Destiny chooses it’s own way os

Hello, I’m Mitali. I read many os and ff, although writing one so thought to write one. I’m presenting u this os.

A man is shown at a funeral. He cries looking at the person burning in fire.
He is Kunj Sarna. A girl is revealed standing beside him.
Girl – Kunj, the way she went, left us almost helpless. Caring about her the most, but she took way our lives by going away from us.
Kunj – Destiny chooses its own way. No man can over throw it. Destiny can make u happy, on the other side sad too. So it’s better to respect the decision taken by our destiny and have faith in it, so that our lives go perfect.
Girl – U have no sorrow, to lose her.
Kunj – I have, but I can’t get her back, if I cry now I can make everyone realize that she is no more. The girl nods. Kunj cries.
Girl – U still love her.
Kunj – I will love her forever. Please can I sit alone for some time?
Girl – sure.
Kunj remembers some quality time, some beautiful moments with the person whom he loved the most. He remembers the day of his college life when he meets the person in canteen.

The day was different, that day marked a new start of my life. I stepped in the canteen and then saw a girl fighting with the canteen boy.
The girl – oye, why r u taking 20rs from me?
Canteen boy – madam, u dropped my donut.
The girl (hesitantly) – I did it by mistake. I saw her and just went flowing in her beauty, then came to senses. I went there, and asked her what happened.
The girl – he is asking me to give 20rs for the wasted donut.
I said – if he is saying then give him, it is his right. She looked at me in anger.
I said – stop staring and give him the money.
The girl – but,
I said – give. She didn’t and so I gave the money.
The girl – are why r u giving the money. Don’t give.
I said – look don’t say anything.
The girl – are stop your herogiri.
I said – shut up. I took her in side and placed her on the chair.
I said – look tell me everything. She looked at me with a confused look. I raised one eyebrow and asked her to throw words from her mouth. Just then her friend Mahi came.
I said – who r u?

Mahi – my name is Mahi, her best friend. I pointed at the girl and Mahi said yes.
Mahi – actually, she took the donut and didn’t pay the money, but she was going to give but then the donut fell down from her hand and then she didn’t give the money, the canteen boy asked for it and she started fighting.
I went deep in thought and then gave my opinion, which was look forget everything.
She nodded. I decided to go, but a sound stopped me and said, wont u introduce yourself.
I looked behind and looked at her she was forwarding her hand to be friends.
I said – my name is Kunj, Kunj Sarna. What’s yours?
The girl – my name is Twinkle Taneja. Nice to meet u.
I said – nice to meet u too.
I moved there and then started thinking that why I had so much of concern for her, why did I entered in her fight and solved it. Many questions came in my mind, which had no answers.
The next day, Twinkle meet me and returned the 20rs, which I gave the boy. I was surprised by her behavior.
I said – u r returning the money, if u would have given this money yesterday to that boy don’t u think I would have been better.
Twinkle – I know, but if I would have given the money, I would not have meet u. I was surprised.
I replied – okay. I was about to go, then she said coffee.
I said – coffee with me.
Twinkle – yes, look till now I have never approached any boy to come with me for coffee, u r the first person.
I said – if u r saying then, surely I will come.
Twinkle – great. Let’s go.
We reached the canteen. We sat and gave the order.
Twinkle – u r economics student.
I said – yes and u.
Twinkle – same. U know I just love those who care for me.
I said – oh, u love me.
She hesitated and said no, but if u care for me then I will also care for u.
Our coffee arrived. We drank it and then moved off to class. I kept on thinking about her and became restless, wanted to ask her if she liked me.
She kept on meeting me and I loved her company. Then, we had our exams.
I studied a lot; even she did although she was a topper.
The came when our results were out, I went to the notice board and searched me my name and saw my name written on the second position as KUNJ SARNA and then searched Twinkle’s but didn’t found then my eyes went on the first position, her name was written there as TWINKLE TANEJA. It made me more happy. Just then she came to see her name and enjoyed the moment as she came first. I looked at her and then realized that I love her. I was madly in love with her.

Twinkle also realized her feelings for him. She liked to be with him, and then one day realized that she too loves him. One day, Kunj decides to propose Twinkle, but feared if she said no.
He called her and said to meet him at the park. Twinkle was confused by his statement, went to meet him and was surprised to see the decorations made by him.
Twinkle – Kunj what is this? Kunj comes from behind and says I love you Twinkle, I can’t live without u. it’s impossible for me to be away from u even for one second. Then, suddenly some letters come in front of Twinkle written I LOVE YOU. Twinkle runs to Kunj and hugs him and says I love you too. They felt composed in each other’s arms. Twinkle broke the hug and passionately kissed Kunj. They backed off after some time. Kunj kissed her forehead. She kissed him on his cheek. They again hugged eo and promised never to leave eo in life.
They told their parents about it and their parents agreed for the alliance.
After some years, Twinkle and Kunj both were settled, but not yet married.
One day, Twinkle went for her medical checkup. The doctor revealed that Twinkle had cancer of last stage. Everyone is shocked. Twinkle is admitted. The life which was going on so smoothly had to turn upside down now.
The doctor had altered Kunj about Twinkle’s death and she was in this world only for some days. Kunj was shattered but then he made himself strong to face the consequences. No one knew when twinkle would pass away, Kunj did not tell anyone about it.
One night, Kunj was sitting near Twinkle.
Twinkle – Kunj tomorrow can u get my favourite lily flowers.
Kunj – Why?
Twinkle – so that if I pass away, u can put these flowers on my body. Kunj put’s hand on her mouth. Twinkle smiles and says not now, but I have to go one day.
Kunj – I will not leave u. I need u. twinkle hugs him.
Next day, leela gets the flowers for Twinkle. Kunj takes those and goes inside and tells Twinkle that he got the flowers, not for her funeral but for her. Twinkle gives no response, so he tries to wake her up, but fails. He realizes that Twinkle is no more. She left them alone.
He keeps the flowers in Twinkle’s hand and goes outside. He tells them that she is no more. Everyone is shattered.
Present, the funeral is of Twinkle and the girl standing beside Kunj is Mahi, her best friend. Kunj comes to the function and places Twinkle’s favourite flowers near Twinkle’s ash. He bursts out crying and says I loved u Twinkle, I love u Twinkle and I will always love u Twinkle. I will never let u go far away from me.


Guys I hope u like it. I know it’s boring concept but just tried to write one.
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  1. It is really a heart touching story dear

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  3. awesome story ….. rly a heart touching one …….

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  7. Hey mitali it’s really touching story even though it has sad ending I like it

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