Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 32

Abhigya were shocked to Shalu there!

Shalu “Hi Sir! Hi Bhai and Bhabhi!” Man “You know them before?” Shalu with a smirk “ Yes sir…he is my Bhai and she is my Bhabhi!” Man “Oh that means they were about to see u?” Shalu coming beside Pragya “ Yes Sir!” Pragya smiled and looked at Abhi with a clueless expression.

Man “ Then young man, Take care of your wife! I got to go now!” He said that and signalled
one of his men to get inside the car.

He smiled at Shalu and all of them smiled in response.

Abhigya were keep on looking at the car until it left the hospital premises.

Abhi “Phew! I feel relaxed now! ” Pragya placed her hand on her forehead and let a sigh of relief.

Shalu “ Is that so? Then how will u feel relax with me Bhai?”
Abhi “I know that is….” Abhi turned back and let Cutie down. Abhi bent down a little and whispered something to her. Cutie hearing that said “Ok friend!” Abhi bent back and looked at the two ladies in front of him. Abhi walking backwards “ I am very relaxed….very relaxed…” Shalu “ Then why are u walking backwards?” Abhi “ Am I? No Shalu…look behind then u will see who is walking backwards….” She turned back to see and there was nobody, when she turned back she saw Abhi running away with Cutie.

They were running as if challenging each other.

Pragya seeing that laughed together with Shalu.

Pragya “ He is scared of u?” Shalu “ All are scared of me!” She said that with pride. Pragya “ Why is that so?” Shalu in a husky voice “ Shalu have all the secrets of others….” She said that by placing her stethoscope around Pragya’s neck and pulling Pragya close to her with it. Pragya with confusion “ Ok…but for that why do u have to tell me in this way?” Shalu taking the stethoscope off from her said “ Shalu’s style!”

By saying that she walked in front asking Pragya to follow her.

Pragya looking at where she ended up screeched “ I am not PREGNANT!” Shalu “ Oh Bhabhi…I am not bringing u for testing!” Pragya “ Then why are we here?” Shalu “ Just wait for me here…I will come back soon!”

Shalu went inside a room and came back in a while as she said “ Let’s go and see your Bhabhi!” Pragya “ U know that she is admitted here?” Shalu “ Is this a question? Purab bhai admitted here as I am here!” Pragya “ Oh ya…I totally forgot about that!” Shalu “That means like Ma told, Abhi Bhai and u were married! Exciting thing is u too Even have a child!” Pragya “ NO! It’s not our child! We are not married yet too!” Shalu “ Don’t lie Bhabhi…mistakes do happen…” She said that in a teasing tone. Pragya “ Chee! Why are u telling like this? That is my Bhabhi’s child!” Shalu “ Acha…so u are dating him?” Pragya unable to stand her walked fast in front and Shalu “ Wait! Wait! I will also come!” She rushed behind her and both reached Naina’s ward.

Abhi was there with Cutie and were talking to Naina. Pragya “ She is conscious?” Abhi “ Yes! She waked up as soon as we came running here!” Pragya looked at Naina and she smiled in return.

Naina signalled her to come beside her. Pragya standing beside her asked “ How are u feeling now?” Naina “Much better…” Abhi “Don’t ask her too many questions! She shouldn’t strain herself by talking!”

Pragya looked at Abhi and smiled as his concern.

Shalu looking at Pragya “ You see Bhabhi she got conscious but Bhai never even made a call to inform u! How bad is that…”

Pragya hearing that stared at Abhi.

Abhi, There she started her work…

Abhi “ happiness, I forgot…” Shalu “ You forgot Bhabhi? That’s bad na…Isn’t it Bhabhi?” Pragya hearing that looked upset.

Abhi “ Oye Shalu! U are just talking to separate me and Pragya forever!” Naina hearing that looked surprised. Abhi realized what he had said and looked at Purab and Naina with a sheepish look.

Naina “ What did u say Bhai?” Abhi “ I was telling as in separation between friends…u know we are like friends forever…nothing else…” Purab “We thought something else…” Pragya shaking her head “ Nothing else!!” Abhi “ Yes…and….I know who u are Naina…” He said that by looking at Naina.

Naina looked puzzled and Abhi “ My dear scary cat… Am I right?” Naina hearing that got emotional and held Abhi’s hand.

Abhi too was in tears and the rest were overwhelmed to see the union of a brother and sister. Abhi “ Don’t ask me how I know and all! Pragya told me that u are my sister and that’s it! I don’t know anything else that u feel will make me upset!” Naina “ I…sorry…Bhai…” Abhi caressing her head sat beside her and the others slowly moved out of the ward to give some privacy to the siblings.

Naina “ I didn’t mean to hide myself from u Bhai….I was just scared of how u would react and how would u feel…I know u made me married with lot of dreams but then now…..”

Abhi “ Yes it does makes me upset for whatever happened to u…Arjun was one of the best man I have ever seen…the way he asked me for u is still in my memory…I know that he would have took care of u in the best way possible until he was around…Am I right?”

Naina nodded her head with tears.

Abhi “ It hurts when we lose our loved ones…just like the way we lost our parents….u were very young when we lost our parents in an accident. I was also like u scared to tell u the truth and was keep on telling u that they will come back whenever u asked for parents. But then one day I realized, telling a lie to our loved one is the most painful thing….it is like telling a lie to yourself!” Naina “ That’s why u told me that Ma and Papa went up high in the sky and are like gods to us….” Abhi “Exactly…from that day onwards u prayed to their photos in our house.” Naina “ But still….” She remained silent. Abhi “I know how much u miss him….” Naina broke into tears and hugged Abhi for support.

Abhi consoled her and said “Remember Purvi! Nothing is permanent and now u have his gift Cutie with u to take care of…” Naina “ I am still scared Bhai…” Abhi “ Why are u scared when I am here with u…”

Naina in a trembling tone “ I….saw… him!” Abhi “Who?” Naina holding his hands “ You won’t leave me right Bhai!” Abhi holding her hand “ Where will I go scary cat? Tell me who u saw first…” Naina “ My father in law…” Pragya just then came in and hearing that was wondering how she could have seen her father when he was not even alive. Pragya “ My father?” Naina looked helplessly of how to explain in front of Pragya.

Abhi “ Pragya! Can u go and check on Cutie?” Pragya “But…” Abhi “ Please Pragya…” He said that by looking at Naina and Pragya understood that he wants her to leave.

Pragya was asking herself of how Naina could have seen her dad when she herself never saw him before as he was dead when she was young.

Abhi “ Now tell me…you saw your father-in-law….” Naina “ Yes Bhai…but Pragya doesn’t know about him…” Abhi “ Why is that so? She is her daughter and should have known him right?” Naina “ No…he is my husband’s dad not her dad…” Abhi hearing that was taken aback and asked “ What do u mean? Both should have the same father na…” Naina “ No…Arjun only told me this….his mother married first the man I saw just now….he was very cruel…and she left him to be married with Pragya’s father…” Abhi “ That means Pragya doesn’t know anything about this?” Naina “ No…he said she shouldn’t know as my mother-in-law don’t want their children to know about her marriage life…” Abhi “Then how did Arjun knew about this?” Naina “He read her diary…” Abhi “ All this is fine but why do u have to be scared of that person who is your father-in-law?” Naina “ I was scared that he will bring me away….” Abhi “ Why does he have to bring u away?” Naina cried heavily  and Abhi tried to calm her down. She eventually became unconscious again due to weakness and Abhi asked the nurse to check on her.

Abhi leaving the ward looked for Pragya.

Pragya “ I am here…” Abhi “ You never check on Cutie?” Pragya “ No she is at the playground with other kids there and I asked Shalu to take care of her…” Abhi “Oh…” Pragya “ What did she said?” Abhi “ Nothing Pragya…she was just confused due to medications…U know right like with all the injections and tablets sometimes u tend to imagine certain things…” Pragya “ You are not telling the truth!” Abhi looking away “Then u find out the truth!” Pragya “ It’s okay…if u want to tell then u would have told!” Abhi smiled and moved closer to her and Pragya “ What are u doing? This is a hospital!” Abhi touching her earring said “ Nice earring!” He said that and walked passed her.

Pragya touching her earring thought, It is a normal one. What is so nice about this?

Abhi from a distance “It’s nice as u are nice!”

Pragya turned back and looked at him walking away.

Pragya “ Why are u like this?” Abhi shrugged his shoulder as a sign of no and continued to walk towards the playground where Cutie was.

Pragya went inside the ward and saw Naina sleeping.

Pragya, I am wondering what you and him are hiding now….Did u make him as a scary cat like u? Actually u have changed right then why are u hiding things from me? Is it because I am hiding things from u? I have to hide certain things from u so that u are fine….but for u…what is the purpose?

She looked at her with that thoughts and made covered her with the blanket there.

Abhi, It’s strange when Pragya is going through almost the same experience as her mother….

Days passed and Abhigya were taking turns to meet and see Naina who was still hospitalized. Sometimes they come together with Cutie to see her in the evening.

Cutie’s exams was also nearing which made her nervous. Her excuses for not going to school had become futile as both Abhigya were strict with her.

Her play time reduced badly and it made her very sad.

Cutie was looking at the book in front of her for revision when Pragya came with a cup of juice for her. Pragya “ You should flip the pages to study Cutie! Not just look at it!” Cutie “What is that u are holding di?” Pragya “ Juice! For u only…” She said that and passed her to drink. Cutie drinking it said “ Yuck! I don’t want this!” She made a grumpy look. Pragya “ This is good for u! A boost for your brain!” Cutie “ No! I won’t drink!” Pragya “ Shall I call your friend? Why are u like this? Just drink this Cutie!!” Pragya sat beside Cutie and was forcing her to drink but Cutie was persistent in not drinking by moving away and hit the cup. It fell on her book and the book got wet. Pragya raised her voice “ What have u done Cutie?” Cutie looked down in fear. Pragya was about to raise her hand on Cutie when Abhi came in and shouted “Pragya!” She was taken aback and moved back from beating Cutie.

Abhi “ Is this how u take care of her? How long u have been doing like this to her?” He asked that in a fierce tone.

Pragya hesitantly “ She was stubborn and I….” Abhi moving towards Cutie “ Come here Cutie! You tell me what happened?” He carried her.  Cutie with tears explained what happened and Abhi looked at Pragya “ If she don’t likes the taste then why did u force her?” Pragya “No…it’s good for her only…Even I used to drink that when I was young…” Abhi “ You and her are not the same!” Pragya was about to say something when Abhi “ What is that juice that tastes so bad?” Pragya went to the kitchen without saying anything and came back with the juice.

Pragya forwarding her hand with the cup “ Here u go! Taste it!” She said that in an ignorant tone. Abhi took it and Cutie was keep on shaking her head to show him he shouldn’t drink!

He drank and spitted it out on Pragya’s face. Abhi “ Yuck! What is this? It tastes like poison!” Pragya “ How dare u spit on my face?” She asked that while wiping her face. Abhi “ If u give this then I had to spit for sure! U are giving poison!” Pragya “ Have u tasted poison before?” Abhi “ NO!” Pragya “ Then how do u know it tastes like poison?”

Abhi “ Bad joke!” He said that and pouted. Pragya “I hate u!” By saying that she left to Cutie’s room in anger.

Abhi, She can’t say I love u to me until now but can say I hate u!

After sometime, Abhi opened the door and called in a soft tone“ Pragya…” Pragya was still angry and never looked at him.

Abhi “Hey look in front! There is a cockroach on the floor!” Pragya freaked out hearing that and started to run around the room.

Abhi laughed at her and she realized he was making fun of her.

Pragya was about to walk pass him but he held her hand firmly.

Abhi “ Where do u think u are going?” Pragya “ Let me go! If not I will shout!” Abhi “ Really?” Pragya struggled to leave and Abhi “ Mane maaf karo na…” Pragya frowned at him hearing that.

Abhi “ Okok! I shouldn’t have tell that again…” Pragya “ Let me go! I will call Cutie now!” Abhi “ Oh my sweetheart…she is studying now…let her study and let me study u…” Pragya hearing that looked shocked.

Abhi twirled her and hugged her from back.Pragya “What are u doing?” Abhi covered her mouth and said “Sssh u can’t be that loud!” Pragya bite his hand making him shout in pain.

Cutie hearing that, How to study when it’s so noisy? Let me go and have Osaka!

She saw the book and said “ Bye booky! Will see u later!”

She walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge to have her Osaka.

As for Pragya, she was breathing heavy due to his closeness.

Abhi seductively “Let me study u….May I?” Pragya “ You are crossing your limit!” Abhi “ I don’t like to limit myself with my loved ones…” Pragya looked helpless and Abhi let her off and laughed insanely.

Pragya couldn’t understand him and his laughter.

Abhi “ You got scared right? I love this face of yours too!” Pragya took the pillow there and threw at him.

Abhi “ But….u never even kissed me until now….” Pragya folding her arms asked “ Are u sure?” Abhi “I am sure! That time I  kissed u at Ahmedabad! That was to save u from the people chasing u!” Pragya “ U kissed me after saying Mane maaf karo which was the most unexpected moment in my life!” Abhi smirked and said by pulling her towards him “ But u never give me the chance of having that unexpected moment…u never kissed me yet!”

Pragya again got nervous and shivered badly. Abhi “Don’t u know first times are special as it happens only once?” Pragya “This is not about first time! This is…..” Abhi seductively “This is….” Pragya turned behind unable to see him. Abhi came in front of her and said “Trust me or try me…..” Pragya opened her mouth widely in shock with his words.

Pragya “ Don’t u have shame? How can u ask for a kiss in this way?” Abhi “ U mean I should give u rather than ask u?” Pragya “Oh god!” Abhi “ I should ask god? Please Pragya, I don’t want to disturb him by asking for a kiss!” Pragya “ Enough is enough!”

He couldn’t resist himself and just gave a peck on her cheek and looked at Pragya by winking at her.

Abhi “I will wait for my unexpected moment until then it’s light pecks on cheeks!”

Pragya “ I hate u!” Abhi “ So sweet of u! Thank u baby!” He said that and walked away saying “ Waiting baby…” Pragya was rubbing her cheek where he gave a peck and was looking at him in disbelief.

As for Cutie she was happily having her Osakas and that’s when she acidentally dropped the bowl gaining the attention of Abhi who was outside of the room.

Cutie in exam hall and raising her hand to ask teacher permission to go to the toilet.

Cutie, Why the teacher is not coming fast? I need to go toilet so that I can get answers for this question! (Cutie’s cheating attempt! will it be successful?).
The purpose for asking the question cum help is simple. I got bored recently and had been listening to songs. So thought of asking u all movies names so that i can listen to songs or bgm music. Now I have sufficient items to listen. The another reason is I thought of making u all remember the first times as I remembered my first time watching movie recently ??. The last reason is using the names or something related to them that u all have told in this story too! Keep reading to know how I will use it, hopefully it turns out in a good way. It can be taken as a form of dedication to u all. Not only songs but there are many other interesting things that can be taken from movies and serials!?? Once again thank u so much in contributing to kill my boredom???

Thank u Vaishali (No worries, u make me feel bad by asking apology when there is still nothing wrong from your side! So no more apology! Thank u for sharing your movie and serial experience too! Ko was an interesting movie with a twist!), Nivethaa (Same pinch as u when it comes to serials. Yes it was her acting made me watch kkb too), Mokshi (glad that I made u enjoy and remember the sweet memories! I like the comedy in Chandramukhi), Saranya (I know that movie! It was quite scary at that time!), Sugan (No problem, I also like Baahubali! Waiting eagerly for part 2), SamyuSam (You have doubts…hopefully I can clear them friend! tks for loving her character too), Priya (So sweet of u friend! Hope I can clarify the mystery side too), Priyanka (Same pinch in watching the serial ipkknd! It was my first too! I like the cartoons that I used to watch when I was young…but now some of the cartoons that I watched doesn’t exist which makes me feel old haha), Prathi (I googled after u mentioned as in for Shanti and the story was interesting too! Padayappa is a fantastic entertainer, no wonder u cheered for it! l admire actress Soundarya in it too but sadly she is no more…) Reshu ( Surprisngly I watched Narasimham recently! I like Lalettan’s acting),Afiaa (Never watched the movie yaar! Gonna watch that soon!),Akshaya (It was a feel good movie of SK. Yes her acting expressions are cute in kkb!), Nithyashree raman ( Never watched it either, but just read it in wiki haha) Cutie (Yes I should be way too younger when watching Jeans haha. The only thing I remembered for a long time when I first watched was the climax where the dinosaur comes as I was scared of dinosaurs after watching Jurrasic park). Thank u lopez and Minu for loving the ff as usual!

Once again thank u for sharing experience and helping me. thank u again for reading! and sorry for bak baks!

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