Destiny changes everything ss part 1


Excel college
A beautiful girl wearing pink anarkali entered in the college . she was simple but beautiful .Her eyes shows many dreams . this is our heroin Swara . suddenly she saw laksh group and stares laksh lovingly .
ragini came and shouts : swara what are you doing . we are getting late for the class . come let’s go .
swara : yup let’s go
swara is staring laksh from far .ragini notice this
ragini ( bit angry tone ) : swara you were staring laksh in the morning ?
swara (afraid ) : nothing like that .
ragini : you are my friend kum sister zaida . you can’t tell a lie to me . I can read your eyes .
swara : ragini he is handsome naww
ragini : swara m telling you laksh is not right for you .
swara : laksh is not bad . he is little spoilt and m confidently sure that MY LOVE WILL CHANGE HIM ONE DAY
ragini : mad girl …. come let’s go
swara : ok
kavya : laksh what’s the plan for tonight ?
kavita : pub
ravi : yup rit
laksh : ok tonight at pub
ravi and kavita bid bye to them and go
kavya comes close to laksh and said romantically baby will you come to pick me up
for tonight ?
laksh : came more close to kavya and said why not baby .
kavya : ok bye babay meet you Tonight .
laksh : bye
swara went to ragini house for studying
swara : hi ragini
ragini : hello swara . I must say you are very punctual .
swara : thanks
ragini : comes let’s go to my room fir study
swara : ok
ragini : swara syllabus is very tough for the tomorrr test
swara : ragini you are right . anyways let’s start .oh I think I forgot my chemistry book in the hall .I will come in a minute .
ragini : ok
swara foot trips and she loses her balance .sge closed her eyes in fear but suddenly two strong arms held her . swara opened her eyes she was in the arms of our hero Sanskar .
they have a cute eyelock . swara realized that she is still in his arms so she said slowly : leave me
sanskar comes in to senses and said : sorry
swara : it’s ok . by the way thanks
sanskar : mention not by the way . you are ?
swara : m swara ragini’s friend
sanskar: oh miss swara . m sanskar ragini’s elder bro .
swara : nice to meet you
sanskar : same here
tgey both shake hand and feel something in their heart .
swara pick up her book and went to ragini’s room . After studying swara went back to hostel ( guys swara lives in hostel . she is new in this city )
laksh : kavya you are looking hot babes
kavya : awww baby thanks
kavita : let’s go to bar counter
ravi : come kavita
they all four drink
kavya and laksh are dancing and laksh was eying every girl lustly .
kavya : baby look at me
laksh : baby m looking at you only
laksh rubbing his hand sensually on the bare back of kavya and very close to her . their lips are about to meet then suddenly laksh see another girl . he left kavya and goes to her
laksh : hii miss beautiful
girl : hello mr handsome
laksh goes close to the girl . he dances with the girl . laksh was holding the girl by waist and kavya sees them . she goes to them and truns laksh and kiss him hard on the lips …. and slides her finger on his face and said baby m I not looking hot ?
laksh : no baby u are looking very hot
then laksh and kavya dances .
laksh eyes girls in the pub lustly .
sanskar was working on laptop but continuously his mind was thinking about an innocent face swara . her eyes , her face swara is an angel . sanskar : m I in love with swara ? no no I’m thinking too much .
sanskar sleeps thinking about swara .
Precape :
happiness with heart break ๐Ÿ™

Credit to: twinkling star

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