Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 23

Pragya then forgot what she wanted to tell instead she ended up feeding Cutie with food and Abhi was admiring her. She tried to ignore him but he was looking at her as if she is feeding him!

Abhi, How beautiful she looks when she feeds Cutie? How beautiful she will look when she feeds me and our child?
Pragya remained silent and all her attention was on Cutie when Abhi asked “Can u feed me?” Cutie hearing that laughed. Abhi “Why are u laughing Cutie?” Cutie “Di only feeds me! She never feeds anyone else! Am I right di?” Pragya “Yes u are right!” She continued feeding.
Abhi looked sad and Cutie seeing that asked “Why friend? Why sad?” Abhi “Nothing….” Cutie “Tell na….” Abhi “Nobody feeds me so I feel sad….” Cutie “I will feed u!” By saying that she was about to feed him with a spoon by taking it from Pragya’s hands. Abhi “So sweet of u….” He said that by taking the food from Cutie.
Abhi “But why not u ask my di to feed me? As she can feed both of us quickly!” Cutie looked at Pragya. Pragya gave an expression as if she is not ready for this. Cutie “Di! Please! Feed us!!!” Abhi smirked seeing at Pragya but when Cutie turned to see him he looked upset and was acting as if he was in tears.
Pragya, What an acting!!! Really he is in full action to disturb me!
Cutie again pleaded Pragya and she couldn’t deny as usual. She ended up feeding both Abhi and Cutie.

Pragya “Done!” Abhi “Done?” Cutie “Yes friend! I am full. You are not full?” Abhi gave a sad pout and looked at the plate that Pragya was holding onto. Cutie “Di! Feed him some more….My hands are paining and I need to do painting now!” By saying that she ran away from the kitchen. Pragya saw him opening his mouth widely opened for her to feed.
Pragya “What makes u think that I will feed u now?” Abhi “You! You make me think that way!” Pragya stood up from where she was sitting and frowned at him. Abhi “Feed me!!” Pragya “Feed u right?” Abhi “Yes CD!” Pragya “Open your mouth and close your eyes!” Abhi “Why should I close my eyes?” Pragya pleasingly said “Please….for me…” Abhi melted in her please and did as she said. Pragya looked around and found what she needed. Pragya fed him and he make a sulky face of its taste. Pragya “How is it?” Abhi “Yuck! Chee! What did u feed me?” He started to spit and Pragya walked away from the kitchen leaving him in shock. Abhi realized that she fed him flour!
Ma saw her coming out from the kitchen happily and asked “What happened Pragya? What makes u so happy?” Pragya “Wo…nothing…just…” Naina with a smirk “May be she had something nice just now…” Ma “What do u mean Naina?” Pragya “Nothing Ma….I drank my favourite juice just now…that’s what she is referring to.” By saying that she was keep on smiling sheepishly.
Ma “Oh…ok…All done right?” Pragya forgetfully said “Haan done he ate too…” Ma “What? He ate?” Pragya, Oh god! Ma was asking whether I finished cleaning but I was referring to done for feeding him….

Pragya “I mean….I finished cleaning…that means we finished cleaning and then he ate something…and I drank juice Ma….” Naina hearing that was keep on trying to hide her smile. Ma looked at her somewhat convinced and said “Fine…go and take rest….” Pragya thanked god that finally she can go to her room.
Pragya walking up the stairs to her room was relieved that Ma didn’t get suspicious but heard his voice and turned to look at him. He winked at her from bottom and she quickly turned away and headed towards the room.

Pragya, Why am I always affected by his actions? At this rate, I will surely go and confess that I love him! But I can’t let this happen!
Abhi was keep on smiling while Ma asked him “Why are u smiling?” Abhi “Just feeling naughty nowadays!” Ma “Naughty? What do u mean?”
Abhi, Oops! What have I told her? Naughty and that too at this age!!
Abhi stumbled with words and Naina “I think u are tired na…that’s why u are…..” Abhi “Right! You are right Naina! Ma! Feeling very tired and don’t know what I am telling too!” By saying that he quickly went out of the house. Ma mumbled “Strange….he says he is tired but why is he going out?”
Naina, Both are just so cute in love but when will she know that she really deserves Bhai? May be Cutie and me have to do something to make her realize this….

Later in the evening,

Purab’s Ma had gone to temple and it gave a boost to Abhi to be naughty in his way.
Abhi in the name of calling Cutie to play, also made Pragya to play. It was a hide and seek game. Cutie had hidden herself in the room she was staying.
Abhi asked Pragya “Cutie is so cute! Don’t u think so?”

Pragya “Yes…just like u…” Abhi “Come again? What did I hear? I am cute?” Pragya “Are u imagining? I said just like me…” Abhi “Liar…always telling something to cover up!” Pragya “I am going to find Cutie!” Abhi “Don’t u think we should spent some time together as she is just in the room that u stay…” Pragya angrily “Spent time together?” Abhi giving her a side hug “Yes sweetheart!” Pragya walked in front budging away from his hug. Abhi “How can u walk away like this sweet heart?” He asked that by following her.

Pragya “Why are u just after me?” Abhi “Because I need my answer!” Pragya “What answer?” She was about to trip but he grabbed her by holding and asked “I want my answer!” Pragya “First let me go!” Abhi “No tell me my answer first!” Pragya knew the only way to divert him was talking to him in a pleasing way.
Pragya “I am your sweet heart na…let your sweet heart speak sweetly to u….so let me go….please….” Abhi “Am I dreaming? You are talking so sweetly….” Pragya pinched his hand. Abhi “Ouch! Ok I am not dreaming!” Abhi made her stand and looked at her intently. Pragya, No! No way! Only way is to walk away!
With that she rushed by walking down the stairs. Abhi “Hey Pragya! How can u keep on walk away like this after making me feel restless!”
Abhi was following her and she felt the only way to escape from this is to be with Naina. She was walking towards the dining room but before that Abhi grabbed her hands and pinned her to the wall there. Pragya “What are u doing?” Abhi “Better tell my answer now if not I will….” Pragya “If not u will?” Abhi “What will a restless boyfriend do to his girlfriend?” By saying that he looked at her intently making her scared. Abhi seductively “Shall I?” Pragya “No! No way!” Abhi “Then come in my way and tell my answer!” Pragya “Please…..I really can’t….that’s why I said u should ask Purab…” Abhi couldn’t understand why she is keep on insisting to ask Purab. He moved behind and she “I am sorry….” By saying that she walked towards the dining room and saw Purab walking towards there. He never saw her and Pragya turned behind and walked back where Abhi was. Pragya “He is back….he is walking to the dining room…” Abhi “Ok…I will ask him now…” He walked passed her and she was about to walk back to her room but realized that she can’t as Abhi held her back by holding her hand.

Abhi “Whatever it is I want to hear him saying with u by my side….I am ready to accept anything Pragya…” Pragya looked at him emotionally and Abhi just made her walk with him by his side still holding her hands firmly.
As for Naina, she was arranging the roses passed by Abhi to Cutie in a vase on the dining table.
Purab entered the house and was feeling very hungry so he headed directly to the dining room to see if there was any food prepared by his Ma as his Ma would always place some food on the table.
Upon reaching the dining room, he was shocked to see Naina there and he was getting emotional seeing her after a long time. Purab couldn’t believe that she was in front of him. His love….his life…his everything was in front him with a pleasant smile on her face. He walked towards her and she didn’t notice him as she was busy in what she was doing. Purab went near her and hugged tightly by saying “Bulbul! I missed you badly all this while!” Naina was taken aback by his hug and he made her face him. Naina “Who are u?” Purab with teary-eyed “How can u ask like this Bulbul? I am your Purab!” Naina “I am not Bulbul! You are getting me wrong!” Naina continued to struggle to be away from his hug. She was trying to tell again she is not Bulbul but before she could he crashed his lips on hers. He was kissing her in a passionate way.
Abhigya reaching the dining room were shocked seeing this!
Purab finally breaking away from the hug and kiss looked at Naina even more passionately and Naina started to cry and felt disgusted of his action. She ran away by crying badly and by looking at Abhigya helplessly.
Pragya tried to stop her but Naina pushed her away and ran from there.
Pragya was furious at Purab and asked “Purab! How can u do like this to her??” Purab “She is my Bulbul! I can do anything with her!” Pragya “No! She is not your Bulbul as u are thinking!” Abhi “Yes Purab! She is Naina and a mother of a child!” Purab “What? Naina? But she looks like my Bulbul….” He looked stressed and hits the vase with his hands harshly to the floor that Naina was arranging with roses.
Pragya “Purab! let me tell u everything later…I must see how is she first….” Abhi gave a convincing look as if he agrees that Pragya should see Naina first.
Abhi “Purab…what is this yaar? Who is this Bulbul now?” Purab “Don’t ask me anything!” He said that with full of frustration and walked away.
Abhi standing there thought, I thought my problem will get solved with Purab but now there is a new problem that needs to be solved. I am worried what will Naina be feeling now….she looked very disturbed and was crying very heavily just now….I had never seen her like this before. Cutie would also have seen her crying by now….That means she would be also worried by now…I wonder how Pragya is going to handle both! Shall I go and help her? But what will I tell to convince her? This is something very sensitive to handle….
With that thoughts, he headed reluctantly towards their room.

Naina shouting at everyone to leave her alone and when Purab seeing that he realizes that she is not his Bulbul.
In another situation,
At times I feel u are taking me for granted…but it also makes me feel u are granting me a wish to take u for granted….. (Who is saying this?)

To everyone reading:
Please don’t say or feel sorry for not commenting regularly as I am in the belief that you all read silently and that’s enough for me. I really mean it as once I believe strongly on something, I will just stick to it. So no worries, if u all feel that I may feel bad because of less comments. Then I have to tell u all no worries friends, as I think I am long enough here and had the understanding to face less comments. There were times that I feel low due to less comments but now I am always high in excitement, which is reflected in my writings aka scribblings…I think so…Because I am literally fed up of feeling low and stressed….I had enough of being feeling low and sad….even now I have things to be worried about but I am just ignoring them.

I am aware that u all have is exams going on, studies, if not work etc. So no worries, I am just writing to kill my boredom as I am not able to find a temp job! Actually writing here had become more of a habit to me. It’s difficult to let go off habits, no matter how hard u try….The more I try I feel the more I am hallucinated with this habit….I guess it’s a habitual problem that I am facing….Only god knows how this hallucinated habit of mine will come to an end…..
A kind request please No more sorry! Bye and take care friends!

Finally, Thank u everyone for reading and thank u for the birthday wishes too! It was very heart- warming friends! Will reply to last update soon!

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