Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 16

Abhi dropped Pragya near her house and she pretended that as if nothing happened but all her thoughts were on the unexpected thing that she saw Abhi was holding onto.

Upon reaching her house, she sat on the sofa and was thinking how could he be holding onto the same keychain which she gifted to Purab. She brushed off her thoughts by saying to herself that it could be just a similar design but she was scared what if Abhi knows Purab?

Abhi, She seems to be a lovely person whom I think I can have as a good friend!

Pragya, If he had enquired Purab that means he would be very soon knowing the truth. How will he react if he knows the truth?
She was worried thinking about him and hoped that he would be able to accept the truth of their lives.

As for Cutie at her house was calling Naina. Naina “What Cutie? How many times will u call me?” Cutie “Important!” Naina “What important? And what have u done to yourself?” Cutie looked at her sadly. Naina raised her voice “I am asking u Cutie? What is all this?” Cutie “I…was…bored…” Naina “So for that u would paint yourself?” Cutie looked at herself and saw herself in full of different colours. Naina “Who will clean up this mess now? Take all the newspapers away on the floor. I know u would have pour the paint over there!” Cutie was taking the newspapers away and Naina saw her painting that she placed on her bed.

Naina “Cutie…What is this that u have painted?” Cutie came closer to her and said “It’s u and me with friend and di…then papa as the star…” Naina hugged her and said “It’s okay, I would clean up all this later, u first come with me to wash yourself!” Cutie squealed “Yeah!! Washing time!!” Naina chuckled and carried her to the washroom. Cutie “Ma! Papa won’t come down here?” Naina trying not to be emotional said “Not possible Cutie…” Cutie was upset hearing that. Cutie

“Then I will go up in the sky to see him!” Naina “That is also not possible….” Cutie “Possible! Today teacher said we can go up in the sky as astonuts!” Naina corrected Cutie by saying“Astronauts!” Cutie “Haan Astonuts!” Naina laughed and said “Ya astonuts!” Cutie “I know Ma it’s Astronauts! I want to make u laugh so I say astonuts!” Naina by washing her said “So u want to be astronaut?” Cutie “Yes to see Papa!” Naina “All the best for it! For that u must study well!” Cutie made a sulky face. Naina “Why u make faces when I say study well?” Cutie “I hate studies…I only like taking pictures!” Naina by now have wrapped her with a towel and said “Acha…u still like taking pictures?” Cutie “Yes even friend give me his camera to take pictures!”

Naina raising her eyebrow asked “So u have been taking pictures when I said to u before that don’t do all this! Am I right Cutie?” Cutie “No Ma…friend only say I can take pictures with his camera…” Naina “Liar! I will call him and ask now!” Cutie got scared and said “Ma! I want to do chik chik!”Naina “What is this chik chik now?” Cutie “Taking pictures….” Naina “Alright! You can do chik chik but do something for me!” Cutie was happily jumping. Naina “Stop jumping!” Cutie stopped jumping and said“Ma! Wait…” She ran towards her room and took out the camera from the shelf that Abhi gave her. Naina smiled at her excitement. Cutie “Ma! This is what friend give me!” Naina “So u hide this from me?” Cutie looked at her sheepishly and nodded.

Naina came closer to her and asked “Cutie…do u want friend and di to be together?”
Cutie “Yes Ma! I want both to be friends!” Naina “Then I have a plan for that! With your chik chik it’s possible to happen.” Cutie looked confused hearing that. Naina “Confused ah?” Cutie nodded her head in response. Naina explained to her and Cutie got excited again. Cutie “Done Ma! I will do it!” Naina “No need to rush…you can do it on Valentine’s day too…” Cutie “Ok Ma!” Naina hugged her and thought, if this happens then it will be easier to make Bhai and Pragya to be closer.

The next day, Cutie was getting ready for school and she heard her Ma calling her many times. Naina “You have a call from Rakesh, your classmate.” Cutie attended the call and she was keep on looking at Naina in silence. Naina looking at Cutie understood that she don’t want her to be present. Naina walked away towards the kitchen.
Naina was thinking, she is acting as if she is talking to her boyfriend! She needs privacy at this age!

Cutie “Ma is gone now! Now u talk!” Rakesh “Hey Cutie! We are in big trouble now!” Cutie “What happened?” Rakesh “Big Big trouble!” Cutie impatiently asked “What trouble?” Rakesh “Small trouble became big trouble!” Cutie “Oye! Tell me which trouble first! We have done so many troubles! Which one is this?” Rakesh told the trouble and Cutie screeched “We are dead!!!” Naina hearing her screaming came out and asked “What happened Cutie?” Cutie somehow managed by saying “Nothing Ma….he told me yesterday there was many homework!” Naina “For homework u will scream like this? I was scared hearing u screaming!” Cutie with a fake smile said “Sorry Ma….” Naina looked at her suspiciously before walking away. Cutie whispered “Rakesh! I will talk to u in school.” Rakesh “Okay but we have to solve this trouble!” Cutie said bye to him and was worrying how she is going to solve this trouble.

Abhigya and Cutie hiding under a table,
Abhi looked at Pragya beside her “What will we do now?” Pragya looked at Cutie beside her and asked “What will we do now?” Cutie looked at a box beside her and asked “What will we do now?” Abhi “Oye Cutie! How will the box reply u?” Cutie “It replied me already!” Now there was a loud voice from the box saying “Cutie! We could have solved this trouble but u called these two and made it even more troublesome!” Abhigya were shocked that a box is talking!
What is the trouble?

The previous precap in the last update will be coming in upcoming episodes. As I wrote that in a boredom and now I don’t know how to link now. Thank u everyone for reading! I know nowadays I am writing very boringly! I am very sorry for that as I am also very bored with my life……sometimes I feel I should stop writing soon…let’s see how it goes. If I am stopping, then I would inform u all too!

And in this update there was not much of Abhigya scenes, sorry for that! I just typed whatever came into my mind in a flow and stopped at the place when I am tired, the next one will have more of Abhigya scenes.

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  1. Reshma_Pradeep

    Who said that its boringgg yaar……….Its Really getting Interestingggg!! & plz don’t stop writing…….. Your scribblings Makes me happy always…….You know what,I love those confusions , suspences & sudden twists in ur stories…….Your writings are really Pleasurable! so plz DON’T stop writing…………

    1. Maya

      I am sorry about it! But about stopping writing it may happen soon after trying to finish the pending writings here. Thanks for love and support Reshu

  2. Sissy this s too much who said it is boring as always u r rocking with ur updates n pls don’t stop writing ur updates r energy booster 4 me so pls don’t try to stop ur writing n updates as usual rocking n sweet loved it keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy

    1. Maya

      Thanks for the lovely support Mokshi sis but stopping writing may happen depending on my time! Always glad for your rocking comment

  3. Oi….u can’t stop writing…. Finish this story ok

    1. Maya

      I will try but anything can happen!

  4. I am so helpless now ! I don’t want you to stop writing as well as I don’t want you to change your priorities for us ! I mean i don’t want to force you in doing what you can’t after a point of time (i am telling this as you mentioned you feel like you should stop writing )
    So that’s why , in a helpless state !
    Even though there weren’t much of AbhiGya , I really felt this was awesome ! waiting for the next and to tell the truth from the time you started writing till now , My MTMP never failed to inspire , amuse me ! I never felt bored reading them . I wish i keep reading it with the same love always . Love you ka .

    1. Maya

      So sorry for your helpless state but I am also helpless…Let’s see what happens, and as always thanks for the supportive comments! Keep reading! Glad that u never find it boring!

  5. oh heloooo who told u its boring infact am enjoying every update Of urs so plzzz with all due requests proceed

    1. Maya

      I am not sure but i will try in continuing. Glad that u are enjoying Lopez!

  6. Not at all boring…This is not fair di…pls don’t stop writing…
    You are always rocking dii…i really loved it nd enjoyed it dii… you sooo much…

    1. Maya

      Thank u but I would be stopping when the time comes! Love u too and thank u for not finding it boring!

  7. Awesomely awesome???

    1. Maya

      Thank u Aliza!

  8. Prathi

    Stop telling it’s boring.. there are ppl out there who are ready to hit you even you try to tell that so beware.. And about stopping I don’t think you can CS.. But if you are in such a helpless state nobody can stop you. Lovely cutie

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