Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 18

Abhi “Let’s start!” Pragya couldn’t believe his idea will work out but did as he said. Abhigya were arguing with each other at the top of their voice. Cutie and Rakesh were pretending to fight with each other with the pillow over there and were shouting at each other.

Some people opened the door hearing their loud noise and yelled at them to stop the nuisance but they didn’t. One of the man shouted at even louder and everyone became silent.
Man “Who are u all? And how did u all even came here?” Abhi “Let me explain!” Pragya “Let me explain!” Abhi “I said first!” Pragya “I will say as I came here first!” Abhi “Me first!” Pragya adjusting her glasses said “It’s me first!” They continued to argue which made the man irritated and he was about to walk towards the children and Abhi looked at him. Abhi rudely asked “What u want?” Man “Firstly come with us!” Abhi “To where?” Man “To meet sir!” Abhi “Okay!” He carried Rakesh and Pragya carried Cutie, and the men were walking behind them as they followed the man to the living room.

Man “Sir these are the people who break into our house!” He looked at them with disbelief.
He was an aged person and he was sitting on the sofa holding onto his pistol.
Abhi and Pragya let down the children who they were carrying and smiled at him.
He iin a hoarse and deep voice demanded “Who are u all? Why are u at my house?”

In response, Abhi introduced himself as Abhishek Prem Mehra, Pragya as Pragya Mehra with Cutie and Rakesh as their children. He asked in a mocking tone“Really? You all are a family? Family thieves?” Abhi “Yes but not in the way u think!” Pragya hearing that thought, what is he going to explain now? Why can’t he just say No!
He doubtfully asked “Can u explain that?” Abhi “Sir! We are thieves who steal the hearts of each other.” Abhi placed his hand around Pragya’s shoulder and said “She stole my heart and I stole her heart and in that way we are thieves!” Pragya hearing that was trying to control her laughter and the men behind them were laughing. Cutie and Rakesh chuckled.
Abhi looked behind and gave a fierce look towards the men. Abhi “Why are u all laughing? Do u know how difficult it is to steal hearts???” The aged man snapped his finger diverting Abhi’s attention towards him.

Abhi looked at him and asked “Sorry sir….I was just carried away…” He “Are u like doing drama?” Abhi “Sir I am serious it’s very difficult to steal hearts and especially hers!” He “That’s not important to me! First tell me why u all are here?” Abhi let a deep sigh and looked up by removing his hand from Pragya’s shoulder. Abhi “Fate!” He in a louder voice said “I feel u are thinking of an explanation to tell by doing this drama!” Abhi trying to hide his fear said “Ok sir! I am telling everything now!” He nodded his head in response as a signal for Abhi to carry on.

Rakesh whispered to Cutie “Your friend is very dramatic….he should come and act with us in our school drama…” Cutie “Keep quiet!”
Abhi “We were going on a road trip in our bike. It was a short ride. Even though, Cutie and Rakesh are slightly oversize we still managed to make them sit on the bike. U can even check for my bike which is outside your house.”

Hearing that the man signalled with his eyes to check for the bike. His men went out of the house to check for it.
Cutie and Rakesh were angry at Abhi for calling them oversize.

Abhi emotionally said “Then the disaster happened, My wife, Pragya wanted tea in the middle of our travel. I couldn’t deny, after all I am her husband and I should give her whatever she ask for. I stopped driving and I asked Pragya and Rakesh to wait for me as I went with my daughter to find is there any shops selling tea. That’s when Rakesh saw your house. He didn’t tell his Ma that he is going to your house. He ran to your house to get tea for her.” Pragya hearing all this couldn’t believe that he is using all of them in such a ridiculous way to create a story!

He looked at Abhi and asked “What was your wife doing when your son ran towards my house?” Abhi laughed lightly “What will ladies do when there is a bike and a small mirror on it? Make up sir! She was checking at herself whether her make-up was fine.”
Hearing that the man grinned and asked Abhi to continue telling.

Abhi “When I came back with tea for her then only she realized that Rakesh was missing. Luckily, Rakesh took her phone with him and he contacted us saying that he is in this house and that’s how we all ended up here to rescue Rakesh!”

The men around hearing all this clapped except for Pragya, Cutie and Rakesh who were speechless.

He demanded “Stop clapping!” There was pin drop silence and Abhi saw by then the men to check whether his bike was outside was already there and asked “Did u all see my bike there?” One of the men “Yes it was there.”

Abhi “Now what do u say sir? All this is fate right? With this kind of family, fate always plays with me sir…even now I have to answer u for everything! They are speechless as they know that they are at fault. But I am not in fault sir! I am trying to help in their faults as a husband and as a father! You too could be a husband and father right? U would surely understand this!”

He stood up and walked towards where Abhi was standing. Abhi was feeling nervous but managed to hide his emotion. He came near Abhi and patted his shoulder and said “Even though whatever u said is comical but I can feel your pain in this young man!” Abhi gave a smile with a stressed expression. Pragya looking at that thought, He somehow managed to convince him! Woah! What an acting!

He “Stay here for a while and u can meet my daughter and wife too! They will be back from work!” Cutie and Rakesh hearing that yelled no! He asked doubtfully “Why no?” Pragya “No sir it’s already late…and we also have a function tomorrow….we need to prepare for that…” He said ”Oh I see…then fine! You all can go in one of my car to your house. I will ask one of my men to send the bike to your house!” Abhi “Thank u sir…but why do u have to…” He in a stern voice said “No buts and all! It’s a man to man help! Did u get it?”

Abhi smiled and carried Rakesh, Pragya carried Cutie. They were ushered by two men to the car outside the house.
Abhigya made Cutie and Rakesh to sit in the middle and Abhi winked at Pragya and raised his eyebrow as if asking her how was his performance. Pragya in return smiled widely and gave an expression as if he is too good in his performance. Abhi told his address to the driver and that’s how they escaped from the place.

Pragya “Where are u?” Abhi “Where are u?” Pragya “It doesn’t matter but where are u?” Abhi in a sarcastic tone “In earth only…not in some other planet….” Pragya “But where are u? Do u know how worried will Naina and Cutie be if u are not there?” Abhi “It’s the same when u are missing!” Pragya “Listen! I am being missing doesn’t matter…but when u are missing after being with them all this while, it really matters…” Abhi “You were with them before me and u can go missing again right? Then why not me?” Pragya helplessly asked “Why are u not understanding it?”Abhi “Cut the call! Don’t find for me and I will not find for u!”

Thank u all for reading!

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  1. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its sooooo funnyyyyyy?????…..Abhis story???????????????? Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshu! Glad that u loved it!

  2. Maya

    I think I was tired and I typed some sentences wrongly, so sorry for that! 🙁

  3. Maya

    I was tired and I typed some sentences wrongly, so sorry for that! 🙁

  4. Hilarious ma! ? I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thank You for giving such an awesome update! Take care didu. Love you.

    1. Maya

      Thank u Cutie! Glad that u enjoyed it haha! Why are u thanking me lol! Anyways take care too and love u!

  5. Abhi’s story ?????…semma dii…
    Eagerly waiting for nxt part dii…tc

    1. Maya

      Thank u for semma comment and tc too!

  6. lovely n cute update????❤❤❤❤ abhi’s story hahahaaaaa??? so cuteee cutie n rakesh oversize n pragya make up cute n funny sissy?????????loved them completely??❤❤???? precap…..??? keep rocking?? enjoyed thoroughly?????? eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy????❤❤????

    1. Maya

      Glad that u enjoyed the update and thank u for the enjoyable comment!

  7. funny scene of abhi and precab is really shocking waiting eagerly for next part

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it funny! Thank u for ur waiting!

  8. Superb dr

    1. Maya

      Thank u Afiaa!

  9. Superb update diii….precap is nice…. waiting for that….

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it superb Akshaya sis! Thanks for ur wait!

  10. Oh my!??? Abhi??? his story?? his acting?? pragya’s cutie’s and rakesh’s reaction???? it was awesome! Loved it!

    1. Maya

      G;lad that u loved it Aliza!

  11. Prathi

    CS I was reminded of Panchathanthram movie.. You b know where the lead actor recites a story based on whatever he sees in a function?? It was awesome ???

    1. Maya

      Haha now i remember that scene now???tat whole movie was a laugh riot?? Especially the climax part??

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