Destiny Decides… Chapter 4

Hello people I’m back!!
It’s been months since I was here on TU, sorry for delay but don’t curse me, curse my exams and studies and moreover, Swasan ke jaane ka dukh?.. Anyways, I was actually gonna post this on my birthday but couldn’t because of the birthday party and then next day new year celebrations, and then I back to university after one week of leave *phew*. After that, this is weekend that I put my books and work aside and opened my computer and finally decided to post this. It might be really short and too boring but please filhaal isi se kaam chala lo because next part is a bit special so I thought to write it with a little care without any mistakes or typos. Thank you for reading my bak-bak now you can sit back and relax and start with the story❤️.

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Recap: Swasan meeting, nok-jhok, message conversation

Swara’s POV

I looked at the clock hanging in my room, it showed “13:59”.. Fast I have to get ready!!

It’s been a week since I met Sanskar in Venus Park.. We message each other every day but our messages are so dry like, “how are you, fine? Ok bye..”. Ok yeah our messages are not exactly like that but much similar. In this week I was the one who called him and our phone conversation was at least better than the message conversations. During our conversation he asked me if I would like to have a coffee with him in the new mall that just opened, of course I said yes.. no doubt in that! He asked me to meet him 14:30 near Espresso House, the new coffee shop. It’s 14:01 and I have to get ready fast.. hurry up Swara!!!

Swara’s outfit (with a messy bun):
( )

“15:00”, the wrist clock showed me as I was sitting in the coffee shop.

Where the heck is he?? Always late! Normally it is girls who are late because of their makeup and dressup and he doesn’t even have to bother about makeup but still he is even later than me! Late-lateef kahin ka.

“I’m so so sorry!! Actually some urgent work came up so I had to go to the office!”, Sanskar said as he came running and sat in front of me, but in his normal clothes instead of in professionals.

“It’s ok Mr. Late-lateef, I was really enjoying here with my glass of water and my imaginary friend for the whole half an hour, I wasn’t bored at all..!”, Sarcasm was clearly visible in my voice.

“I said na I’m sorry Swara…?”

“Ugh forget it, but you do need a punishment for this…” Sanskar looked confused when I finished my sentence. “You don’t have to do much, you just have to pay the whole bill for the coffee and also for the stuff that I wanna do later on, like, watching a movie, shopping and other things, that’s all…!”

“You really scared me Swara! Well that’s not a punishment but it’s my pleasure! Just order what you want to.”

Sanskar’s POV

I came late because I got some important work in office. As I reached there, I saw her sitting on one of the tables in the corner and cursing someone under her breath. I’m sure that, that someone was me. I went to her and said sorry but instead she gave me a punishment, to pay for everything today. Sometimes I can’t even understand her, one second she is all understanding and mature but the next second she acts so childishly.. Well, that’s one of the infinite things that I love about her! Anyways, she ordered a cappuccino and I ordered a black coffee for myself while we talked about each other likes and dislikes..! According to my not-so-big punishment I paid the bill and we went to different shops. Just like any other girl, she loved shopping.. What’s so fun in shopping.. You just go around and select some bunch of clothes..?

***Please don’t ask me how no one recognized them in the mall, even I don’t know, I just wrote this?***

“Sanskar which one do you think will suit on me? Azure or Carmine??” she asked showing me two jumpsuits and telling some weird names, whereas I just saw a light blue and a lighter-shade-of-maroon wala red jumpsuit?.. (she is an interior designer, so knows about different shades of different colours)

“Swara I can not decide like this, you’d look beautiful in both”, I said and the next second her confused expression changed into a blush which put a smile on my face. “Do one thing buy both of them.. simple!”

“No I only want to buy one… Wait I’ll do one thing, I’ll try both of them and then you decide ok? Ok! Wait here”

She didn’t even give me a chance to say anything before she went to the changing room. After a couple of minutes she came out wearing the light blue jumpsuit, she was looking divine in it! I wasn’t even blinking after seeing her because of which her face was slowly turning in a darker shade of red, making her more beautiful!

“Um.. You’re.. you’re looking beautiful Swara!! Try the maroon one now..” I stated looking at her.

“Correction Sanskar, it’s Carmine not maroon..” She said giggling before going to the changing room..

“Sanskar..?” I looked up from my phone hearing Swara’s voice, she was looking like really pretty in red, sorry “carmine”! I don’t even know how to describe her, there are no words!

“Swara you look really good in the both the dresses.. even I’m getting confused..just buy both of them..”

“Um no.. I’ll buy the azure one.. but the carmine one looks also good, ugh god ji what should I do?!”

“Why don’t you just buy both of them?”

“I don’t want to..”

She was so confused, even I was that..! Now I understood why girls take HOURS to complete their shopping but still… While we were standing there and Swara was really frustrated, suddenly I felt someone hold my finger and pull me down.

“Uncle why is Aunty looking so angry?” The 7-year-old kid asked, pulling me down.

“Beta, Aunty is confused as in which one to choose, the blue jumpsuit or the red one..?” I said, making it clear for him.

“Oh ho, bas ittu si problem aur aap dono itni tension le rahe ho!”

Saying this, he went to Swara and signed her to move aside. Swara gave me the “what is he gonna do?” look and I shrugged my shoulders, I have no idea..

“Icka bicka soda cracker, icka bicka boo; icka bicka soda cracker, out goes YOU! So Aunty, the red one went out, buy the blue one! (Hears his mom calling) Ok Aunty uncle my mom is calling me bye!!” That kid said while going from there.

“THANK YOU!! He’s soooo cute!” Swara shouted to him while he smiled and showed his thumbs up.

“Bhaiya yeh pack kardo” Swara said to the cashier and I paid the bill. “Chalo Sanskar dusri shop chalte hain”

Swara’s POV

“Where did this Sanskar go now!” I thought to myself while searching for Sanskar. He just went somewhere while I was shopping.

“Swara!” I turned hearing my name. Sanskar! Finally!

“Where were you Sanskar?! I was searching all over for you!”

“I’m sorry, actually I got some important call from the office, so I went to attend that call.”

“Chalo acha hai tum chale gaye the, maine bhi apna kaam kar lia..” I murmured to myself.

“Did you say something?”, He asked raising his eyebrow suspiciously, he looks so cute like that!

“Did you hear something?”, I asked back, well I hope he didn’t..

“Uh no, I just felt as if you said something.. Anyways let’s go, I’m damn hungry! So you decide; McDonald’s, KFC or Subway or some other restaurant?

“Umm… yeah! I want.. fries & ice cream & cola from McDonald’s, chicken nuggets from KFC and a “big burger-of-the-day” from Subway!” I said giggling, his face was worth watching, as if he had found a 500-1000 rupees bundle in his pocket after they got banned! But later his face got into the “I-give-up” expression. Damn I should have taken a picture of that priceless face! I know I am childish sometimes?!

“Jo hukum mere aaka! Let’s go! He said throwing his hands in air giving up and then bowing in front of me as if I were a queen. Biggest dramebaaz ever?!

We went to the different fast-food restaurants and brought the food according to my wish and later watched a horror movie, “Rings”, in the theaters, God his face expressions during the scary scenes were so damn funny!! It was a comedy movie for me, just because of him. Around 8 o’clock I reached home, I was so tired but it pays off, after all I got to know so much about Sanskar – his likes, dislikes which will help me soon..

**********ATTENTION! ATTENTION!! ATTENTION!!!*********

Ok so done with the part.. Now I need you guys to do two things..

I read the previous parts of my ss and felt like it was getting boring, so I need you guys to rate this ss from 1 – 10 (1 = Worst / 10 = Best) and say what you think about it till now. Thank you!

I need a suggestion, my ss was basically gonna be like this – first Swasan love story – then Raglak love story – then their marriage – The end. But now I’m thinking if I should divide it into 3 seasons so that if there are some who don’t want to read a couple’s love story, then they don’t have to read that season.. And I was thinking something like this:

Season 1 = Swasan love story ————– Season 2 = Raglak love story ————– Season 3 = Their marriage and married life

So just give your opinions on this, should I follow the real story or should I divide it into 3 seasons? (NOTE: There will be no change in the storyline.) And also there might be a little Swasan romance in the beginning of Season 2.. Share your opinions!
Bye for now!
Love y’all ❤️❤️!!

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