Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 31

Abhi “What are u telling Pragya? How can she be Purvi? She looks different!” Pragya “ You have to believe she is your sister! She is the same Purvi who is scared to tell u the truth! Remember u always call her scary cat?” Abhi running his hand through his head looked stressed.

Pragya “ I am telling the truth, her face may have been changed but not her character. In fact, she always want to tell u that she is Purvi but as usual she is scared of your reaction….. “

Abhi was trying to recall Naina’s actions towards him. She knows his likes and dislikes. Even Cutie resembles how Naina was when she was young.

Abhi “That means Cutie is my niece!” He said that happily and Pragya nodded her head. Pragya “ But you are right that my Bhai is no more…I mean…” Abhi “ Arjun is no more…” Pragya had tears in her eyes again. Abhi “ I am not sure what happened in all your lives Pragya….but to me what is important now is as a brother I want my sister to recover soon and my niece to be with her mother’s and uncle’s love….”

Pragya looked at him and thought, if it was some other person he would have asked a lot of questions about what had happened but you are concerned about the present situation. This is what makes me move towards u in love….

Abhi “ Let’s go before Cutie calls us!” He held her hands and brought her back to the house.

As she was unable to believe that he made it simple yet deep in his way of expressing his feelings and emotions towards her, Purvi aka Naina and Cutie.

As Abhi opened the door, he did noticed the silence in Pragya.

Abhi “ I will go and check whether is she awake or not..” She responded by nodding her head gently and he walked towards the room.

He came back in a while and signalled that she is still sleeping.

Pragya “Will u tell her that you are her uncle now?” Abhi with a smile “ Did u tell u are her aunty?” Pragya shook her head as no and was about to say something but he interrupted “ When u want to be called as di and be young, then I also prefer that way! Anyways Friend is cool! Not all uncles have a friend like cutie!” Pragya smiled widely hearing that and said “ You first want Purvi to know that u know everything. Am I right?”

Abhi “Of course! I want my sister to tell Cutie that I am her uncle!” Pragya with hesitation “Then…how do u…” Abhi sitting on the sofa “ How did I know about u? That’s what u want to ask!” Pragya nodded her head again. Abhi “Take a seat first!” She sat on the armrest chair that was beside to where he was sitting.

Abhi “You made me know who are u to me!” Pragya with a confused look “Me? When did I…” Abhi “ I got some pictures of u…I mean the ones I took of u when u were hiding and seeing me by covering your face with duppata with only your eyes been seen. It was at Purvi’s wedding, just like that I came across same pictures in the recent times.” Pragya “ But still…how did u know about my marriage and….”

Abhi “Is that a big deal to find? I went to your house when u were missing. There I saw your wedding attire. I knew it was yours as I did attended your wedding. And about your husband not in senses, he is my friend so that’s how I know about him and u! Although I was in overseas for many years but I got to know what had happened through Purab’s Ma when she was questioning me about the love for u!”

Pragya “He is your friend? She asked that in a worried tone. Abhi corrected himself “He WAS my friend….now he is not…” Pragya “ Why?” Abhi “ I don’t have interest in talking about things that had happened, now I want to talk about things that need to happen…” Pragya looked at him blankly again.

Abhi “ By the way u are my sister’s sister in law and your face didn’t change right? Then how could u all think that I can forget your face?” Pragya “ Wo..we…thought u never noticed me that much and hoped that u won’t remember me….” Abhi hearing that was keep on smiling and asked  “ Do u know what is the most powerful camera in the world?” Pragya wondered why is he asking this question all of a sudden.

Abhi “ Do u know?” Pragya “ No…” Abhi “ Our eyes! It captures multiple shots and in fact every shot that is close to our heart!”

Pragya thought, That means he considers me close to his heart?

Abhi “Haan I do!” Pragya was amazed with his reply. Abhi “I do consider u close to my heart, for being with my sister like a friend and always supporting her at all her ups and downs. Now I feel you are my heart after telling me about Naina is my sister as u could understand how bad I was feeling….” Pragya “ I am telling u again…what if….” Abhi “ When it happens then we shall see….until then we should care for Cutie…That’s our first priority!” Pragya had nothing to say as he was with a level of understanding that made her convinced.

Abhi “ If your doubts have ended, can u please give me water? I am damn thirsty yaar after talking for so long….” Pragya smiled and went towards the kitchen to take water for him.

Abhi, There is one more thing u never know Pragya….that is I was the main person responsible for your marriage to happen with him…..That’s why I am trying my best to be with u and in making u to be with me now …..

Pragya came back with a glass of water. He took that and was drinking the water.

Pragya was keep on looking at Abhi and he asked “ You want this too?” He asked by forwarding his hand with the glass.

Pragya shook her head as no and smiled widely.

Abhi “Hmm..then why are u looking at me?” Pragya “I was thinking…we should meet Naina again…” Abhi “Right! I want to see my scary cat Purvi and I wonder how did she became Naina…” Pragya “As time changes even life changes in an unexpected way….that’s what happened in her life….” Abhi “ But Changes give unexpected choices too…” Pragya “ Do you think choices can cure the impact of changes?” Abhi “ Not really, but they give u the chance to change…a chance to change the impact….” Pragya “Why are u like this?” Abhi looked at himself as if he was checking himself.

Pragya looking at that chuckled. Abhi “ I am normal right?” Pragya “ No you are not normal if u are a normal person then the reactions would be abnormal….u would have asked lots of questions about our lives in the past….” Abhi smiled and walked towards where Pragya was. She was not nervous but wondered what he wants to say
Abhi “ Pragya…whatever could have happened but I know nothing could have been wrong from your side and my sister…that makes me not having the interest to know the past…what will happen if I know the past? I would get angry for the bad things happened to my loved ones…Then my emotions will make me to take revenge! Is revenge what I want all this years being separated from my loved ones? No!! I want my loved ones to love and care for me! I want their love Pragya! And I want to shower all my love and care in return!”

Pragya pleasantly said “ We love to be in your love….” Abhi “ Really? We or You?” He asked the by holding her close to him by grabbing her waist.

Pragya was taken aback. She was not looking at him and was feeling shy of their closeness.

Abhi “Shyness suits u….” Pragya “Let me go…what if Cutie comes?” Abhi was about to say something when Cutie really came out of the room sleepily by rubbing her eyes.

Abhi let her off and said “You really know how to predict future!” Pragya was confused and realized that Cutie was behind her as she started to tell something loudly.

Pragya pouted at him for his disappointment in not being able to spend time with her.

Abhi “I will have my time CD!” Pragya turned back with a wide smile.

Cutie “Di! You all slept?” Pragya “ No Cutie…we were talking…” She said that by carrying her. Cutie “ Di! Talking? Without me?” She asked that sadly.

Pragya “ We were only talking about u…come let’s go and wash face…” She said that by walking off to the bathroom.

Abhi smiled looking at Pragya and Cutie walking away.  

As for Purab he visited the hospital just to check how Naina’s health was.

He enquired the doctor and he said she was still in the same way as before.

He went inside the ward and sat beside her. Purab “ I am sorry for that day….I already told u but still I am regretting for my action….if I had been more responsible then I would have never lost my Bulbul…then she wouldn’t have left her face as a memory to me in your form….”

As he was saying that Naina was slowly regaining consciousness. Purab was shocked to see that. Naina “ Where am I?” She said that weakly. Purab “ You are awake! Oh my god! Let me call Abhi and Pragya to inform this!” Naina with confusion “ Where is Cutie?” Purab “She is fine…Abhi and Pragya are taking care of her.” Naina was trying to sit up when Purab helped her and she felt uncomfortable of his touch. Purab “ Sorry…” Naina “ It’s okay…” Purab “ Wait let me call the doctor!” He said that and rushed out to call

Naina looked towards where he went and saw someone walking pass by the ward. She seeing him screamed loudly and gets uncontrollable.

Hearing her screams, the doctors and nurses attended to her and Purab was tensed seeing her in that way.

He too tried to handle her but it was uncontrollable and doctor had to give injection to make her unconscious.

Doctor “ What did she saw just now?” Purab “ I am also not sure as I went out of the ward to call for u!” Doctor “Oh okay then just stay with her when she is conscious again, talk to her patiently and make sure nothing disturbs her mind for now….”

Purab stayed there and texted Abhi to come to hospital with Cutie to see Naina.

At the house,

Abhi “ Purab texted us to come to hospital!” Pragya “ Does that mean she is conscious?” Abhi “ It could be! Get Cutie ready and we can leave now itself!” Pragya “Ok sure!”  They reached hospital but Cutie was keep on asking questions whether Naina was awake!

Pragya “ We will go and see Cutie!” They soon reached the ward and saw Purab.
Purab explained to them whatever happened outside the ward and Abhi “Who did she saw that she had to scream in fear?” Purab “ I don’t know yaar but it was really very scary to see her in that way….It was the same way I saw Bulbul screaming in her pain….” He said that with tears. Abhi patted his shoulder and said “ Don’t compare her with your Bulbul! She is my sister, Purvi!” Purab hearing that looked shocked and looked at Pragya. Pragya “ I told him that she is his sister….” Purab “ I am sorry….” Abhi “It’s alright…I was just telling it as her brother…” He said that by looking at Naina who was sleeping through the glass door.
Abhi “ Let’s go in…we can’t let Cutie alone for too long….”

Cutie “ Ma is still sleeping….” She said the sadly. Pragya “ She is a sleeping beauty so she is taking rest and will wake up soon!” Cutie exclaimed “ Ma is sleeping beauty!” Pragya “ You shouldn’t be this loud!” Cutie hearing that looked around and made a zip sign of her mouth to show that she would be silent.

Abhi “ So now how?” Pragya “ I will stay here until she gets conscious….” Purab “ But we don’t know when…I will stay here…” Abhi “ He is right…let him stay here and take care of her…We should leave later as Cutie have school tomorrow and her exams are also nearing soon…She can’t be missing classes too…” Pragya “But…how will she react when Purab is here….she don’t likes him too…She would feel uncomfortable…” Abhi looking at Purab “ If she feels that in anyway, make a call to me Purab! I know how to convince my sister…”

Both Pragya and Purab agreed to Abhi’s decision and Cutie was talking to her Ma and ask her to wake up soon.

Cutie suddenly remembered something and ran out of the ward in a rush.

Abhi “ Where is she running?” Pragya without telling anything ran after Cutie. Purab “ I think u need to run after them!” Abhi panickingly ran behind them.

Pragya stopped running and was breathing heavy by holding her chest. Abhi “ Where is she?” Pragya “ I lost track of her!” Abhi “ What the hell? U even wear chasma but u never catch her!” Pragya “ Hello! If I wear chasma that doesn’t mean I can catch her!” Abhi “ How can u lost track of her when the hospital is not even crowded??” Pragya “Can u stop it and ask around where she is!!” Abhi walked forward not able to stand Pragya and she followed him.

Both were asking lots of people there whether they have seen a small girl.

A man passed by and asked them whether they were looking for a girl with the descriptions that matched to Cutie’s appearance.

Abhi “ Where did u saw her?” He smiled and asked them to follow him out of the hospital.

Abhi “ Where did she went?” Pragya “ I also don’t know! I never expect her to run in this way!” Man “ No worries…she is safe…” He showed them a car and Abhigya were shocked to see the same man who they had escaped from AK 47’s house. Cutie was cheerfully talking to that man.

Abhi held Pragya’s hand firmly in fear.

Pragya was trying to remove his hand but he was not letting her to take of his hands.

Pragya whispered “Why did she go to him?” Abhi “ How would I know? It’s all because of u!” The man “ If u all done with whispering then u can go and see Sir now…”

Abhi was walking backwards in fear and Pragya tried to pull him forward. He was getting more nervous but pretended to be fine by smiling widely.

Abhi in a low tone “ Hello Sir…Nice to see u again!” Man “ Be loud man! Why is your voice like a cat?” Cutie was sitting on his lap and Abhi was thinking if she wants to sit on somebody’s lap, I would have let her sit on my lap for hours!

Cutie giggled and said “He is very funny! He said your voice is like a cat! Meow! Meow!” Abhi gave a fake chuckle hearing that and Pragya was trying to control her laughter.

Man “What brings you here young man?” Abhi still holding Pragya tightly “What else Sir? Check-up!” Man “For u?” Abhi “No Sir…for my wife! She is pregnant!” Pragya hearing that stepped Abhi’s foot. Abhi screamed “Haaa!!” Man “What happened? It’s a happy news right then why do u have to scream as if u are in pain?” Abhi “Practice! Practice sir! You know in delivery times she would be screaming like this that’s why I am showing her how to scream!”

Pragya, Ridiculous again! Can’t he tell something else? How awkward is this!!

Man laughed loudly that made Abhi taken aback and he pulled Pragya backwards with him.

Pragya frowned at him and he with a faint smile moved front again.

Man “You are always comical young man! By the way…what’s your name?” Abhi “I have already told u sir, I am Abhi…” Man “Haan Abhi! Here u go she is very heavy!” He said that by passing Cutie to Abhi. Cutie hearing her heavy felt like punching the man.

Abhi “Ok sir we take our leave…sorry for bothering u again…” Man “No problem Abhi! She saw me when u two entered the hospital and said hi to me! Then she just now ran to me and passed me my wallet that I dropped on the floor.” Abhi looking at Cutie “Really Cutie?” Cutie “Yes friend….I kept it in my pocket…” Man in a suspicious tone “Friend?” Cutie “Yes he is my best friend!” Abhi was getting more nervous now and before he was about to say something, Pragya “Yes sir…she considers him as a friend rather than a dad…And sometimes she even calls me as di as I look young….” Man “Sounds interesting….” Pragya “Ya we too find it that way with her…” Man “But where is your son?” Abhigya looked at each other on how to tell about Rakesh.

Cutie “He is in school! I never go school today as I was tired! I miss talking to him!” Abhigya looked relieved.

Abhi slowly walking backwards “Sir! She haven’t finish the check-up yet…so…” Man “Oh wait! Let me refer you to the gynecologist that I know here!” Pragya “No sir we already know someone here…we will manage…” Man in authorizing tone “No! Wait! I will call her now!”

Cutie was trying to pronounce the word gynecologist with difficulty and looking at that Abhigya were feeling helpless of their situation. Abhi was looking up and Pragya was looking down in the situation that they are stuck at.

Man “Done! She will be coming here soon!” Pragya hit Abhi slightly against his shoulder for her plight.

Abhi looked at her as if saying sorry to her. Man “There she is!” He said that by pointing his hand and Abhigya turned behind to look at her.

Abhigya were shocked to looked at the person!

Abhi “Don’t u know first times are special as it happens only once?” Pragya “This is not about first time! This is…..” Abhi seductively “This is….” Pragya turned behind unable to see him. Abhi came in front of her and said “Trust me or try me…..” Pragya opened her mouth widely in shock with his words…..

I need a help in the form of an answer from whoever is reading this ff. Actually it’s a very simple thing that I am asking which is kind of a game that I would like to play with u all!

Like mentioned in the precap first times are special as it only happens once! So would u all mind telling me the very first indian movie or drama series/show that u all watched?

Just the name is enough, I will tell the reason why I am asking this in the next update. I won’t comment on what u all have watched. I have a purpose in asking this as I need help! I really need you all to help me friends if not….it’s okay but I would be very grateful of this help if u all help me!

I will start first, the very first indian movie I watched was Jeans (Tamil movie) in theaters with my family and some of my relatives. I think I was at nursery at that time. It was my first time watching a full Tamil movie at that time as in house I will only watch cartoons like Teletubbies and Popeye the sailor man lol. Even yesterday in the local channel here Jeans was telecasted ? Haha ok u all no need to tell the experience as time is precious, so just the name is sufficient! Please! If u all could do this favour then it will be of great help! I do know some of u are busy but still just the name is sufficient!

Sorry if this bothers you all and thank u for reading! About how Abhi knows more and how will he know everything or who Naina was scared of, who is the person that Abhigya are shocked of and everybody’s past, it will be revealed gradually as I am nearing the ending of this ff! I guess so…

Meet you all on Monday for this ff!

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  1. Vaishali

    hii dii as u said no sorry so i am apologising for not commenting for this much time.. hope u let this idiot go. and for all the updates one word hats off to u…no words to say other than this.. godd abhi is so caring pragz is still a mystery and naina purab are unique in thier own way.. good that naina got conscious.. sorry cutie u too have exams now same pinch yaar we both are sailing on the same boat.. its all in our fate.. and to ur ques dii i didnt eventually remember my first movie but my first theater movie is Ko ( tamil movie starring jeeva and karthiga) and my first serial is bade acche lagte hain in tamil and in hindi it was diya aur baati hum and may be naina is shocked of this old man with whom abhi pragz and cutie were tallking to.. the last scene was hilarious dii ” she is pregnant” and pragya stomping her feet was out of the world. i think this old man is related to arjun naina’s husband or with his death. and i think he too know abt abhigya’s lie but acting like he dont know… eager to know who is pragz hubby and what abhi is guilty of to know more stay tuned to the most popular show DESTINY DISTANCING US… love u dii take care keep smiling..

  2. Saranya24

    Suprb funny update akka loved it muuaahh?????and abt ur ques i dnt rember crctly but i think its tamil movie VISIL hope u knw tat i watched tat wit fear as it has murder ghosts like tat wen i was young?

  3. Nithyashreeraman

    Awesome di and vishali same pinch even I too have exams and my first serial was bade acche lagte hain in tamil ??

  4. No sry sissy? i think i watched was Autograph movie in nursery time but i watched Chandramukhi movie with my whole family i loved that experience n its the last movie too with my wholeee family unforgettable memory thank you so much for reminding those sweet memories?????❤❤❤??? splendid update sissy??????? loved the way of ur writing??❤❤??❤❤ no wrds to xpress awsm n lovely update❤❤???????? abhiya ummmmaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh???????????? keep rocking??? eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy????❤❤????

  5. Nivethaa

    hiii sis… cute update.. !! abhi being matured.. & understand wat to do next rather than dig their past.. !! last part was really funny.. !! in love with this cutie.. !!♥♥ & coming to ur question..basically i don’t like to watch serials..but i too started to watch serial wen i was in 10th std.. the first serial was kana kaanum kalangal in vijay tv.. a school life story.. i enjoyed it as much as i can .. wen season 2 started the story lost its charm.. & then i don’t like to see any serials.. & also board xams & all .. then college..& hostel too…so.. no time to watch any serials.. after my degree one sunday i saw kkb in tamil(maha epi).. from tat.. i’m going crazy abt abhigya.. ♥;-) .. about film.. !! i didn’t remember theatre may me samy staring vikram & thrisha.. tat’s all.. don’t panic .. i just answered ur question in an excitement… tat’s y.. !! he he.. !! if u feel it’s lenghty comment just ignore it sisyy!!♥♥ love u dear… !! don’t end it sooon..

  6. it was sooo cute dear abigyas scenes were sooo amazing I really lovvvvvvve it dear eagerly waiting for the other part soon lovvvvvvve uuuu

  7. Prathi

    First one I saw was a serial named ‘Shanthi’ it’s a very old one, I don’t remember the story but I remember its name my grandma used to watch I just used to sit next to her and stare that’s it ?? First movie in theatre was ‘Padayappa’ Rajinikanth starrer I was around 12 or 13 I tried to whustle, I was clapping, shouting! I was a very excited kid

  8. superb episode di all the scenes are so nice waiting for next one

  9. Nice one. Very well written. I liked it. nd my first movie is hindi Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya

  10. Update is superb diii….precap is interesting waiting for that….I watched Ethirneecha(acted by sivakarthikeyan)for the first time in the theatre with my bro….na bole tum na maine kuch kaga and rangrasiya was the first serial I watched in tamil…like nivi sis I watched a scene from kkb while I changing the channel in tamil….I m very impressed by pragya’s cuteness…I think I started to watched it from 30 th episode….from that time onwards I became a crazy fan of abhigya….and I am addicted to watch kkb everyday….

  11. Awesome dear…. Abhi nervous scence super….. Especially she wants to sit on somebody’s lap, I would have let her sit on my lap for hours….. sorry friend don’t remember My frist movie name as i am very small…. Last movie name bahubali in tamil….

  12. Okay this was Amazingly Amazinggggg. Abhi The Hilarious Man! Seriously yaar his explanations are the Best! Love him so much.
    And yeah coming to the topic that you were talking in the last. To both of our surprise… Jeans is the very first movie that I watched in theater.. Probably when u was very young. And yeah the first TV series that I watched was Saubagya vati…. Which had Sriti Jha and Karanvir Bohra as the leads. After that right now I am watching Kumkum Bhagya.. Which is my present addiction only becoz of the lead actors…. TiSha! That’s it.
    And yeah your this ff is becoming very interesting day by day. Waiting for many more truths to be revealed. Sayonara.

  13. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its sooooooooo cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Im Really Really Lovingggggggggg it!!!!!!! & About the question, I dont remember it clearly…….I think its “NARASIMHAM” a malayalam movie……….& My first hindi serial is EK HAZAARON MEIN MERI BEHNA HEI………

  14. Awesome update dii??…. last part was funny?… interesting precap… eagerly waiting for next part dii…
    Coming to ur question My first tv serial I watched was iss pyar ko kya naam Doon and first movie in theatre was kadhal.. dii I too like cartoons very much??..

  15. Sorry maya… i reaally not rememeber which movie i saw but i remember hindi serila Kasam se… There are twist in it too.. how abhi know everthing…. and there is something with that man….
    U are wonderfulll??????????????

  16. SamyuSam

    hiii maya….. i dnt remember d movie name bt i went it with my grand maa….. i love ua ff,,,….. its amazing,,, plzz reavel d past,, nd i also have some dbt nd confusion,,, i think u will clear it in upcoming episodes….. nd i love cutie char a lot,,, wow its lovable….. lovvvveeeeeee u dear…..

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