Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 22

The next day Abhi was in the garden watering the plants there and he saw some car coming and wondered who could it be?
He was surprised to hear Cutie’s voice but he brushed off his thoughts saying how could it be her when she should be in her school at this time!
Followed by her voice he heard Pragya’s voice which made him even more surprised.
He stopped what he was doing and went near the house to see. Abhi could now only see the back of Pragya and she was carrying Cutie.
He saw Naina’s face and that’s when he was confirmed that it was Pragya here.
Abhi walked with excitement and followed silently the three ladies. But his eyes was on his lady love, Pragya who was wearing a red saree.
Cutie managed to saw Abhi who was following them and yelled “Friend!!!” Pragya “Friend? How can he be here? Look in front Cutie!” Cutie still looking at back “No! Friend is here!! You look behind!” Pragya let down Cutie and turned behind. She was shocked to see Abhi.
Pragya, I thought he left from here. Why is here now?
She quickly turned back and walked fast inside the house. Abhi, Why is she here? I will find that out.
Pragya and Naina saw Ma and took her blessings. Ma “Abhi! This is Pragya and her friend…they are here to stay for a few days….” Abhi “Oh I see….I know Naina and her daughter….” Abhi said that by carrying Cutie. Pragya, It means he is ignoring me? That’s also good in a way….
Ma” How did u know them?” Abhi “Neighbours and I am Cutie’s friend!” Cutie “Yes Dadi! He is my bestie!” Ma “That’s good! Let me show u all the room to stay!” Abhi “Ma! Let me guide them since u said this is like my house too…” Ma smiled and asked him to show them the room.
Abhi “So Naina what brings u all here?” He was still carrying Cutie, Naina and Pragya were walking behind him with their bags. Naina “Pragya said why not stay here for a few days…I was not at all willing for this when u two were missing….but then she called suddenly and asked us to come! And u know about Cutie’s stubbornness! She thought this as picnic! But she was all the while in the car said if friend is here then it will be fun! There u are as if u heard her words….” Abhi “Oh I see….This is the room u all have to stay!” He let down Cutie and said “Naina! Anything u can call me for help…I am also staying here for few days….”
He walked passed Pragya and Pragya was keep on looking at him.
Naina “Is he ignoring u?” Pragya “I think so…it’s good in a way…”

Abhi a while later made a call to Naina and informed her something. Naina smiled hearing that. Naina “Sure Bhai! I will tell her….” Pragya looking at that asked “What did he said?” Naina “Why did u care what he says?” Pragya looked away and remained silent. Naina “He asked u to come to the garden!” Pragya “Garden? Why?” Naina “Cutie had asked him a rose, he wants to pass it to her but she is now sleeping na…that’s why he wants to pass it to u!” Pragya “I don’t understand! He can pass it to her once she is awake! For that why he needs to pass me?” Naina “Arrey Buddhu, he wants to make it as a surprise for her! So when she awakes she will see roses beside her!” Pragya still found this fishy but Naina “Never mind let me go then, I am already having backache and have to walk all the way to the garden now…” She let a deep sigh and was about to leave the room. Pragya “No! No! I will go…u take rest first….” By saying that she went out.
Upon reaching garden, she saw him watering the plants but he didn’t looked at her until now. Pragya cleared her throat to signal that she is here. Abhi “I know u are here…” He saw her and asked “What brings u here?” Pragya “That’s none of your business…” Abhi placing the hose aside walked towards her. Pragya was keep on looking down to avoid his gaze. Abhi walked around her slowly and looked her from top to bottom.
Pragya “What are u doing?” Abhi “Walking!” Pragya “But why like this?” Abhi “You made me walk to Purab’s house….and now in this way!” Pragya looked up to say “You walked to Purab’s house? You drove to here with your bike!” Abhi stopped walking and said “That’s true…” Pragya “Pass me the roses!” Abhi “What roses?” Pragya “That u need to show Cutie!” Abhi “This is the first time a rose itself is asking for a rose!” Pragya “Why are u like this?” Abhi stopped walking and holding her hand gently asked “Why are u like this?” His gentle touch on her was gently generating an unusual feeling within her. Abhi “I got u! You see now u are lost in my touch too!” Pragya removing her hand from his hands said “Get lost!” Abhi seeing her walking away “Ya getting lost in u! But u are giving me puzzles to be feeling lost too!” Abhi “Pragya!” Pragya stopped walking hearing him call her. Abhi ran towards her while she was still facing in front. Abhi “Red roses for the red rose in front me….” Pragya turned back and was shocked to see him on his knees with the bunch of roses in his hand as if he is proposing her. Pragya “Are u mad? Stand up! What if Ma sees u like this?” Abhi “You asked for roses and this is my way of giving it!” Pragya quickly took the roses from his hands and looked around if anyone is looking at them. She then ran inside the house.

Abhi with a smile, Let me see how far u can run from me without telling what I want to hear and what u have to tell me!

Pragya walking with the bunch of roses towards the room was feeling more worried.
Pragya, If he is keep on doing like this then I will end up loving him! I am already in love with him but I can’t tell him….I don’t feel it’s right to tell him….Oh god! What is this? How will I handle him when I myself is affected by every action of his.

Naina coming out of the room stopped Pragya and asked “Where are u going?” Pragya “To the room we stay….” Naina “It’s here! You are going elsewhere!” Pragya looked around and closed her eyes. Naina “Are u ok?” Pragya opened her eyes and let a deep sigh. Pragya “Don’t ask me anything….Here are the roses…” By passing the roses to Naina, Pragya went inside the room leaving Naina clueless of Pragya’s confused behaviour.
Naina, Bhai should have done something that makes Pragya feel this way.

After a few hours,
Ma knocked the door and called Pragya’s name. Pragya opened the door and was wearing the saree that Ma had gifted her through Purab. Ma “I knew this maroon saree will suit u!” Pragya smiled and said “You always know what suits me the best….” Ma with teary-eyed “Not really, He didn’t suit u…” Pragya “Ma! Please…you know I will be only here for a few days so let’s not talk about that…” Ma wiping of her tears “Ok…where is your friend and her daughter?” Pragya “Oh..they are in the bathroom, Naina is bathing Cutie. What’s the matter Ma?” Ma “It’s almost 1 pm! Lunch is ready and come down with them for lunch! Abhi helped me in cooking too…” Pragya in a low tone “So u are pin pointing that I never helped u?” Ma “When did I said like that? You just came here and he is here from yesterday night that’s why he helped me in cooking.” Pragya “Okay….but u know that I never let u alone in cooking when I was here….” Ma “Arrey are u feeling bad that u couldn’t help me or Abhi helped me?” Pragya “Both Ma….u could have called me once instead of him.” Ma smiled at her “Alright! For dinner u will help me!” Pragya hugged her and Ma asked “Are u ok?” Pragya “Why are u asking like that Ma?” Ma “No….u look different…” Pragya breaking away from the hug “Different?” Ma “Haan I feel some difference in you….you are still the same as the person I know u but still u are a bit different!” Pragya “Ma! There is no difference! I will come down soon with them. “ Ma “Fine…I will find out the difference in u….” Pragya hearing that was taken aback but didn’t show it off and just smiled in return. She saw Ma leaving.

Pragya looking at her, Yes Ma there is a difference in me…the difference is I am in love….I am in love with Abhishek Prem Mehra….my love towards him makes me look different….
Having lunch with Abhi and that too sitting beside him was a hell to Pragya. She didn’t know how he had made her sit beside him. Both were opposite to Ma and Pragya couldn’t reveal anything how she was feeling inside when he was disturbing her secretly. At times, he was placing his hand on her lap. But when he pinched her lightly she couldn’t help herself but gasped in shock. When Ma asked her what happened, she managed to say that the food was a bit spicy and that’s why she reacted that way. As for Naina and Cutie they saw all this happening and Naina managed to signal Cutie to be silent.

Cutie, Why friend is disturbing di like this? Di is sad! This is bad!

Everyone finished having lunch and Abhi said “I will clear everything here Ma! You should rest first Ma….” Ma “No let me do this myself!” Pragya interrupted “Ma! You already look tired, I can also help clearing and cleaning all this! You should take rest….” Ma “Fine! Both of u do the work and I shall talk to Naina and Cutie as they are new to me!”

Pragya smiled but mentally slapped herself for agreeing to this as she have to bear with Abhi’s antics again!
As they were all in living room, Abhigya were at the dining area. Abhi standing beside Pragya“I didn’t know u are very caring towards me!” Pragya “When did I say I am caring towards u?” Abhi “That’s why u are going to help me now!” Pragya “No…I am helping Ma!” Abhi “Right! But u are with me now in helping too! In that way u are caring towards me…” Pragya shook her head in disbelief and she knew it was impossible to win him in his words. She was starting to clear the plates and Abhi “Actually u look mesmerizing in this maroon….No…I am actually mesmerized of u being in this maroon.” Pragya wiping the table smiled inwardly hearing to his words. Abhi “No reaction? That’s bad….” Pragya took the plates and walked towards the kitchen. Abhi followed her.

Abhi “Are u ignoring me like I did earlier?” Pragya was now washing the plates and she continued to do her work. She “It feels as if I am the one doing the work and u are just talking.” Abhi “Turn behind!!” Pragya “I am washing the plates! Can’t u see?” Abhi went towards her and turned off the tap and made her face him. Pragya “What are u doing?” Abhi “ Move away! I will do all this!” Pragya “Let me at least wash my hands!” Abhi seductively said “Acha…..” Pragya knew that he is up to something as his tone changed to a naughty voice now. Pragya was about to walk away when he held her hands and pulled her to stand front of him. He washed her hands by rubbing soothingly with his hands from the running water of the tap.

Pragya was lost in his soothing touch but she scolded herself for allowing him to do whatever he wants.
Pragya, Why can’t I protest back instead I am just feeling pleasant whenever he touches me or teases me!

Abhi whispered in her ears “Done! I had washed your hands! And u are still lost in me…” Pragya was really lost in her thoughts and never heard his words. Abhi slowly removed his hands from hers. He held her shoulders and made her face him. She was very close to him but was still lost in thoughts. Abhi sprinkled water on her face and she came back to senses. Pragya “Are u a child like Cutie? Playing with me by sprinkling water!” She said that by wiping her face with hands.
Cutie just entered the kitchen with Naina to take water. Cutie hearing Pragya saying like that became sad. She was about to cry when Naina carried her and hid behind the pillar there. Naina whispered “Cutie! Why are u going to cry now?” Cutie “Di….say me…a child….” Naina “You are a child na…there’s nothing wrong in what she told!” Cutie “Ma…I am a girl! Not a child!” She started weeping silently by hiding her face on Naina’s neck.

Naina tried to control her laughter and said “Cutie…di may have told that in anger!” Cutie looked at Naina “Really?” Naina “Haan…u saw right Friend is disturbing di from just now and that’s why she is angry…she don’t know what she is talking….” Cutie “You are right Ma! Let me down! I will save di!” Naina “No! No! Actually friend is disturbing her as she left us and went missing that day….do u remember?” Cutie “Oh….so friend is punishing di!” Naina “Yes! And u know something?” Cutie “What Ma?” Naina “Di actually loves friend!” Cutie “I also love friend!” Naina “No Cutie…she loves him to be with him forever….like his girlfriend!” Cutie with a wink said “Oh….Naughty di!” Naina chuckled lightly and said “Ya!” Cutie “Let me help them!” Naina “We will see what she is telling. She told me she will say that she likes friend!”
Naina let Cutie down and both were listening to Abhigya’s conversation.
Pragya was keep on scolding Abhi and he was keep on smiling in return.

Pragya “I am leaving!” Abhi “Only if u can…u tried once and I got u back…then I left u but u came back! Can u even leave me?” Pragya “Are u like challenging me?” Abhi “How can I challenge u? You are my CD…I mean Caring Deer….Captivating Deer….Charismatic Deer…” Pragya “Stop! Stop!” Abhi shrugging his shoulder said “It’s unstoppable!” Pragya turning away “ But I want to tell u something and that’s why I came all the way here..…Even Naina doesn’t knows about this…”
Realizing the change in Pragya’s tone Naina and Cutie looked at each other with shock. Cutie whispered “Ma! Di is going to tell something else….She is telling u don’t know!” Naina “I know that too! How do we stop her now?” Cutie ran towards where Abhigya were. Naina thought, Why is she running like this?
Cutie “Friend! Di!!!” Abhi “What happened?” Pragya turned to face her “Cutie!” Cutie signalled both to kneel down to her height and they did that. Cutie “Sad news…” Abhigya at the same time “Sad news?” Cutie “Yes….” She looked down at her stomach by placing one of Pragya’s and Abhi’s hand on it. Cutie “Tummy is making noises again! It’s louder than Mummy’s noise! Help me!!!” Abhigya broke into laughter in response.

Naina was grinning and thought, She always uses her tummy to solve problems!

Purab enters his house and saw Naina arranging some flowers in the vase on the dining table. Purab seeing her was emotional and hugged her tightly by saying “Bulbul! I missed you badly all this while!” Naina struggled to be away from his hug. She was trying to speak but before she could he crashed his lips on hers in a passionate way.
Abhigya looked at this from a distance in shock.

Not sure whether I can upload tmrw…let me see if not it will be on friday! Thank u everyone for reading and no need to be sorry for not commenting. It’s my pleasure if u all are reading this ff even if its silently….

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