Destiny Decides…Intro and Chapter 1

Hi, hello, namaskar.. I’m Akruti.. New to this ff world and silent reader. I discovered TU, like, last month. Ok, not “discovered” but my cousin sister, Alia, told me about this site. I thought to write my own story after reading other awesome ff’s and this story is both about Swasan and Raglak, well first it is gonna be about Swasan love story and then Raglak. I’ll try my best to write Raglak scenes because I’m more of a Swasan fan. Hope you like it..
I’ll start with the intro:

Maheshwari family:

Sanskar Maheshwari (Age 28): Eldest son of Maheshwari family, calm personality, CEO of R&S Industries, son of Ram Prasad Maheshwari and Sujata Maheshwari. Loves his brother and sister, Laksh and Uttara; and of course, his bade papa & badimaa, Durga prasad Maheshwari and Annapurna Maheshwari.

Laksh Maheshwari (Age 27): Son of DP and Ap, flirty personality but not a player. Loves his family but mostly his siblings, Sanskar and Uttara.

Uttara Singhania (Age 27): Daughter of Rp and Sujata. Wife of Rohan Singhania and mother of Ruhi, Rahul and Rishab (R3 – everyone calls them like that). It was love marriage and others agreed easily because they knew Rohan as he is best friend of Sanskar and Laksh. Loves to tease others and is currently staying with MF while Rohan and R3 are staying in London.

RP and Sujata: (Dead)

DP and AP: Open minded, love their family. Dp is the the owner of R&S Industries and Ap is a housewife.

Gadodia Family:

Swara Gadodia (Age 27): Calm and understanding personality. Sometimes over thinks and takes too much stress. A famous Interior Designer and daughter of famous business man Shekhar Gadodia and Sharmishta Gadodia. Has two siblings (I’ll give their intro later).

Shekhar & Sharmishta Gadodia: Both are open minded as well and respect the decision of their children. Have no problem with love marriage. Shekhar is the owner of SKR Industries and Shomi is a housewife.

******Guys I gave the intro of only some characters because I think It will be better if I give intros of other characters as the story moves on. Or else you’ll be confused.*************
Now let’s start with the real story and I’ll be giving Sanskar and Swara’s POV.


Sanskar’s POV

“Finally Sunday has arrived, my most awaited day of the week, I’m gonna meet her again, my true and best friend Archana” I thought while descending the stairs and putting on my watch.

I saw badi maa serving food for bade papa and as usual Laksh and Uttara were teasing each other. Uttara is married and has 3 children but still behaves like a child, and Lucky, well he IS a child… A 27 year old child…

After mom and dad’s death, badepapa and badi maa raised me and Uttara just like their own children, and Laksh always treated me and Uttara just like his own siblings. I am really lucky to have them in my life.
I went to the dining table and sat on my chair. Badi ma came and sat beside me and started feeding me my breakfast. Badi ma always feeds me breakfast, just like a mother feeds to her 5-year-old kid. I saw the time and it was 08:55, ?
I only had 5 min to reach to there and that cliff is 15 minutes away from my house… ! I hurriedly kissed badi maa’s forehead and ran outside to my car,

“Bye badi maa, badepapa, I will be back by lunchtime I’m late now, bye everyone!!!”

I said and entered the car and drove to the cliff.

Swara’s POV

Yes! Finally it’s Sunday I’m gonna meet Rohan, I never saw him but still I feel a connection with him, he always gives me the right advice. I know him for five months but still we haven’t seen each other, strange, isn’t it?
I still remember the day I met him, the best day of my life… It all started when….


Third person POV

Swara was coming in bridal dress crying and sat at the end of the cliff. From the other side Sanskar came and sat on the other end. Both saw each other but couldn’t see the faces because of the gap between the cliffs.

Sanskar: Why are you sitting here? Can’t you see the depth of the cliff, you can fall down, go away from there!

Swara (mocked him): Even you can fall down!

Sanskar: By the way, what’s your name?

Swara (about to say her real name): Sw-, Archana, and yours?

Sanskar (thinking): Rohit, by the way, why are you sitting there, ran away from your wedding right?

Swara (Shocked): How do you know that?

Sanskar (chuckled): No girl would come and sit here, at the end of the cliff crying just like that, and by seeing your bridal dress anyone could guess easily that you ran away from your wedding. You can tell me if you feel comfortable, my badi maa always says that by sharing our problems we feel better.

Swara (after thinking a little): Actually it was an arranged marriage and I loved someone else so we decided to elope and when I ran away from home today, a.k.a on my wedding day, and came to his house, I saw him with his friends and girlfriend. He was drunk. He said that he wanted to marry me just to get my father’s money and me to fulfill his lustful desires, he said that he was going to kill me when he was done with me and later marry her.. I mean his girlfriend..

Swara started crying and cursing her fate and her stupidity.

Swara: I was so stupid that I trusted him, his friends always told me to stay away from him as he is a womanizer, but I never believed them, I was blindfolded in his love and when I saw his real side I… (couldn’t continue because of the crying)

Sanskar (understood): Well let the bygones be bygones, you can’t change the past but you can make a better future by apologizing to your parents… Infact, you should be happy that you got to know his real side before marrying him….

Swara (wiped away her tears): I guess you’re right, and this is probably the punishment that I get for betraying my parents… But what about you, why are you here?

Sanskar: Same reason as yours…

Swara (confused): You also ran away from your wedding?

Sanskar: What!? No!! It was a girl that betrayed me along with my best friend, all she wanted was my money only. She was talking to her boyfriend, a.k.a my best friend, and I heard it. She said that after marrying me, she was going to transfer my property on her name and then they both (the girl and her boyfriend) would live a luxurious life after throwing me and my family out of the house. Actually I am glad that I got to know her real side, and you should be too. I think that you should go home now as it is getting quite late.

Swara: Are you crazy!! I am not going home, my parents will kill me because I ran away on my wedding day and they got humiliated because of me!!

Sanskar: Archana (Swara), if you go home and tell your parents the truth and say sorry to them, I am sure that they will forgive you ‘cause no parents can stay angry with their children for long.

Swara (tensed): But I’m scared, how will I face them after what I have done!

Sanskar: Archana, first go home and confront your parents calmly, I am sure they will listen to you, trust me, and if they don’t I’ll help you, promise…

Swara: Thank you Rohit for your advice…

Sanskar: In friendship no sorry, no thank you.

Swara (teasingly): When did we become friends?

Sanskar (confused): Aren’t we? Oh, well I thought so, I know that you just met me today and it’s ok.

Swara (laughing): I’m just joking, of course we are friends, you helped me and you think that I will say no to your friendship, never. Ok now I’ll get going.

Sanskar (mesmerized hearing her laugh): Ok bye!

Swara was going suddenly she turned back.

Swara: And ya, one more thing, let’s meet here next Sunday, ok?

Sanskaar: Ok done, 9 o’clock, here, next Sunday, bye!

Swara: Bye!

Both went in opposite directions and were thinking about each other.

Flashback ends*

Swara’s POV

If he hadn’t given me that advice and courage, I never think I would be able to face my parents and confront them, because of him, I am back with my family living a happy life. Well I think I was lucky that day because the boy that I was getting married to asked for a high amount in dowry and my parents broke the marriage then and there, they do care for their respect in society but I am more important for them. They could have just given the money, after all we are rich, but they didn’t because they knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep me happy after marriage. As I was coming down the stairs I heard my dadi talk to someone on the phone.

Dadi: Ji, ji, sure, you can come in the evening. Ok…. sure…. yeah…. of course, ok… yeah… bye take care, see you in the evening.

Dadi (looking at me): Shona, be ready in the evening some guests are coming over.

Me: Ok dadi, sure, by the way where is maa baba?

Dadi: They went out for some work, they will be back by the evening.

Me: Ok, I’m going now, I’ll be back by the evening, bye.

Dadi: Ok come fast, bye.

I went to my car and drove there, I was reached there in two minutes as it was near my house.

(5 min later)

“Where the hell is he!!” I thought annoyed, suddenly I heard his voice.

Sanskar: Sorry, sorry, sorry! I woke up a little late.

Me: It’s ok…

We talked for hours… and then…

Me: Rohit I wanted to tell you something.

Rohit (Sanskar): Sure go ahead.

Me: No not here, I want to say that infront of you, let’s meet somewhere.

Rohit (Sanskar): Ok sure, I also wanted to tell you something, but not today because I have to go somewhere in the evening with my family.

Me: Actually I can’t come today too because some guests are coming over. So let’s meet up tomorrow in Venus Park 8 o’clock?

Rohit (Sanskar): Ok sure! Bye I am getting late now.

Me: Me too bye!

I sat in the car and I was so happy that I will finally confess my love for him.
“But for now Swara let’s go home or else dadi is gonna kill me if I’m late.” I thought to myself while smiling like an idiot.

Sanskar’s POV

Yes finally I’m gonna tell her that I love her, I can’t wait till tomorrow. I went home and everyone was ready, I asked them where we were going and their reply… well it was like 440 volt shock for me!

Me: Badimaa why are all of you so dressed up, where are we going?

Badima (happily): Sanskaar, we are going to see a girl for your marriage, go and get ready fast, we have to reach their.

Me (whining like a 3-year-old kid): What! But badimaa I already told you that don’t wanna marry now!!

Badima: Who said that you are gonna marry now, we are just going over to the girl’s house to see her, you talk too her and then tell me your decision. And moreover You and Laksh have to get married someday… I agreed to you and married off Uttara before u both, even though she is younger to you… So now YOU HAVE to listen to me….

I agreed. I knew that there was no way to win in an argument with Badima and moreover, I got an idea, I know I’m genius no need to praise me?… I thought that I will talk to the girl, hopefully she will understand & stop the wedding and then… only me and my Archana…

Swara’s POV

As I entered my house I was a little shocked to see everyone dressed up so nicely and so many snacks on the table. Some bad and weird thoughts entered my mind but I jerked them away thinking that my mind was making up things. Still, I was not satisfied by my excuse made to myself so I asked mom, but in a joking way…

Me (smiling)(joking): Mom why are you all dressed like someone is going coming over to see me.

I saw everyone smiling from ear-to-ear and somewhere in my mind I understood that my joke was not only a joke but reality… still I was hoping it to be false but, unfortunately luck does not always stay by my side…

Me (doubtedly): Wait, are the guests that dadi was talking about, coming over see me!!

I hoped that the answer would be negative but to my disappointment all of them nodded positively with a big smile on their faces.

Me (shocked): No. I do NOT, wanna get married now!!

Dadi (serious face): Dekh shona, no one said that you are going to get married now, groom’s family is just coming over to see you and then the decision will be yours, we will support you no matter what you’re answer may be. We already did a mistake by choosing a groom for you by ourselves now you have to choose the right person who you know will keep you happy.

Me (hugged dadi tightly): Thank you dadi, I love you!!

Dadi: Ok now enough of this go and get ready, they will be coming here any time.

Yes now that my family is with me I will talk to the boy, hopefully he will understand & stop the wedding and then… Only me and my Rohit..

Precap: Swasan meeting each other as SWARA and SANSKAR…. And their decision for marriage.
Ok, I’ll stop it here, or else it is gonna become a really big chapter. I think it became quite a long chapter, hope you all didn’t get bored..
I named this SS “Destiny Decides” but if you guys have a better name then please suggest because I couldn’t come up with any other name. This SS is gonna be, like, 7-10 chapters (hopefully) or maybe even less. I’ll introduce many characters but later and Raglak love story is gonna come later.
Please comment, because the number of your comments decide the future of this SS.
I’ll update next chapter soon but I’m not so sure when.. And one more question… should I continue writing like this (with Swasan POV) or should I write with Third person POV??
See you guys in the next chapter, till then bye! LOVE YOU ALL!❤️ Please Comment❤️❤️

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