Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 21

Pragya at her house was not able to think what will happen if Abhi knows everything. She was getting more petrified.
Pragya was taken aback by the loud banging noises of the door. She wondered who could it be at this time? She opened the door and was shocked to see Purab in front of her.
Pragya looking at him became more stressed. Purab “What happened? Why do u look very tensed?” Pragya went in and he followed behind her.

Pragya “How come u are here Purab? Why did u came here?” Purab “Wo…I just felt like dropping by here to check how is everything….” Pragya holding onto her head with both her hands sat on the sofa. Pragya “Everything is haywire now….you are here and he is there…” Purab sitting beside her asked “What do u mean? First tell me what happened? Is there any problem?” Pragya looked at Purab worriedly. Purab “Is everything ok?” Pragya “No yaar….I asked him to come and see u!” Purab “Who is that he?” Pragya “Abhishek….” Purab “Abhishek?” Pragya “Your friend…” Purab “You mean Abhi?” Pragya nodded her head in response. Purab “How did u even know him?” Pragya “I am sorry Purab….but I never told u….” Purab “If that is so will u at least tell me now?” Pragya told him how she met Abhi and the incidents that happened so far. Purab hearing that smiled.

Pragya “You are smiling? How can u Purab?” Purab exclaimed“You are in love!” Pragya “I can’t….and u know that too!” Purab in a low tone“True…Very true….” Pragya “He being in love is not what I wanted…I just wanted the friendship that he favoured towards me…” Purab with a smirk “Really? This is your reasoning?” Pragya “You very well know that I can’t love…I am married and he is still alive…” Purab “As if he is in his senses and cares for u and u are saying u can’t love Abhi!” Pragya “What would happen when he is back to his senses? Then u very well know what will happen right?” Purab “Why can’t u realize that he can’t as it’s out of control?” Pragya remained silent and Purab “I will leave now….I think u need to think and realize the reality instead of being drawn into the past that made u miserable…”
Purab patted her shoulder and left a bag on the table by saying “It’s from Ma…” Pragya was blank in her thoughts. He left the house by closing the door and hoped she would realize what she needs to.

Pragya started to cry as if she is feeling too much of raw pain within her. She sobbed into her hands and the tears dripped between her fingers, raining down onto the sofa she was sitting.

Purab, I very well know that u are doing everything out of the love towards Abhi. Hiding the truth from his sister and hiding yourself from Abhi. I wonder how long will u hide your love for him?

As for Abhi, he had reached Purab’s house but was disappointed to know that he was not around. He mentally slapped himself for not calling him before coming to his house.
Purab’s Ma “Abhi! If u go from here like this then Purab will surely taunt me for leaving u without staying here!” Abhi remained silent and she sensed he was disturbed in some thoughts. Ma “Is everything ok?” Abhi “Nothing Ma….where did he went?” Ma “To meet someone related to us….” Abhi “Oh….when will he be back?” Ma “He will be back but first tell me what happened?” Abhi hesitated to tell her everything. Ma “It’s fine u can tell me when u feel like telling…you seem to be very disturbed….” Abhi “Ma….can I lie down on your lap for a while?” Ma “Do u need to ask that?” She sat down on at the corner of the sofa and asked him to rest his head on her lap.
Abhi rested his head on her lap, he felt as if he was resting his worries on her lap too. And she was caressing his hair in a soothing way to make him feel better. Abhi closed his eyes and his only vision was of Pragya and her eyes that froze him like an ice.
Abhi, If she is telling the truth then why is she still living alone? Are they separated? Is she still in love with her husband?
He was silently having his tears with his eyes closed….and with mind ceased with thoughts about Pragya….
He doze off to sleep and seeing that Ma slowly placed his head on the sofa before leaving to make a call.

Ma “Purab! Abhi is here, he came hurriedly to meet u! He was very much drenched as well…I had to convince him to stay here for a while….” Purab “How is he now? Pass me the phone to him…” Ma “No…he is sleeping now…even in sleep he looks disturbed…I saw him crying too…but I never asked anything….he just slept on my lap…” Purab was relieved that his Ma never asked anything to Abhi. Purab “Let him rest first…I am also not sure why did he came to meet me….” Ma “Oh I see…When will u be back?” Purab “Soon Ma….just met her and I have some work on the way…so will take about 2 to 3 days…” Ma “Ok…take care and I will inform him…”
Purab ending the call could understand Abhi’s situation that he is facing due to Pragya’s words.
Purab grinned and thought, Maybe I need to assist Abhi and push Pragya’s passion towards him!

Abhi waked up after a few hours and realized he had slept for hours. Abhi “Ma! Is he here?” She coming out from the kitchen said “No Abhi…he will be back only after 2 to 3 days…” Abhi hearing that became upset. Ma “If u don’t mind u can stay here until then…” Abhi “No Ma…I have work…” Ma “Oh…I thought I would have accompany since he is not here…but it’s fine….” Abhi “You are alone?” Ma “Do u see anyone around? Purab’s dad went out of town! Then my dear daughter went for some trip with her friends…and I ended up being alone!” Abhi “Can I make a call Ma?” Ma “Why are u asking permission for so many things! Just do! It’s your house too!” Abhi smiled lightly and made a call from the phone there.
Ma asked after he ended the call “You are taking leave from work?” Abhi “Yes! I want to have a feast from my fairy godmother!” Ma “Fairy godmother? Who is she?” Abhi “You Ma!” Ma with the ladle she was holding made a sign as if it’s her magical wand.
Abhi “Don’t do your magic here Ma…it should be in the kitchen!” Ma smiled and made her way to the kitchen to continue her cooking.

Purab was informed that Abhi is staying over at his house and he knew how to push Pragya towards Abhi now.

Pragya “Are u like challenging me?” Abhi “How can I challenge u? You are my CD…I mean Caring Deer….Captivating Deer….Charismatic Deer…” Pragya “Stop! Stop!” Abhi shrugging his shoulder said “It’s unstoppable!” Pragya turning away “ But I want to tell u something and that’s why I came all the way here..…” Naina and Cutie were hearing all this by secretly hiding behind a pillar. Realizing the change in Pragya’s tone they looked at each other with shock. Cutie whispered “Ma! Di is going to tell something else….” Naina “I know that too! How do we stop her now?” Cutie ran towards where Abhigya were. Naina thought, Why is she running like this?

Ok I know I am like updating this ff but…..nevermind let me ignore what I feel….It’s of no use in telling something that have no use…..

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  1. Nice update diii….abhi and purab ma’s scene is lovable bond…. want to know pragya’s past….precap is superb…eager to know
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