Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 26

Abhi’s POV:
I thought when Ma shouted Pragya’s name something serious is going to happen! Like in movies and serials, she would come near us and drag Pragya away from me then she will say “Get out Abhi!!! How can u do like this??” I was expecting for a high-voltage drama!
From what I observed she seems to be close to Pragya, treating her more like a daughter. That’s why I thought in this way.
But what happened was unexpected. She asked me Do I love Pragya? I was taken aback, I mean Yes I love her! Pragya knows but she is not accepting my love and even before that I need to tell Ma! That’s not what I expected! Even Purab didn’t know that I love Pragya!

With hesitation, I said I love her! In return she dragged me away from there leaving Pragya in tears. That was the last time I saw her.
Ma continued to ask me how serious u are about Pragya, how did I fall in love with her? Why did I love her?
There were many questions bombarded at me, I felt so stressed that I feel like fainting at that moment! To tell in simple words, It was not more than an interrogation by a CBI officer!
When I thought, after this I can still see Pragya, then Pragya was not willing to meet me! Does it make sense? She was just crying and I had to face Ma for hours with lots of questions! And she never allowed herself to meet me!

She never realized how much I had to go through in that few hours! Such a selfish person! She literally locked herself up in a room. Even Naina, Purab and Cutie tried to convince her to come out but she didn’t! Such a stubborn girl! Ok….not stubborn, it sounds harsh…but still she is stubborn!
Her reply was He should leave from here so that I can leave from this room! Hearing that I was shaken. I thought, Am I some monster that going to scare her? She is saying as if I am going to scare her!

Everyone there made me leave from the house, scaring that Pragya might do something. I said we can break open the door to see her but Ma was saying no things in her house should be broken! I was like why does she cares more for the door not to be broken when I was more worried why my Pragya’s heart is broken in this way….
With heavy hearted, I left the house. Before leaving, I told in front of the room she locked herself “Oye Pragya! I am leaving! You made me leave like this right? Just watch how I will never leave u after this! How long will u hide yourself? Let me see that too!” She never replied instead she send a message to my phone. It was a whatsapp message saying Thank u!

I didn’t expect a thank u as a reply for this! Was she thinking I was kidding? No way! If I am getting away from here and that too not getting my answer, it was for sure I am not leaving her!

Now I am going to meet Purab! Finally, I want to ask him everything he knows about Pragya.

End of Abhi’s POV.

Pragya’s POV:
He may be wondering why Ma was like behaving that way but she needs to be like that. She is already feeling guilty that previously my marriage happened to his son because of her. It was a marriage full of mistrust, misery, and mishaps. She didn’t want anything like that to happen again. She was willing to get me married with my permission. Although, she is my mother-in-law but she is more like a mother to me. His son is now not in senses, He was not killed in the tiff between my brother and him. My brother got killed but he didn’t die. We found him in a mental asylum recently. Bhabhi doesn’t knows about this, actually she shouldn’t know about this. If she knows then she may feel her husband’s life was lost for no reason. But she is thinking he is not alive and trying all kinds of ways with my boss to make Abhi and me closer. To me, even if they never do any efforts, I would have been drawn closer to Abhi due to his care and character that I always admire. But I can’t now, when my husband is still alive, that doesn’t mean he should be not alive. But who is there to take care of him when everyone neglects him?

Ma, Purab and rest of them in the family are neglecting him for his past mistakes, but now he is not even in his senses, he needs help. Why can’t they understand this now? I don’t know how to explain to them.

On the other hand, Abhi is stubborn in not letting me leave him. He is very stubborn to get his answers from me! Yes I want to tell him I love him! I want to be with him forever but what can I do when I really can’t? How do I tell him that my husband needs care from me and I can’t love him!

Will he be able to understand if I tell him all this? Is it that easy to accept a married woman as his love? I may be a married woman but my heart and mind is of an unmarried woman that yearns for pure love without any expectations. I know that pure love is not easy to expect for, and may be that’s why I can’t love Abhi now……
Though you could immerse a flower deep into the water, by it’s nature, it would come up to float. Just like that even if I forbid my heart to not say and play all games of running away from my feelings for u, I would still come and naturally reach for u again. This is what makes me helpless in front of u Abhi…..
End of Pragya’s POV

Abhi waiting to meet Purab at an isolated place. Purab reached and smiled at him. Abhi “Thank god u came!” Purab “When did u talk to god that u have to thank him?” Abhi “Leave all that first, sit down here!” Purab was surprised of his urgency. Abhi “Now tell me who is Pragya to u and why is she saying she can’t love me?” Purab “Why u have this much of urgency? Is she flying off somewhere?” Abhi “Who knows yaar? She may do that too! Just tell me!” Purab “She is my…” Just then he received a call from his phone. Abhi “Faster attend your call and tell me!” Purab attended the call and his expressions changed from blank to shock. Abhi seeing that was scared whether his chance of knowing everything was gone again.

Purab “Abhi! You have to come with me now!” Abhi “Arrey! First tell me about her!” Purab “That u can know at any time! This is more important! She needs your help!” Abhi “Who needs my help? Pragya?” Purab “Cutie!” Abhi stood up and asked “What happened to her now?” Purab “Just come! I will tell u about it on the way….” Abhi and Purab left from there in a hurry.

Cutie “Friend! I am scared…Why Ma is not talking anything?” Abhi hugged her and tried to console her. Abhi “Nothing Cutie….she is just sleeping….will be awake soon….” Cutie anxiously asked “When? When Friend?” Abhi was trying to divert her and Pragya looking at them secretly was blaming herself for their plight.
What happened to Naina now?

Thank u everyone for reading!
It’s a short update but this is what I can type now, when I am more free then a longer update will be on its way! Hope u all can understand! Danke!

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