Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 28

Pragya entered the ward wiping her tears. Abhi “You are here?” Pragya “I know her before u…I will be here for sure!” Cutie ran towards Pragya and Pragya kneeled to her height. Cutie “Ma won’t wake up?” Pragya looking at Naina “She will….It’s just that now she is resting….” Cutie “Why everyone is saying she is resting?” Pragya hugged her and said “Because she worked very hard for u all this while na…she is tired and is now resting, if u are a good girl then she would wake up very soon!” Cutie “Really?” Abhi “Haan Cutie! You have to be a very good girl now so that she wakes up very soon!” Pragya saw Cutie being very silent and carried her towards Naina.

Abhi moved aside and saw her. Pragya “Look Cutie…Is she having any blood from her head?” Cutie “No…” Pragya “Any bandages?” Cutie “No…” Pragya “Then u shouldn’t be worried! She will wake up soon after resting well! After she wake up then u would don’t have any time to sleep!” Cutie “Why I can’t sleep?” Pragya “She will keep on run after u for your naughtiness!” Cutie hearing that remembered how Naina will run after when she does something naughty. Cutie “Haan di…she needs to rest now first so that I will make myself stronger to run faster!” Abhi seeing this smiled, Funny girls! Always thinking about running away!

She let Cutie down and turned behind to look at Abhi. Pragya looking at Abhi smiling “Why are u smiling?” Abhi “Nothing…I think Cutie haven’t eaten…” Pragya “How about u?” Abhi “Ya me too…” Pragya “I will stay here, you two can go and have some food…” Abhi “You are telling as if u have eaten something….I know u wouldn’t have eaten too!” Pragya looked surprised and Abhi “Just come with us! There are nurses here to take care of Naina, anyways we will be back in a while!”
Pragya shook her head as a response to no! Abhi signaled to Cutie and she held Pragya’s hands to pull her out of the ward.

Pragya, He very well knows my weakness and is using it every time!!!
While eating, Abhi was keep on looking at Cutie and taking care of her. Pragya noticed this and was feeling a bit upset as he was not even looking at her for once even though he was sitting opposite to her. Abhi “Cutie! Ask your di to eat instead of looking at me!” Pragya hearing that gave a sad pout and began to eat her food. Cutie still munching her food said “Friend! I think di don’t like the food so she cannot eat!” Abhi “You first eat without talking Cutie!” Cutie hearing that was taken aback but continued to eat her food without talking.

Pragya, Why is he so stern now?

All ate finished and Abhi “Pragya!” Pragya looked up at him and was waiting for him to say something but he looked elsewhere. Abhi now looking at Pragya asked “Why are u looking at me?” Pragya “You called me right?” Abhi “No! Let’s go!” By saying that he paid the bill and held Cutie’s hands and walked in front.
Pragya walking behind was thinking, He called me right? Or did I heard him calling me? How is that possible?
Abhi turned behind and asked “Can u walk faster?” Pragya walked faster to catch up with them.

They reached the ward again and Cutie became upset seeing Naina. Abhi “Cutie! She will wake up! If u keep on become sad then she won’t wake up soon!” Cutie “No Friend! I will smile!” She smiled saying that and later they left from there.
Abhigya let Cutie to talk to Purab and both were standing near Purab’s car.
Abhi “I asked him to talk to Cutie as I want to talk to u….” Pragya “I know…I can understand…” Abhi “Between us they may be differences or distances…but when it comes to Cutie, we don’t have any differences or distances…” Pragya “Maybe that’s why…” Abhi interrupted “First let me finish what I want to tell!” Pragya nodded her head as a signal for him to go ahead.

Abhi “I don’t know how Naina ended up at my home, I do have an assumption of why she was there, but for that to be confirmed I need to verify with Cutie and Naina…but that’s all not important now…to me what is important now is Cutie! I mean we don’t know when will Naina be conscious. Until then, I am going to take care of Cutie…” Pragya “I can help u too…” Abhi “Thank u for your help but I think it is not necessary!” Pragya was taken aback hearing him saying that.

Abhi “Listen Pragya! I am not able to see your face without not getting my answers and also after the insult u have given me at Purab’s house, I don’t even feel like staying in the same house that u used to stay!” Pragya “I am sorry for that day… I never meant to insult u…. You shouldn’t say like this…” Abhi “Then what else u expect me to say?” Pragya “Like how u care for Cutie, I also care for her! For now let your grudges against me to be ignored…so that we can care for her….” Abhi “That’s why I am still being behaving this way if not it will be something else u can’t even expect!” Pragya “What will u tell if she misses me?” Abhi “I will manage!” Pragya “No…ok we do this way…” Abhi “What way?” Pragya “We take shifts in taking care of her!” Abhi “So that we don’t see each other…” Pragya “Yes!” Abhi “Hmm…ok…daytime I will be there for her and night time u will be there for her! Is that fine?” Pragya “It should be fine but how about your work?” Abhi “I will manage! You no need to worry about that!” Pragya “Then I will come in the evening to your house..” Abhi “No! It will be at her house only, I don’t want her to be at my house…I mean I don’t want her to feel any changes…” Pragya “What if the neighbours….” Abhi “We are not doing this for them… and I know who we are and what is our intention…Our intention is about caring Cutie and her concerns…” Pragya “Right…then…” Abhi blatantly “Then nothing!” He said that and walked ahead to call Purab and Cutie who were talking at the playground.
Pragya looking him walking in front, He seems to be very angry of my action. But I really can’t love him….but still I love him!

The next day,
Abhi knocked the door and Pragya opened it. Abhi “Is she awake?” Pragya “Not yet..” Abhi “Ok u faster get ready and leave!” Pragya “But I haven’t made breakfast for her!” Abhi “I will do that! U just get ready and leave!” Pragya in a low tone “Ok…” She went inside and freshen herself up and got ready. That’s when she got an idea to give a surprise to Cutie, as last night she was telling her something.
Pragya quickly took her handbag and left the house even without telling Abhi she is leaving. Abhi saw her leaving hurriedly and he was relieved that she is leaving. He started doing preparations for breakfast.

Then a while later. Pragya came back and Abhi hearing the door opening sound came to see Pragya walking slowly inside the house. Abhi “Is this the shift work someone mentioned?” He said that by pointing to the clock. Pragya “I am sorry…” Abhi “What sorry? Is your sorry like some dory?” Pragya asked “Dory?” Abhi “Dory fish!” Pragya hearing that chuckled lightly. Abhi seeing that gave a deadly stare towards her. Pragya until now was hiding something behind her hands and Abhi asked “What is that now u are hiding behind?” Pragya “Nothing….” She was keep on moving sideways to avoid him from seeing. Abhi “Are u going to tell now if not I have to call Cutie!” Pragya “No! No! It’s a surprise for her!!!”

Abhi “What surprise?” She showed the plastic bag she was holding and Abhi looking at that had his mouth widely opened!
Abhi “I just said Dory fish and u are really having dory fishes in the bag!!” Pragya “Last night, I tried to divert Cutie’s mind by watching Finding Dory with her…then she was in awe of the dory fish…then I just thought of buying them for her…” Abhi “Oh…Go ahead!” Pragya hid the bag again and walked towards Cutie’s room. Abhi with a smile, I like the way she cares for others but why is she not caring about my feelings!!!
While Abhi was arranging for breakfast on the dining table, he heard loud screams from Cutie’s room. He rushed to see what was wrong.
Abhi was stunned to see both Pragya and Cutie screaming looking at the dory fishes in the fish tank!

Abhi “Calm down! Why are u two shouting like this??” Cutie “Friend!! Bluey said hi to us!!!” Abhi gave an unbelievable look of how the fish would have said hi to them!
Pragya “He likes us!!!” Abhi “Can u both be silent!!” He demanded them in a loud voice and both became silent and turned behind in fear.
Abhi, What is she thinking ah? She is saying that fish like her and she considers it as a he! When I told her I like her she never even respond in this way!
Abhi “Pragya! You come out and Cutie breakfast is ready, for now u talk to that dory fish for a while. I will call u back soon.” Cutie turning back said “His name is not dory fish…I have named it Bluey…” Abhi with a light smile “Haan talk to him and what about the other fish?” Cutie “Wo…I am still thinking of a name…” Abhi smiled in return and asked “Pragya! Come out!”

Pragya turned and walked slowly with a sad look. She was keep on looking down and walked passed him. Abhi followed her by lightly closing Cutie’s door.
Abhi “Unbelievable! You are shouting together with her!” Pragya “No…I was just…excited..” Abhi “Excited for seeing the fishes swimming! Unbelievable! And How did u know the fish is even a he??” Pragya “I bought two fishes na…and the shopkeeper told me that the bigger one is a male and the smaller one is female…” Abhi “Oh I see…” Pragya “I am leaving…” Abhi “Wait! Wait! Taste the breakfast I have prepared…” He said that by asking her to sit at the dining area and he served her the food. Pragya tasting the food “Not bad…it is delicious.” Abhi looked at her lips which had some food. He sat beside her on the chair and Pragya wondered why is he sitting beside her.
Abhi “Look at me!” Pragya turned to his side to look at him. Abhi took her duppata and Pragya screeched “What are u doing?” Abhi “Chup! Silence!” Pragya became silent sensing that Cutie is around. She saw him taking her chasma away and she was about to say something but she couldn’t due to proximity of his. Then he covered her face with the duppata in a way that only her lips can be seen on her face.

Abhi “Good that u are silent all this while…” Pragya was about to say something when he traced her lips with his finger in a soothing way. Pragya shivered on his touch. Abhi “This lips of yours is lingering onto something that is lasting in your mind…..I know what is that….” Pragya in a trembling tone “What?” Abhi “Ahmedabad….Manne Maaf Karo (I’m sorry)…” She hearing that quickly uncovered her face by taking away her duppata and looked at him with shock. Abhi was keep on looking at her with a wide smile. Pragya hurriedly grabbed her chasma on the table and rushed out of the house.
Abhi, Now u are running away but u have to be back later…
He grinned and walked back to Cutie’s room.

Pragya walking down the stairs by recalling what Abhi had done to earlier was getting more nervous.
Pragya, It means he remembers me from the time he saved me….Oh god! What is this now? I thought my face was not visible at that time…but how would I know that he even remembers my lips….This is so unexpected!

Purab “I will tell everything about Pragya now!” Abhi “No…. I don’t want to know anything Purab!” Purab in shock “Why? Why u don’t want to know anything now?” Abhi looked down from the balcony seeing Pragya and Cutie playing at the playground. Purab “Tell me why u don’t want to know!!” Abhi smiled widely and turned back to walk away. Purab stopped him and Abhi “Do u want to know where is my desperation had gone to know everything?” Purab “Haan all this while u had been impatient to know the truth right? But now u are ok with not knowing it! How is that possible yaar?” Abhi again smiled and told his reasons which made Purab to be lost for words.

In another situation,
Sometimes when things are always happening daily then it becomes of a habit that is not worth it….. that’s how I am feeling with what is happening around …

Thank u everyone for reading!

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