Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 30

Pragya came back to senses while having an eyelock with Abhi when Cutie yelled “Di!!!” Abhi saw it and laughed. Pragya looked angrily and saw him turning away to walk in.

Pragya, What is running in his mind?

Pragya carried Cutie and said it’s enough of playing for today as she need to prepare lunch.

Cutie pleaded that she wants to play further but it was futile and Pragya brought her back to home.

Cutie looked upset and was looking sadly at the table in front of her.

Pragya “No way! Don’t think of walking on the table!” Cutie “I never think like that!” Pragya “Then why are u keep on staring at that?”

Cutie “I….on…” Pragya “What are u saying?” Just then the doorbell rang. Pragya “ Wait! Let me check who is that then u tell me!”

She went to open the door and was surprised to see Abhi.

Abhi “Won’t u let me in?” Pragya “ I thought u had spare keys with u…” She said that by moving aside for him to come in.

Abhi walking in said “Haan but….” Pragya “But?” She asked that by closing the door.
Abhi “I came in a rush… so I forgot to bring the keys…” Pragya “Why rush?” Abhi “ To see…” Pragya “ To see what?”

Cutie by then saw Abhi and shouted “ Friend is here!!!” Abhi walking towards her “ Oye Cutie! I am only here, why are u shouting as if I am in another planet!!” Cutie chuckled hearing that and asked him to see the table.

Abhi looked at the table in front of her.
Abhi “What’s the problem with the table?” Cutie “ Big problem friend!” Pragya was also clueless as the tea table looked perfectly fine to her.

Abhi “Tell me what’s the problem!” Pragya was waiting to hear too but Cutie was hesitant to tell in front of her. Abhi realized that and looked at Pragya.

Abhi “ Do u have any work Pragya?” Pragya “ Yes need to prepare lunch…” Abhi “Then u carry on with that and I will take care of Cutie…” Pragya smiled and was about to walk away…

Pragya turned back and walked towards where he was making him wonder why is she coming towards him.

Pragya “ I am sorry…I mean u have to see me again….” By saying that she walked off and Abhi grinned at her.

Abhi, I love to see her again and again…what else do I need to have when being in love with her?

Cutie heard that and asked “Why di is saying sorry?” Abhi said “ Because she is fond of seeing me!!” He said that loudly so that Pragya could hear him.

Pragya, I do…but still I shouldn’t….

With those thoughts, she started her work in the kitchen.

Cutie couldn’t understand what Abhi told and she continued to tell the problem with the table.

Abhi “This sounds like a big problem! Your di will won’t agree to this Cutie!” Cutie “I know friend! But Rakesh needs my help! You only said na friends should help each other forever….” She said that and looked sad again.

Abhi thought for a while. Abhi “ Chalo Cutie!” Cutie with excitement “Really Friend? Are we going to this?” Abhi “Yes but u have to be silent from now onwards until we leave house…” Cutie nodded her head and both carried out their work.

After sometime, Pragya finished cooking and was surprised that it was very silent. She knew that Cutie is a loudspeaker but couldn’t believe she is with this much of silence.

Pragya felt maybe Abhi is really making sure that she never makes any noises.

She went out of the kitchen to inform them that lunch is done.

Pragya, Arrey where did these two went now?

She looked for them in the rooms and balcony but they were nowhere to be found.

Pragya, They were here na….Oh god! Where is the table that was here?

She called Abhi’s number but he never picked up her call making her tensed.

She locked the house and went out to search for them.

Pragya, Where do I search for them? And what is the need to go with a table?

She decided that she check with the security guard.

Pragya “Bhaiyya! Did u saw Abhi and Cutie?” Security guard “ Yes they just went with a table!” Pragya “ Which direction Bhaiyya?” Security guard “ They just went to the apartment opposite to where u stay….” Pragya “ Oh ok thank u!”

Pragya, Why did they went there? How do I find where they went?

She was walking towards that apartment when Abhi and Cutie were coming laughing loudly.

Looking at that Pragya stared at them in anger.

Abhi and Cutie turned back in fear.

Pragya “ What is this? Why do u all need to bring a table away from the house??” She continued to ask so many questions that Abhi and Cutie felt like running away from there.

Abhi turned back first and said “ Ssssh! We are outside and not at house! Why are u scolding us like this?” He asked that pitifully.

Pragya “ I am scolding? I am asking questions!” She said that and folded her arms in anger.

Abhi seeing her broke into laughter again and she raised her eyebrow in return.
Abhi too raised his eyebrow and said “ Maane Maaf Karo…please….”

Pragya hearing that couldn’t believe how he can say that again and again.

She was unable to say anything and started to cry.

Cutie hearing Pragya’s crying turned back and went to hug her.

Pragya “ Move away! I am saying this to both of u!” She ran back to their apartment leaving Abhi and Cutie shocked.

Upon reaching the house, Pragya did a silent treatment to Abhi and Cutie. She served food to them but Abhi and Cutie’s attempts to grab her attention failed. They even appreciated her food but she never even smiled. She was behaving with an expressionless face.

Abhi seeing that felt very bad as he knew it was not their action that made her feel bad but it was his repetitive use of the phrase which made her uncomfortable.

Abhi made Cutie to sleep and assured her that when she wakes up Pragya would be normal towards them.

Abhi coming out of the room saw Pragya wiping her tears silently.

Abhi “ I need to talk to u…” Pragya “ Cutie is sleeping….she may wake up at anytime and that too in day time she only sleeps for short durations…” Abhi “ Please Pragya…U have broken your silence but i just need to talk to u for a while….” Pragya “ Then talk!” She said that by looking at another direction. Abhi “ Not here….” Pragya “ How can we leave her alone? She would get scared if she finds herself alone…I can’t leave….” Abhi “ Pragya…i had left Naina’s phone on the side table…if anything she will call us using that….I told her this already…but please come with me….I assure u that I won’t take that long…”

Pragya pondered why is he insisting her this much to talk to her. She finally agreed as he looked very worried.

She followed him and he brought her to the terrace of the apartment.

It was very windy and he asked “ Were u crying as u were disturbed by my words?”
Pragya trying to hold onto her duppata said “ Nothing like that…” Abhi “ It is like that….I am really sorry…I never knew u would get hurt by it….” Pragya “ It’s okay…let’s leave….” She said that by turning behind and not looking at him.

Abhi “ I know this may not be the right time to tell but whenever I look at u I feel
your eyes expresses what I want and your silence speaks but your tears are a turmoil to my feelings…”

Pragya hearing that thought, It’s true as that is the ways that i can show what i feel…as words always turn as weapon in my life…

She never realized that she was walking backwards and was about to fall from the height of his love. The height of his love that is right for her.

Abhi turned behind and saw her walking backwards not realizing she could fall off.

Abhi yelled“ Pragya!” She stopped walking and looked at him blankly. Abhi “ Just stay where you are!” She remained there and he pulled her towards him making her hug him.

Abhi “ Where are your senses Pragya? What if u had fallen?” He asked that worriedly and she remained in his hug by crying silently.

Abhi made her look at him. But she was keep on crying with her eyes closed. It made him hurt as much as she was feeling the hurt by her life.

Abhi cupping her face “ You love me! That’s what I need….It doesn’t matter whether you are married or not married…I know u are not yet divorced and he is not in senses to give u divorce….”

Hearing that Pragya opened her eyes and looked deeply into his eyes. She was about to say something when he placed his finger on her lips to silence her.

Abhi “But remember Pragya! that u are only mine from the time I saw u at my sister’s marriage!” He said that and hugged her closely making Pragya to be shocked!

Abhi breaking the hug away, looked at Pragya with tears and she was puzzled with his words.

Abhi “ You are the one who passed a white cloth with heart drawn on it through the kids! Am I right Pragya?” She hearing that tried to turn away but his grip was not letting her to do so.

Abhi “Pragya! U didn’t know how much of effect u had on me when the marriage was happening, u were keep on looking at me and trying to grab my attention but I was keep on trying not to look at u by making myself busy in the marriage works!”

Pragya “You did noticed me?” Abhi “I did….more than u did….but I regretted for not doing it like that way u did!” Pragya “If it had happened then I would have been yours…” Abhi “Even now you are mine…I am ready to wait for u….” Pragya “You shouldn’t waste your time in waiting for me…” Abhi “ time would not be wasted in waiting for u but it would be only wasted if you are not with me at all my times….”

Pragya “Why are u not understanding? I feel I shouldn’t…please forget all this…” Abhi “You see Pragya, even now u can’t say u shouldn’t love me…u are unable to complete the sentence as u know that u feel incomplete without me…” He said that by placing his head on her shoulder.

She was unable to move him from her as she wants to be with him as much he wants.

She started to caress his head and he was lost in her touch.  Abhi “Even if my time ends, I want the time to end with you as I have no one now Pragya…You lost your brother and I lost my sister….I have only u to live for..Will u give me this time to be with u?” Pragya hearing that felt bad of herself for not revealing that his sister is Naina.

Pragya with sobbing said “Your sister….u didn’t lost her…” Abhi looked up and asked “What do u mean? You mean she is alive? I heard that she is dead…” Pragya looked at him with tears and Abhi “Tell me Pragya! Do u know where she is now??” He asked her by holding her firmly and she blurted out “Yes! She is Naina! Naina is your sister, Purvi!”

Abhi hearing that looked at Pragya in shock and disbelief.


Naina getting conscious and when she sees someone, she screams loudly and gets uncontrollable, Purab trying his best to handle her.

In another situation,
Abhi and Pragya in an awkward situation which makes them helpless to reach Cutie!

Thank u everyone for reading!

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