get scared! I don’t know how to do!!!!

Cutie after finishing her revision was thinking deeply to find a way to get rid of her problem.

Cutie exclaimed “Haan! I know what to do!!” Abhi hearing that “ What u want to do?” Cutie managed by saying “ I will study later again!” Pragya by then finished cooking dinner for all of them and came out of the kitchen.

Abhi saw her and asked  “ What’s for dinner?” Pragya “ Not poison for sure!” She said that by not looking at him.

Abhi, It looks like she is still angry about what had happened just now. How to calm her down?

He looked at her with a sad face and she continued to arrange the dining table with the foods she had prepared.

Pragya sternly “ Whoever wants to eat, Come and eat!” Abhi and Cutie rushed to table and took their seats on the chairs and waited for her to serve them. Pragya ignored them by only serving herself the food and raised her eyebrow looking at them.

Abhi “ You won’t serve us?” He asked that in a worried tone.  Pragya “ First go and wash your hands!” Abhi “ Oh ya…I just forgot about it!” Pragya rolled her eyes hearing that. Abhi and Cutie went to wash their hands.

Pragya by then served their food on the plate and continued to eat.

Abhi and Cutie came back and were shocked to see the food!

Abhi “ You did this?” Pragya “ Yes! What’s your problem?” Abhi “ U know that both of us don’t like SPICY food! This looks so red!! How can we eat this??” Pragya “ I like spicy food!” Abhi “ Really? Then why your food is different from us?” Pragya “ I am taking something light…that’s why it’s just sandwiches!”

Abhi “ Oh spicy girl! U shouldn’t have this much of anger on us!” Pragya remained silent and signalled them to see the other food that she had prepared. Abhi opened the lid and saw what they liked.

He let a deep sigh of relief and Cutie smiled at it.

Abhi “ Thank u so much! U are really unbelievable Pragya!” Pragya smiled in response and said “ The food I served is not spicy too…it’s just my talent to make it look spicy…”

Abhi “ Acha…like how u are talented in not giving my unexpected moment?” Pragya blushed hearing that and frowned at him to mind his words in front of Cutie.

Cutie “ What moment Friend?” Abhi “It’s nothing Cutie…when u become older then u will know!” Pragya, Oh god! What is he telling to her!!!

Abhi “ Am I right Pragya?” Pragya “ Would u all start to eat before the food gets cold?” Abhi “ Sure!” Cutie started to eat but looked sad while eating which was noticed by Pragya.

Pragya “ Why Cutie? Why do u look sad?” Cutie looked blankly at her and said “ Ushy pushy, come here kushi!” Pragya “ Oh no! come here!” Cutie came beside Pragya. Pragya hugged her and kissed on her cheek before making Cutie sit on her lap. Pragya started to feed her and Abhi looking at all this was clueless.

Abhi “ Wait! What happened now? She said something and u are now feeding her! I don’t understand anything!!!” He said that by looking at Pragya.

Pragya with a wide smile “ Ushy pushy,come here kushi!” Cutie looked at Pragya with her mouth open so that she can feed her. Pragya continued to feed her and Abhi continued to be in confusion.

Abhi, What is this Ushy Pushy come here kushi! Is it some code word between this two?

Abhi “ Whatever it is….at least now u two are in good terms after having the fight over that yucky juice!” Pragya hearing that scrunched her nose in anger.

Abhi smiled at her and was eating his food.
Pragya not looking at him, still feeding Cutie said “ I need to talk to u…” Abhi looked around and asked “ Me?” Pragya “ Yes…not now…” Cutie hearing that asked “ What u want talk to him di?” Pragya “ Nothing… u eat this first Cutie!” Cutie was upset that Pragya didn’t want to tell her but never showed it off.

Cutie fed Pragya and she happily ate it from her hands.

Abhi was wondering what she wants to talk to him and finished eating.

After dinner all watched TV for a while and then Pragya made Cutie to sleep.

Pragya coming out of her room looked at Abhi who was waiting by sitting on the sofa.

Pragya “ Why are u like this??”

Abhi “I am normal only! Why do u always ask this question?”

Pragya “No! Abnormal! I thought u…how can u do something like this?

Abhi “Oh Pragya! Can u tell it clearly? And why do u have to stand? Sit beside me!”  

Pragya sat beside him and asked “How can u? I thought u are not working for a sometime…I mean until Purvi returns u are not working but u…”

Abhi “Oh that matter…who told u that?”

Pragya “Does it matter now? I feel very worried for your health now! Why do u have to work in the nights! No wonder u are not going back to your house!”

Abhi “ Arrey u are talking as if I am going to work all my life like that! It’s just temporary!”

Pragya “ But still…how are u managing without sleeping in night?” Abhi “ Oh baby! I work in the nights but in the daytime when Cutie is in school I am sleeping tight…” Pragya “ Is that enough? Why do u have to strain yourself in this way?”

Abhi “ Photography is my passion! I can’t leave that!” Pragya “ I am not asking u to leave your passion!” Abhi “ Enough Pragya! I am managing myself and that’s it!” He said that and walked out of the house.

Pragya “ How can u walk like this away?” He slammed the door as she said that. Pragya, I just told my concerns and he walked away like this! That’s very rude!

The next day, Cutie waked up and didn’t want to go school as it was her exam.

Pragya “Wake up Cutie! Wake up!” Cutie pretended to sleep as Pragya came inside the room.

Pragya “ If u never wake up now then I will tell Ma not to give Osakas anymore!” Cutie “ No!!!” She waked up while screaming and Pragya closed her ears with her hands.
Cutie “ Di! Today is maths exam! I am scared!” Pragya “ Oh Cutie…it’s just a exam! Just do your best!”

Cutie, Di don’t understand me! Nobody understand me!

She lazily waked up and Pragya cheered her up by tickling her. After sometime, she was ready for school and Pragya left for work.

Pragya, He never even came to home today! It seems that he is still angry with me for yesterday night.

She called him and he answered in a monotonous tone that he is at house cooking for lunch.

Pragya, Why does he have to strain himself? I don’t understand him at all!

At exam hall,

Cutie raising her hand to ask teacher permission to go to the toilet.

Cutie, Why the teacher is not coming fast? I need to go toilet so that I can get answers for this question!

Teacher “ Yes! What u want?” Cutie “ Miss..I want to go toilet…” Teacher “Ok..” She accompanied Cutie to the toilet.

The teacher waited for her outside as Cutie went inside the cubicle.

Cutie took off her shoes and took the paper she had hidden in it.

Cutie exclaimed “ Haan this is the one!” Teacher in a stern tone “ What’s that sound?” Cutie got scared and managed by saying “ I was finding for the flush button Miss and I got it.” Teacher smiled and responded “ Make it fast girl!” Cutie “ Ok!”

She quickly saw the papers for the answer and then pressed the flush button with the paper she had saw. Then she quickly wear back her shoes.

Cutie let a deep sigh of relief and came out of the cubicle. She washed her hands and went out of the toilet.

Teacher “ You took so long! I was about to come in and check!” Cutie “ Sorry Miss…” Teacher “ It’s alright!” She looked down and saw Cutie’s shoe laces not tied properly.

Teacher “ Tie your shoelaces properly!” Cutie looked helpless and tried her best to tie. But she couldn’t as usually Abhi or Pragya tie it for her.

Teacher kneeled down and tied it for her. Teacher “ U should learn how to do things by yourself! Go now!” Cutie walked fast to the exam venue again did the questions quickly as she got saw the answers.

Exam was over and everyone was saying it was easy paper. Cutie hearing that became upset.

Cutie, Easy paper?? But why i couldn’t do??

After the classes ended,

Cutie came out from school and saw Pragya standing with roses. Cutie excitedly ran towards her.

Pragya “ Did  u do your exams well?” Cutie “ Hmmm..” Pragya “ Here u go with roses! Rakesh gave me roses and I give u them!” Cutie was upset that Rakesh never give her anything but gave roses to di.

Rakesh came beside Cutie “ I am also coming with u all! Let’s go!” Pragya smiled and the trio headed to home.

Pragya was keep on smiling as she entered the house with Cutie.

Abhi looking at that wondered what makes her happy other than his presence.

Abhi “ Anything special?” Pragya “ Yes…” Abhi “ Would u mind sharing with me?” Pragya looking at Cutie “You go to your room first Cutie. I will be there in a while.”

Abhi, Is she going to tell me something special? If she talk about my work then I will ignore her for sure!

Pragya was feeling shy as she looked at him.

Abhi walking towards her “ Unexpected moment?” Pragya “ Huh?”
Abhi “ I mean….” He said that by touching his lips. Pragya “ Chee! No!” Abhi “Then why are u feeling so shy?” Pragya “I got my first love letter…” She said that by looking down in shyness.

Abhi yelled in shock “ What? LOVE LETTER? From who? WHO IS THAT IDIOT?”

Pragya “ Arrey…don’t scold him…he is a sweet person…” Abhi “OMG! U are calling that person sweet!” Pragya “ You know what?” Abhi “What now?” He asked that by looking stressed.Pragya “ He is the sweetest person I have ever seen….He is a open minded person….” She said that by walking in front and Abhi hearing that was standing in shock.

Abhi “ That means u love him?” Pragya was keep on smiling and nodded her head.

Abhi “SHIT!” Pragya turned back and asked “ Please don’t tell this abusive words…he may hear it…” Abhi “ What the hell? How can he hear?”

Pragya pointed towards the door which was open and Abhi “Is he outside?” Pragya nodded her head lightly.

Abhi, Let me see who is my enemy!!! blo*dy idiot! I have been loving her for years and this idiot is after her now!

He went out to see who it was and couldn’t see anyone there.

That’s when he heard a sound “ I am here! Look down!”

Abhi “ What are u doing here?” Rakesh “ I am Pragya’s boyfriend!”

Abhi looked back and saw Pragya giggling and he carried Rakesh over his shoulder and asked “ Is this an age for u to give love letter to her?” Rakesh “ Yes! I like Pragya from the day I met her with Cutie!” Abhi “ I like her even before Cutie was born!” Rakesh “ I don’t care…I gave her love letter today and she accepted it too.” Abhi bringing him inside the house looked at Pragya.

Pragya was trying hard to stop laughing at them.

She with a serious look “ Please don’t hurt my boyfriend….he is very small and sweet…” Abhi “ Pragya! He is not even my hip size! And u are saying him boyfriend!” Rakesh “ She loves me and why do u carry me like this! Let me down!” Abhi beat his back and said “ Yes she loves u but its only because u are a small child! But not as your girlfriend!” Rakesh “NO! She even kissed me many times!” Rakesh was now counting with his hands and trying to recall how many times Pragya kissed him. Abhi hearing that was fuming in anger.

Abhi “ You kissed him??” Pragya nodded her head in response.

Abhi, When I asked for a kiss she never even give me one! But for this shortie she gave many times!!! Unbelievable!

Pragya went near him and said “ He is so chubby and cute…and I can’t resist myself….”

Abhi “ Enough is enough! Tell him I am your BOYFRIEND now to end this drama!”

Pragya looked sad and asked him to let down Rakesh.

Rakesh became sad hearing that too.

Pragya “ I am so sorry Rakesh…your love letter is one of its kind…but I can’t accept your love as he is my boyfriend…” Abhi gave a proud smirk hearing that.

Rakesh had tears and wiped it with his tie and said “It’s okay but if by chance if u break up with him, then I am still all yours…”

Abhi “ What the….” He said that in a furious tone. Rakesh “ I am worried for you Pragya….how will u be with this angry bird?” Pragya looked upset and kissed Rakesh’s cheek making him happy once again.

Abhi sternly “ Pragya!” Pragya “ Please…he is a sweet boy!” Abhi “ Ya ya!” By saying that Abhi carried Rakesh to leave him at his house.

Pragya was keep on looking at Rakesh with sadness as Abhi was bringing him away.

Abhi, Dramebaaz! This is overacting overloaded!

After some time, he came back and was about to shout at Pragya but remembered Cutie may be disturbed hearing his loud voice. Abhi came near Pragya who was reading the letter with a coy smile in shyness and was looking at him secretly. Abhi “ Show me the letter!” Pragya “ No! It’s for me!”

Abhi just take the letter from her forcefully and she made a sad pout.

He read the letter:

Dear Pretty Pragya,

I feel wonderful with with u! Will u love me?
I tried something in hindi to say how I feel with u! Please read it Pretty Pragya!

Kya Hai Samaa, Kya Aasmaan
What a wonderful atmosphere! What a beautiful Sky!
Masti Mein Hai, Saara Jahaan
The whole world seems to be celebrating
Aaj kahenge dil ka fasaana
Today, I will say the true story of my heart
Jaan bhee le le chaahe zamana
Even if the world takes away my life


Abhi folded letter into half and looked at Pragya.

Pragya was smiling pleasantly. She pleasantly “ How sweet na? It’s so rhyming too….” Abhi “ How sure he have written this by himself?” Pragya “I am damn sure and he is so so sweet! He even gave me earrings!” By saying that she took a box from her handbag and showed him. Abhi “Thief!!!” Pragya “ Who?”

Abhi “ That Rakesh! If not who else?” Pragya “ Don’t say him like that….” Abhi “ You are supporting him? That is why he acts like this!” Pragya “ Why do u say him as a thief?” Abhi “ Come with me! I will show u!” Pragya followed him to Cutie’s room and Abhi opened one of the drawer and showed her the earrings as same as the one Rakesh gifted with just the colors being different.

Abhi “ What is this?” Pragya “ Oh…may be he didn’t have money to buy for me…so he could have done this…but the poem is original na…” Abhi “ No way! I think he just used some song lyrics! He failed his hindi Pragya! Cutie told me this many times that he is the only person in her class failing hindi!” Pragya was not believing him and asked him to give the letter back. Abhi was adamant in not giving the paper and walked away from there.

Cutie by now hearing this was shocked.

Abhi “ Cutie! U are awake?” Cutie was in the balcony all this while and Abhigya thought she was sleeping by covering herself with blanket.

Cutie “ Yes…I….” Abhi “ What happened now? Why do u look worried?” He asked that by bending down. Cutie “ Friend! I am scared!”  Abhi “ Why Cutie? U did your exams properly right?” Cutie cried hearing him and Abhi looked clueless. Pragya seeing that was also puzzled.

Cutie confessed her cheating attempt making Abhigya shocked.

Abhi “Let me call u Naina itself! Or to be precise u should be called Naina by everyone!” Naina “Why Bhai?” Abhi “ So that he will not be after u!” Naina looked confused and Pragya hearing that was thinking who is the he is Abhi referring to.

In another situation,
Cutie’s surprise to Abhigya. Abhigya touched by her surprise but are worried for her as they feel she might be getting problems from the Man!

This epi is dedication to Priyanka sis and Afiaa! Kushi from ipkknd was used in the phrase that Cutie and Pragya were telling. I used the first two lines in the Rakesh’s poem from the song deewana main chala from the pyaar kiya to darna kya. The next two lines were from an old song called pyaar kiya to darna kya from the movie mughal e azam. I hope u all liked it! Sayonara?

Thank u everyone for reading! 🙂

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