Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 24

Pragya “At least listen to me once!” Naina was busily packing her bags and Cutie was standing there clueless. Naina was crying while packing the bags and was not willing in listening to Pragya. Pragya “Naina! He is Purab! My brother-in-law! I have told u about him….don’t u remember?” Naina paused for a moment. She went near Cutie and hugged her without looking Pragya. Cutie was still clueless why her Ma was crying badly. Pragya “I am saying sorry on behalf of him…but please don’t leave like this alone…..” Naina still weeping said “I am not alone….she is with me….Come Cutie, let’s leave…” Cutie “But Ma….we just came here…” Naina fiercely “I am saying let’s leave! That’s it!” Cutie “Friend….di…” Naina “Nobody is coming with us! We are just leaving!” By saying that she pulled Cutie by her hand and in another hand holding onto the bags. Pragya pleaded her many times not leave in this time but she didn’t listen and just then Abhi entered the room.

Abhi “Naina are u leaving?” Naina looking down “Yes Bhai….I can’t stay here…” Abhi “Naina…I shouldn’t be talking about what happened just now but still…” Naina took her deep breath and calmed herself. Naina “Bhai! I am leaving and please don’t say anything about what happened just now….” Naina continued to walk by passing Abhigya and Cutie was in tears. Abhi looking at Pragya “What did u say to her?” Pragya “I asked her to listen to me but she is so not listening!” Abhi “You should have surely told something…” By saying that he went out to stop Naina. Pragya also went behind him. Abhi “Naina…at least leave tomorrow morning! It’s getting darker…how can u leave alone?” Pragya “Please Naina…u shouldn’t be leaving alone like this…” Naina not able to stand Abhigya’s words vented out by saying “I am not alone! Did u all get that? Cutie is with me! He is within me!” Abhigya hearing that were taken aback. Naina shouted “Just leave me alone! But I am not alone as long I am living with his memories!” She continued to walk down the stairs hurriedly by pulling Cutie forcefully and Abhigya looked helpless on how to stop her.

Purab seeing that realizes she is not his Bulbul. Purab, This is not definitely my Bulbul but why does she looks like her?
Purab saw her and Naina gave a disgusting look at him. Purab “I am sorry…I was…” Naina couldn’t stand him and was about walk pass him when he held her hand. Naina yelled “How dare u?” Purab let go off her hand. Purab “Listen to me just once if u think everybody should be given a chance to explain their mistake.” Naina “I don’t have to listen to u…” Cutie “Ma! My hands are paining….why are u holding so tightly?” Purab “You shouldn’t show your anger towards a child like this….” Naina yelled back “She is my child and I will do anything! Who are u to even question me?” Purab “I know I am nobody to u but why can’t u give me a chance to explain myself…..u know like at least once….” Naina nodded her head as a signal for him to carry on.

Purab kneeled to Cutie and Naina stared at him for doing so. She let go off Cutie’s hand and was looking elsewhere. Purab “Is it very painful?” Cutie “Yes….” Purab soothingly caressing her hand said “Your Ma is very angry….but her anger is right too….I made a mistake….I mean I disturbed her unknowingly…I thought she was my Bulbul….” Cutie “Bulbul?” Purab “Yes she looks like your Ma….but she went far way from me….” Cutie “Oh…how far?” Purab “Very far until I can’t reach her….not even able to see her or feel her…..” Naina hearing that understood his Bulbul was dead. Cutie “But u disturbed Ma! That’s bad!” Purab “I know….I am very sorry for that….I didn’t mean to but when I saw her in the form of your Ma, I couldn’t control my emotions….” By now Purab was in tears and he looked up at Naina. Naina turned behind.

Purab stood up and said “I am sorry….I know it would have disturbed u….but I was disturbed seeing you….and I couldn’t….” Naina “Cutie! Tell him I have forgiven him….and also tell him I AM NOT HIS BULBUL!” Purab “Thank u for forgiving me…” Cutie “Uncle…Ma is telling u that…” Before she could complete her sentence Purab carried her and walked towards the stairs. Naina “What are u doing? Let her down!” Purab “Cutie! Your Ma said she had forgiven me that means she should stay here!” Naina “Who are u even to carry her? Let her down!” Purab turning to face her “I am nobody to u but u are at my house….u are a guest here and I don’t have the habit of letting my guests to leave like this abruptly!” Cutie “We are guests?” Purab “Yes dear….u are the smallest guest that I had!” Cutie smiled hearing that and Naina found his behaviour unreasonable.

Abhigya seeing that looked at each other in shock. Abhi “So it means Bulbul is no more….” Pragya “I already know this….” Abhi “Wait! I am his childhood friend and I only know now! How can u know before?” Pragya ignoring him walked in front to see Purab who was coming towards them. Pragya “Pass Cutie to me..I will bring her to the room…” Purab “No worries….I will bring her to the room and u try convincing your friend to stay here tonight…she can’t leave when I am here, but still tell her again…” Purab walked ahead and Pragya walked down the stairs and went to Naina.

Naina “Ask him to bring back Cutie to me!” Pragya “Naina! Just stay here for tonight then u can leave…and Ma will be coming back soon too…what will I tell her if u leave suddenly?” Naina remained silent and was not willing in talking to Pragya.
Pragya, I think he should come down and speak to her.
Pragya walked up the stairs as Naina was still standing with frustration.
Pragya, Where did he go? I thought he was standing here.
She went to the room where they stayed and saw Abhi and Purab sitting silently looking at Cutie who was eating something.
Pragya “You have to come down…” Abhi turned back and said “Ya I know….I will talk to Naina….” Purab “She never even called your name still u know that she was referring to u!” Abhi smiled and winked at Pragya. Pragya “Go now!” She told that in urgency and Abhi “You know, my girlfriend is very demanding…..I always have to fulfil her demands….” Pragya “Arrey is this the time for u to tell all this?” Abhi smiled and Cutie looked sad again. Purab “Abhi! You go first and Pragya u have to cheer her up!” He said that by pointing towards Cutie. Abhi and Pragya did their respective work of cheering up Naina and Cutie.

As for Purab he went to his room and locked it.
Purab, Never in my life I felt I will see Bulbul again and that too in my house….I know I have lost her completely due to my carelessness…..

He looked at her photo there and closed his eyes reminiscing about the days with her.
Bulbul “At times I feel u are taking me for granted…but it also makes me feel u are granting me a wish to take u for granted….” Purab “Bulbul! How can u say like this? I was busy yaar, that’s why I couldn’t make it up for the dinner!” Bulbul “Always busy! Do u think I am not busy?” Purab “I know yaar but what can I do when in the last minute I had the meeting! If not I would have come for the dinner!” Bulbul was angry and she was about to leave. He pulled her by holding her hand and made her sit on his lap. Bulbul “Just leave me!” Purab “Do u think I can leave u?” Bulbul “You don’t even care for me! Do u even recognize what I am wearing now?” Purab “What are u wearing? Wait! Let me see!” Purab observed and shrugging his shoulder said “It’s a nice dress….but what’s special in this?” Bulbul slapped his chest saying “It’s gifted by u! Your first gift to me!” Purab with a sad pout “Oh dear…I didn’t realize it….” Bulbul “Haan if this is goes on then one day u will never ever see me to realize anything….”

Purab, Ya Bulbul now I am in the day where I can never ever see u to realize anything….it’s a feeling of pain Bulbul without u by my side…..but when I saw her exactly looking like u, I felt u are back Bulbul…I know I lost u by not taking care of u properly….I couldn’t resist my feelings Bulbul….after so long I saw u in the form of her….and all I needed was a hug and kiss that u had always showered with your love…..Whatever that is happening now makes me feel this is your punishment to me Bulbul…I need answers first before a lot of questions will be asked the people around me…..

Pragya telling to Purab “Love is not only about living the life with your loved ones….love is also living the life left behind by your loved ones…”

In another situation,
Abhi “You know right nowadays CDs are outdated! That’s why you are Cutie ‘s Di and an outdated person I have ever met!” Pragya ignored him and was continuing to search for the CD that she was supposed to search. Abhi shrieked “Oh no!!!” Pragya “What happened?” She asked that by coming near him. Abhi “How can this happen?” Pragya “First tell me what happened?” Abhi “The CD is out of place!” Pragya “Which CD? Everything is in place here!” Abhi with a smirk said “I am referring to u!” Pragya was about to throw the CD that she was holding towards Abhi. Abhi get hold of the CD and realized it was familiar to him.
Pragya, Oh god! What have I done??? I am dead now!!!

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