Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 20

Pragya tried to move away from him and he too moved away for her to get up.
Abhi “You are also lost in me! Am I right?” Pragya “Shall we leave? The rain may get heavier!” Abhi “Why are u always into leaving? It’s getting darker if not it’s getting heavier!” Pragya “Just don’t ask me but let’s leave!” Abhi “No! Tell me whether were u lost in me just like I was lost in u!” Pragya “Yes but it’s was a moment of misunderstanding!”

Abhi “What is there to misunderstand in this? It is very clear that u love me!” Pragya looking away said “No….I can’t….” Abhi “Why u can’t?” Pragya “I can’t…let’s leave…” Abhi held her shoulders firmly and asked “Tell me why u can’t?” Pragya felt painful both in his grip and the question he had asked. Abhi “Pragya! Silence won’t tell me why u can’t!” Pragya “I am already married! Then how I can love u?” Abhi “You were married….now u are alone….” Pragya with tears and with a shaky voice “I am still married….I am not alone….” Abhi “No! You are not telling the truth!” Pragya “Why should I be not telling the truth! This is the truth!” Abhi “Then show me your husband!” Pragya “I can’t….” Abhi “Then whatever u are telling is a lie!” Pragya looked helpless and he tightened his grip even more.

Pragya “You are just sympathizing me….what u feel for me is not love….” Abhi “No! It is love! You think I have no one else in the whole world to sympathize! You are not the only one who is a widow! Love doesn’t happen due to sympathy!” Pragya “First let me go! I can’t explain to u when u are not even trying to understand my words!” Abhi let her off and demanded “Ok fine! Tell me again so that I can understand your words.” Pragya “You know Purab. Am I right?” Abhi was taken aback and asked “So what? Is he your husband?”

Pragya stressed her words and said “No! Just listen to what I am saying!” Abhi remained silent. Pragya “Ask him who am I! Ask him who is Pragya to him!” Abhi “How does it even matter?” Pragya “I can’t say anything further than this… miss a lot of things in your life….I am indirectly the reason for that!” Abhi “What do u mean? Why can’t u say it directly?” Pragya “If u love me then u have to find everything out by yourself….” Abhi held her hand and forcefully was dragging her. She was keep on asking where is he bringing her to. He brought her near to his bike. Abhi “Get on the bike! I will ask Purab everything in front of u!” Pragya “You can’t! You can’t ask in front of me…it will hurt me….” Abhi “You are already hurting me with the puzzles that u are saying! Is your hurt deeper than mine?” Pragya “Yes it is!”

Abhi looked at her still being emotional and her eyes was with bloodshot. It made him painful to see her eyes in that way when he always gets lost in the same eyes that expresses peace. Abhi “Fine! I will drop u at your house then will go and meet him.” Pragya “Thank u…”

To be continued…..

How was it? I don’t know and ya I can’t think of precap nowadays. It’s short but let me see whether I can upload another one by today. Thank u for reading and whoever is having exams all the best to u all!!!

Happy Valentine’s day to all my friends and siblings here!

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  1. Emotional n lovely update dii…
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    1. Maya

      Thank u priyanka sis! Happy Valentine’s day to u too?? haha my birthday, its coming soon…feb 16…take care and keep smiling too☺??

  2. Reshma_Pradeep

    Getting more Desperate to read the Next one…….Interesting!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshu for your desperation! 😉

  3. its sooo cute dear update the other part soon

  4. and waaaaw ur bday is near I wish I could came and celebrate with u but its impossible anyways u would get my wishes

    1. Maya

      Your wishes itself is a celebration to me! So thank u for that! 🙂 😉

  5. Emotional update sissy soon reveal it eagerly waiting for it keep rocking love u sissy??❤❤????

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    Nice update next part soon

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      Thank u Sowji! Will try to update soon!

  7. Well sorry for being a silent reader ?? but just be sure I ain’t missing your any update , Reason is simple and you know it too: Addiction ? The addiction that your updates serve always get me into attraction for your updates! Neverthless this ff has also got different plots like always! Like always you come up with different tracks and that’s so intrestinggggg and how can I miss BB! As IB is always BB when writing ff’s and Os’s ?? this update was again UU! ?? uniquely unique

    1. Maya

      Lol why do u need to be sorry? Glad that u are reading it but I am not sure how different is this though, It’s just a simple plot. If u find it UU then PP is mine haha PP- Plesaurable Pleasure lol! 🙂 🙂

  8. Amazing ! So two days to go for My Maya Baby’s BDay. And yeah thank you for your wishes .Happy Valentine’s day once again. Love You ???

    1. Maya

      Lol not a baby anymore?? and thanks for ur wishes and reading too???

  9. Nice update…. waiting for pragya’s sceret….

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      Thank u Akshaya sis?? pls wait and u will know it in the right time.?

  10. Nice and emotional episode ….
    Super maya ….
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      Thank u Priya?? no need to be sorry as I know u would be reading??

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