Destiny Decides… Last Chapter

Destiny Decides – Last chapter..

Recap: Swasan meeting in a mall and fun

******After a month******

“ ……. Shekhar no Swara …….. marriage proposals …… right now ……”

“But Mishti…”

“Na Shekhar… Mishti thik….. Swara ki shaadi…..”

“But Maa…. Ok.. agree… marriage… now…”

I heard my parents argue when I woke up, well their arguments were the reason I woke up. They were arguing downstairs because of which I couldn’t hear all of their argues but what I heard was enough to shock me to the core!! They are looking for marriage proposals for me!?!?! No, correction, Mom and Dadi are forcing Dad to look for marriage proposals but Dad doesn’t want that. Wh God ji I have to do this tomorrow… no no! I will do this today only or else they will bring thousands of marriage proposals!

“TRIINNG”, I heard. It was a message from Sanskar.

“Good morning”, the message read. Sorry Sanskar but i don’t have the time to reply to you today.. I have to do something really important!

“Message me when you’re awake..” he thinks that I’m still sleeping, but I ignored him and called someone.

“Hello” I said on the phone..

“Yeah the decorations must be PERFECT! And they need to be done today, somewhere around 7 o’clock and I will personally come and check everything around 6 o’clock. Is it ok?” I said and got a positive answer.

“Thank you so much!!” I said while cutting the call. I have very much to do but before that let’s talk with my Sansku <3!

“Hi! Sorry couldn’t reply, I just woke up!”, I wrote to him, I know I lied but it’s worth it.

“No, it’s ok!” He replied

“So, what were you doing?”

“Just came back from jogging and messaged you while getting ready for office. You?”

“As u know, just woke up and was just about to go and get ready for office when I saw your message.. BTW are you free today evening, I mean like around 7 o’clock or something?” I asked him hoping for a positive answer.

“Yeah I’m free…?” YESSS!! Thank you God ji!!

“Great then! I’ll meet you around 7 o’clock beside that Krishna Mandir ok?”

“Yeah but why? I mean where are we gonna go?”

“We are going my friends engagement party.. So be ready at 7 o’clock I’ll meet at the mandir. Bye!!”

“Ok Bye!!”

So, now I just have to prepare everything, let’s get to work Swara!!

****6 o'clock****

I reached the place, and it’s awesome!! Exactly the way I wanted it! Decorations were simple & elegant and in the combination of blue and white. Now time to arrange the treasure hunt…

Third Person POV

Swara started to write chits and and set them up on different places. Basically she created a scavenger hunt for Sanskar and it was ready in time. 7 o’clock she called Sanskar and informed him to come to that place.

(On the call)

Swara: Sanskar come to the Krishna Mandir
Sanskar: Yeah Swara I’m on the way.
Swara: Okay I’ll meet you there bye!
Sanskar: Bye!

Sanskar reached the place and started searching for Swara..

“Where is this girl.. She said she’ll meet me here!” Sanskar thought to himself while searching for Swara.

“Sanskar saheb…?” Sanskar turned hearing his name and saw a man in the late 50’s
“Ji uncle?”
“Saheb, madam told me to give you this when you come to the mandir..” he said
“Thank you uncle!” Sanskar replied smilingly.

“Ok so let’s what this is..?” Sanskar said to himself while sitting in his car

“Aajao jab duniya ki pehli jang hui thi jaari
Par kahan?
Jaahan main apna dil thi tumhe haari!”

“Jag pehli jang hui thi jaari? What?” Sanskar thought to himself. “ Duniya ki pehli jang matlab WWI which happened in….” Sanskar took up his phone and started searching for the year WWI happened. “Year 1914.. Right now the time is 19:03 so this means I should reached the place around 19:14 but where??” He thought to himself after figuring out half of the riddle.

“Jaahan main apna dil thi tumhe haari..!” He read the sentence again. “Think Sanskar think! You don’t have much time! Venus park maybe?? No.. That’s where she came to propose me.. Then there is only one place left..” He said to himself and started driving to the place that came to his mind.

He reached the cliff (yes he thought about the cliff).

“The time is 19:10 so it means I’m in time.. Let’s see around here..” He went around but suddenly stopped seeing the decorations in front of him.

(Something like this — )

There was a table in the middle and he towards it. He was a box in the middle of the table and took it and opened it.

He unwrapped the box. There was a note with the silently ticking watch. ‘If you say yes, forever begins now.’

He started smiling to himself seeing that..

“Will you..?” He turned and saw his lady-love on her knee in front of him holding a rose. “I don’t know any sweet or cheesy lines so I’m directly asking… I love you, will you marry me??” She asked

He didn’t say anything but put the clock on and said “Forever begins now… I love you too!!” He kneeled down too and hugged her tightly.. Soon they were in for a kiss, their first ever soft and passionate kiss. After spending some time with each other they went home thinking about how to convince their parents..


Swara was in her room after the dinner and waiting for her mom to come. She wanted to talk to her mom but Sharmishta said that they will talk after the dinner and right now she wasn’t coming there.

“Ab bata Shona, kya hua?”
“Umm mom I know you are searching for marriage proposals for me and..” Swara started but soon was cut of by her mom..
“No beta..” Sharmishta started.
“I know mom I heard it in the morning, but you don't need to do that, I already have found a suitable boy for me..” Swara said cutting her mom of and got a shockful reaction

“What??! Beta you actually misunderstood, me and your Dadi told your Dad to not t find any proposals for you right now because maybe you are not ready and your Dad agreed to it, I think you maybe heard the opposite as you were sleepy.. But I’m happy that you found a suitable boy.. Now tell me his name!” She said shocking Swara..
“Maa, he is Sanskar..”Swara started saying while fiddling with her fingers and getting a shocking look from her. “Actually..” She started off and told everything from the beginning till now and also told about the proposal.

“You don’t worry beta, I know Sanskar is a good boy and I will talk to Shekhar and Maa about this, now don’t take any tension and sleep” Saying this Sharmishta went from there and swara slept.

Next day Swara talked with Sanskar and Sanskar told that his family agreed to this marriage and they will coming with shagun. Even Shekhar and Dadi were happy with this marriage. Soon Swara and Sanskar were married and had twin boy and girl named, Sanskrit and Sanskriti and they all lived happily ever after.

****THE END****


Hello guys, this is Ishu, Akruti’s best friend, she told me to write the last part for “Destiny decides” because she doesn’t think that she’ll be able to continue her ff along with her studies ad exams so she is ending it. She had a totally different and maybe much better idea for the proposal but she told me to write it for her with my own imagination… She wanted apologize to you all for wasting your time on this ss and also thank every reader and every commenter. Thank you!! Bye!

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