Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 29

Pragya finished working and was taking the lift to Cutie’s house with mixed emotions.

It will not be of the same frequency with him when she sees him now. As now she will be reminded of the incident that had an impact to her or to be precise, an incident that impressed her of his action.

With those thoughts, she entered the house by unlocking the door and saw him teaching Cutie something in her homework.

Abhi looked up at her and gave a gentle smile after which he continued to teach Cutie.

She too smiled back before heading to one of the room there to freshen up.

Pragya, I am relieved that he is busy in teaching Cutie now….

After freshening up, she went out to see him but he was nowhere to be found. Cutie was sitting there with a bowl of gulab jamuns and looked at Pragya.

Cutie “ He went back! Come di! Let’s have Osaka!”

Pragya “Where did he went?” Cutie “ To his house!” She was starting to eat gulab jamuns not being able to wait for Pragya.

Pragya sitting beside her “ So he never ate anything?” Cutie paused eating for a while. Cutie “ Friend ate fruit!! I saw him eating apples!!” Pragya “Only apples?” Cutie “Yes di! You want Osaka?” She asked that by holding an gulab jamun on the spoon.

Pragya “ No it’s fine…u eat first…” Cutie was happy inside that she can eat everything by herself.

Pragya, Apples are enough for him? He had been busy all the day taking care of Cutie but never cares about himself! How irresponsible is he! Let me make something for him!

Pragya asked Cutie to watch TV while she went to cook dinner.

She finished cooking and saw Cutie looked at her by giving a pout. Pragya also pouted back.

Cutie “Di!!! You did like me!!” Pragya giggled and said “Haan! Why I can’t do like that ah?” Cutie “Friend also does like me!!” Pragya hearing that said “ So…” Cutie “So it means I want to find who does it better!! Friend or di!!”

Pragya in her mind, Last time she wants to find out who loves her more and it ended up in him saying he loves me! Now she wants to find who does pout better!! Only god knows what will it end up in now!

Cutie screamed “Di!!!” Pragya came back to senses and looked at Cutie blankly.

Pragya “What?” Cutie “Let’s go and ask him!” Pragya pondered for a while and remembered him saying he doesn’t want to see her that frequently. But at the same time she can’t resist herself from meeting him when she knows he had not eaten properly.

Pragya finally decided to meet him with the excuse of passing him the dinner she had prepared.

Pragya asked Cutie to wait for while and she went to the kitchen to pack the food for him.

Pragya “Chalo Cutie!” Cutie by then ate her bowl of gulab jamuns and she closed the bowl with a lid before leaving the house with Pragya.

Both reached in front of his house and Pragya pressed the doorbell. Cutie “Why friend is not coming???” Pragya “Maybe he is resting…” Cutie “Call him!!” Pragya “Ok…” She called him and he picked up the call.

Abhi anxiously “What happened? Any problem?” Pragya “ No! No! We are here outside your house…” Abhi “ You two are here? Wait let me come…” They were still waiting when he came out from the lift.

Cutie “ Friend! Friend!!” Pragya turned behind as she was shouting by looking backwards.

Pragya “ You never went back to your house?” Abhi remained silent and signaled her to move aside so that he can unlock the door. Pragya wondered why he didn’t went back to his house.

Abhi opened the door and Cutie ran inside hurriedly.

Abhi looking at Pragya “Why is she running like this?” Pragya shrugged her shoulder as a sign of being clueless.

Both went in and Pragya looked around the house that she used to stay. Abhi sat on the sofa and saw her looking around. Pragya realizing his glare was towards her, she quickly looked at Cutie who was jumping.

Pragya “Stop jumping Cutie! U had just eaten!” Cutie “ But i want to know my answer!” Pragya, What? SHE TOO WANTS ANSWER!!

Abhi “ Is it Cutie? Come on Cutie we will ask your di for answers!!” By saying that he looked at Pragya with a smirk.

Pragya “No..I mean I can’t…how many times should I tell this…” Cutie looked confused. Abhi “Come here Cutie!” He said that by asking her to sit beside him.

Cutie sat beside him and asked “ Why di is telling like this?” Abhi “Which answers u want Cutie? U know right your di is always like this…” Pragya hearing that thought, what does he mean I am always like this…

Cutie “Oh Friend! I want to know whether u or di pouts better!!” Abhi hearing that laughed loudly and looked at Pragya letting a deep sigh of relief by placing her hand on the chest.

Cutie tilting her head exclaimed “Haan I know how to find it!!” Abhi also tilted his head and asked “How?” Cutie “Pass your phone!!” Abhi took his phone and passed it to her.

Cutie was busily using the phone and looking at that Abhigya were clueless. Cutie “Now di sit beside Friend!” By saying that Cutie got up from the sofa with the help of Abhi and Pragya hearing that was getting jittery.

Pragya, What is this god? Sitting beside him now and that too after what happened earlier today! This is very nervous!

Abhi was keep on smiling boastfully looking at Pragya’s mixed expressions.

Cutie who was unable to wait held Pragya’s hand and made her sit beside Abhi. Pragya was still thinking in nervousness. She only realized that she had sat beside Abhi after Cutie yelled “Di!!!”

Pragya “When did I came here?” Abhi not looking at her said “When u were thinking if I am not wrong…” Cutie “Now di and friend both of u pout!!! I will take pictures to see who is the best!!” Abhi “I AM ALL READY!” Pragya’s voice became very low in nervousness that she herself can’t hear her voice. Abhi “Did u even tell anything?” Pragya “I did…” Abhi “It means your voice is gone! We can’t hear u! Am I right Cutie?” Pragya holding onto her neck was trying to say something but nothing could be heard.

Pragya, Oh god! Even my voice is gone in nervousness then what else now will be gone???

Abhi “Cutie! No problem, She is ready! It’s just a pout na…so u no need audio! It’s only a picture!” Pragya nodded her head helplessly. Cutie “Oh…ok but will she talk later?” Abhi “Surely she will! If not I will strangle her neck and make her speak!” By saying that he moved his hands to strangle her neck.

Pragya seeing that that screeched “What?? Are u going to kill me?” Cutie “Di’s voice is back!!!” Abhi patted himself on his shoulder “Well done Abhi! Shock treatment worked!”
Pragya “My voice is back!” Abhi “Yes…so shall we start posing?” Pragya was still uncomfortable and was keep on looking at him secretly. As for Abhi he was posing pouts with excitement!

Cutie after taking pictures was looking at them carefully.

Abhigya were waiting for the results. Cutie “The winner is…..” Abhi “Faster tell Cutie! It’s me right??” Pragya remained silent as she knows she wouldn’t be the winner.

Cutie “Di is the winner!!” Abhi in shock “What? She never even pose with pouts! Then how did she became the winner???” Pragya smiled in happiness of victory.

Cutie came to the side of Abhi and whispered something to his ears. Hearing that Abhi “Acha…so that’s the matter…then it’s fine!” He said that and took the tiffin box on the table and walked away with it to the dining table.

Pragya looking at him taking the tiffin box that she brought let a unknown smile.
She asked Cutie to come beside her and whispered “What did u say to him just now?” Cutie whispered back “Secret di…” She said that ran towards where Abhi was.

Pragya, Secret? Whatever it is I am unknowingly the winner and what is more important is he took the tiffin box without asking me anything…Now he would be eating the food I prepared that’s what matters to me….

Abhi finished eating and was about to walk towards the kitchen when she came in front of him. Pragya “U can pass it to me…I will wash it myself…” Abhi “Manne Maaf Karo…I will do it myself…” He said that and walked passed her.

Pragya, Again! He is telling it again! I am trying not to remember that but he is purposely doing this!

She walked to where Cutie was and was shocked to see her sitting on the table. Pragya “Who made u to sit on the table like this??” Cutie “Friend!! I like being on top!!” By saying that she was about to stand and walk. Pragya “No!NO! What if u fall down?” Abhi coming out with the tiffin box “You are there to save her from falling right?” Pragya “Ask her to come down! I am scared what if she falls down!!” Abhi coming closer to her “You are that much scared?” Pragya “Haan! What if she gets hurt?” She said that by still looking at her. Abhi was behind her “Are u getting very scared?” He asked that by telling it closely behind her.  Pragya was getting nervous for Cutie and his closeness behind her. Cutie was about to slip but Abhigya held her at the right time.

Cutie exclaimed “Friend and di saved me!!!” Abhigya looked at each other still holding onto Cutie. Cutie looking at them was upset that Abhigya were not responding to her.

Abhi “Lost!” Pragya “At last!” Abhi “Huh?” Pragya “Nothing…” Cutie yelled “Let me down!!! Now I am scared!” Abhigya came back to senses and realized they were holding onto Cutie by her back with their hands.

They slowly let her down and Cutie folded her arms in anger.

Abhi “Sorry…” Pragya “Sorry Cutie…” Cutie “It’s okay…I am sleepy di…” Pragya “Oh ok then we make a move…” Abhi “I also come down…” Pragya “For what? It’s just a level down..” Abhi never listened to her and walked out of the house and was waiting for them to come out. Pragya carried Cutie and walked out too. Abhi locked his house and he made sure he saw them entering the house and Abhi “Remember to lock Pragya!” Pragya smiled and admired his care and concern towards them.

Pragya made Cutie lie on her bed and she slept hugging Naina’s photo. Pragya too slept beside her.

A few days later,

Pragya’s nervousness reduced as he was at times being normal and sometimes he reminded Manne Maaf Karo again! But mostly when he mentions the phrase, it doesn’t feel him to be doing it purposely.

Abhi was looking out from his balcony where Pragya was playing with Cutie at the playground. That day, Pragya didn’t went to work as Cutie didn’t want to go to school too. So she took leave on that day to spend time with her. She also wanted Abhi to rest for a day from taking care of Cutie which she never mentioned to him.

Purab called Abhi “Are u at home?” Abhi “Yes I am…” Purab “Then open the door! I am pressing the doorbell for the past 15 minutes yaar!” Abhi “Oh really? Wait! Wait! I am coming!”

He opened the door and smiled at Purab sheepishly. Purab “What kind of a person u are?” Abhi looked at himself and said “Normal person!” Purab walking in said “Abnormal person!” Abhi chuckled hearing that.

Purab “What were u doing for so long?” Abhi “Just admiring beauty of nature..” He said that by walking towards the balcony.

Purab followed him and saw Pragya playing with Cutie at the playground.

Purab “You mean Pragya is the one u are admiring?” Abhi with a smile “If u say so then why not?” Purab “Let’s come to the point!” Abhi “What point?” Purab “About Pragya..” Abhi “Is there anything I should know?” Purab looking confusingly “Haan everything about her..” Abhi “Not necessary….” Purab in a stern tone “I will tell everything about Pragya now!” Abhi “No…. I don’t want to know anything Purab!” Purab in shock “Why? Why u don’t want to know anything now?” Abhi again looked down from the balcony seeing Pragya and Cutie playing at the playground. Purab “Tell me why u don’t want to know!!” Abhi smiled widely and turned back to walk away. Purab stopped him and Abhi “Do u want to know where is my desperation had gone to know everything?” Purab “Haan all this while u had been impatient to know the truth right? But now u are ok with not knowing it! How is that possible yaar?” Abhi again smiled at him. Purab “Why are u keep on smiling?” Abhi “I feel so…” Purab “Why?” Abhi “Why! I mean why did I fall in love with her…why did I see her and that too again after I saved her….why do I feel how much she care for a child….why?” Purab “Are u asking me all this happened?” Abhi “No yaar…I was asking myself all this and then I found my answer…” Purab “What’s that?” Abhi “Do we have a answer for why we breathe? Yes and the answer is simple yet deep which is  WE NEED TO BREATHE TO LIVE….Just like that she is my why that makes me feel in love…she makes me feel why not being in love with her?” Purab “But she is not yet divorced!” Abhi smiled again and answered “But her love is with me….” He said that by looking at Pragya. Purab “So u will wait for her until she gets divorced?” Abhi “I will wait even if it’s after my last breath…” He said that and continued to admire her from the balcony.

Purab was lost for words seeing the kind of love Abhi have towards Pragya.

Abhi, Let’s see how long I need to wait for u Pragya…

Uppenantha ee premaki song plays at the background as Abhi is looking at her with pleasure.

This love which is as big as a rising sea, how come it fits in such a small heart?
Uppenantha ee premaki, Guppedantha gunde yemito..

What is the use of language if I cannot express my love?
Cheppaleni ee hayiki, Ee bhashe enduko..

Why these tears for the sweet sadness within me?
Thiyyanaina ee badhaki, Uppu neeru kanta deniko

Why such an unbearable pain even when you are only an inch away?
Reppapaatu duuranike, Viraham enduko..

These eyes that see you, why do they need to see anything else in the world?
Oo Ninnu chuse ee kallaki, Lokamantha inka endhuko..

why such big punishments for love which surprisingly is only a two syllable word?
Rendu aksharala premaki, Inni Sikshalu endhuko

I will keep loving you even if my breath stops
I Love You.. Naa Oopiri Aagi Poina

I will keep loving you even after my death
I Love You.. Naa Pranam Poina

You come in my dreams and destroy them
Kanulalokosthaavu.. Kalalu narikesthavu..

You kill me once every second
Secondukosaraina champestavu…

You are like snow but ignite fire in me!
Manchula untavu.. Manta peduthuntavu..

You follow me and burn my mind to ashes
Venta padi naa manasu masi chesthavu..

When you breathe i feel like my lifespan increased
Theesukunte nuvu oopiri.. Posukunta aayuve cheli

Please stop throbbing my heart like a sharp thorn!
Guchukoke mullu la mari.. Gundello sara sari

The rain drops that want to touch you and shine
Chinukule ninu thaaki merisipothanante ..

Should i collect the clouds and burn them away?
Mabbule pogesi kalcheyana

The parrots that want to imitate your voice
Chelakale ni paluku Thirigi palikayante

Should i destroy their voices?
Tholakare lekunda paatheyana

I will destroy all those flowers that try to touch you
Ninnu kori poolu thakithe.. Narukuthanu poola thotane

I will remove those eyes that stare you even if it is for a moment
Ninnu choosthe unna chotane.. Thodestha aa kallane..

Pragya coincidentally looked up and smiled at Abhi pleasantly.

Pragya, Sometimes when things are always happening daily then it becomes of a habit that is not worth it….. I am scared whether I am becoming a habit to u that will make u feel bored and one day u would feel that I am not worth of u….that’s how I am feeling with what is happening around …You always look at me but I am scared that one day u would feel bored of me….Before any kind of feelings happens in your heart, I would rather say I can’t love u forever….

Your eyes expresses what I want and your silence speaks but your tears are a turmoil to my feelings. As he was saying that, she was walking backwards and was about to fall from the height of his love!

Thank u everyone for reading and thank u harshini for liking the story’s potrayal, let’s see what happens.
Unable to reply u all personally, but will try to do so when i am free. Next update not sure when will it come as i will be out tommorow. let me see how it goes!

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