Destiny Decides… Chapter 3

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Recap: Swasan meeting in the park

Swara’s POV

So finally I reached.. Okay now how the heck do I find him?! I looked down at my phone which was ringing.

“Rohit?”, the name flashed on the phone.

(Mobile Conversation)

Rohit (sanskar): Archana where are you?

Me: Umm.. Rohit I just reached the Venus Park, let’s do like this, go to the big fountain and I’ll meet you there.

Rohit: Alright, but how do I find you.. What are you wearing?

Me: I’m wearing red churidar and you?

Rohit: Black pant, white shirt and black blazer.

We kept on talking like this till I reached the big fountain.

Me: Rohit where are you, I reached.

Rohit: I’m beside the white fountain you?
Me: Behind you…

As he turned, it felt like I just got the biggest shock of my life..!

Both together: TUM!?!

I was just speechless! Was I hallucinating or is Rohit actually the one that my parents chose for me whom I rejected?! God ji did you know that sometimes you are just fully unpredictable! This is like.. I don’t even have the words to describe what I’m thinking right now! My god please someone tell me that this is just one of those dreams where everything seems real but then later you wake up to find that it was only a mere dream which will not come true, well if it’s not a morning dream which once in your life will surely come true lol!!

“Are.. Are you.. I mean.. Are you Archana?”, Rohit, no I mean Sanskar, said breaking the chain of my thoughts..

“Ye.. yes, I’m Archana and you’re.. Rohit??”

No shit Swara!! Of course he is Rohit you dumb head! Ugh god ji, this conversation is getting so awkward.. Please help me!!

Sanskar’s POV

What. The. Hell. I just rejected a girl, for the one who I’m in love with but have never seen and guess what! The one I rejected turns out to be the one whom I was supposed to propose today!! Totally unpredictable!!

“Ye.. yes, I’m Archana and you’re.. Rohit?”

“Yes.. um.. Why didn’t you tell me your real name when we met? It could have been a lot easier and less confusing..” I stated, this was the only thing that came to my mind at the time.

“Woh, actually.. uh wait.. even you didn’t tell me your real name right? So the same question applies on you too, even you could’ve told me your name but didn’t.. Moreover trust me, the confusion would not have decreased even a bit if I told you my name. By that way, what makes you think that I should have told you my name when we first met!? Are yaar aise kaise main apna naam kisi anjaan aadmi ko bata dun.. Thoda toh apna dimaag lagao! Waise tumhare paas dimaag hai bhi ya nahi!?
***Are yaar how could I just tell my name to a unknown person.. Use your brain a little! But wait, do you even have a brain!?****” Suddenly she started snapping at me.. what?!!?

What the heck happened, she was shy a moment ago but suddenly she becomes All India Radio!! Well she was right at her place, even I didn’t tell my name but like, still, does she have to eat my brain?!

“Are meri maa chup karo ab! It was my fault ok?! Happy?!? Now please shut up or else my head will explode because of your bak-bak! Abhi toh tum itni masoom aur chup thi, (imitates) “haan.. Woh.. actually.. Umm” achanak se All India Radio kaise ban gayi?? HUH!” I snapped back, what does she think of herself, maharani hai kya kahi ki?! Aur hogi bhi toh kya kisi se bhi jaise chahe waise baat karegi?

“All India Radio kisko kaha?”

Ok here we go again..

“Tumko, do you see anyone else except for us two in this conversation?”

“What do you think of yourself huh? Just because you are a famous businessman doesn’t mean that you will show your attitude to whoever you want!”

“What do I think of myself? Wrong question Ms. Archana a.k.a Swara Gadodia, what do YOU think of yourself? Oh wait, I know exactly what you think of yourself! You are living in your own dream world where you think that you are “Queen Of The World”, isn’t it Ms. Gadodia?”

As I finished my sentence, her face got in the darkest shade of red, she was so angry as if she would burst any minute! What have you gotten yourself into Sanskar, you were supposed to propose her today but you fought with her, wow! But she does actually look really cute in this angry red nose.. My cute volcano! It seems like she is going to kill me any moment.. Sanskar do you really have to open that mouth of yours without thinking! Now get ready to go to heaven!

Swara’s POV

Queen of the world?! Seriously! This guy is getting on my nerves now! I was here to propose him but he..! Swara calm down first.. you know it’s not gonna help if you shout on him. Just keep calm and treat him the way he is treating you, simple… just show your attitude.

“Actually no. Totally wrong Mr. Rohit a.k.a The Famous Businessman Sanskar Maheshwari! I do not think of myself as “Queen Of The World”, in fact, as we have known each other since 7-8 months, I guess you know me quite well, right Mr. Maheshwari? You probably know which type of person I am and what I think of myself. Don-” I was talking while a phone call interrupted me..

“Mom”, the name of the caller flashed on my phone and I immediately picked it up.

(Mobile conversation)

Me: Yeah mom, what happened?

Mom: Shona where are you! Look at the time, it’s 22:00 and you’re still not home yet.. Dadi is really angry on you.!

Me: Mom I’m sorry I forgot to see the time, I’m coming in 5 min till then please handle Dadi or else I’m dead today!

Mom: Haan, jaldi aana! Bye..

Me: Bye Mom, I’m coming!

I cut the call and looked towards Sanskaar, what do I say now..?

“Um.. I have some urgent work right now, you go home, it’s quite late..”, He said while staring at his phone, probably messaging someone..

“Ok bye.”

That was the last thing I said to him before leaving, well I didn’t want to leave donno why but I had to.. I felt like he was lying that he had some work, but who knows, eh forget it.. I was about to get in my car when I glanced a little at Sanskar and saw him already staring at me.. weird.. but I brushed the thoughts away and got in my car. Now get ready to listen to Dadi’s scolding Swara! You’re gonna become history soon..

Sanskar’s POV

Ok Sanskar, let’s go home now! I know I lied to her that I had some work, of course, I understood that she had to leave and didn’t know what to say so I told, I mean, lied to her that I had some work so she could leave, moreover I was also tired, I’m gonna sleep the second I go home, I swear!!

“Beta kahan tha itni der?” Badimaa asked me the second I stepped in the house.

“Woh Badimaa, I said na that my friend is coming back from USA today and I had to go pick him up, his flight actually got delayed so I had to wait there for an hour.. That’s why I was late..”

“Acha thik hai, now go freshen up fast and come and eat dinner”

“No, badimaa I’m really tired, I can’t eat anything now.. I wanna sleep goodnight badimaa!” I said while hugging her.

“Goodnight beta!”

(My room)

God!! The time is 22:57 and still I’m not getting any sleep!! I was damn tired when I came home but now I’ve been laying in my bed and changing my position for the past 40 minutes! I always talk to Archana, I mean Swara before I go to sleep. She is like my sleeping pill, my addiction, I can’t go to sleep without talking to her! Should I message her?

“Hi”, I wrote to her but didn’t have the guts to send it to her..

My mind said “don’t send it, don’t bow in front of her, let her send it first”, while on the other hand my heart said, “don’t let your ego come in the way and send the message”, in between this fight, I pressed the “send” button, I don’t care jo hoga dekha jaayega! Well, it seems that even Swara was having a battle between her heart and her mind because the second I send the message I got a reply.

(Message conversation)

Me: Hi

Swara: Hi

Me: Haven’t you slept yet?

Swara: No, I’m not getting any sleep, you?

Me: Nah, sleep is miles away from my eyes..

Swara: Oh. What were you doing?

Me: Nothing, I was just lying in my bed trying to get some sleep, you?

Swara: I was sitting doing some work.

Me: Did I disturb you?

Swara: No no, when you messaged me, I was about to wrap up everything, I was just writing a last sentence.

Me: Last sentence??

Swara: Yeah, actually I was writing something so..

Me: Oh ok..

Swara: My mom is calling me I have to go, ttyl, bye goodnight!

Me: Goodnight!

I layed back in my bed, hopefully I can sleep now, tomorrow I have so many things to do in office.. It’s gonna be quite a hectic day tomorrow, anyways, (*yawn*) forget everything and sleep now!

POV Ends!


Ok done with another chapter of Destiny Decides. I HAVEN’T PROOF READ, so if by chance there is any typo or mistake sorry!!!! I had only one hour to write this because I had to go to halloween party and I got the time to upload it now, moreover sorry for 6 months delay! Now the reason that I’m 6 months late is that, as you guys now I moved to another flat 4 months ago and I had no one to help me, which took me 2 months to shift, over that in these 4 months I didn’t even have time to eat properly because of my exams and now I got time because of my one week break from college! Anyways bye for now, Love y’all!

PS: I hope to get as much comments as my previous chapters but it’s ok if I get low, because I know it’s because of me… but please I want at least 10 comments..!

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