Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 15

It is not that easy to let go off the feelings that are felt at different times of my life. Even if I let go off those feelings, there is still something happening that lets me to be bound to those feelings.
She is bound to feelings that makes her feel that nothing would happen in her life.

Both Pragya and Cutie were discharged from the hospital. Pragya insisted that she can manage herself and she politely declined the help from Abhi and Naina.

Abhi reaching his house made a call. He was getting suspicious of the events happening around him. Firstly, being made to move to a house in this apartment, then the so called destiny’s games and now recently something happened which made him even more suspicious.
After making the call, he remembered placing CCTV cameras previously to track the person playing the game with him. Now he was looking at the footages and saw a person completely covered with a black cloth. He was disappointed as he can’t see the person’s face clearly. It was completely dark as the person enters the house.

Abhi, Sometimes I feel whatever that is happening around me is planned. But who is planning all this?
He was puzzled and decided not to think further, he was ready to see what else he is going to face in his life that is filled with puzzles.

Naina called Pragya, “Actually Pragya I forgot to ask u something!” Pragya “What is that?” Naina “How did u know that my name now is Naina?” Pragya chuckled hearing that.
Naina “Why are u laughing?” Pragya “Is it a big thing to find out?” Naina “No but how is that possible when u never talk to Cutie or me all this while but u still manage to know that I am called Naina now!!” Pragya “Simple! He said to me before coming to Cutie’s ward….He brought toys! Do u remember that?” Naina “Yes but….” Pragya “Before buying toys for Cutie he asked me what kind of toys does Cutie likes and that’s when he mentioned your name….and I understood that u never mention your real name to him…” Naina “Very smart Pragya!” Pragya triumphantly said “Thank u!” Naina sadly said“I don’t know how long I have to be like this not revealing my identity to him…..even now he is feeling that he is living in loneliness….” Pragya “Only time have to reveal when he should know, until then leave your worries aside….” Naina, Not time Pragya but you should be the one revealing everything as only u can do this…..

Pragya “Are u there?” Naina came back to her senses and said “Haan ok Pragya! I need to prepare dinner. I am glad that u are picking up my calls now!” Pragya “Okay Bye! Don’t worry from now onwards I will attend all your calls!” With that their phone conversation ended.

A few days later, Abhi called Pragya and asked him to come to a place immediately. She was not sure why he even called her. She couldn’t deny and just went to see him.

At a park,
Pragya was sitting on a bench and waiting for Abhi. He came and sat behind the bench where Pragya was sitting. Pragya looking at that wondered what made him not to sit beside him.
Abhi “ I will come straight to the point! So the person who hit u is the same as the person who pushed Cutie from swing!”
Pragya “Yes…how did u know this? And why do u have to sit behind me?” Abhi “Because I don’t like to sit beside u!” Pragya was hurt by his words. Pragya remained silent and she had tears slowly flowing down her cheeks. Abhi “I am sorry….” He was still not facing her.
Pragya “It’s okay….” Abhi “What I mean is I don’t like to sit beside u as u are also one of the reason behind for Cutie’s fall…..that’s why I behave like this…” Pragya wiping her tears said“At least Cutie have a friend like u to find who made her fall but who do I have to find out why some body hit me?” Abhi “Naina! She is there for u….Our Boss she is also there for u!”

Pragya “I never said they are not there for me….they are there for me but with their priorties coming first…there is no one for me who considers me as their first priority…” Abhi “You mean u don’t have anyone?” Pragya “There was a person…but he is no more…”
Abhi “Your husband?” Pragya was shocked hearing that and asked “How did u know I was married?” Abhi “Boss told me….” Pragya “What did she told?” Abhi “Your husband is no more and u are living alone…” Pragya was relieved that Boss never told much apart from the death of her husband.
Abhi “Are u still there?” Pragya “Yes but he was just a passing cloud…I am referring to my brother whom protected me like a shield from all the dangers in my life! But now the shield is no more and I am exposed to dangers every day….”
Abhi “I am sorry….” By saying that he came in front and sat beside her. Pragya looked at him and he said “I shouldn’t have told like that, I just couldn’t bear that Cutie was pushed as someone wants to take revenge on u!” Pragya “It’s alright, from this I can see how much love u have towards Cutie….” Abhi “I am sorry again!” Pragya smiled and stood up. Abhi “You are leaving?” Pragya “There is nothing left to talk about, so it’s better for me to leave….” Abhi “Why not we talk as friends?” Pragya in doubt asked “As friends?” Abhi “Yes as friends who prioritize each other first!” Pragya felt lighter when he said that and sat down. They started to share about a lot of things to each other. Time passed and they stopped talking when they realized it was getting darker.
Abhi “I think we should leave now if not we will talk until the next day!” Pragya laughed lightly and said “Let’s go!” Abhi “Do u want me to drop u?” He asked that as they were walking side by side. Pragya thought for a while and then said “Sure!” Abhi “Ok! Then wait here let me take my bike that I parked over there!” Pragya saw him walking fast towards his bike and that’s when she saw something unexpected too.

Abhigya’s plan backfired and Cutie’s plan is successful! Abhigya looked sadly at each other of how their plan failed miserably in front of Cutie.

Thank u everyone for reading! I was bored and then I typed this! I know it’s short but this was just written to kill my boredom! Hopefully this update makes sense and do tell me if it’s not nice! Thank u everyone again!

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