Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 17

Abhi at his work place was keep on looking at the clock. He was feeling the time to be passing very slow.

He took his phone and texted her saying that I am going to the cafeteria now.
Pragya received the message during the meeting. She secretly looked at her phone by placing it under the table and smiled at his message. Her Boss noticed that and signalled her to stop smiling.

Pragya stopped smiling and continued paying attention to the meeting. She was also getting impatient and hoped the meeting will end earlier. Both were getting impatient as it was their very first lunch together that they had planned to have.
Finally, her meeting ended and now she was waiting all the delegates to leave first before she can leave.

Abhi was at the cafeteria and was keep on looking at the lift where she would be coming.
Abhi, What takes her so long to come down? She is just showing off that she is busy! Not even replying my message.
He was keep on using his phone and checking whether she is replying him.
Pragya “Hi!” Abhi looked up and frowned at her. Pragya sitting opposite to him asked “Why sir is angry?” Abhi “Madam didn’t arrive on time!” Pragya “I remembered sir said to meet him at 12 pm and the time now is just 11.45 am!” Abhi ran his hand through his hair and smiled. Abhi “You are right Madam!” Pragya chuckled and said “Shall we stop this sir and madam thing?” Abhi “Who started it first?” Pragya “It’s me only, but I think it’s high time that we stop this now!” Abhi “Ok then what would u like to have CD?” Pragya “CD again?” Abhi “Then Ms Pragya?” Pragya “Just Pragya please!” Abhi “No CD sounds cool!” Pragya “I can’t change u so let it be!” Abhi smiled and looked through the menu. Just then he received a call.

Abhi saw and said “Some unknown number.” Pragya with a smile said “Attend it!” Abhi attended the call and was surprised to hear Cutie’s voice.
Cutie “Friend! I need help!” Abhi “Cutie! How can u call me at this time? U are in school now right?” Cutie “No friend! I am at…..” She was hesitating to tell where she was. Pragya hearing that asked “Is that Cutie? Why is she calling at this time?” Abhi signalled her to be silent. Pragya was worrying what’s the matter. Cutie “Friend! Di is with u?” Abhi “Yes but tell me where are u first!” Cutie “I am at…..Rakesh where is this place?” Abhi “Who is this Rakesh now?” Pragya “It’s her classmate and friend! I know him!” Abhi impatiently asked “Where are u now Cutie?” Pragya ask him to pass the phone to her. He passed it to her and Pragya “Cutie! Di here, where are u now?” Cutie “Di! We are at a house!” Rakesh interrupted “Tell her it is AK 47’s house!” Pragya “What did he said? AK 47’s house?” Abhi “They two went there?” Pragya “Cutie! Can u tell it clearly how did u all went there?” Cutie explained to her and Pragya “Okay we are coming and stay where u are. Don’t do anything naughty!” Cutie “Okay di! Come faster na….we are getting scared now!”

Pragya “Calm down!” Abhi saw her ending the c
all and he asked “What did she say?” Pragya “Long story….let’s go now!” Abhi “Did u know the address?” Pragya “No! But from the way she described I know where it is!” Abhi “Then let’s go!” Both left the place and Abhi drove as fast his could in his bike and reached the place.

Abhi looked at the house and was amazed of how did Cutie even managed to enter it. Pragya “What are u looking at?” Abhi “How did they enter this?” Pragya “Obviously not by the front entrance.” Abhi “Then how?” Pragya “Through the backyard that is close to their school compound!” Abhi “Like seriously! I didn’t know Cutie is so adventurous!” Pragya “I know she is sometimes like that!” Abhi “Come let’s go!” Pragya nodded her head in response and they reached the backyard. Pragya “I think we have to climb up to her room!” Abhi “What climb up?” Pragya “That’s what Cutie and her friend did!” Abhi “But how?” Pragya looked around and saw the ladder lying over there. Pragya “Look there!” Abhi saw it and went to take that. Pragya “You go first!” Abhi “You have to go first!” Pragya “No u go first! The ladder looks in a very bad condition. What if it breaks when u are going up with no support?” Abhi “Excuse me! I am not that heavy!” Pragya tried to convince him but he was not listening to it. Pragya “Fine! I am going first!” Pragya was starting to climb up the ladder and reached the room through the opened window. Abhi was now climbing up and was getting scared as the ladder was very shaky. Pragya “Why did u stop halfway?” Abhi in a shaky tone “You are right! It’s really in a bad condition!” Pragya “Now u know!” Abhi “I am scared CD….” Pragya “Now also CD?” Abhi “I am telling I am scared but u are talking like this!” Pragya “Okok! Look into my eyes! Just climb up by seeing my eyes and nothing else…don’t think about anything!” Abhi “How does it help?” Pragya “Then I am going away” Abhi took a deep breath still holding onto the ladder. Abhi “Ok fine. I am doing it!” Abhi kept looking at her eyes and climbed up slowly. He finally reached near her and they had an eye lock. Pragya held him by his shoulder. Abhi “Lost!” Pragya “Where?” Abhi “In you….” Pragya “What?” Abhi came back to senses and said “Nothing!” By saying that he too entered the room and was about to have a fall but Pragya again held him by his shoulders. Abhi “Thank u!” Pragya “It’s okay….let’s see where is she now…”

Cutie saw them and called “Di! I am here!” Abhi and Pragya looked at each other. Abhi “U heard her?” Pragya “Haan but where is she?” Cutie “Look below! “ Pragya looked below and saw Cutie hiding under the table. Abhigya kneeled and Pragya asked “Come out now! Let’s go!” Cutie was about to come out and that’s when they heard somebody trying to open the door and Abhigya quickly crawled under the table too. Cutie stayed where she was and Abhi was very close beside Pragya which made her uncomfortable. Abhi whispered “I am sorry….it’s very squeezy here!” Pragya “Sssh!” Abhi was silent and Cutie looked helpless again. Some person took something from the room. He looked at the open window and the ladder close to it. He made a call.

He “What the hell is happening? I think someone break into our house through backyard! What is the security guards doing??”
He took out a pistol and seeing that Abhigya were scared. He went out of the room by slamming the door. Abhi “What is this Cutie? AK 47’s house is really dangerous!” Cutie “Yes friend!” Abhi “First tell us why did u came here!” Pragya “She already told me, now that is not important! We must find a way to get out of here!” Abhi “I also want to know!” Cutie “Why di? Why u never tell?” Pragya “Arrey….is that important now?” Abhi “It is important!” Pragya “Fine! She wants to keep her progress report back in this room that she stole it from the staff room.” Abhi “She should have kept it back in the staff room right? Why here?”

Pragya “The staff room was locked and she was feeling bad about stealing it!” Abhi “I don’t understand one thing! Why does she have to steal it in first place!” Cutie interrupted “I thought AK 47 failed Rakesh and me friend! But she passed us with high marks!” She looked down in guilty of her action. Abhi “Don’t worry Cutie…I will help u!” Pragya “Yes Cutie…don’t be sad….” Cutie smiled lightly.

Suddenly they heard a loud gunshot sound which made them shocked. Abhi in a shivering tone “He….really…shot someone?” Pragya “I…think…so…”Abhi looked at Pragya beside him “What will we do now?” Pragya looked at Cutie beside her and asked “What will we do now?” Cutie looked at a box beside her and asked “What will we do now?” Abhi “Oye Cutie! How will the box reply u?” Cutie “It replied me already!” Now there was a loud voice from the box saying “Cutie! We could have solved this trouble but u called these two and made it even more troublesome!” Abhigya were shocked that a box is talking!

Abhi “How is the box talking?” Cutie “It’s Rakesh! He got scared and is hiding inside it!” Pragya “Ask him to come out! What if he can’t breathe properly!” Rakesh hearing that slowly came out of the box and looked at the trio. Rakesh blamed“All because of this Cutie! I asked her not to do this but she forced me! This the 5th time I am hearing the gun sounds!” Just then they heard another gunshot and he quickly went inside the box again. Cutie “Sorry…all because of me….I am bad…” Abhi “Ssssh! Don’t talk now….” Pragya “Why?” Abhi “I have an idea….” Rakesh slightly peeking out from the box asked “What idea?” Abhi smiled and asked all of them to come closer to him. As Pragya came closer to him he was lost in her eyes and stumbled with words….

Rakesh “What are u telling? I don’t understand anything!” Abhi “Wo…wait!” He closed his eyes and told himself not to see her eyes! Abhi opened his eyes and looked in another direction. Abhi started to explain his idea which made Cutie and Rakesh happy. Pragya looked at him skeptically. Pragya “Are u sure this will work out?” Abhi “Trust me, this is the only way to be out of here!” Pragya looked at him again and Abhi tried not to look at her eyes but he couldn’t resist himself. Cutie “Then let’s do this!” Abhi came back to senses and all of them one by one came out from under the table.

Abhi introduced himself as Abhishek Prem Mehra, Pragya as Pragya Mehra with Cutie and Rakesh as their children. He “Really? You all are a family? Family thieves?” Abhi with a smirk said “Yes but not in the way u think!” Pragya hearing that thought, what is he going to explain now? Why can’t he just say No!

Thank u everyone for reading! Hope it was nice!

I saw the previous comments and replied it, I feel it’s all your greatness and gracefulness to tell that it’s not boring. I will try to continue as long I can. This will take some time to be completed but I am not sure how I can manage this once my holiday ends! As usual thank u for the support! I miss some readers but I guess u all are busy, so take care and bye guys! The next part may come today if not it will be on Monday as Sunday I am a bit busy and I can only update the another ff.

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