Destiny Decides… Chapter 2


Hi guys, I’m back! First of all I’m really very sorry!! Actually something happened and right now I’m lying here on a hospital bed and writing this chapter as fast as I can before someone catches me red-handed with my phone! Anyways I’ll start with my chapter.. Here you go guys..


Swara’s POV

Yes now that my family is with me I will talk to the boy, hopefully he will understand & stop the wedding and then… Only me and my Rohit..

I went to my room to get ready and about 10 min later, I heard some voices coming from downstairs, seems like they’re here.. “God ji, please help me, please make that guy understand ki I love someone else and make him agree to break this marriage please!!” I kept praying to god again and again until…

“Swara come let’s go…”, Maa said breaking the chain of my thoughts and took me downstairs.


“Ji yeh hai meri beti, Swara”, Baba told them as I descended the stairs.

Till now I hadn’t seen the groom’s face, weird, isn’t it? Well the reason behind it is that I didn’t have his pic. So I looked up and.. wait.. Isn’t that the famous business tycoon Sanskar Maheshwari? Well he’s quite handsome, but I’m sure, not more than my Rohit…

Sanskar’s POV

“Ji yeh hai meri beti, Swara”, Shekhar uncle said pointing towards an angelic figure descending the stairs…

God she is so beautiful in that blue churidar, the one who marries her will be lucky!
She seems quite traditional and reserved.. Will she agree to break this marriage, I mean will she be heartbroken if I reject for this marriage; what if she thinks that she is not suitable enough and tries to commit suicide so that no one taunts her… UGHH! Sanskar WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING, this happens only in movies, so SHUT THE F**K UP! I’m sure she will understand… Hopefully…

“I think we should send Swara and Sanskar to talk with each other privately and tell their decision on marriage…” Sharmishta Aunty stated looking at everyone else for their agreement.

Everyone else agreed and sent us to the garden.

Swara’s POV

“Now it is the time to tell him Swara.. Isse acha mauka nahi milega, bataa de sab kuch usse… It’s now or never…”

I thought to myself while going to the garden with him. As I was about to say something to him…

Sanskar: Swara… Umm.. I.. I have something to tell you…

Me (tensed): Uh.. Yeah, me too.. I also have something to tell you but sure, you go ahead..

Sanskar: Vo.. Actually. I love someone else and don’t want to marry you so please don’t commit suicide I’m sure you’ll get a more loving and better husband me! (Said all in one breath with eyes closed)

I was standing there like a statue, I ignored whatever he had said and only “DON’T WANT TO MARRY YOU” was ringing in my head…

Sanskar’s POV

As I opened one of my eyes, I saw her standing like a statue.. God.. Jiska darr tha, kahin wahi to nahi ho gaya..?

“Swara..” I said breaking her trance.

Suddenly I got a big bone crushing hug and a kiss on my cheek… WTF? Has she gone mad..

“Woh.. Woh I’m.. I’m sorry.. I just.. It is just that I got really happy because I also wanted to break this marriage as I love someone else..” she said going breaking the hug and avoiding the eye contact.

“So it means that you won’t suicide?” I asked hesitantly, probably already knowing the answer that I’m going get.

“What?!” she asked looking at me shockingly.. “Why would I suicide..?!”

“I thought that you might suicide after listening to my rejection, thinking that you are not suitable enough and to avoid taunts from the society.. It happens in movies and sometimes in reality also” I said, trying to sound obvious.

“First of all, I am not that weak to commit suicide over such a small thing and second, you should stop making up things like that in your mind. Well leave all that, now tell me who is gonna reject for the marriage? Me or you?” she said laughing.

“Umm.. I think we both should reject for the marriage together, so that it is not so awkward.. And btw who is that lucky guy that is you love.. He is probably not more handsome than me, is he?” I said laughing and trying to be friendly, somehow praising myself..

“Actually I haven’t seen him yet.. I’ve only talked to him, but still, I love him really much. I don’t care how he looks, I just know that his heart is pure and that’s all I want, and I’m gonna propose him soon. What about you..?” she asked..

Well her and my situation was the same, even I haven’t seen Archana, but it seems quite weird, both of us haven’t seen our partners and.. Wait what if she..? No no, that can’t happen, she can’t be Archana.

“Same with me, even I haven’t seen her yet but I’m going to propose her today.. Hope she accepts my proposal… Anyways, I think we should go in now, we’ve been out here for quite long”, I said, brushing away all the doubts from my mind.

“Yeah, let’s go in.. By the way, best of luck for your proposal.” she said smiling at me.

“Thank you, and best of luck to you too. But wait, are you gonna propose him? I mean, no offense but shouldn’t he be the one to propose you, after all he is the boy.” I asked her.

“What?! Wait, why do you think that only boys can propose! Sirf tum ladko ke paas hi propose karne ka copyright hai kya?! Why can’t a girl do that? Batao? Just because you boys always take the chance and confess first, doesn’t mean that girls can’t do that..” she said.

(“Sanskar what are you doing, kya zaroorat thi usse yeh sab poochne ki! Chup nahi baith sakta na tu!” I scolded myself)

“No, woh actually.. I’ve always seen and heard that boys propose girls and not the other way round so it was just sounding weird that you are gonna propose him… Um we’ve reached your home we should go inside and tell our decision..” I said trying to avoid the embarrassment that I caused.

She nodded and we went inside. It was quite shocking but everyone agreed easily to our decision and me and my family left from there quickly…
“Tomorrow I’m gonna propose her.. Bhagwan ji please make her accept me..” I thought before drifting into sleep.


19.50, the clock on my wall showed, I just took a last look at myself from the mirror and,

“Looking handsome Mr. Maheshwari”, I thought, I hope she thinks like this as well.

I fixed my blazer and sat in the car to drive off to Venus Park.

Swara’s POV

This day was so hectic, but nonetheless, I’m gonna meet him finally and propose him, God ji help me. I looked at my wrist watch and it showed 19.50.

“Time to go Swara” I thought to myself while taking a last look at myself.

Will he think that I’m looking good; what if he thinks that I am looking a “bhenji” in this churidar.. No. No no no, he himself said that he likes girls that are both modern AND traditional so he’ll like it.
“Oh God, it is already 19.55, Swara kya karti hai tu! Chal ab aur late mat kar.” I scolded myself as I sat in the car and drove to Venus Park.

(In their own cars)

Andekhi Anjaani Si Pagli Si Deewani Si
Jaane Woh Kaisi Hogi Re
Andekhi Anjaani Si Pagli Si Deewani Si
Jaane Woh Kaisi Hogi Re
Chori Se Chupke Chupke Baithi Hai Dil Mein Chupke
Jaane Woh Kaisi Hogi Re

Andekha Anjaana Sa Pagla Sa Deewana Sa
Jaane Woh Kaisa Hoga Re
Andekha Anjaana Sa Pagla Sa Deewana Sa
Jaane Woh Kaisa Hoga Re
Chori Se Chupke Chupke Baitha Hai Dil Mein Chupke
Jaane Woh Kaisa Hoga Re

Andekhi Anjaani Si Pagli Si Deewani Si
Jaane Woh Kaisi Hogi Re

Mere Khayalon Mein Na Jaane Kitni
Tasveerein Banne Lagi

Bas Aasmanon Pe Do Dilon Ki
Takdeerein Banne Lagi

Bin Dekhe Hai Aisi Bechaini Tauba
Oye Rabba Dekha To Jaane Kya Hoga

Sapno Mein Aane Wali Neende Churane Wali
Jaane Woh Kaisi Hogi Re

Bas Ab To Main Uska Ghoonghat Kholoonga
Chupke Se Dekhonga Kuch Na Boloonga

Oye Oye Yeh Bechaini Oye Oye Yeh Betaabi
Jaane Woh Kaisa Hoga Re
Andekha Anjaana Sa Pagla Sa Deewana Sa
Jaane Woh Kaisa Hoga Re

Andekhi Anjaani Si Pagli Si Deewani Si
Jaane Woh Kaisi Hogi Re

Jaane Woh Kaisa Hoga Re
Jaane Woh Kaisa Hoga Re

So finally I reached.. Okay now how the heck do I find him?! I looked down at my phone which was ringing.

“Rohit?”, the name flashed on the phone.

(Mobile Conversation)

Rohit (sanskar): Archana where are you?

Me: Umm.. Rohit I just reached the Venus Park, let’s do like this, go to the big fountain and I’ll meet you there.

Rohit: Alright, but how do I find you.. What are you wearing?

Me: I’m wearing red churidar and you?

Rohit: Black pant, white shirt and black blazer.

We kept on talking like this till I reached the big fountain.

Me: Rohit where are you, I reached.

Rohit: I’m beside the white fountain you?
Me: Behind you…

As he turned, it felt like I just got the biggest shock of my life..!

Both together: TUM!?!


Guys I need some suggestion, how should Swasan’s reaction be? I mean i have three ideas so choose one of them or you can also give me your own suggestion about it..

1- Should they be happy and and tell their families about it and then later marry without any problem?


2- Should they be angry with each other and separate for sometime..?


3- Should they spend some days and know more about each other and then tell their families about it?

And one more thing, suggest a couple for Uttara and Rohit.. I haven’t thought anyone for them.. I’m not sure when I’m gonna post this ss again but I will hopefully do it soon.. Please comment because as I said, they decide the future of this ss..
Keep Reading, Love y’all <3

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