Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 25

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Back to story:
Abhi after so much of efforts made Naina smile and just then Ma returned home. Ma “Have u all eaten?” Abhi “No Ma….” Ma “I tried calling so many times to home but no body picked up my calls! I even called u and Pragya! Is everything fine?” Abhi, Not at all Ma but how can I tell u what had happened?
Ma “Are u here?” Abhi “Haan…I think we all should have been busy in our works…” Ma “Strange…here also it’s about being busy in works…” Abhi “Sorry Ma….anyways why did u call?” Ma “I bought dinner for everyone. I wanted to ask what do u all prefer, since nobody picked up my call I just bought what I liked!” Abhi “No problem Ma….What u liked should be liked by us too! Am I right Naina?” Naina “Hmm…” By saying that she said I am leaving to room and walked up to the room.
After Naina coming inside the room, Pragya came out and looked for Abhi. Abhi standing near the staircase “I am here!” Pragya “How do u know I was looking for u?” Abhi “Feelings…” Pragya “Naina looks better now….” Abhi “That I also know but u are ignoring my feelings! That’s bad…” He turned away and looked down.
Pragya, I understand his feelings as it’s same as mine but before handling him, I need to see Purab first.
Abhi, Why is she taking so long to say something?
He turned to look for Pragya but she was missing.
Abhi, She disappeared in scared of my feelings! I will show her again who am I! Now let me go and see what’s up with Naina and Cutie.
Pragya knocked Purab’s door. Pragya “Purab….it’s me Pragya…I need to talk to u….” Purab opened the door and asked her to come in.
Pragya “Why are u in darkness?” Purab “When everything is gone then what’s point of being in brightness?” Pragya switched on the lights and saw Purab had cried heavily as his tears made wet tracks down his face. He was still having tears from his blood-shot eyes.
Pragya “Purab….” She said that by sitting beside him. Purab “I am sorry….I should have realized before…but I was….” Pragya “It’s not your fault…I should have told u that Naina is having the same face as your Bulbul…Naina is my Bhabhi…” Purab “I realized it Pragya and that makes me feel even more worse for what I have done…” Pragya “How did u realize it?” Purab “Bulbul’s last patient was your Bhabhi…..she treated her lastly…that made me realized that Naina is having Bulbul’s face because of the plastic surgery that Bulbul did to your Bhabhi….” Pragya “I am sorry….I should have cleared all this before but….” Purab “You don’t need to feel sorry for this…if Bulbul wants me to feel this punishment and have the guilt feeling of seeing Naina, then I am ready to be punished…” Pragya “Purab! Why do u have to think as a punishment? I know what happened to Bulbul was not something to be accepted but u are still accepting it. But why can’t u think as a way of seeing Bulbul in a new life? Maybe she wants her to be remembered and that’s why she made her face to be on Naina?” Purab “No Pragya….” Pragya “Purab! If u think in this way then u can’t be living peacefully! Did u think about your family? They need u….Yes I know Bulbul was your love and she was a very important part in your life….and she is even now shaping up your life with the love that she left behind….” Purab “Why do u feel that way?” Pragya “Because Love is not only about living the life with your loved ones….love is also living the life left behind by your loved ones….Bulbul had left a life behind u that is filled with all her memories and love which is your life Purab! Your life is what she valued most when she was around…are u going to feel punished all along your life and make her feel bad?” Purab looked at Bulbul’s photo on his dressing table. Pragya walked towards the dressing table and took the photo. She placed it on in his hands. Pragya “She is always with u Purab….” Purab “Thank u Pragya….” Pragya “If u don’t mind…can I tell u something?” Purab still looking at Bulbul’s photo said “Yes…” Pragya “I want u to talk to Naina….I mean try to ease the situation between both of u….I will try to talk to her about this…” Purab “Okay Pragya….” Pragya “You rest well first, I will bring your dinner to room…” Purab “No need Pragya….I don’t feel hungry now….let me be in her memories that makes me full in every sense……” Pragya “I am leaving u now….but I warn u that Ma will surely ask u to eat something!!” Purab “When she comes, I will eat Pragya…” Pragya “Ok bye….” Before she left the room she was about to switch off the lights but Purab “No Pragya….let the lights be switched on as I want my Bulbul’s memories to remembered in brightness and not in darkness….” Pragya smiled hearing that and left the room.
Pragya went back to the room she stayed and was surprised to see Ma and everyone were having dinner happily.
Ma “You are here finally Pragya! We all decided to eat here itself as Cutie is tired and is feeling sleepy.” Abhi “I told that I can carry her down but she wants to eat in the room itself!” Naina smiled hearing them but was still silent. Ma “Naina looks weak too, so we are having dinner here itself and it would be of great help if Abhi and u can again clear everything up for me.” Abhi hearing that, This is another great chance to me!
Pragya “Okay Ma….Purab is back. Do u know that?” Ma “He is back? How come he never inform me?” Abhi “I am sorry, I had also forgotten…” Ma “It’s okay…let me go and see him now…” Pragya “No Ma…he is resting now….he is very tired….” Ma “Oh….okay then let me eat first as I am very hungry! What are u looking at Pragya? Come and join us too!”
They all finished having dinner and Abhigya again ended up clearing and cleaning but this time it was in complete silence. Now they were in the kitchen.
Abhi, Why is she so silent? How do I start now?
Abhi sneezed loudly and Pragya was taken aback. Pragya “Are u having flu?” Abhi “No….” Pragya “But u sneezed na?” Abhi “I have feelings…” Pragya “Flu feelings?” Abhi with a smirk “Not bad….u understood my feelings….” Pragya “When did I say I understood your feelings?” Abhi “You didn’t?” Pragya “Just don’t disturb me! I need to wash all the plates…” She turned back and he looked upset.
Abhi “Let me do then…” Pragya “Will u even do?” Abhi “If u move back then I will do!” Pragya washed her hands and moved back. He gave a proud look and started washing the plates.

Pragya “Not bad….but u are making the area around all wet! If Ma sees this then she will think there is some flood happening…” Abhi “Don’t disturb me!” He continued to wash and realized his shirt have been all wet too.
Pragya looking at that laughed loudly and Abhi whispered “Ssssh…it’s night time…” Pragya “So what?” Abhi “If others hear then they might think something else…” He winked by saying that. Pragya “Chee!” She was about to walk away and Abhi “Wait! I am finishing! Don’t leave me alone.” Pragya stopped walking and was not facing him. Abhi “Thank u sweet heart! Just two minutes and I will be done!”
Pragya turned back and said “Don’t call me sweetheart!” Abhi “Ok sweet heart….just wait for a while sweet heart!” Pragya turned back again and thought, It is impossible to talk to him.

Abhi finished cleaning everything and patted Pragya’s shoulder. She turned back to look at him but she broke into laughter again. Abhi “Sssssh! How many times should I tell u not to laugh so loudly!” Pragya tried to stop laughing but she couldn’t looking at him. Abhi pulled her by holding hand and brought her out of the house. She was still lost in her laughter and never realized that she is even out of the house.

Abhi “You look absolutely amazing in laughter….” Pragya “How did u become like this?” Abhi “Like what?” By now she tried to calm down her laughter. Pragya wiped his face that had soap foam and Abhi “Oh that’s why u laughed until like this!” Pragya “Yes u were looking like a santa claus!” Abhi held her hands and said “Thank u….” Pragya “Leave my hand!” Abhi “Why sweet heart?” Pragya “What if anyone see?” Abhi “All should be sleeping now…” Pragya “Just leave!” Abhi let her hand off and looked sad.
Pragya “I am going in…” Abhi “I am not coming in…” Pragya “Why is that so?” Abhi “Not sleepy…” Pragya “Oh ok…then good night…” Abhi “I am saying not sleepy and u are saying good night!” Pragya “Still u can have a good night right?” Abhi “No point in talking to u! Go in!” Pragya felt upset but had no choice and went inside the house.
Abhi, I will see how u will be sleeping sweet heart…..I will make u come out again!
Pragya reached the room and saw Naina and Cutie already sleeping. She went to check her phone for any calls or messages. That’s when she saw his message saying, I need help! Come down faster!
Pragya, I just came up and he needs help now? What kind of help he needs now?
Before she could react further he bombarded with lots of messages with help! Faster!
Pragya called him and he never picked up her call.

Pragya “What he wants now?” Cutie in sleep hearing her voice said “I want ice-cream, Osaka, milk, chocolates, pizza,……(the list goes on with all tasty foods on earth liked by children nowadays….) ” Naina with her eyes closed “Sleep Cutie! Always thinking about food!” She said that by patting her and Pragya looking at that realized she had talked loudly.
Pragya slowly sneaked out of the room by closing the door and walked down the stairs outside the house.
Pragya, Where is he now? He was here just now but now where is he?

As she was about to call him using phone, he pulled her forcefully and covered her mouth with his hand.
Abhi managed to bring her to the garden and removed his hand off from her mouth. Pragya “What was that??” Abhi “I needed help!” Pragya “For that will u bring a person as if u are kidnapping???” Abhi “I had no choice! Try to understand!” Pragya “What u want?” Abhi immediately kneeled and pleaded “I need it badly….” Pragya “What are u doing? What do u need??” Abhi “You don’t have it but I need it from u!” Pragya “First stand up and tell!” Abhi “But u must have it….if not I will kneel down again!” Pragya “Ok I will have it, first stand up!” Abhi stood up and asked “Pass me your phone…”
Pragya unable to understand him passed her phone. Abhi walked in front and sat down on the bench there. Pragya sat beside him but maintaining a distance. She tried to peek and see what he is doing but he moved away and was doing something.
Pragya “What are u doing?” Abhi “Downloading whatsapp baby!” Pragya “What? Why are u downloading that?” Abhi “You don’t have and I need it badly to talk to u!” Pragya was still confused.

Abhi still using the phone “Ok…let me clear your confusion, It’s very difficult to message u every time or call u….I mean I don’t know whether u have seen my messages na…so I needed your phone badly!”

Pragya “But I don’t need it!” Abhi “Everybody have this now! You are outdated that’s why u feel u don’t need it baby!” Pragya looking away in anger realized something. Pragya “What did u call me just now?” Abhi “Baby!” Pragya “I am not a baby!” Abhi “Ok baby! It’s done baby and baby….let me try texting to my number!” Pragya in frustration “Argghh!” Abhi still using phone “What is that baby? Any stomach problems?” Pragya “Stomach problems? You are the problem!!!” Abhi “Ok baby…” He was now laughing and Pragya again made the sound in frustration. Abhi “Done baby!” Pragya “What done now?” Abhi “You shouted just now na….I recorded it, let me play for u!” He played the audio and Pragya stared at him. Abhi “If u stare for this then what would u do when u know that I send messages to some people in your contacts?” Pragya “WHAT? How can u? And that too at this time??” Abhi “No problem baby…it was just a simple text and it goes like this… Hi I am CD (Cutie’s Di) here! I am using whatsapp from now onwards! Pls feel free to contact me!”

Pragya looking worriedly “Oh god! You really sent a message like that? I feeling like crying now!” Abhi “Do u want to see?” Pragya nodded her head and Abhi “Sit beside me!” She moved closer to beside him and saw her phone. Abhi “Look!” Pragya “WHAT IS ALL THIS?” Abhi convincingly “Baby how can I send something like that? I was just sending hearts from your phone to mine…I don’t know when will u be giving your heart to me so at least through your phone I thought of getting your heart!” Pragya looked away and didn’t know how to respond him back.

She looked towards the house and Abhi realized she is not looking at his direction. Abhi “Why are u looking away?” Pragya “You are also not looking at me from just now…Keep on using the phone…” Abhi “I am not looking at u as I don’t want to be lost in you but why are u not looking at me?” Pragya in a soft and pleasing tone “If u feel that way, then my feelings is also that way….” Abhi looked up and Pragya stood up to walk away. Abhi “What did u say?” Pragya “Feelings but my feelings are meant to be felt and not told…” Abhi looked lost and she was walking ahead. Abhi went behind her and asked “Your phone?” Pragya “Oh ya…” She said that and took the phone from him and continued to walk ahead leaving him lost.
Abhi still standing there, Did she meant that she is also lost in me? Or she was telling something else?
Pragya, I can only tell indirectly, if u can feel it then I am lucky if not u are lucky….
Abhi was continuously texting her and made Pragya literally sleepless until she had made up her mind to switch off her phone.
Abhi was upset that she switched off the phone but was feeling happy that she did that after informing him. It made him feel that she didn’t want him to waste his time by keep on texting. Most importantly, It made him feel she cares for him!
The next day,
Abhi was looking for both Purab and Pragya but he can’t find them. He saw Ma and asked her. She informed him that Purab went out and Pragya was in store room.
Abhi, Not bad…over here I am getting chances again and again to meet my sweet heart and that too with privacy!
He headed to the store room and saw Pragya busily searching for something.
Abhi “Searching for me?” Pragya smiled hearing that but didn’t answer. Abhi “Hello! I am talking to u!” Pragya continued searching and he got frustrated. Abhi “I know everything from Purab already!” Pragya hearing that dropped the box that she was holding in shock!
Abhi “What have u done?” Pragya with stammering “You….really….know everything?” Abhi came closer to her. Abhi “No! I was just telling that so that u will speak to me!” Pragya “Is this the way to make me speak to u?” Abhi looked at her being getting emotional. Abhi “I am sorry…” Pragya “Everything is fun for u….” By saying that she was about to walk away. Abhi “Everything can be fun for me but not u Pragya….” Pragya “Really?” Abhi “Yes Pragya….I have been searching for u and him to know everything…I know I may look fun and act with fun….but my feelings towards u is serious…” Pragya kneeled to check whether the box was not broken. Abhi took it in the wrong way. Abhi “Arrey! for this u don’t have to touch my feet!! My blessings are always there for u!” Pragya “What? I was checking whether the box I dropped was broken or not!! You are not that wise to bless me!”
Abhi kneeled “You don’t want my blessings?” Pragya lightly smiling “What will I do with your blessings? First help me find a CD from this box!” Abhi “So bad! But still I will help u!” Pragya described how it looked and both were finding for it. Abhi lost his patience by not being able to find it. Abhi “You know right nowadays CDs are outdated! That’s why you are Cutie ‘s Di and an outdated person I have ever met!” Pragya ignored him and was continuing to search for the CD that she was supposed to search. Abhi shrieked “Oh no!!!” Pragya “What happened?” She asked that by coming near him. Abhi “How can this happen?” Pragya “First tell me what happened?” Abhi “The CD is out of place!” Pragya “Which CD? Everything is in place here!” Abhi with a smirk said “I am referring to u!” Pragya was about to throw the CD that she was holding towards Abhi. Abhi get hold of the CD and realized it is familiar to him.
Pragya, Oh god! What have I done??? I am dead now!!!
Abhi “This is my sister’s wedding CD!” Pragya trying to manage the situation “This is a normal CD! How can it be your sister’s wedding? How do u even know by just seeing the CD?” Abhi “Her wedding CD’s are personalized versions! I made it unique by designing it! See here it have special art work done on the front of CDs, not any normal CDs have this thing!” Pragya “Haan Purab is your friend na…so u would have gifted him a copy.” Abhi “No! I am damn sure that I only made three copies, one for me, then the other two were with my sister too!”
Pragya unable to tell anything further was getting more nervous.
Abhi in excitement “If this is here means, then my sister came here before! It means I can see my sister!! I am so happy Pragya! That means Purab would have known her! Am I right???”
Pragya, How do I tell him that I was keeping the other copy in remembrance of my Bhai’s marriage?

Abhi hugged her in happiness and when Ma saw that she shouted Pragya’s name. Abhigya shocked seeing her.

No precap!
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